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Thesis Zippy Burman

What I’m going to do Find a way to make trend forecasting cool. •  New ways of forecasting fashion trends. •  Creating a different format to show forecasted trends for each season.

Name: Catch My Drift Catch My Drift will be a trend forecasting publication that will be accessible to everyone. The publication will document current trends in a newspaper/ zine format. The trends focused on will be those in fashion. Catch My Drift will be an aggregator of images of trends as well as provide original images of these trends.


5Pointz- Street Art

Why 5Pointz I picked 5Pointz because street art is what started my train of thinking. I thought of the art and then of the idea of street style came to mind, going back to my interest in fashion.

5Pointz: all my images

Bill Cunnigham: New York

Why Bill Cunningham Bill Cunningham is the original street style photographer. His style of shooting is iconic and if I am going to look at street style, it would be foolish to not include him and his documentary. Bill Cunningham New York: Full movie on Netflix

D.I.Y. do it yourself Culture

P.S. I made this

Taking inspiration from runway and bringing it to DIY

Why P.S. I made this Erica Domeseck, the creator of the blog has found a way to bring DIY culture into the current fashion climate by showing you step by step how to create your own version of runway looks or current trends. These creations help bring runway trends to street style in an affordable way. P.S. I Made This:

Trend forecasting website

WGSN Street Style

Why WGSN I picked WGSN (tumblr) because of all the trend forecasting websites I looked at, theirs was categorized in a way any user could understand with concise detail for everything posted to their site. WGSN Tumblr: utm_source=wgsnhomepage&utm_medium=sociallink&utm_campaign=wgsnsociallink


Four deliverables •  •  •  • 

Zines Press Kit Street Posters Series Simple Website

Zines Each publication would be on a different trend. The information on each trend would be a combination of found images and information on trends from other trend forecasting companies as well as original work. These publications would possibly be printed on newsprint, following the inspiration of show papers.

Show Papers

From the Art Book Fair

Press Kit The press kit would be a way of introducing Catch My Drift to companies who could potentially use this service. The press kit would provide companies with the information they need about Catch My Drift as well as getting an understanding for the design aesthetic of the publication.

DVF x Gap kids press kit the box the press kit came in

inside the box

From march 2012 spring collection for gap kids paper dolls with the collection

notebooks, pencils, patterned tape, and folders

Street Poster Series These posters would be used as another introduction, but that to the public. These posters would be wheat paste posters similar to those that you see around the city.

Street Posters Series

Proenza Schouler wheat paste posters

Simple Website For the website, keeping it simple is key. The trends should be easy to find and easy to understand. I want to make sure there is a simple way to get the publication, by having a downloadable version available.

Zipporah Burman- Thesis 1- 01