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Bike Safety: Tips for Heavy Riders

Your safety on the bike almost completely depends on you. The following bike safety tips are very basic and simple but are truly important in making your ride a safe and efficient one. Check out the bike safety tips for heavy riders below: 1. To have a safe bike ride mainly depends on your ability to control your bike. There are numerous bike crashes which did not involve others but the bicyclist himself. You must learn how to control your bike skillfully. It is very essential that you know how to control it when you are starting your bike, stopping, or making a turn. Otherwise, the risk of falling or crashing is high. 2. You are expected to know and follow rules on the road. Among all bike safety tips, this is perhaps the most known and basic one. Throughout the United States, a bike is a legal vehicle. This only means that you are required to observe traffic law, rules, signs, and signals. Make sure you are aware of all of those. You should use the correct lanes when you want to make a turn. Be doubly careful and watchful when you are riding through intersections because this is the place where most bike crashes occur. As you come near an intersection, be sure you are using the right lane and always remember to use the right had signal whenever needed. When others are using a bicycle lane, remain alert and follow correct group riding procedures. You can also make use of voice signals aside from the hand signal. Bike riders in a huge group have a higher tendency to crash and hit each other as opposed to motor vehicle drivers. 3. You should learn how to manage risky elements skillfully. Among these bike safety tips, this is may be the toughest one to execute for heavy riders because it requires time to learn and master the maneuvers and techniques like quick dodge, quick turn, and quick stop. You need to learn these tricks for you to avoid hazardous obstacles such as glass, rocks, stones, debris, puddles, and others. It is also equally important in avoiding errors made by motorists. In a busy road, an intimidating move might force you to

move into another vehicle’s path. If it is unsafe to dodge or turn, you need to learn the skills of riding over road obstacles. But remember, never ride through or sharply stop on hazardous ground conditions like sand, oil slicks, and gravel. If you do, you can lose control of your bike, crash, and get injured. 4. Be ready all the time. One way to be ready is by keeping your hands ready to hit the brake. If you press a brake with one hand only, chances are, you will not brake in time. Some bicycle crashes are caused by not able to hit the brakes on time. If you brake too late or too early, bad things might happen. So be ready at all times. Have a presence of mind. When you need to make a stop in the rain, allow extra distance because hand brakes are less efficient on wet surfaces. 5. Another cause of bicycle-related injuries and crashed is by riding a bike that is not strong enough to hold much weight. The rims, frames, and tires of regular bicycles tend to wear much faster compared to specially built bicycles for heavy people. If your bike is not suited for your size and weight, your chance of falling, crashing, and getting injuries are high. Also, since you are most likely to move much slower than lighter bike riders, get a bicycle with extended and lower pedals. This bike will allow you to put your foot on the ground faster and with less effort in times that you need to make a stop by not using the hand brakes. It can be very hard or even impossible to find a bike in shopping malls that is sturdy, comfortable, safe and easy to ride. So, you might as well think about getting a custom built bicycle. Zize Bikes is the maker of custom bicycles for every body including bicycles for heavy people which can support riders up to 550 pounds. Visit them at, or on this page:

Bike safety tips for heavy riders  

Your safety on the bike almost completely depends on you. The following bike safety tips are very basic and simple but are truly important i...

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