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Term: Spring 2010 Critic: Erhard Schuetz Location: Chicago, Illinois Merit Award - 2010 AIAS Livable Communities Competition Urban Remix is a conceptual urban development in downtown Chicago that aims to blend landscape and built form by extending the urban grid south in an organic and rhythmic masterplan. Much like an artist may remix and experiment with a soundtrack, I imagined remixing the urban grid of Chicago in an undulating way to add a new dynamic and quality to the existing urban fabric. The Chicago River became a key feature that is embraced in the masterplan and acts as a park and socially active area. Engaging the river presented the opportunity to improve existing environmental conditions that are a detriment to the current conditions on site. Site Connectivity

Grid Transformation

Site Plan

Remixing Features


Minimize Footprint

Vertical Connections

Green Roofs

Riverfront Rejuvenation

Site Section

A IRSHIPT ERMINAL Term: Fall 2007 Critic: Steve Hardy Location: Omaha, Nebraska

Located on the Missouri River adjacent to downtown Omaha on the border between Nebraska and Iowa, the design of the airship terminal acts to connect these states in a new way. A downtown location aords traveler s close proximity to the heart of Omaha, feeling as though they are landing in the middle of downtown, a feature modern airports could never allow.

Exploded Axonometric

Longitudinal Section

Interior Watercolor Sketch



Term: Spring 2009 Location: Lincoln, Nebraska Lightscape is an installation art piece that fuses light and landscape and creates an organic space allowing guests to congregate and interact directly with the installation. The form starts from a rectangular plane where three points of entry apply pressure to create the overall form. Lightscape uses recycled materials including 900 plastic tubes that are hung using ďŹ shing line in an undulating pattern that creates a softness of the space. These tubes allow for a transparent quality of the space during the day and become emitters of light during the night. The overall goal was achieved as the user is able to interact directly with the tubes.

Form Generation

Section Variation

Longitudinal Section

Concept Section Watercolor



Term: Spring 2009 Critic: Steven Ginn Location: Lincoln, Nebraska



Located in the heart of downtown Lincoln, Nebraska, the design of a violin shop and residence was inspired by a childhood toy, a music box. A part of my process included the construction of a concept model that revealed the qualities of a music box appearing ordinary on the outside, but when opened, it revealed an undulating, rhythmic pattern. The doubly-curved facade expresses the rhythmic quality that music possesses and acts as a physical representation of sound.

Music Box Concept Model

Violin Shop Interior

Program Diagrams

Facade Diagrams

K EARNEY A RTS C ENTER Term: Spring 2011 Critic: Nate Krug Location: Kearney, Nebraska

My design for the Performing Art Center and Humanities Building at the University of Nebraska-Kearney is rooted in the idea that learning and performance art can become more transparent and engage the public. The masterplan was designed to emphasize plaza and terrace spaces that can become spaces for performance and gathering. By doing this, I also was trying to loosen the boundary between the interior and exterior and allow for the buildings to become an extension of the plazas.

Proscenium Theatre

Form Generation

Aerial Perspective

H AYMARKETH OTEL Term: Fall 2009 Critic: Janghwan Cheon Location: Lincoln, Nebraska

The challenge was to design a hotel in the historic Haymarket district in downtown Lincoln, Nebraska. My concept was to redeďŹ ne what an atrium space can become and allow it to act as a catalytic space for communal functions. As a result, the atrium would then become a mixed-use space and change it s function to exist either as a gallery, farmer s market, or any other multitude of community functions. Overall, the hotel exists as an extension of the community, where guests don t just stay, they experience. Facade Panel Assembly

Site and Program Diagrams

Atrium Perspective

Wall Section

Tectonic Physical Model

SOCIALMEDIARCHITECTURE Term: Fall 2011, Spring 2012 Critic: Janghwan Cheon Location: New York, New York What is the role of place in a networked society? This question is at the crux of an investigation that aims to understand how today s student engages not only the physical world, but the increasingly more prevalent digital world. As we conquer the remainder of the physical earth, the transition from a collective to a connective society will transform how we learn and arrange human aairs. The learning process is now continuous and does not begin nor end with the school building. Facebook and Twitter are mobilizing the individual to gather and eect change. This thesis proposes a social networking institutional model that aims to provide students an alternative to the traditional university model.

