The Flow Of Emotions

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- used to describe someone who is not liked by other people in a way that is unfair, because they do not understand him or her.

MISUNDERSTOOD else often stupid failure red cheeks relationship disconnection sometimes

lazy family relax company straight giving up there with a trip around the world to continue

GOING ALONG - from one place on something such as a line, or edge towards the other end of it.

hug mind family perfect cosines strength neighbour close friends one step forward

- nearness in distance or time.


- believing that good things will happen in the future.

Simonas reality smile beautiful pessimistic Americans smile easier going forwards white coffee


- to think that something may not be true or that it is unlikely.


I should do this success stress distrust full decision interesting scales confederation head breaking in two pieces choice


sex big boobs love sweet, sex desire tempting movies passion fluorescent colour

- very strong sexual desire, especially when it does not include love.


meaning connection mind think emotional hurt goal expediency I will act young and stupid all the time

- to know and understand something, or suddenly begin to understand it.

- deliberate deceptiveness in behaviour or speech. friends twix theatre twice dishonest twins girls a with to not keep contact wish someone "Shining" sisters a mask gemini


knowledge able mask be aware about the situation that you like me lie easy a mask life flow dance

- to behave as if something is true when in fact you know it is not, in order to deceive people or for fun.



reason challenge win fast sport a bunny dodge more power

- to develop more quickly than something else

idiot forest concert be angry emotional discomfort big mouth nobody cares riot in football match lips cause when you shout silently

- to overwhelm or silence by shouting loudly.



forever eat love alone happy night weird fate hug not holding hands strength two people

- someone who is together is confident, thinks clearly, and does things in a sensible organized way, used to show approval.

- not very great in amount, number, ability.

no money age anger when you know to much edition luxury majority a scale frames one


relationship couple the culmination about the world ending no escape kids unconfined do not share candies problem solving friends big knot for life

- a combination of all the things that are happening, containing intricately combined or involved parts, and all the conditions that exist at a particular time in a particular place.


- to think about something that you would like to happen or have. lollipop alone trust my memory sleeping pink good thoughts looking to the blue blue sky


The Lord of the Rings sleep appreciation girl feelings ring treasure chest super protected hug

- something that is precious is valuable and important and should not be wasted or used without care.


- in a way that is related to religion.

manipulation pay one of the ways to happiness fear mania shallow church nonsense pray


- to feel afraid or worried that something bad may happen.

spiders sweat stay challenge dark spider loose spiders get over yourself big eyes stinks



- a plan or suggestion for a possible course of action, especially one that you think of suddenly.

engine puzzle progress of a man money inversive a light bowl o possibility to express yourself a light bowl


- to encounter suddenly or unexpectedly, having a feeling of surprise.

BIRTHDAY! happy curiosity birthday shocked happy birthday widely open eyes it is good if it is positive one a clown with a delirious eyes

- a state of having a close personal relationship with someone. a quiet place with a person you love panties vulnerability passion sexuality two love twilight tabu secrets darkness


- stimulating careful consideration or attention in the way to extend far down from the top or surface.

depression loss of energy the dust in the cosmic space philosophy meaning dark gulf dreaming



- including all the necessary facts, details, or problems that need to be dealt with.

all acquaintances but no friends parent too long fact understanding not now meadow book

- a feeling of wanting something to happen or be true and believing that it is possible or likely.

university base optimism light is gone bright white the will to get better/to heal other chance fresh air gust baiting a straw



- to deliberately use violence to hurt a person or damage a place.

kill heart mobilisation war defend hit defence the jump of the lion defending pain


internet is not working work losing control hit a hit on the head lapse good time a good party black hole dark room

- a period of darkness caused by a failure of the electricity supply.

- someone who is honest always tells the truth and does not cheat or steal.

stupid lie authentic smile honey clear hard open book confidence real



keep spinning - to live stupid poker playing cards on me do not get caught joke pain lie

- to behave in a dishonest way in order to win or to get an advantage, especially in a competition, game, or examination.

- the purpose of something is what it is intended to achieve.

succeed, challenge a big something in the future a goal life goal a dream reason to be alive the end



- rude or disrespectful, sometimes in a way that is amusing.

cheesy bubble boldly bastard negative cats a rainbow intrusive messy hair

- to remain in a place rather than leave.

LEAVE responsibility fixity movie it gives a lot of thoughts closer, home please home comfort seccure


- showing or involving very strong feelings of sexual love.

japan apples life love madness red fingers in a hairs kisses petting proximity fire


CAKE pure freedom laughter lemon Christmas life a life good mood


- to be happy because of something.

- involving a lot of activity, effort, or careful attention in a short period of time.

tiring exercise stress treatment learning a crowd speed work


- a piece of paper, metal, or wood with words or a picture that gives people information, warnings, or instructions.


deaf life awareness flair on the wall meaning read travel direction geometrical forms

- to deliberately use violence to hurt a person or damage a place.

kill heart mobilisation war defend hit defence the jump of the lion defending pain


gay meaning unique cross-roads strange interesting important the ugly duckling special plus/minus

- not like something or someone else, not like before.


