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MAY 2011

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If You Are Ill Hospitals no longer notify churches when their members are admitted for care. Call 763.682.1245 and let us know so we can support you with prayer and with presence.

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Zion seeks to share Christ’s word, strengthen faith and serve those in need.

From the Pastor Spring Cleaning Two big things happened last week in the Schmidt household (the Brooklyn Park Schmidts, not the Buffalo Schmidts). First, I made my inaugural trip to my new congregation with a van full of boxes to begin this new adventure. Those boxes now sit empty, the bookshelves are stocked, and I’m getting into the swing of things. Second, we put our house on the market. That means a forced spring cleaning the likes of which we should all take on each year. When you really ask the question, “Do I want to take the energy to move this?” you find out quickly what is worth keeping and what has value. I was nearly to the point of asking my neighbors to split the cost of a dumpster. How did we get so much stuff we don’t need or want? My former office wasn’t a whole lot different, I was recycling and shredding for days before I left. I wondered where some of those things even came from in the first place. I couldn’t help but start to wax theological on this situation. Just as in our house or office, we have a filter of what stays and what goes in our lives. It may not be intentional, but it exists. We all draw the line in various places when it comes to food, music, relationships, stuff, you name it. We often do it without thinking about how it affects our day to day life. So it is with our faith. Do we hold on to the good and throw out the bad or do we let everything just pile up in a corner? Romans 12:9 says, “Let love be genuine. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good.” I know that when I’m surrounded by clutter, both physically and spiritually, I am not at my best. I spend more time trying to find what I need, I feel less centered, and something just feels off. I guess if I were to take the example to the next level in terms of our faith journeys, we would have to start asking the question, “What do I want to take with me into the next life?” Obviously, physical things are out. That should reshape our priorities a bit. But beyond that, what sort of relationships have we cultivated? What sort of difference have we made? How are we to be remembered and how will we remember others? So as you rake, clean, mow, weed, de-clutter, or whatever you do for your version of spring cleaning, don’t forget to tend to the soul and take time to look at what is claiming space in your life with God. I pray that you find peace and comfort and newfound life in the God that makes all things new.

May 22 Installation for Pastor Luke Pastor Luke Schmidt will be installed as Pastor of Congregational Life on Sunday, May 22. Glenndy Ose, Bishop's Associate for Stewardship and Rostered Ministries in the Minneapolis Area Synod of the ELCA, will be preaching. There will be a reception for Pastor Luke, Jessica, Kate, and Will Schmidt in Fellowship Hall from 9:30-10:30am and following 10:30 worship.

Worship Schedule Sunday May 1

Second Sunday of Easter John 20:19-31 Pastor Luke Preaching Sunday May 8

Third Sunday of Easter Luke 24:13-35 Pastor Ted Preaching Sunday May 15

Fourth Sunday of Easter John 10:1-10 Pastor Ted Preaching Sunday May 22

Fifth Sunday of Easter

John 14:1-14 Bishop’s Assistant Glenndy Ose Preaching Sunday May 29

Sixth Sunday of Easter John 14:15-21 Pastor Luke Preaching

Pastor Luke


News and Views Births

Our Common Bond

March 16 Ivy Reena Hanson, daughter of Beth & Kelly Hanson March 20 Skylar Jean Bruska, daughter of Jill & Anthony Bruska

Is It Common Knowledge?

Baptisms February 20 Adam Gerald Gerardy March 27 Brecken Taylor Bruska

Weddings March 12 Kyleen Gregerson & Adam Egelstad

Funerals March 20 Ivy Reena Hanson

April births & pastoral acts will be reported in the June Newsletter.

Active Military Please Pray For Korey Siltman Has been discharged from the military DeAnna Strommen Deployed to Iraq Will Dobbins Stationed at Camp Pendleton, CA Fred Pierce Stationed in Miramar, CA Cody Bauman Stationed at Fort Bragg, NC Doug Pecarina Army National Guard Charles Mandery Army National Guard Chris Paulsen-Schmidt Stationed at Norfolk, VA Christopher Brophy Stationed at Fort Reiley, KS Ben Pecarina Stationed at Las Vegas, NV Greg Bremseth Stationed at the MEPS in Houston, TX


You know the Lutheran church was founded by Martin Luther and that his The Ninety-Five Theses led to the Protestant Reformation of the 16th century. But other than that, many of us may not know much about the Lutheran church's rich history. With almost 3,500 items directly related to the Protestant Reformation in Europe, the Richard C. Kessler Reformation Collection at Emory University's Pitts Theology Library in Atlanta includes 1,000 early works by Martin Luther himself – more than in any other American library. The collection also includes works by Luther's colleagues and opponents, as well as other reformers such as Huldreich Zwingli and Thomas Müntzer. Here are some interesting – and often unknown – facts about the early church and Luther himself. Luther conducted the first mass-media marketing campaign in modern history … Luther was a best-selling author, responsible for 20% of all pamphlets and short treatises published from 1500 to 1530, during a time when only 5% of the population could read. The secret to his popularity was great writing. Mark U. Edwards, Jr., Ph.D., senior advisor to the dean at Harvard Divinity School and author of four books on Luther, explains, "His writing was so interesting – he often used the vernacular of common people, plus satire and humor – that his message got all over the Holy Roman Empire and beyond." Thanks to the breadth of his distribution methods, Luther's message reached across educational and geographic boundaries. "He wrote pamphlets and hymns, and he created cartoons attacking his adversaries in no uncertain terms," says Edwards. Cutting-edge technology was Luther's ally … Luther's message was delivered mere decades after the printing press first came into use in Germany. "Suddenly, printing made it possible to reach a mass audience," says Edwards. Printing presses allowed society to change in drastic ways. Suddenly, things such as medical books and maps could be reproduced fairly quickly. What's more, information suddenly became available to rural peasants, who typically would have someone read aloud to them. Luther acknowledged the technological advances at his disposal, even stating that God had divinely sent the printing press in order to spread the gospel. Luther outpublished his Catholic peers five to three, says Edwards. And when you line up works by the top 18 Protestant authors, those penned by Luther account for around two of every three publications. Since there were no copyright laws to speak of, all printers needed to do was get a copy of (Common Knowledge continued on page 11)

