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Review by Zach Shapiro

In the Big Bang theory’s Pilot episode Sheldon, a tall skinny awkwardly nerdy guy, and Leonard, a short nerdy guy, live together in an apartment and meet the person who is moving in across the hall. It turns out to be Penny, a preppy girl in which Leonard goes head over heels for. Sheldon tries to convince Leonard against her but he continues to persist. In the next episode Sheldon is in a relationship with an awkwardly nerdy girl named Amy. Sheldon and her end up having an argument and they separate, causing Sheldon to go into a deep depression. This Show is considered a comedy TV show. However, it is unique from other comedies in that most of its jokes revolve around the stereotypical nerds, which are the main characters of the show. Many of the comedy TV shows currently airing are based on real life situations, or in other words, realistic fictional people. Shows such as Modern Family, based around a realistic family, and that 70’s show, based around a realistic group of teenagers from the 1970’s, are comparable in that people can relate to the reality of the show. That is part of what makes the show so funny. The Big Bang theory is unique however, in that it is based on a realistic group of “nerdy” friends. Many viewers are able to relate to the show because at one time or another they have likely known someone who fit the stereotype that the show is trying to play on.

The characters work well together playing off each other’s unique characteristics. Sheldon’s character is someone who is awkward around people that aren’t in his small group of friends who will just ramble on with seemingly useless facts when he talks because he doesn’t know when to stop. This plays off well with Leonard’s character who is someone who is smart but doesn’t like to brag about it and is definitely a ladies man, trying to talk to pretty ladies whenever he gets

the chance. This makes him a good match for Penny, the stereotypical blonde looking for an acting job who ends up as a waitress at the Cheesecake Factory. In the pilot episode Leonard tries everything he can to get Penny, his new neighbor to like him. Meanwhile Sheldon tries to convince Leonard not to get involved with her, but Leonard refuses to listen to her. These three main characters, as seen in the previous photo(Sheldon on the left, Penny in the middle, and Leonard on the right), help keep the plot of each episode rolling, each adding their own twists to the plot. The episodes of The Big Bang Theory usually start off with one of the main characters either getting into some sort of trouble, or starting a task of some sort that will either be resolved or taken care of by the end of the episode. These plotlines are usually realistic and relatable, but they are usually designed to be comedic in one way or another. There can be some sort of moral or educational value to some of the episodes but that usually isn’t the case. If you’re looking for a show with a good moral story to it I wouldn’t suggest this show. There are many jokes playing off the fact that all of the main characters are smart (except for penny), so if you get offended by jokes about intelligence or stupidity, this show may be a little too much to handle. Overall, the Big Bang Theory is a well thought out, scripted, and designed show. The acting is very convincing and realistic. This is the kind of show that will both intrigue you and make you laugh at the same time. I would definitely recommend this show for anyone looking for a good laugh with a fresh new design to the jokes.

Big bang theory review  
Big bang theory review