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How to Ride Bicycle With Confidence: Tips for Heavy Riders How to ride bicycle with confidence is one of the toughest things to do particularly when you are a heavy rider. Perhaps you have several reasons why you are having thoughts about riding a bike; may be it is fear and lack of self-confidence. But if you are not able to gain that confidence, unfortunately, you would never have joy and satisfaction in biking. So to help you build your confidence while you are on your bicycle, follow these tips. 1. You should know the law. This is the first thing you must do to build confidence on a bike. You must know the local laws about bike riding. There are many parts of the United States wherein bicycles are considered as vehicles. Many people do not know this fact. This alone would help you build you confidence since you have the same right with the ones driving a motorcycle or a car. This also implies that you are expected to follow what other drivers would. Likewise, you should know the local rules regarding how drivers must handle bike riders on the road. 2. You must learn how to quickly and properly stop your bicycle. If you stop too rapidly and use your front brake too hard, you can go over the handlebars. Definitely, this is not a nice scenario. However, there is a simple and clever way to prevent this from happening. You shift the weight of your body back over the rear tire as you use the front brake. This will redistribute of weight and keeping the two wheels on the ground allowing a safe, smooth, and efficient stop. Practice this trick on a quiet road. If you know to yourself that you know how to stop safely and smoothly, you fear of crashing and falling because you cannot stop would be reduced if not totally eliminated. Therefore, your confidence will increase. 3. Ride a bike at a pace you are convenient with. No one is pressuring you to ride and maneuver as quick and as good as other bikers do. Maybe you are the only one who is putting pressure on yourself. Avoid it and take it easy. You will be more confident riding a bike when you do so at a pace you can manage.

4. Know and practice the techniques on how to prevent falls. One of the greatest fears in biking is falling. So in order to beat that fear and gain confidence in riding, you should learn smart ways on how to avoid falling. One of the effective ways is to immediately putting one foot on the ground the moment you feel that you are to lose your balance. Be mindful and alert at all times. You should be quicker than falling. Act quickly and accordingly a few seconds before falling. Another secret is to not panic. When you are about to lose your balance, stay calm and do what you are supposed to do. Otherwise, your face will surely hit the ground and injure yourself. Another way is to use your brake applying the technique elaborated above. 5. Ride the right bicycle for you. Heavy riders cannot really expect much from regular bikes. A custom built bicyclecan be the one that would meet your needs since they can be specially designed to hold your size and weight. Get a bike that can provide you ease and comfort, a bicycle with well-padded and wider seat, lower and wider pedals. A bike with a lower pedal allows you to put one foot on the ground quicker. This is especially helpful in stopping immediately or avoiding falls. Also, choose a strong bicycle, with sturdier rims and frame, and beefier tires.

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How to Ride Bicycle With Confidence: Tips for Heavy Riders  

How to ride bicycle with confidence is one of the toughest things to do particularly when you are a heavy rider.