Lenten Print Available Prints of the Lenten banner original artwork are available at the information desk and in the Zion office throughout the Easter season. The cost is $15 for the print alone, $25 matted (and unframed) or $50 matted and framed. The prints are full color, 10" x 20" matted size. Zion is grateful to Diane Paulu for her artwork that illustrates the six important practices that help cultivate our Christian faith. Proceeds will benefit the pipe organ renovation fund.

Baby Animal Fair May 1 The Baby Animal Fair biennial educational endeavor that encourages the people of Wright County to work for peace and justice in our world by sharing our blessings. At this year’s fair at the Buffalo Civic Center on Sunday, May 1 you can learn about Heifer International’s work to end poverty and hunger throughout the world help fill local food shelves discover the work of local charities and volunteer organizations

Bev Danielson I joined Zion in 1971 after moving from Eden Prairie. I was lonesome living in the country, so I started taking all kinds of classes from painting classes to carving classes with Mel Gillund. I enjoy sewing, knitting, crocheting, and gardening along with painting and carving. Mostly I enjoy being with my grandchildren, all five of them. I’ve always contributed to Harvest of Hands, but became more involved when I retired. I’ve enjoyed being with the people at Harvest of Hands, and it is always a learning experience. Through Harvest of Hands I’ve learned to do many new things like beading. The friendships and good desserts found with the Harvest of Hands group are very rewarding and enjoyable. Harvest of Hands has provided an outlet for my creative desires. I feel what we accomplish is so important and it sure makes us feel good being able to help others. I’m also involved with packaging toiletries for Rivers of Hope and The Children's Hospital, and I have a lot of fun at Zionaires.

celebrate our community and have some great family fun! Over the last 67 years Heifer International has helped 12.5 million resource poor families in 125 countries by providing over 27 types of animals on 5 continents: llama & alpaca, guinea pigs, and earthworms in South America; camels, goats, & honeybees in Africa; water buffalo, chickens, and pigs in Asia; cows, sheep, & horses, in Europe and North America. Through the gift of an animal and training in its care, families have the possibility of income to improve housing, pay for health care, and send their children to school...12.5 million families…and the gift keeps on giving as offspring are passed on to another family in need. Learn more about Heifer International at, and the Baby Animal Fair at Zion’s Harvest of Hands will have a booth at the fair with plants, spring items, and some jewelry; and has already committed $500 to the Baby Animal Fair for the purchase of one heifer for a family through Heifer International. Please join the Harvest of Hands Committee in attending the Baby Animal Fair, making a donation towards the purchase of an animal through Heifer International, and making a difference in a family’s life. Baby Animal Fair coin banks are available at the information desk and can be returned at the fair on May 1.


Fellowship & Study Sunday Morning Adult Education

Wednesday Menu Make plans to come to Wednesday Night Suppers at Zion! There’s a tasty meal waiting for you every Wednesday from 5:00-6:15 in the Fellowship Hall for a suggested donation of $3 per plate. May 4: Sloppy Joes May 11: Jamaican Pulled Pork served by the Mission Jamaica Team May 11 is the final Wednesday meal of the school year. Regular meals will resume in September. If you would like to try serving on a supper team or sponsor meals, please contact Cindy Bonde (

Baptism Class Zion offers a class for new or prospective parents wishing to schedule a baptism at Zion. Anyone wishing to schedule a baptism is asked to attend a class prior to the date of the baptism. Expectant parents, as well as those who already are parents, may attend the class. Scheduling of baptisms will take place at the class. The next classes are Wednesday, May 4, at 6pm or Sunday, June 12, at noon. Register online or by calling the office.


A four-week adult study will begin on Sunday, May 1, at 9:30am in the Zion library. All are welcome to attend. Donna Magnan, a member of Zion, will guide this study based on the Passion Talk series. Each Sunday morning will include a DVD presentation by Passion Movement founder Louie Giglio, followed by group discussion. The Passion Movement and the messages Passion Movement Founder, Louie Giglio of founder Louie Giglio have impacted the lives of millions of people around the globe, calling people everywhere to live for the glory of God. Indescribable The heavens are telling the glory of God, and their expanse declares the work of His hands. Indescribable takes us on an image-rich journey through the cosmos, allowing us to peer into God's universe to discover the amazing magnitude of His greatness and grace. How Great Is Our God Our life is a miracle, and the Creator of the universe knows each of us by name. He's big enough to breathe out stars, yet intricate enough to fashion together the trillions of cells that make up every facet of who we are. And He cares about each of us and promises to carry us through. He will hold onto you and hold you together, giving strength to those who hope in His unfailing love. Hope: When Life Hurts Most Life isn't easy. We experience problems and setbacks every day. But during the hardest parts of life, when the bottom seems to fall out, where do we turn for peace? God offers Himself and His cross as an anchor of hope no matter what we face in life. The hope we find in Him allows us to leverage our darkest moments for His fame. Fruitcake And Ice Cream An unlikely collision of friendship and grace is demonstrated in this message that breathes hope for the spiritually searching while providing a massive kick-start for those within the church who carry the unrivaled story of God's grace and truth in a darkened world. Dates are: May 1, 8, 15, and 22.

