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Advanced Quoting System

GUI Designers Overview Mobilezapp has the finest graphical user interface (GUI) designers in the world. They have a solid understanding of the Android, Apple and Microsoft Operating System. We have three levels of GUI designers to empower your organization with the talent needed to create a dazzling mobile application. These include “Designers”, “Senior Designers” and “GUI Architects.” Unique to Mobilezapp is the method we use to determine the best way to allocate team members to mobile application development. While other mobile application developers may throw a price-tag at you for the development efforts, we take a much more structured approached to the pricing system. We can allocate three different levels of GUI designers to your project. The entry level GUI developers - while less expensive - can take longer to complete a project as needed. The most expensive GUI designers are able to finish the project faster but are more expensive. We work very closely with your team to determine the best approach toward the allocation of resources. GUI Designers - Range of Investment Designer - $75 per hour Senior Designer - $100 per hour GUI architects - $125 per hour Please note - while we are listing the cost for the GUI designers on the standard “time and materials” business model - we offer a price per day accounting system where our GUI developers work roughly 10 - 12 hours per day. They also work weekends - which are not included in our weekly rates.

The prices listed here are estimates - not final pricing - however, we are generally within 20% over or under the quoted price.