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Finding The Best Software Solution For Your E-Mail Encryption Needs So, you finally realized the need for encrypted email for the safety and security of your business data! Now it is time to find encryption software that falls ideal for your requirements. With so many providers offering lots of software for e-mail encryption, finding the one that is just right for specific requirements that proved to be difficult. You need to consider certain points when investing in such a software solution and make sure that it is exactly ideal for your needs. Here are some pointers, which will guide you in the right direction. ď‚— Solution to match the threat

Isn’t this practical that the encryption solution that you choose is in keeping with the threat that your organization faces! This way you will be finding the exact thing that you need and gain complete peace of mind. Risk analysis is the best way to identify the threat to your organization and then go about software shopping to meet the needs. Hackers, lawsuits, snooping, regulatory compliance, and your requirements may be many so choose software in keeping with that.

ď‚— Presence of required encryption layer

You may need to encrypt your e-mail address levels. So do not forget to ask the vendor what kind of protection the software offers. Some will simply change the format of the e-mail while others will create encrypted mountable file. Sometimes it is possible to build encryptions within a file system, while others may handle it through special hardware. As one can see different email encryption software works in different manners. So, it ultimately depends upon your requirements and it will guide you in the best direction.

ď‚— Technical support & user training

How difficult will it be for you and the members of your organization to learn the technique associated with the software that you choose? This is extremely important because you do not want to remain saddled with a highly complex and difficult encryption solution wrought with technicalities. Simple application and best security is always desirable, and any service that is ready to offer you such software will do. One should be wary of lengthy user training and too much technical support on a long-term basis.

ď‚— Product compatibility

Is the encryption software for your e-mail comes with product compatibility with your existing infrastructure and hardware support? If not you will have to make an expansive investment which will prove to be costly. So, is your organization ready to make such complex investments? Software encryption solutions as ZIX mail and others of its ilk, integrate seamlessly with the existing infrastructure for minimal hassles and optimized results.

ď‚— Recovery options

When you are choosing encryption software for e-mails do not forget to ask about the backup and recovery options in case you lose the keys. Will all your crucial data be out of reach for ever? Make sure that your software provider has a backup plan ready in case an emergency occurs and base your choices upon availability of such features.

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ZIX Mail  

ZixmailEncryption provides ZIXmail, a desktop email encryption solution that provides individuals with a high level of security. They provid...

ZIX Mail  

ZixmailEncryption provides ZIXmail, a desktop email encryption solution that provides individuals with a high level of security. They provid...