Jamaican Dinner

Harvest of Hands

Mission Jamaica team invites you to an appreciation dinner on Wednesday, May 11, in the Fellowship Hall from 5:00-6:15pm. A Jamaican menu of pulled pork sandwiches, rice and beans, fruit, bread pudding with rum flavored sauce, famous Blue Mountain Jamaican coffee, lemonade and other great food. The Mission Jamaica team was treated to chicken foot soup at the building site while building one of the houses, but if soup is served on May 11, the team promises to serve “chicken (footless) soup.” This meal replaces the regular Wednesday Night Supper and all Zion members and friends are welcome to come and dine!

In May the Harvest of Hands Tuesday morning group will be working on a VBS sewing project making clothing for children at the orphanage in Jamaica. There will also be a special Saturday work day for the VBS project. See page 8 for more details about the project.

Many Zion members contributed to the first mission trip to Jamaica by bringing items and supporting the mission financially. The MJ team is very thankful for the support given for the 2011 trip through prayer, supplies, and financial support that was used to purchase additional supplies for the building site and the medical clinic. For the twenty-three people who went on the Mission Jamaica trip there were many experiences that need to be shared, in hopes that others will choose to serve in Jamaica next year. Come on May 11 to see photos and hear stories about the trip from the 2011 Mission Jamaica team. A short presentation to look ahead at details for a 2012 Mission Jamaica trip will follow the meal, at 6:30pm in the Zion library.

Zionaires The Zionaires seniors group will be touring Lakewood Cemetery and the Russian Museum in South Minneapolis on Tuesday, May 17. At Lakewood Cemetery, we will have a tour, see exhibits and visit the Chapel. Lakewood is a beautiful cemetery, as well as an educational resource where much history is preserved. The Russian Museum of Art is the only museum in North America dedicated to the preservation of Russian art and artifacts, and is located in a historic building in South Minneapolis. Watch the bulletin for departures time and cost for this adventure!

The Wednesday evening group may do some sewing and will also work on wind chimes and beading.

It’s Tough Being a Woman Women are invited to join Donna Magnan for a Women’s Bible Study each Wednesday morning at 9:30am. Their first selection is Esther: It's

Tough Being a Woman, by Beth Moore.

Women’s Brunch Reservations Due Make your reservation by May 1 for this year’s Women’s Brunch. Zion women and friends are invited to a Women’s Brunch at BryanJohn’s GrillWork's on Saturday, May 7, at 9:30am. A style show of clothing from Coldwater Creek will be presented during the brunch. Pastor Sara Vanderpan will be the speaker and music will be provided by a senior high ensemble. Come for a morning filled with great food, thoughtful words, new ideas, enjoyable music, a craft for children, and conversation. The Women of Zion group is sponsoring this brunch. Tickets are $7 for adults and $3 for children ages 12 and under. Please RSVP online or at the information desk by May 1. BryanJohn’s GrillWorks is the restaurant at Wild Marsh Golf Course.


Global Mission Ministry Redeemer Youth Activities

Kids Drinking Milk at Villages of Hope!

This piece is taken from an article in Redeemer Lutheran Church’s April newsletter, written by Youth Pastor Kent Goodroad. He highlighted some of the programs youth at Redeemer were involved in during March of this year.

The dairy project that was started earlier this winter for All Kids Can Learn International at Villages of Hope in Zambia has started to yield milk for the children. Benedict and Kathleen Schwartz, founders of the orphanage, report that the milking shed is complete and the cows are being milked every day. Each day about ten liters of milk is distributed to one household (a home for eight or nine children and their housemother). The housemother pasteurizes the milk and serves it to the children. Sena, the Schwartz’s youngest daughter, even made ice cream in April to celebrate the early success of the dairy.

Redeemer’s 2 basketball teams participated in a 30-hour famine in collaboration with Immanuel Lutheran Church. Redeemer Jump Crew (RJC) performed at the event that included 250 participants from all over the metro. A group of Redeemer After School Program students, who had been working on gymnastics with Redeemer member Christine Grotjohn, attended a NCAA Division 1 women’s gymnastics meet at the University of Minnesota. 15-20 young people met at Redeemer to brainstorm possible programming ideas for a Bike Walk Center that Redeemer Center for Life is starting. Eight young people spent a night hanging out with Augsburg college students, playing laser-tag and attending a college Bible study. They also spent a night in a student’s dorm and had breakfast on campus. The Redeemer After School Program students had a blast spending the night at Redeemer Lutheran Church. The evening started off with pizza at Redeemer, a visit to the Northside YMCA Youth and Teen Enrichment Center, and finally going back to Redeemer for ice cream and a movie. A group of young people representing three congregations from the Iron Range came to North Minneapolis and partnered with youth from Redeemer to do some service projects around the church.


In other good news, the entire inventory of necklaces and hand bags brought back by Dave and Sue Wright has been sold. This means that nearly $1,500 has been sent to the Chimwemwe Ladies who made the craft items. When the average daily wage for many Zambians is only $2-$3 per day, this is a tremendous boost to their family’s livelihood. Thank you for your continued participation in this exciting project. The new milking facility at Villages of Hope

VBS Clothing Project for Jamaica For this year’s Zion Vacation Bible School mission project, students will be finishing and decorating dresses and shorts for kids at the orphanage in Jamaica. The dresses are made from pillow cases, and the shorts are made from old t-shirts. In order to keep costs low, and make as many as possible, we are asking for donations of Pillow cases (new and gently used / printed and solid color fabric) T-shirts of all sizes (new and gently used white or solid light color) Donations can be dropped off in the bin near the information desk until May 7. Harvest of Hands will be completing the initial sewing during their regular Tuesday morning meeting times in May. There will also be a special work session on Saturday, May 14 to focus on this project. Bring sewing machines, if possible, and meet in the Wilderness room at 9am (sewers will disperse from there to various rooms around the building). Pattern information is available at and from Joy Arens. Sewers are also welcome to work on this project at home.

