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HCS 325 UOP Course Homework Aid All Assignments and DQs Complete Class Click Here To get Entire Class Week 1 Individual Assignment: Roles and Functions Paper

Prepare a 300+ word paper based on your readings for this week describing “your” definition of the role and application of management functions used by today’s health care managers. Consider the following: What is the most important role or function for a health care manager? What is the most significant aspect related to health care management that you want to gain by taking this class? Week 2 Individual Assignment: Effective Communication Paper

Few healthcare workplaces today can be considered true boundaryless organizations. Workplace trends within and outside healthcare are requiring employees to connect with an ever-widening array of coworkers, consultants, off-site employees, and other resources. Whatever form a boundaryless organization takes, sharing knowledge is critical to the organization’s success. Prepare a 700+ paper in which you consider ways in which your organization currently shares knowledge and/or involves employees in formulating solutions to problems. What techniques have been most effective for sharing information and ideas? What techniques were ineffective? How might these techniques be applied or modified in a healthcare work environment? How can technology impact this process as well?

Use a minimum of 3 references to support your paper. Week 3 Learning Team Assignment: Presentation Outline

Create a Word document outline for what your Learning Team Power Point presentation will look like in Week 5. In this Word document you will frame the presentation to be given in week 5. Use the requirements given in week 1 to help draft the outline. Although week’s 4 and 5 should not be fully developed they should include surface level-type information. This Word document outline is just a rough draft; I won’t be concerned or dock points if your Week 5 Power Point presentation does not completely match your Week 3 outline. The intent of the W3 Presentation Outline is just to get your team headed in the right direction, so you have a plan of major points which will be presented in the Final Paper.

This assignment is due by Day 7 of Week 3 by midnight MST. Please have your designated team upload your team’s Presentation Outline in his/her Assignments tab. Week 4 Individual Assignment: Motivational Methods Paper

Within your organization, upper management has decided that certain changes need to be made and it is up to each manager to start preparing their team for the changes. One of the changes that need to be addressed involves motivational techniques. As manager it is your job to research and understand various motivational methods in order to implement them within the team. Prepare a 1050+ paper in which you discuss at least 3 motivational methods you would apply as a manager and how this change can affect the organization. Provide at least three sources in your response Week 5 HCS 325 Week 5 Organizational Structure Presentation Learning Team Final Assignment: Power Point Presentation Finalize and submit your Learning Team Power Point Presentation. Make sure that all requirements are met including detailed speaker notes at the bottom of the slides.

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Hcs325 uop course health care management homework aid  

HCS 325 UOP Course Homework Aid All Assignments and DQs Complete Class Click Here To get Entire Class

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