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How Could You Love Me That Much It's hard for me to comprehend What you did for me, That you would die upon a cross For all the world to see. My life seems so insignificant, Like property to condemn, So how could you love me that much, Lord? To make me an important gem. You picked the weeds from around the flower, The thorn from off the rose, And you have done this for all generations When the "gift of life" they chose. And I wonder how you could love me that much When you knew what you had to go through, But you bent to the will of the Father, Lord, So I someday could live with you. And I wonder if I could love so much As to give my life for a friend, The road to Calvary was so bitter, like the hissop Held to your lips at the end. And when I think how you came to me Not like a King or a Prince wrapped in sable, But instead you were born into this world In a cold, dark animal stable. Your life on earth was extremely short Being taken at age thirty three, Yet your sermons of love are continually offered Throughout all of history. And how can you love me so very much When there are so many graces I lack, And you only wanted one thing from me, For me to love you back. You are love personified, Lord, We need to listen to you now, Not one of us deserved it, but, You died to show us how.

by Phyllis Seeley Burroughs

How Could You Love Me That Much