Community Mission Ministry Meals on Wheels

Easter Baskets

Zion is asked to provide three drivers at 11:45am each day in June for approximately an hour of meal delivery to households in the City of Buffalo. This is a most rewarding activity and makes a good family service project.

Thanks to the people of Zion, we collected grocery items and money to make 225 Easter baskets for people who use the food shelf in Buffalo. We were able to provide them a ham and all the fixings for an nice Easter holiday meal. We also fed the people a light meal when the baskets were distributed from our church.

Consider which days you can help and sign up at the information desk or by emailing Sherilyn. You can also check the calendar at If you’ve driven before and prefer a specific route please request it when you sign up. If you’d like to try it but you’re unfamiliar with Buffalo, let us know. We’ll find a partner for your first drive. Thank you for participating in this special community outreach.

Read to Feed the Mind Read to Feed the Mind is a local literacy initiative, working to create cultures of literacy in the homes of our neediest families to help narrow achievement gaps between children from poverty and their age peers. Volunteers work to educate parents about the power of literacy, target families who need the most support, and spread the word about children, poverty, literacy and access to books. Read to Feed the Mind is also a book distribution concept, creating free book distribution points at food shelves.

Bloodmobile The American Red Cross Blood Mobile will be at Zion on Thursday, May 19. Donors and volunteers are needed from noon - 6:30pm. Contact Beverly Smith at 763.675.3182 or cell 763.742.7493 to volunteer or to make a donation appointment. Donation appointments can also be made online at

Love INC Volunteers

Through Read to Feed the Mind, volunteers collect books and distribute them to children in need through the Buffalo Food Shelf and through our local community's Toys for Tots drive. Zion helps support this mission by collecting books and donations. Donations are used to purchase new books which are used for gifts by parents for their children. Last year, more than 7,000 books were distributed to children in our community!

Love INC-Big Woods is helping their partner churches survey their members’ skills to organize those who are available to volunteer through an individual resource inventory which can be found at donate.html.

In the next month there will be an informative meeting, held at Zion, about ways to become involved with Read to Feed the Mind. If you would like to attend this session to learn more, please email and simply say, "Tell me more!" in the subject line.

Crisis Nursery Fundraiser

Right now, there is an immediate need for carpoolers to help with picking up books from one of several pediatric clinics around the Twin Cities including Rogers, Maple Grove, Plymouth, Uptown and Edina. Books are picked up once weekly or twice monthly and delivered to a drop spot in Buffalo.

The 13th Annual Spring Fundraiser for Crisis Nursery will be held on Friday, May 6 at the Buffalo Civic Center from 5:30-10pm, with a BBQ Buffet catered by Red’s. Contact Terry Peterson at Kid’s Haven for tickets ($25).

Other possibilities for volunteer involvement include labeling and sorting books, picking books up from around town, stocking the book shelf at the food shelf in Buffalo or in neighboring communities, and helping set up book shelves in other food pantries around the state. Zion member Bev Koopman is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Read to Feed the Mind. It was started with her daughters, Linnea and Elizabeth Logas, and is run with the help of other members of our church, including Kim Gleason, who serves as secretary on the Board of Directors. Learn more at


May Calendar Sunday May 8

Sunday May 1

Mother's Day The Third Sunday of Easter

Holy Communion at 8:30, 9:45, and 10:30 The Second Sunday of Easter

8:30am Traditional Worship Service 8:30am Sunday School 9:30am Coffee Fellowship 9:30am Passion Talk Bible Study 9:45am Family Express Worship 10:30am Contemporary Worship Service 10:30am Sunday School 11:45am Executive Committee Meeting Monday May 2 8:00am Men's Bible Study Group 6:00pm First Sunday Rehearsal 6:00pm Zion Cemetery Clean-up 7:30pm Alcoholics Anonymous

Monday May 9 8:00am Men's Bible Study Group 6:00pm First Sunday Rehearsal 6:00pm Zion Cemetery Clean-up (only in case of rain on May 2) 7:00pm Zion Book Club 7:30pm Alcoholics Anonymous Tuesday May 10 9:00am Kitchen Cleaning 9:30am Staff Meeting 6:30pm Outreach Evangelism Meeting 7:00pm Jubilee Rehearsal 7:00pm Global Missions Committee 7:30pm Visioning Task Force Meeting

Tuesday May 3 9:30am Staff Meeting 6:30pm Social Ministry Committee 7:00pm Jubilee Rehearsal Wednesday May 4 7:00am Men's 50+ Bible Study 9:30am Women’s Bible Study 2:45pm Class Ring at Huikko’s 3:45pm SONshine Choir at Huikko’s 3:45pm Ring Forth at Huikko’s 3:45pm Kids' Place at Huikko’s 4:45pm Joy Choir at Huikko’s 5:00pm Wednesday Night Supper 5:15pm Youth Choir 6:00pm Confirmation 6:00pm Baptism Class 6:30pm Confirmation Small Groups 7:00pm Senior Choir Thursday May 5 8:00am Men Seeking Wisdom Bible Study Friday May 6 6:00pm Wedding Rehearsal 7:30pm Minneapolis Area Synod Assembly Saturday May 7 8:15am Minneapolis Area Synod Assembly 9:00am Women's Brunch at ByranJohns 9:00am Marysville Clean-up 4:00pm Wedding at Zion


