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There are actually quite a few different types of espresso makers, and which sort is best for you is... well, totally up to you! Check out these different types of espresso makers: ·Stovetop Espresso Maker - A stovetop espresso maker is just about as simple as they can get, and the name is pretty much self-explanatory. A stovetop espresso maker is one that you use over the stove. This is, of course, a benefit since it does not require electricity. It can therefore be used easily by campers and the like. Of course, a stovetop espresso maker is not ideal for everyone, especially since it is usually of the "one-cup" variety, and it will not give you the foam layer top. But, a stovetop espresso maker does give its user one great shot of espresso at full concentration. ·Piston Driven Espresso Maker - This fine sort of espresso maker was invented in 1938 by Italian Achille Gaggia. A piston driven espresso maker forces water to flow over the coffee grounds at a very high pressure. This produces the foamy top that is so unique to espresso. Of course, the piston driven espresso maker is likely more often seen in an antique shop than a person's home, these days. ·Pump Driven Espresso Maker - A pump driven espresso maker is similar to the piston driven espresso maker, but it is more widely used today, especially in commercial settings. A pump driven espresso maker does not use manual force, but rather a motor-driven pump that heats the water as it filters through the coffee. Oftentimes, a pump driven espresso maker is hooked up directly to a building's plumbing. ·Semi Automatic Espresso Machine - A semi automatic espresso machine delivers water by a pump, not manual force. The coffee grinding and other such steps are all still prepared manually. ·Automatic Espresso Machine and Super-Automatic Espresso Machine - Automatic espresso machines are, of course, becoming more and more popular. People like to have things as easy as possible, and on this list of espresso machines so far, this is the easiest to use. An automatic espresso machine does practically everything for you. It will produce essentially the same espresso shot every time. It will even grind the beans and dispose of the spent grounds. All you need to do is turn it on! Once you have decided which sort of espresso maker is perfect for you, all you need to do is go and buy it! Then you can make your own, fresh espresso daily, rather than heading to the local coffee shop and paying them big bucks to make it for you. If you are a caffeine junkie, then you most definitely need to have an espresso maker in your own

home. Otherwise, you will continuing putting money down the drain, buying your espresso from Starbucks. Of course, now that you have decided which espresso maker you want, you now need to decide which coffee beans to buy! This can be an even more difficult decision!

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==== ==== Best Espresso Maker and Milk Frother, for Expresso Lovers - Click the link below ... ==== ====

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Combining an ultra-urban, retro-modern design with exceptionally practical, user-friendly functionality, this automatic espresso maker not o...

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