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Zivotel is a provider of a full range of broadband solutions to business customers in the UK. Broadband has become an essential utility product and service. Zivotel offer a full range of broadband services that includes: Fibre, Annex M ADSL Max and ADSL 2+. We also offer Assured Services designed for IP telephony, whether it’s Hosted telephony or SIP trunks.

Zivotel's broadband is designed exclusively for the business market – offices and home workers. Our network has been built to provide high quality products and services and this is supported by a highly skilled group of support staff and engineers (all located in the UK).

A higher level of service

The Benefits of Next Generation Broadband

Whether you are using broadband for your office or for home workers, the combination of our product choice, Next Generation Network and our highly skilled UK-based support technicians makes our broadband services a must have for your business. A wide range of affordable services – We offer a number of services to meet the different bandwidth and usage needs you may have: ADSL 2+: Widely available and up to 8mbps or 24mbps downstream, ideal for home workers or offices. ADSL 2+ Annex M: Up 2.5mbps upstream, for networked offices requiring superior upstream speed. Fibre Optic Broadband: Up to 80mbps downstream and 20mbps upstream, delivering lightning broadband speeds and a consistently higher performance.

choices • Standard ADSL • Premium ADSL • Assured ADSL • Annex M • NextGen ADSL • On-Net ADSL • Off-Net ADSL • SDSL • Fibre Optic (FTTC) • EFM • Mobile Data

Flexible tariffs – Our services come with a number generous usage allowances, with the option to purchase more as your business needs it. Low contention network – Zivotel provides services exclusively to the business market, so they don’t crowd their network with heavy consumer traffic and are able to optimise the service provided to you. Specialist products for IP telephony – Zivotel's assured bandwidth products are designed specifically for use with our market leading IP telephony services, giving the benefits of buying an end-to-end telephony service from one supplier. Enhanced maintenance option – if your broadband connection is critical to your business, you can upgrade your maintenance package for a faster fix time.

Lowering the cost of communicating

Who are our Data Services aimed at? Businesses of all sizes choose to use Zivotel's Data Services to meet a variety of

needs. Here are some typical examples of how Zivotel's Data Services helps these businesses:

Business demand for broadband usage increases between 20%-50% each year – Broadband services and applications continue to evolve to the growing demands of business. As you use more services, it is good to know that Zivotel's Data Services provide a range of products that meet the business needs for growth. We will regularly review and look to improve existing products and provide options which you can easily regrade to. Businesses looking at voice and data convergence – Whether an office has multiple ISDN2 channels with SDSL, or ISDN30 and a leased line, great cost savings can be made by consolidating internet and voice to one high performance and highly available connection,which is managed and monitored 24/7. Businesses looking to adopt cloud based services – Businesses of all sizes are already in the cloud (IP telephony, hosted applications like SharePoint or Salesforce, even remotely backing up individual PCs). But as this trend increases, so does the need for high performance, reliable and fast connections. Our family of services provides businesses with this essential foundation.

Businesses looking at large-scale IP telephony deployments – For large voice deployments, using multiple ISDN30 circuits is no longer the de facto solution. SIP trunking offers significant cost savings, flexibility and resilience over and above ISDN30, but it needs the right underlying connectivity. Zivotel Converged Ethernet, when combined with SIP trunking or Hosted IP Telephony gives an unrivalled end-to-end service that big business can rely on. Businesses with limited budgets, wanting to take advantage of leased line / Ethernet services – With the introduction of EFM, more businesses get to take advantage of the high speeds and impressive SLAs that Ethernet can offer, without breaking their communications budget.

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Introduction to Broadband  
Introduction to Broadband  

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