8:30am Traditional Worship Service 8:30am Last Day of Sunday School 9:30am Coffee Fellowship 9:30am Passion Talk Bible Study 9:45am Family Express Worship 10:30am Contemporary Worship Service 10:30am Last Day of Sunday School

Wednesday May 11 9:00am Lutheran Social Service 9:30am Women’s Bible Study 10:00am Devotions at Park View 11:30am NW Conference Pastors Meeting 2:45pm Class Ring (last rehearsal) 3:45pm SONshine Choir (last rehearsal) 3:45pm Ring Forth (last rehearsal) 3:45pm Kids' Place (last day) 4:45pm Joy Choir (last rehearsal) 5:00pm Jamaican Supper 5:15pm Youth Choir (last rehearsal) 6:00pm Last Day of Confirmation 6:30pm Confirmation Small Groups 6:30pm Mission Jamaica Information Meeting 7:00pm Senior Choir 7:00pm Harvest of Hands crafts Thursday May 12 8:00am Men Seeking Wisdom Bible Study 8:00pm Call Committee Meeting

Saturday May 14 9:00am Harvest of Hands / VBS Sewing Project Sunday May 15

Holy Communion at 8:30 and 10:30 The Fourth Sunday of Easter

8:30am Traditional Worship Service 9:30am Coffee Fellowship 9:30am Passion Talk Bible Study 9:45am Family Express Worship 10:30am Contemporary Worship Service 2:00pm Park View Devotions Monday May 16 8:00am Newsletter Deadline 8:00am Men's Bible Study Group 6:00pm First Sunday Rehearsal 7:30pm Alcoholics Anonymous Tuesday May 17 9:30am Staff Meeting 9:30am Naomi Circle 5:30pm Stewardship Meeting 6:30pm Christian Education Meeting 7:00pm Property Committee Meeting 7:00pm Jubilee Rehearsal 7:30pm Visioning Task Force Meeting Wednesday May 18 7:00am Men's 50+ Bible Study 9:00am Lutheran Social Service 9:15am Devotions at Sunrise 9:30am Women’s Bible Study 5:00pm Youth Choir at Pizza Hut 6:00pm Worship and Music Committee Meeting 7:00pm Senior Choir 7:30pm Church Council Meeting Thursday May 19 8:00am Men Seeking Wisdom Bible Study 7:30pm Rebecca Circle Friday May 20 Saturday May 21

Friday May 13

Sunday May 22

(Common Knowledge continued from page 4)

The Fifth Sunday of Easter Pastor Luke’s Installation

something and then print up their own copies. And they did just that. In fact, Luther's popularity was so great that some printers sent people to take notes during his sermons in order to print copies for distribution. It got to the point where he even had a text he was working on stolen from his desk!

Monday May 23 8:00am Men's Bible Study Group 5:30pm Read to Feed the Mind Meeting 6:00pm First Sunday Rehearsal 7:30pm Alcoholics Anonymous

Luther had huge crossover appeal … "He could hold his own with scholars, but he also knew the concerns of common people," says M. Patrick Graham, Ph.D., director of Pitts Theology Library at Emory's Candler School of Theology. For example, when writing his translation of the Old Testament and New Testament, Luther would read passages to his housekeeper and other everyday folk to be sure it made sense. "Nowadays we would call that market research."

8:30am Traditional Worship Service 9:30am Coffee Fellowship 9:30am Passion Talk Bible Study 9:45am Family Express Worship 10:30am Contemporary Worship Service with recognition of graduating seniors

Tuesday May 24 9:30am Staff Meeting 7:00pm Jubilee Rehearsal 7:00pm Personnel Committee Meeting Wednesday May 25 9:00am Newsletter Assembly 9:00am Lutheran Social Service 9:30am Women’s Bible Study 9:30am Devotions at Lakeridge 10:30am Devotions at Park View 7:00pm Senior Choir 7:00pm Harvest of Hands crafts Thursday May 26 8:00am Men Seeking Wisdom Bible Study Friday May 27 Saturday May 28 Sunday May 29

The Sixth Sunday of Easter

8:30am Traditional Worship Service 9:30am Coffee Fellowship 9:45am Family Express Worship 10:30am Contemporary Worship Service Monday May 30

He had what writers refer to as an ear for dialogue. "Luther recognized the power of language and worked to craft prose that spoke to everyone, and not just learned people," says Harvard's Edwards. In one passage about the craft of translating the Bible, Luther advises writers to "listen to the woman at the well." Luther's wife handled the finances and their social calendar … Luther's wife, Katherine, had great business sense – and it's a good thing she did, since Luther himself could barely add and subtract. He freely gave away assets and money, a source of irritation for Katherine. "He would get a silver cup from a prince and then give it away to someone he thought needed it more," says Edwards. While frustrating to Katherine, Luther's generosity reflected his belief that money was a gift from God and should be shared and spent in His name. At one point, Luther was given an Augustinian cloister. Although Luther received a stipend from his prince, his wife began taking in students and other boarders as a source of extra income. Katherine was also a vital part of the famously convivial atmosphere at the family dinner table, where frequent guests, students and others would take notes as Luther held forth on a variety of topics such as marriage, food and church (these notes were gathered in a book called Table Talk, published in 1566).

Memorial Day - Office Closed

Luther embraced the fun side of life … Although Luther is best known for his revolutionary theological arguments and messages, he wrote often on practical topics. He advised clergy on how to comfort people, for example. And when his barber asked him how to pray, Luther wrote a pamphlet on the subject.

