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FOUNDED : 24TH AUGUST 1898 WARRANT E.C. 8th November 1898

WARRANT G.L.I. 24th December 1961


Installation: I was installed in the Chair of King Solomon during the 1458th Regular Installation Meeting of our Lodge on 28th January 2012, by my Father, W.Bro.H S Sudhindra, in the presence of W.Bro.R Ramabhadran, the then ARGM of our area and distinguished representative of R.W.Bro.Retnaraj Sushilraj, Right Worshipful the Regional Grand Master of The Regional Grand Lodge of Southern India. The meeting was attended by 104 Brethren, some even travelling from other states.

W.Bro.R Ramabhadran delivered the Charge to the Master; R.W.Bro.Prakash Ashwathiah delivered the Charge to the Wardens, W. Bro.P.C.Dhananjaya delivered the Charge to the Brethren & W.Bro.Dr.K.G.Ghoprade presented the Foundation Lodge Jewel.

Meetings: During the Year we had 14 Meetings of which 12 were Regular Meetings, 1 Emergent Meeting and 1 Memorial Service Meeting. In our 1466th Regular Meeting, we raised 1 candidate from Lodge Sainik No.196.

Regular Rehearsals were held in the Lodge premises thanks to W.Bro.Karun Tandur, our Secretary who took pains in blocking the dates almost a year in advance.

In June 2012, we took part in the 1st Stage of the Ritual Working Competition 2012 and we successfully qualified for the 2nd Stage which was then held in November 2012. I thank all the officers and brethren who assisted me in a superb manner to put up a very good ritual working. I have no doubt that the incoming Master and his able team of officers will excel in the next RWC competitions.

Master’s Annual Stewardship Report 2012 – Lodge United Services No.58 G.L.I

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Our Lodge had the proud privilege of conducting the 25 years Long Term Service Jewel presentation in Open Session format for the first time in Bangalore, wherein, W.Bro.Dr.K.G.Ghorpade and W.Bro.Dr.Nagaraj Naidu received their respective Jewels from the hands of R.W.Bro.Retnaraj Sushilraj, R.W. the RGM of RGLSI, who was present at the meeting. We had an overall attendance of 113, out of which 73 Masons & 40 Ladies & Non-Masons were present. This LTSJ presentation meeting was a great success, appreciated by one and all who attended and taking cue from the outcome, Lodge Thirunal, immediately followed suit. I sincerely thank both the recipients for giving me this wonderful opportunity to create history.

We had our Past Masters’ Nite in November 2012, and W.Bro.Dr.Dilip Kumar, our IPM, took the Eastern Chair and conducted the Passing ceremony along with the help of other Past Masters assisting him ably. The meeting would’ve been more meaningful had our younger brethren and more importantly, Officers, attended in larger numbers. On December 15th 2012, we had a joint Memorial Service meeting with Lodge Star of the South No.101 in memory of W.Bro.Kamalakar Nallamalli, a PM of our Lodge, who passed away on 26th Nov 2012. The Ladies Night was held on 22nd December 2012, which was attended in large numbers by the brethren, their families and guests. We had games organized very well by W.Bro.John Bosco Abraham. I thank him sincerely for the fun we had. My special thanks to Mrs.Sowmya Shashank for taking pains to sort and wrap the mementos and prizes singlehandedly.

Membership: The year started with 70 members. During the Year there were 2 Initiations, 3 Joining, 1 Death, 4 Cessations during 1st Half and 2 Cessations during 2nd Half and 5 Resignations. The year closed with a total membership of 63. This downward swing seen is mainly because of the members relocating themselves out of Bangalore. Also, we had to cessate 6 members for non-payment of subscription dues in spite of repeated reminders. Most of them were due to the Lodge for more than 2 years and some even 3 years.

