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Reservation Systems Overview Mobilezapp has the capability to create reservation systems for a wide range of mobile devices. The devices we support include the iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Phone devices. Our reservation systems are broken down into three categories, elementary, intermediate and advanced. Our reservation systems are perfect for any organization wishing to provide consumers, guests, patients, etc. with the ability to make reservations via their mobile phones. Some of the uses include: Airlines Theatres Phyicians Clinics

Hotels Convention Centers Attorneys Business Execs

Restaurants Amphitheatres Arenas

The reservation systems we provide can be elementary or quite complex. Our reservation systems can check availability, make suggestions for other times or dates, send SMS text notifications confirming reservations and provide reservation confirmation functions. We can integrate the mobile application reservation system into current desktop software reservation systems. In many cases MZ can create an application for half the cost and at twice the speed. When developing reservation systems we offer two pricing offerings - we offer one price if the code is only to be used for a single organization. If you will allow us to use your code for a noncompetitive organization the price can be substantiallly lower. Price - $5k to $25,000

The prices listed here are estimates - not final pricing - however, we are generally within 20% over or under the quoted price.

Reservation Systems  

Mobilezapphasthecapabilitytocreatereservationsystemsfora widerangeofmobiledevices.Thedeviceswesupportincludethe iPad,iPhone,BlackBerry,Symbi...