Tuesday May 31 9:30am Staff Meeting 7:00pm Jubilee Rehearsal

But most important was the notion of living in the moment. "Luther urged Christians to live out their callings in this world through love of God and service

8:00am Men's Bible Study Group 6:00pm First Sunday Rehearsal 7:30pm Alcoholics Anonymous

(Common Knowledge continued on page 14)


Finance & Stewardship Mortgage Refinance Passes At a special congregational meeting on Sunday, April 10, the congregation voted 97-0 to consolidate the mortgage, roof/parking lot loan, and line of credit into one loan, financed through Thrivent Financial for Lutherans. The 5.5% interest rate is now fixed for an additional 13 years, resulting in a reduction in the monthly payment of $2,300.

Memorial for Maxine She is gone. For how many days, How many hours, How many minutes. She left. with no warning, No good bye, Just that look in her eyes. But she left. The memory of words spoken, and those without voice, Equally coming from her heart.

Financial Report March 2011 General Services Fund Income

Total Income Expenses

Synod Benevolence Other General Services

Total Expenses

The memory of her songs, Her music in the wind, Singing the tunes she loved. She left. Her smile in her sons eyes, Her gentleness in their hearts, Her love carved in my heart, But if she left, Why is she not gone? Submitted by Arnold Rude

YTD 2011

Mar 2010 $54,836.30 1,969.23 0.00 997.00 2,587.25

$164,502.20 6,030.73 0.00 2,935.00 4,346.25





$1,000.00 68,722.62

$3,000.00 181,627.43

$1,500.00 55,453.01

$4,500.00 175,807.28





$161,466.68 6,260.74 3,315.76 3,003.00 4,412.00

YTD 2010

Account Balance as of 3-31-2011: $6,376.10 General Fund Note: $40,000 has been borrowed from Klein Bank from 2009 to 2011 on an established Line of Credit to assist with cash flow. We have been making Interest only payments on this line of credit.

A Promising Tomorrow/Building Fund Income

Mar 2011

YTD 2011

Mar 2010

YTD 2010





Building Mortgage $17,087.30 Roof/Parking Lot Loan 913.37 Major Building Repairs 0.00 3% Tithe Commitment 0.00 2010 CapCampaign Exp 0.00 Kairos Consulting 2,000.00 2011 Thrivent Loan Fees 3,262.50 Bank Service Charge 15.00 Interest Expense on LOC 0.00

$51,261.90 2,740.11 0.00 0.00 0.00 9,000.00 3,262.50 15.00 0.00

$17,087.30 1,305.03 0.00 0.00 0.00 3,000.00 0.00 0.00 0.00

$51,261.90 3,915.09 0.00 0.00 0.00 3,000.00 0.00 0.00 0.00




Offerings and Interest Other Receipts

Total Income She left.

Mar 2011

General Offering $57,793.65 Rent and Sunday School 3,021.69 WedNite Supper Income 1,400.31 Missions and Hunger 1,069.00 Other Designations 1,835.00

$17,589.23 0.00


Total Expenses


$50,903.47 0.00

$12,566.70 0.00

$39,800.71 0.00

Account Balance as of 3-31-2011: $14,947.52 Thank you for your continued support of God’s work at Zion Lutheran Church.


Are You A Slave? Scripture says in Proverbs 22:7, “The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender.” The Hebrew word that is translated as servant is actually the word ebed. Ebed very literally means servant. It means a slave. It means bondage. If you are in debt, you are a slave in bondage. The vast majority of Americans are in financial bondage. We are slaves to our finances. How do you know if you are in financial bondage? Well, if you have ever thought, “Man, I would love to tithe, to give ten percent of what God trusts me with back to Him.” Or, “I would love to give beyond that, but I just can’t, because I am so afraid there won’t be enough to pay the bills.” That is bondage. If you have ever felt like God was calling you to do something, God is calling you to go on a mission experience, and you really, really want to go, but you don’t have the money for it … bondage. The borrower is ebed, slave, in bondage to the lender. I hope that Romans 13:8 “Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another” becomes part of your vision, but for the record, being in debt is not a sin. Being in debt is dangerous. House debt is probably the wisest debt. Consumer debt will, and is, taking you out. The Bible says this, wouldn’t it be great to not have a debt to anyone except to God to love people? I want you to visualize this, and I want you to feel it, and I want you to have the hope and the passion to believe that this is possible, because it is, especially those of you that are young and haven’t dug yourself into a deep hole yet. If you make some wise decisions for a few years, you are free forever. Imagine this. No more student loan payments. Imagine what it would feel like not having that hanging over your head ever again. Imagine no car payment, ever.

Sheets for Quilters The Monday morning quilt group is in need of new and gently used sheets, twinsized or larger, to use for quilt backs.

Starter Plants Available Thanks to an energetic crew of gardeners, Zion has been watching the progress from dirt to sprouts to full growing plants in the narthex during the season of Lent. It has been a welcome reminder that our garden of faith does continue to grow when cultivated with prayer, worship, scripture, service, giving and relationships. The plants are now ready to find permanent homes in your gardens and flower pots. Plants will be available beginning May 8 in the narthex for a freewill donation. Choose petunias or begonias.

Community Gardening A community gardening project is coming together for this spring and summer that ties in with the Lenten theme of Cultivating Holy Gardens. The project will include volunteers of all ages and experience levels in growing plants from seed, creating and nurturing a garden, harvesting the produce and canning to share with those in need. If you are interested in being part of this project, please contact the office for more information.