Attendance of Members & Visitors: We had a little over 42% attendance by our members and we had on an average 8 visitors for every meeting. We also had 2 visitors from other Countries & Constitutions attending our meetings. Master’s Annual Stewardship Report 2012 – Lodge United Services No.58 G.L.I

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Honours: The following brethren of our Lodge were honoured with Grand and Regional Grand Lodge Ranks during the year:

Grand Ranks & Regional Grand Ranks: Name R.W.Bro.Prakash Ashwathiah W.Bro.H.S.Sudhindra W.Bro.Dr.K.G.Ghorpade W.Bro.S.Ravinder W.Bro.P.C.Dhananjaya W.Bro.Karun Tandur W.Bro.A.R.Holla W.Bro.Jayapal Naidu W.Bro.R Ravishankar W.Bro.Natesh Kumar W.Bro.Dr.Dilip Kumar

GLI Rank P.J.G.W. P Dy G DoC P.G.Sup. of W P.G.Sup. of W P.A.G.SWD. Br. P.G.I.G. P.G.I.G. -

RGL Rank -

P.A.R.G.M P.J.R.G.W P.R.G. Reg. P.A.R.G. Std. Br. P.A.R.G. DoC P.R.G.I.G P.R.G. Stwd

Finances: The financial position of the Lodge is sound & healthy as can be observed from the Audited Statement of Accounts.

Activities: 

I have attended & represented our Lodge in all the Masters-Secretaries Meetings called by our ARGM to date.

I was fortunate to attended and represent our Lodge in all the Installation meetings of all the Sister Lodges in Bangalore Area, barring one, during my Mastership.

W.Bro.H.S.Sudhindra and I, attended our RGM, R.W.Bro.Retnaraj Sushil Raj’s 25 year LTSJ presentation at Trivandrum on 6th January 2013 and represented our Lodge

Apart from the above, our brethren participated in Large numbers at: 

Golden Jubilee Celebrations of the Regional Grand Lodge of Southern India at Chennai on 24th February 2012

RGLSI Annual Investiture Meeting 2012 held on 25th & 26th February 2012 at Chennai

Master’s Annual Stewardship Report 2012 – Lodge United Services No.58 G.L.I

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Seminar for Master Masons, organized by our ARGM W.Bro.L.Ananth in Bangalore on 26th May 2012

Universal Brotherhood Day Meeting held on 24th June 2012, organized by our ARGM, in Bangalore

RGLSI Half Yearly Meeting at Rajahmundry on 8th & 9th September 2012

Lodge Trophy: This year, I mooted the idea of awarding Trophies to individual brethren in recognition of their service to our Lodge and I’m happy to inform you that W.Bro.Karun Tandur, W.Bro.P.C.Dhananjaya and W.Bro.Dr.K.G.Ghorpade immediately came forward to sponsor Trophies for our Lodge. Hence, we have instituted 2 Lodge trophies; “Best Ritualist” sponsored by W.Bro.Karun Tandur & W.Bro.P.C.Dhananjaya and “Best Mason” sponsored by W.Bro.Dr.K.G.Ghorpade. A committee consisting of the Ruling Master, Treasurer, Secretary and Director of Ceremonies will take the decision, according to the Rules & Regulations laid down for that purpose.

Charities: 

Rs.16,000/- to Bangalore Freemasons’ Society

Rs.10,000/- to Dharithree Trust towards setting up of Audiometry block for the school for the differently abled on 24th June 2012

Rs.3,500/- to St.Anthony's Leprosy Rehabilitation Center &

Rs.75,000/- worth Sports Equipment to Sri Male Mahadeshwara Group of Educational Institutions, MM Hills

Apart from the above contributions done by the Lodge, various other contributions have been done by individual brethren of our Lodge.

Gratitude & Acknowledgements: I would like to thank and acknowledge: 

W.Bro.Sudhindra, for being responsible for my entrance in to this fine Order. He has been my constant Guide and Stay in all my undertakings thus far. I chose him to be my DoC, only because, I could rely on him anytime and every time. I was fortunate enough to have him as my punching bag at times and there is no doubt in my mind that he is the best DoC a Master can ask for.

Master’s Annual Stewardship Report 2012 – Lodge United Services No.58 G.L.I

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My Officers, especially my Junior Warden, Bro.Chetan Praikshith, for dedicating time and effort in arranging the festive board in an excellent manner throughout the year; Bro.Sairam (SW), Bro.Prakyath (Chaplain), Bro.Govindappa (SD), Bro.Ganesh (JD), & Bro.Rakesh (IG), who despite their professional commitments, ensured that they were present for most part of the Rehearsals and Meetings of our Lodge and gave Charges constantly.

Bro.Raghunandan Rao and Bro.Ajay Vijayan, who in spite of not being invested officers, were more regular than some of my officers and who at any and every time, substituted important offices and gave important Charges during the rituals. Bro.Raghunandan and Bro.Ajay substituted as Senior Deacon and Tyler respectively during our RWC II stage. Bro.Raghunandan, sadly for us, resigned from our Lodge as he has got in to IIT, Chennai for his MS programme, I wish him all the best for his future and hope he will join back our Lodge.

