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Simple Bike TuneUp Tips for Big Bicycles Does your bike ride become slower than usual? Is it more difficult to ride? Then your XL bike probably needs some tune-ups. Try the following simple and easy bike tune up tips. They won't even require you to have special knowledge and skills or tools to get instant progress in your bike riding. 1. Lubricate your brakes and your derailleurs. Aside from your chain, you also need to regularly lubricate these parts of your bike because they too are susceptible to moisture and dirt. You do not want your brakes and derailleurs to get rusty; otherwise you might get into serious trouble. 2. To lubricate your chain, use oil intended for bikes, including big bicycles. Avoid using motor oil because they are heavy. Otherwise your bike will attract more dirt. After applying the right kind of oil, wipe off excess oil. However, if you have a bike with internal gear, you do not have to do the dirty and greasy job of cleaning your chain. You should regularly clean and lubricate your chain. Dust, mud, and grit could stick onto your chain and become gummy. This will slow you down if you do not get rid of them. Lubricating your chain is one of the best ways to keep your bike in good shape. Do not worry because you do not have to clean and lubricate your chain every day. You could do so once every month or little earlier when you ride in dusty places often. 3. Check your brake pads. These are small rubber rings fastened on your rims designed to slow your bike down as you squeeze on your brakes. Make sure that the brake pads are aligned properly. They should evenly hit your rims not rubbing on the tire. Also, make sure that your brake pads are "toed-in." This means that the edge of the pads must touch your rim when you squeeze on the brakes slightly and when you squeeze harder, your pads must get into full contact with your rim to avoid squeaking.

Make sure that your brake pads are free of any tiny things like sand, stone, or tiny piece of metal that might get stuck in the pad. You could use a knife to get rid of those. If you leave them embedded in your pads, they may scratch your rims and cause poor brake performance. 4. You must make sure that your tires have right level of air pressure. The simple and easy checking on the air pressure will actually accomplish a lot of things -- avoid damaging your rims, make your pedaling easier, make your tires stay in good condition for a long time, and avoid frequent flat tires. Since you have invested in your XL bike, it is only appropriate that you take good care of it, and these basic tune-up tips will help make your bike stay in shape for a long time. If you are looking for custom bicycles for every body including riders up to 550 pounds, visit Zize Bikes at, or click on this link:

Simple Bike Tune Up Tips for Big Bicycles  

Try the following simple and easy bike tune up tips.

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