How are you going to get there? Hard, stinking work. Sacrifice, discipline, faithfulness, consistency. Dave Ramsey (, the most wellknown teacher on the subject, calls it gazelle intensity. If you have ever seen a gazelle chased by a lion, what does the gazelle have? Intensity. Become gazelle intense. The gazelle is running for his life. You are fighting for yours. Proverbs 6:5 says, “Free yourself like a gazelle from the hand of the hunter.” We, as followers of Christ, will not have our hearts in this world. We will not be a servant or a slave to anyone or anything but Jesus Christ. Let no debt remain outstanding, except a continual debt to love one another. What’s your vision? Get it, embrace it, seek God for it, and live according to it. Excerpts from a sermon series called “Mind Your Own Business” by Craig Groeschel ( ).


(Common Knowledge continued from page 11)

to our neighbors," Edwards says. After the Reformation, "church" was never the same … The whole notion of what constituted a "church service" did a complete turnaround during the Reformation era. To get a sense of just how much things changed, consider the fact that, pre-Reformation, men and women were usually separated during service and there was no singing (instead, choirs of monks would chant). "The liturgy for laity was primarily visual rather than aural," Edwards explains. "So you go from a ritual led by a priest in Latin – which most people didn't understand even if they could hear it – where the high point was to see the raised consecrated host, to a service conducted in the language of the people, with the laity singing, men and women intermingled, with a sermon, and where you receive the bread and the wine in your own hands." This shift to more participatory worship was anything but random, according to Edwards. It was a reflection of Luther's belief that the Bible is the only true Christian authority.

… since the day we heard about you, we have not stopped praying for you and asking God to fill you with the knowledge of His will through all spiritual wisdom and understanding. Colossians 1:9

Assessment Summary The Church Assessment Tool was administered at Zion in February as part of our visioning process. Everyone was invited to participate. The 361 responses we received is considered a large enough sample to produce valid results. Overall, it appears that our congregation is poised to move forward. Many people are waiting to see the future direction our congregation will take.

Top Priorities When the respondents were asked where they would like additional energy placed to expand and improve our ministries, they identified several priorities, the first two being priorities across every age group: Develop and implement a comprehensive strategy to reach new people and incorporate them into the life of the church. Develop ministries that work toward healing those broken by life circumstances. Strengthen the process by which members are called and equipped for ministry and leadership. Move decisively to provide high quality education for every age and stage of life.

By Hope Winsborough, reprinted with permission of Thrivent Financial for Lutherans from the Winter 2011 issue of Thrivent magazine.

Expand outreach ministries that provide direct services to those living on the margins of society. Create more opportunities for people to form meaningful relationships.

Key Indicators of Our Overall Satisfaction & Energy The report identified key indicators that are important signs of our overall vitality. 1.

Overall Satisfaction is an indicator of how satisfied people say they are with things at Zion in general. 52% of the respondents are clearly satisfied, 43% are classified as “on the fence” (which means they are waiting to decide), 5% are clearly dissatisfied.

2. Overall Energy is an indicator of the energy and excitement levels at Zion. We were asked if we think there isn’t much excitement among members. 18% clearly agree there’s not much excitement. 27% clearly disagree (Assessment Summary continued on page 15)


(Assessment Summary continued from page 14)

(meaning they believe there is excitement among members). 55% are classified as “on the fence.” 3. Value of Church Attendance - People were asked if participation in church activities outside of worship was “very meaningful.” 62% of the respondents clearly agreed with the statement. Only 3% disagreed. 35% are classified as “on the fence.” The overall value of the report is that it gives helpful direction on several actions that are very likely to improve both satisfaction and energy, which are two of the most important factors in keeping people engaged with their congregations.

Conclusion The overall conclusion of the assessment is that many respondents are generally satisfied with Zion as it is today. Many others are “on the fence” for a variety of reasons meaning they are not yet ready to decide how and where to become more engaged. Our challenge is to increase the number of people who are satisfied and energized while decreasing the number of those who are “on the fence” and dissatisfied.

Where Do We Go From Here? The Vision Task Force continues to go more deeply into the findings of the report to better understand what the assessment means for our future and how a new vision can mobilize us to higher levels of satisfaction and energy:

We are here

In March, a group of about 40 people, which included people from the Church Council, staff, a cross-section of Zion members and our Task Force met to receive a complete interpretation of the assessment results and to discuss the top priorities (what they mean to each of us, what Zion would look like if we were meeting these priorities, and what already exists at Zion in these areas).

The Glass Castle at Zion Book Club The Zion Book Club selection for May is The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls. The group will meet on Monday, May 9, at 7pm in the Library.

Walls's parents—just two of the unforgettable characters in this excellent, unusual book—were a matched pair of eccentrics, and raising four children didn't conventionalize either of them. Her father was a self-taught man, a would-be inventor who could stay longer at a poker table than at most jobs and had "a little bit of a drinking situation," as her mother put it. The Walls children learned to support themselves, eating out of trashcans at school or painting their skin so the holes in their pants didn't show. One by one, each child escaped to New York City. Still, it wasn't long before their parents appeared on their doorsteps. "Why not?" Mom said. "Being homeless is an adventure." From This is a low pressure book club. Readers are encouraged to simply come for discussion with no preparation; they are not obligated to agree on (or even finish) the books. Come when you have interest and time, so that book club will enrich your life and not become another stress or obligation.