- a short relaxed walk.

someone is going to kill you journey be lost find the right path map self searching


chocolate box death cosmos without the dust heart bottle sin vacuum pail


- having nothing inside.


- an image on a photographic film that shows dark areas as light and light areas as dark, from which the final picture is printed.

back pains anode, art attitude side of course unhappy person unpleasant minus

- to deliberately put or keep something or someone in a place where they cannot easily be seen or found. I need to run dark weight fear away run wolf heavy wooden door unsafe situation a little child holding something behind this back a bed


birth god curiosity the bottom the end excited new day stripped start line a possibility to make again better white page lie

- the start or first part of an event, story, period of time.



love to be close family friends why holding hands prop, raised hand

- gain an approval, encouragement, and perhaps get help from a person, idea, plan.

- producing sound of high volume and intensity.


neighbours mess sound neighbours room street grandmother busy traffic anger

- to take part in an activity or event, or be connected with it in some way.


kill religion responsibility interesting activity with me team a soap bouble we

- if you are positive about things, you are hopeful and confident, and think about what is good in a situation rather than what is bad.

ight sunshine creativity feedback mood realistic possibilities proximity plus


fog wish courage the top of the mountain a wish plan mind I’m going to do something bad going forward

- done deliberately and usually intended to cause harm.


instinct charisma, imagination doubt trade intuition scary a cat a wish to be careful nose

- a natural ability to do something very well.


- a place that is cosy is small, comfortable, and warm.


with a glass of wine hot vacation face to face home near fireplace soft hug slippers

- not knowing facts or information that you ought to know. KAROLIS me fear fool lonely sometimes closed eyes idiot an ostrich with the hand in the sand



- to have or use something with other people.

never paper connection to be honest shark give only me two pieces of apple wanna get - need to give

sex image celebrity a dance game secret Venice to be someone else intrigue fancy-dress ball

- to pretend to be something or someone different.


I am the best friend suffocation yellow evil dark ink spot on the shirt a feeling that u want problem having property

- to wish that you had someone else's possessions, abilities etc.


- to stop yourself from having something that you like very much or doing something that you want to do.

save your money, he is the same age as your father water rigidity distrust resistance protect never ladder disassemble “stop� sign


- the feeling that something is definitely true or really exists.

BELIEF atheist love value power system hope better sky and the clouds hope to sit high on the mountain


forever eat love not holding hands alone happy night weird fate hug strength two people

- someone who is together is confident, thinks clearly, and does things in a sensible organized way, used to show approval.


looser disgust nervous too much silence hate

- a feeling of anger because something has happened that you think is unfair.

somebody internet puzzle confused to solve gaps normal a cross-roads emptiness a break

- a way in which two things or ideas are related to each other is missing so that you cannot find it.


- to carry the weight of.


friends family mother here and now family a friend help mother shoulder brave money

friends family colleague disgust soap opera defeat hurt brother wall disappointment

- to be disloyal to someone who trusts you so that they are harmed or upset.


lollipop alone trust my memory sleeping pink good thoughts looking to the blue blue sky

- to think about something that you would like to happen or have.


- to stay somewhere or not do something until something else happens, someone arrives etc.

bad mood pregnancy impatience autumn for me time wasting carrying always tickling worry a watch patience peace, for something time wastin always loneliness worry a bench


list of it zombies strong fast control control occupy hitler pirates self confident a terrorist flying into NY skyscrapers

- to stop something or someone that is going from one place to another before they get.


- a strong feeling of wanting to hurt or criticize someone because they have done something bad to you or been unkind to you.

do not hit me hunger power suppress management jealous short red unmanageable strik the fist to the table


love you dog love face a series of friends neighbor smile talking a lot a fluffy cat


- behaving towards someone in a way that shows you like them and are ready to talk to them or help them.


- something that you say or write that you know is untrue.

daily task always smiling cover Christmas miracle to me hide father sweet smile to not count on a perso dirty tang textured plaster whispering

- to try to find someone or something by looking very carefully.

will science challenge light Internet happiness gather mushrooms I am stupid magnifying glass a puzzle



I just woke up exhaustion needs pms sustained psychological problems 7 days crew-cut with to hide grumbling


- getting annoyed quickly or easily. - getting annoyed quickly or easily.

study more watch control intellect realize feel no one a lot of books assurance age

- having more information about something than most people.



life growth long lasting bombastic lyrics work good book special

- having a meaning that is easy to understand and makes sense.

spend as much money as you want fly breathe money beg escape the wings fly luck

- to get away from a place or dangerous situation when someone is trying to catch you or stop you.


run target good where goal there darts goal arrow


- the way something or someone moves, faces, or is aimed for.


The Project “The flow of emotions� is a research of a daily sensible landscape consisting of the emotional impulses. Everything has a word as an equivalent, as well as the emotions. Every word has a definition and each feeling causes a personal association. The Flow is my personal interpretation for a group of emotions through the images, sounds, volume and

a research of associations. My Emotion became the object. By joining these objects I discovered the landscape of emotions - our daily space. With this work I would like to notice the affection of inner interaction (the interaction between the people and our own affection for the surrounding), because the same objects joined in a different order will never bring the same result.