W.Bro.Karun and W.Bro.Dhananjaya for their unstinting support to the Lodge in general and to me in particular. Their dedication to Freemasonry is admirable and inspirational.

W.Bro.K.P.Narayan, for his support to me at every step, starting with arranging the Past Masters’ meeting at Century Club before my installation to arranging for fellowship & dinner for my Installation and also continuing his support during the Past Master’ Night and Ladies’ Night. He even Registered and attended the Half yearly meet at Rajamundry and Grand Lodge meet at Chennai after a long gap for my sake!

R.W.Bro.C.V.Jagannathan, who has been an unbelievable inspiration to me and all the younger brethren. His prompt reply to my messages and kind words of appreciation and support will always be remembered and cherished.

W.Bro.Dr.Dilip Kumar, for his support in and out of this Lodge. He was there to help me and my family when we went through a harrowing time in September 2012, when I lost my new born son. Sir, I thank you for being there for us.

Bro.Ganesh Srinivasan, my business partner, without whose cooperation, this year would not have been easy.

W.Bro.Natesh Kumar, who had graciously accepted to substitute the Office of Tyler for most part of the year and for being there for the Lodge at all times, including the Charity programme.

I specially thank all Past Masters of my Lodge, who have been very caring, lenient and supportive of me during my tenure as the Master of this esteemed Lodge.

Lodge Bangalore Freemasons’ Hall Trust, and W.Bro.P.G.Kulkarni who have supported us with providing the temple for all our meetings and rehearsals.

Brethren of Lodge Professionals No.268 G.L.I for inviting us to their outstation meeting at Coorg, in February ’12 and extending excellent hospitality, with a special mention for W.Bro.Narayanaswamy D, the then Worshipful Master.

Master’s Annual Stewardship Report 2012 – Lodge United Services No.58 G.L.I

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W.Bro.R.Ramabhadran, for helping us with preparing our Balance Sheet & Statements of Accounts.

Lastly, I would like to thank my mother and specially my wife for being patient with me and allowing me to successfully complete my Mastership 

The Handing Over: I congratulate Bro.Sairam Subramanian who will shortly ascend the Eastern Chair and wish him and his team of Officers a fruitful Masonic year ahead. As probably one of the youngest Masters our Lodge would’ve seen since its consecration, he brings with him that youthful energy and enthusiasm and I’m sure he will be able to motivate his team and carry this Lodge forward and set the bar of Ritual Working higher. I’m also confident that the Team of Officers he has chosen will support him wholeheartedly in his Masonic endeavours and he can rest assured that I’m there to support him as well.

SI Meeting Type No. No. 1 1458th Regular 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14



Installation W.Bro.Shashank H S Passing Bro.Santosh & Bro.Thrivikram Naidu & Dr.D.S.Subramanium 1459th Regular Joining W.Bro.Dr.D.S.Subramanium (PM L24) th 1460 Regular Raising Bro.Madhu Aravind & Bro.Thrivikram Naidu st 1461 Regular Raising Bro.Santosh Kumar & Bro.Badrinath A Dwarkanath Initiation Bro.Percy Tehmul Marfatia 1462nd Regular Joining Bro.Mukundan S Chettiyappa rd 1463 Regular RWC - 1 Stage - Initiation Bro.Percy Tehmul Marfatia (Dummy Candidate) th 1464 Regular Passing Bro.Percy Tehmul Marfatia th 1465 Regular LTSJ W.Bro.Dr.KG Ghorpade & W.Bro.Dr.Nagaraj Naidu th 1466 Regular Raising Bro.Percy Tehmul Marfatia & Bro.Pulapati Venkatesh (L196) th 1467 Regular Initiation Bro.Ajay N Venkatesh th 1468 Emergent RWC - 2 Stage - Raising Bro.Percy Tehmul Marfatia (Dummy Candidate) Past Masters' Nite Bro.Ajay N Venkatesh Passing 1469th Regular Joining W.Bro.Shivdarshan Balse (PM L86 & L196) Memorial Service in Memory of (Late) W.Bro.Kamalakar Nallamalli 1470th Regular Election -------

Place: Bangalore Date: 19th January 2013 Master’s Annual Stewardship Report 2012 – Lodge United Services No.58 G.L.I

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Lodge United Services No.58 G.L.I  

Annual Stewardship Report

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