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Advanced Quoting System

Government Mobile Apps Mobile applications can provide government agencies of all sizes with a wide number of features previously unavailable. We can create mobile apps for the iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone devices to improve efficiencies, streamline operations and add bottom line savings to key government functions. Unique to Mobilezapp is the amount of pre-sales support we provide. While most other mobile app developers require your organization to provide them a detailed written technical specification document prior to being able to assist - we will speak with each of your individual stakeholders and groups and create a list of features to empower your organization. We will research the marketplace for you, downloading apps from other cities, counties, parishes, states and agencies within the Federal Government. This extensive research ensures the app we will develop for you is superior technologically compared to anything on the market today. Some of the features we can provide include: • Marriage license information • County clerk office hours • Ability to post bail via a mobile device • Finding towed vehicles and paying parking tickets • Applying for jobs online via mobile phones • City park information • Paying for city utility and water • Ability to find voting registration centers • Renewing your driver’s license • Providing proof of social security number • Applying for unemployment benefits • Finding political officials telephone and addresses • Detailed bio information and photos of public officials • Polling of citizens Price - $25k - $85k The prices listed here are estimates - not final pricing - however, we are generally within 20% over or under the quoted price.