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First, we must know where this film closer to us and we'll find it at: "No.130 West North Avenue Trail, Escobedo, Nuevo Leon. Phone: 81 8128-5555 18 screens "

•Prices: •Teens and adults $ 54.00 •Children $ 41.00 •Seniors $ 41.00 •Special $ 38.00 •Functions from Monday to Sunday before 15:00 hrs: $ 42.00 Wednesday all day (does not apply in 3D projections, holidays and public holidays): $ 38.0 •Students with valid ID (Monday through Friday): $ 40.00 •Adult 3D Projections: $ 79.00 •3D Projections Children 12 years and older: $ 74.00

We can go to dinner at Carl's Jr. located in Trail # 130 North Av Pte Cruz Prol. Manuel L. Barragan 25,380 Escobedo, ie square outside path.

within square path can locate Chinese food! to enjoy! Prices range from $ 50 to $ 100, even with a dish of food, can eat up to 4 people!

Or if you prefer, Mexican food, you can also find it here, looking only in the area of food, and find the best Mexican food at an affordable price


What can we do in our leisure time?