April was spent identifying major themes that have emerged from the whole visioning process to date. In May, we invite the entire congregation to attend small group sessions where we will discuss and refine key initiatives Look for information in Sunday bulletins and at Our process is evolving along the way, with the ultimate goal: to reach the definition of Zion’s Vision for years to come by December 2011. We are grateful to the members of Zion who responded to the assessment and to all who have been working with us to make use of its findings. The full report is available in the church office for anyone who wishes to review it. Any member of the Vision Task Force is happy to discuss questions or receive comments. Vision Task Force Committee members are Pastor Ted Vanderpan, Rick Johnson (chair), Jill Davis, Julie Kabe, Karen Mattson, Scott Morin, Diane Paulu, Idella Ziegler and Jim Pence (KAIROS consultant).


Youth Ministry Director of Youth Ministries Myron Crawford 763-682-1245 ext. 308 Zion Youth Ministries exists to reach out to youth, to come together and learn how to be for God and others through worship, study, fellowship and service.

7th/8th Grade Mission Trip For all of the 7th/8th Grade students and leaders who will be participating in the Minneapolis Mission Trip, the following are dates and times that people will come together, learn, serve and build community around different themes. Please bring your Bibles to each event. Sunday, May 1, 6-8pm (Youth Room): Team Work and Expectations Sunday, May 22, 1-4pm (Youth Room): Understanding and Attitude of Love Sunday, June 12, 6-8pm (Youth Room): Action

Senior High Mission Trip For all of the Senior High students attending the Buffeapolis Mission Trip, upcoming dates are:

Confirmation Schedule Confirmation meets Wednesday nights in Trinity Hall 6-7:30pm. Dates and weekly topics: May 4: Love Hymn May 11: Revelations - Last Class

Sunday, May 15, 8:30am - 1:30pm: The Senior High Mission Youth will go to Salem Evangelical in Minneapolis to join them for worship, do some service, have lunch and get to know them. All mission trip participants are expected to be in attendance. Parents are asked to drive, but also visit Salem with us. Sunday, June 5, 9am - 1:30pm: The youth from Salem Evangelical will be visiting Zion for worship, team building, a meal and more. All mission trip participants are expected to be in attendance. Wednesday, June 29, 6pm - 8pm: This is a time to build community with each other through a meal, worship, service and study together.

All requirements for each grade are to be in no later than Aug 1!


Graceland Schedule

On Sunday, May 1, from 7pm-8:30pm at Buffalo Evangelical Free Church, come together with other Senior High students and be a part of a unique worship service.

Graceland, Senior High Youth Group, meets Wednesday nights in the youth room.

The service will be focused on prayer, praise and worship, and a time to work through the ACTS of our lives.

May 4: Gospel Journey - E May 11: Gospel Journey - L May 18: Devoted May 25: Cross Bearer Graceland will be from 6pm-8pm on May 18 & 25. Dinner will be served!


Baby Animal Fair Come one, come all to the Baby Animal Fair at the Buffalo Civic Center on Sunday, May 1, from Noon - 4pm. Learn about Heifer International’s work to end poverty and hunger throughout world while discovering the work of local charities and organizations.

Children’s Ministry CoDirectors of Christian Education

Sunday School

Holly Husom

Sunday, May 8 will be the last scheduled Sunday school class for this school year. Registration information for the next school year will be available online in July. Make sure you are subscribed to email updates for your child’s age at for notification when that is available. Please plan to join the congregation for worship as a family throughout the summer. Zion’s nursery is available during Sunday worship services for children up to age 4.

Vacation Bible School This summer on Main Street, kids will be drawn into stories Jesus told about everyday people in everyday situations. But His stories were anything but ordinary! Jesus turned lives upside down and hearts inside out through parables that challenged people to look at themselves and others in new and unexpected ways. Come join us on Main Street for an inside-out, upside-down experience like no other…and let Jesus make a difference in YOU! Zion’s Main Street VBS is for children ages 3-12 and will run from 9am-noon June 13 through 17. Online registration is open now at, and closes at the end of May, so sign up today! If you are an adult, or teen, and would like to volunteer your time on Mainstreet, please contact Holly, as there are many positions to fill.

763-682-1245 x308

Roxie Otten

763-682-1245 ext. 311

Summer Childcare at Zion Day Camp Super fun care option for schoolaged children Bible stories Games Field trips More! ZDC is a summer program at Zion for children who have just finished Kindergarten, through 12 years old, and is open weekdays throughout the summer from 6:30am until 6pm. Daily activities including free time and snacks, Bible stories, structured games, and creative projects are also part of the schedule. This is separate from the one-week Vacation Bible School program that runs the first week of summer. Registration is on a first come, first served basis, so be sure to reserve a spot for your child today! The handbook, including registration forms, is available at ZDC and at the information desk. Please contact Holly or Roxie for details or if you have questions.

Sewers who would like to help prepare for the VBS mission project, please see page 8 for information about a work day on May 14.

Change For Children Thank you so much to the Sunday School Children and all who helped make our Change For Children Campaign so successful! Together, we raised funds and packaged meals to feed 10,208 children! The Sunday school partnered with Harvest of Hands to organize this project, and the Lutefisk committee also provided some funding. Photos are posted on the Children’s Ministry Facebook page.

Calendar Note May schedule is included in the church calendar on pages 10-11. The last day for Kids’ Place and other Wednesday after-school programs is May 11.

Watch for another food packaging event to be scheduled in the spring of 2012.


Outreach and Evangelism Committee ‌. What does it mean? hOpe in Christ

sprEad the Gospel

Understand the needs of people trusT in God Reach out to the community feed thE gospel creAte excitement at Zion Called by Christ Say Hello from Zion

contact moVe-ins



Christ for All Good News to share

Go make disciples gracE Love faIth Seek HiM

Are you excited about sharing the Good News? Would you like to welcome others to Zion? Please consider joining the Outreach and Evangelism committee. Email or see Pastor Ted.

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