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First, we must know where this film closer to us and we'll find it at: "No.130 West North Avenue Trail, Escobedo, Nuevo Leon. Phone: 81 8128-5555 18 screens "

•Prices: •Teens and adults $ 54.00 •Children $ 41.00 •Seniors $ 41.00 •Special $ 38.00 •Functions from Monday to Sunday before 15:00 hrs: $ 42.00 Wednesday all day (does not apply in 3D projections, holidays and public holidays): $ 38.0 •Students with valid ID (Monday through Friday): $ 40.00 •Adult 3D Projections: $ 79.00 •3D Projections Children 12 years and older: $ 74.00

We can go to dinner at Carl's Jr. located in Trail # 130 North Av Pte Cruz Prol. Manuel L. Barragan 25,380 Escobedo, ie square outside path.

within square path can locate Chinese food! to enjoy! Prices range from $ 50 to $ 100, even with a dish of food, can eat up to 4 people!

Or if you prefer, Mexican food, you can also find it here, looking only in the area of food, and find the best Mexican food at an affordable price