Interior Perspective

Concept Image

Exterior Perspective

Study Models (basswood, chipboard, resin, and acrylic)

Context model (acrylic and resin)

Context Model

Lobby Perspective

Interior Perspective

Final Model

Final Model (acrylic and resin)





HNTB: Summer 2010 Location: Santa Clara, California As a member of a team at HNTB working on the new 49ers Stadium, I was able to participate in the design of the NFL s first green stadium. The stadium will be a showcase for innovation and will be the first stadium to ever have a green roof and PV panels. During the time I spent working with the team, I was able to collaborate on the design of VIP and Owner s suites as well as the exterior. I spent the majority of my time working on the interior presentation images that would be uploaded onto the new stadium website. I learned to work efficiently under the strict deadlines that the entire team was under.

49ers Skyline Club

49ers VIP Club

SANJOSEMCENERYCENTER HNTB: Summer 2010 Location: San Diego, California As an intern at HNTB in Kansas City, Missouri, the office was competing for the expansion of the San Jose McEnery Convention Center and as a member of the team, I assisted in numerous ways. The overall composition is intended to suggest a sense of power, movement and technology. Angular forms that play off solid and void allow the composition to be lyrical and asymmetrical, reflecting the functional and spatial diversity of the interior. The composition is intended to create an interesting visual dialogue between the horizontality of the center and the verticality of the flanking hotels that creates the sense of a unified complex.

Floor Plan

Exterior Perspective

BARTLEBALLROOM HNTB: Summer 2010 Location: Kansas City, Missouri In collaboration with Derek Porter Studio, I worked on presentation drawings for publications, awards, and speaking engagements including the annual NeoCon convention. I was responsible for producing solar analysis diagrams that highlight the energy eďŹƒcient panel system for the Bartle ballroom.





HNTB: Summer 2010 Location: Denver, Colorado In collaboration with Santiago Calatrava LLC, at HNTB I built a study model of the existing and proposed concourse levels and baggage claim areas highlighting the new highspeed rail connecting downtown to the airport.

Calatrava proposal

Foam-core study model showing connection of high speed rail to the main concourse.

S AN D IEGO C ONVENTION C ENTER HNTB: Summer 2010 Location: Denver, Colorado

In collaboration with Tucker Sadler Architects I was a member of the schematic design team during a competition for an expansion to the San Diego Convention Center. I was responsible for modeling the existing convention center in Revit and adjacent context. I also produced models of various design iterations.

Massing and Waterfront promenade model.

Aerial perspective showing early scheme, waterfront connections, and hotel location.





Nottoscale: Summer 2011 Location: Guadalajara, Mexico Honorable Mention - CoARQ Arquitectura/Icono Urbano Competition The design intent for a mixed-use residential building in a rather undeďŹ ned urban area in Guadalajara, Mexico was to create an Urban Icon that serves as a new focal point to rejuvenate the entire area. The inspiration came from local materials include the geode that inspired the creation of a vaulted space reminiscent of a cathedral.


OFFICE RETAIL Concept Diagrams

Floor Plans

Interior Plaza

B GHSN ATATORIUM Term: Spring 2013 Location: Chicago, Illinois

I was a member of a design team for a new natatorium at at Bualo Grove High School in Chicago, Illinois that aimed to be a leading high school facility in all of Chicago. I helped develop the design through construction documents and it s scheduled for completion in the Fall of 2014.

1st Floor Construction Plan

Exterior Main Entry View

Mezzanine Level View

Longitudinal Construction Section

3D Longitudinal Section

Wall Sections

I appreciate the time you have taken to review my portfolio. Sincerely, Zack Johnson

CONTACT 9011 Washington Street Omaha, Nebraska 68127 USA (402)305-9525

Zack Johnson 2013 Portfolio  
Zack Johnson 2013 Portfolio