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Torc Gift Collection Torc Favourites Gift Box

Torc Classic Chocolate Box Torc Café Truffles, Chocolate Biscuits, Torc Chocolate Fudgies, Torc Hokey Pokey, Torc Chocolate Bars, Torc Chocolate Sauce.

€40 €50

Movie Treats

Torc House Dressing, Raspberry Preserve, Irish Whiskey Marmalade, Apple & Mango Chutney, Torc Petit Fours, Torc Fruit Cake, Torc Café Truffles.

Pink Lemonade, Kettle Chips, Boiled Sweets, Chocolate Fudgies.

Old Fashion Sweetie Favourites


Torc Wine Truffle Selection 1 Bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon, Torc Café Truffle Selection.

A selection of the old favorites including, Black Jacks, Fruit Salad, Fruit Jellies, Fudge, Jelly Babies, Dolly Mixture and lots more.


Pick & Mix Your Own Torc Hamper Call in and select your own favourites from our extensive range. Our experienced staff will create a hamper of your choice. If you would like to include your own special bottle or gift, just bring it with you.


The Torc Dipping Gift Box Chocolate Fondue Set, Milk Chocolate for the Fondue, Pink & White Marshmallows.

Large Hampers These hampers are available for a special gift or occasion, for any amount you decide our staff will be pleased to discuss your requirements.

€40 We may substitute out of stock products with items of similar value and quality

Gift Sets

Prices from €12.00 to €18.00

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Pi c k & Mi x Your Own Torc Hamper New Street, Longford Dublin Gate Street, Athlone Tel: 09064 70529Tel.(043)3348277Fax(043)3348277Email...