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Productivity Apps - Refineries Mobilezapp specializes in developing mobile apps for the iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry markets that are what we call “productivity apps”. These are apps that are are “not sexy” but highly functional and deliver a high return-on-investment. Productivity apps are mobile applications that replicate functions that are currently performed by paper and pen, manual data entry and desktop applications. For example, there are many gauges that must be constantly checked at chemical plants and petroleum refineries. The standard operating procedures is for a plant engineer to physically visit each of these gauges, write down the temperature and pressue on a clipboard and then manually enter this information into a custom written software application on a desktop computer. By arming each of the engineers with an mobile device and a custom written app from MZ we can empower each engineer with the ability to a) take a photo of the gauges, b) quickly and easily enter the pressure and temperature of the gauge and c) provide information regarding the fluids that are being monitored. The apps we create can provide an immediate return-on-investment. The investment required for the app can easily pay for itself within the first month of implementation. Price - $25k - $100k

The prices listed here are estimates - not final pricing - however, we are generally within 20% over or under the quoted price.