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1) Who built the Public Library and in what year? 2) What are the running costs per annum of the library? 3) How are the running costs met? 4) A city in Canada was named after a famous son of King’s Lynn. Who is he? 5) This Tourist Information Centre provides information about King’s Lynn, Norfolk and the rest of the UK. What is the name of this building? 6) How much does the upkeep & maintenance of this building cost each year?

7) True’s Yard is a museum dedicated to one part of King’s Lynn’s past history. What is the museum dedicated to? 8) What are the maintenance costs per annum? 9) How does the museum meet these costs? 10) This is the Elizabeth Dukes Head Hotel, a prominent landmark in King’s Lynn. What is the name of the Bistro within the hotel? 11) The hotel was recently refurbished, what was the cost?

12) How many visitors stay at the Dukes Head each year – approximately how much income does this generate?

13) This Chapel is in The Walks (King’s Lynn park), what is it called? 14) Who is responsible for the upkeep & maintenance?

15) What is the annual cost of the maintenance?

16) This building was rebuilt after a fire in 1421 and is regularly used for weddings, conferences, charity events & musical recitals. What is its name? 17) How much does it cost to hire this venue? 18) Who is responsible for the maintenance of the building? 19) How much does it cost each year to maintain this unique building?

20) This is the King’s Lynn Corn Exchange which is the local theatre. What is showing here during your visit? 21) How much income does this theatre generate each year? 22) How much money does the Corn Exchange have to invest in new projects each year? 23) What is the name of the seaside resort that lies 26km (16mls) and a 27 minute drive from King’s Lynn? It has a Sealife Centre, fairground and trips on the Wash Monster to observe the seals and Seahenge. 24) How many visitors come and stay each year? 25) On average, how much does each of the visitors spend when they visit? 26) What is the name of this Royal Residence, home to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, which is situated 10km (6ml) from King’s Lynn?

The Customer House is an iconic building in King’s Lynn and plays a significant role in our4 community. 1) You are to visit the Custom House (go upstairs too) & investigate its history and the current role/contribution that it makes to our local economy and culture. Some of the questions below may help you, but they are not the only questions you should be asking! You can create a short film & take photographs to support your research/findings. 2) When you return this afternoon you will be preparing a presentation as one large group to give to the EU students about the building Some questions to ask/find answers 1) When was the Custom House built? 2) Who built it? 3) What other building(s) did they build in the town? 4) What was the original purpose of the building? What went on there? 5) Why was this building important to King’s Lynn? 6) What is the purpose of the building now? 7) Who operates/maintains the building & where does the funding come from to do this? 8) How does the building contribute to the local economy? Consider employment and generating income 9) Who’s statue is outside the Custom House? What is he famed for? 10) What was the Hanseatic League? – find leaflets to help explain this to you/ see the display upstairs in the C.H. 11) What was King’s Lynn’s role in the League? 12) Which other major towns were members of the League? 13) What is the new Hanseatic League?

While you are in town 1) Collect timetables (at least 6) for the Coasthopper bus to Hunstanton and train timetables to Cambridge. 2) What is on at the cinema next week?

3) What time is the St James swimming pool is open for public swimming?

4) What’s on at the Corn Exchange next week?

5) How much does it cost to go bowling at Strikes in the evening (for a group)

6) Are there any other activities that you could suggest – excluding pubs/clubs/bars

Research Task in Cambridge  

Research Task in Cambridge

Research Task in Cambridge  

Research Task in Cambridge