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How much does car insurance cost for 21yr old, is it monthly or yearly? I am new to US. I stay in Los Angeles, CA. I have never driven before. And I am talking about a pre-owned car probably a 90s or 2000 model of toyota. Would appreciate if you'd answer with an estimate. Related

Looking for health insurance not discount? I have RA and now looking for health insurance I am on disability but to young to receive medicare. I have receive quotes frrom BCBS disount program the agent lead me to believe this was full coverage insurance but deceived me this is only a discount plan which gives you nothing my job did cover me but will run ourt in dec of 2010. State Farm Renters Insurance: Explain Replacement Cost Coverage to me? From what I understand, if a claim had to be filed, I would receive the current value of an item. For instance, I have a pair of $500 shoes. They are currently priced at $450, so the pay-out would be $450 and $500, correct?. Okay, so here are my two questions: 1) Would I be bound to REPLACE the lost item? Or would they give you the current cash value to buy whatever it is that you wanted to buy? 2) Are there no such policies that exists out there: a policy that would pay you what you INITIALLY paid for an item? So that one wouldn't lost out financially in the event that an item depreciates? If I'm wrong about any of the above, or if you think I need to be sure to clarify certain things with my agent, please let me know. Thanks." "USAA auto insurance 3,000 dollars a year for 2 cars?" That's the quote I got and it's really ridiculously expensive. I'm in the US Army, I was expecting a rate cheaper than my current insurance, not 3 times more expensive. Is it like this for everyone? Maybe because I'm just in the DEP right now? I heard I could just get the insurance straight after DEPing in." How much is auto insurance in China for an American? I'm studying in China for about 18 months. I want to buy a car there and drive it. I've already figured out the licensing stuff, no big deal, but how much/how do I get car insurance in China?" Buying a new auto insurance policy on a used car? So im buying my first auto insurance policy (my parents dont want to add me to theirs) for my car. Will i have to pay the premium up front, or will i have to pay in 6 month installments?" Where have you been able to obtain the cheapest car insurance from?

Is it better to go through an independent agent or is it better to just go directly to some of the larger companies? Is a Scion tc considered a sports car by insurance companies? I'm getting a new car. I have a Land Rover Discovery and its a piece of crap and drinks a lot of gas. I was going to get a Mazda RX8, I love them. My family has 3 of them, but my dad said no because the insurance would be high because its a sports car. Is a 2008 Scion tc considered a sports car by insurance companies? I am a 19 year old female by the way, if that matters. Thanks for any answers!" Will my insurance company keep me with them once i buy a new car? I am an 18 y/o female I was recently involved in a serious car accident 3 days ago. so here is what happened, I was traveling southbound and there was an 18 wheeler traveling northbound. I was moving over into my left lane because I was soon about to turn onto the highway.the light was green and I must admit I did see the truck but it was further back so I decided to try and make the left the light was turning yellow and I wanted to beat the light but my main focus shifted to my left rearview mirror because I wanted to make sure there weren't any cars in my blind thing you know I looked up and the truck was swerving out of control obviously he was trying to beat the yellow light as well and since he is driving a truck it is way much harder to complete an abrupt stop without gliding practically 100 yards..he smashed right into me and dragged my car along with his truck until I was facing northbound with car is completely ruined and totaled..I know for a fact that if I would've had a passenger with me they would've died on impact, I am so blessed because i wasn't injured that bad beside a little torn tissue in my knee,the pain from my seatbelt, minor scratches,bruised lips, and the small cuts from small glass and powder from the air bag, I did however immediately jumped out of the car cause I didn't want to get blown up or anything...anyways the police came..come to find out the truck driver didn't have proof of insurance with him..and we both got a ticket..mines was failure to yield and his was failure to slow down at yellow light so we both were at fault that was my first car and I only had it for a month and I have full the big question is once I buy another car will my insurance company let me stay with them?..because I really like them and they are loyal to their words and customers..I also realize that I caused them to lose alot of money compared to how much I paid..." How much would motorcycle insurance cost for a teen? Alright, so I'm 16, living in Ontario, but haven't decided what bike imma get yet, so can anyone give me a range of what it'll cost? Thanks in advance." What is a good insurance company? i just bought a car sunday.would have to wait till monday to clear stuff with the dmv.can i get insurance meanwhile and if so which one is a good that is not pricey? i havent had any accidents in the past or dui's i'm 32.the last time i owned a car it was when i was 20 i believe.i'm going to add two cars to the insurance along with an extra driver. Why is the co-pay for dental insurance more expensive than health insurance?

I compared the co pays on several reputable dental insurance companies and it is very expensive. Many things are not covered, even with the best dental insurance. Health insurance is usually a 10 dollar co pay for primary physicians and a 35-50 dollar co pay for specialty physicians. Is there any reason why dental insurance co pay is as expensive as it is?" "I just purchased Geico car insurance, did i do the right choice? i did research for car insurance companies. so far my Geico's quote beat the rest of them. i received a 6 months premium of $520.10. i just hope i did the right choice. please serious answers! How close is Geico's quote to what you actually get? I will be purchasing insurance from geico and was wondering how close their quote is to what you will be paying? The sales guy told me it might be higher or lower than the online quote. Has anyone had any experience with this? What are the factors that would cause either an increase or decrease in the online quote when you're actually purchasing? The online quote seemed like it asked for your social security so it clearly did a credit check too. Do I automatically have to get car insurance right after I get my license? I'm 18, I live with my parents...In order for me to get my license my mom wants me to pay for car insurance (since I'll be under her name) which is understandable, but I don't have a car yet, and I just want my license in case of an I won't even be driving around her car rarely. She told me that even if I wanted to get my license and not get car insurance yet, I can't because I live in her house?? Does that sound right? Can't I just get my license without car insurance until I actually have my own car?" Car insurance - My car is totalled - what now? my car is totaled according to the insurace company. It is the other person at fault so their insurance is dealing with it. I feel as if I'm getting the runaround a bit. How will they determine a fair value of the car and what if I don't agree with what they offer? They have also given me a rental which they tell me I must return once the agreement is made and I will be out of town and cannot return it for a week. They said I have to pay for the rental of the days I am gone!!!!!! Do I have to agree to their terms or how do I go about handling this situation? HELP i don't like dealing with this stuff but I don't want to be screwed over Thanks Are there any car insurance companies that don't use a social security # when determining your rates? I think it is horrible that they base car insurance rates on your credit history. Having bad credit doesn't make you a bad driver. If they are worried about you paying the bill, why do they make it HIGHER if you have bad credit? Isn't that a little messed up? Are there any companies that don't do this?" Car Insurance for Tourists?

I bought a new car in Germany. It is insured through its manufacturer. I then left Germany and went to another country to work and live. Since I wanted to keep the car, I drove it to my new home! For the first 3 months (I am told) I am still insured as a Tourist. But I wonder... Say I have an accident in this new country, we exchange insurance details, etc... Where should the other driver go to get his compensation and file his claim? Has anyone ever had an accident with, say even, a rental car from another country and found out that they live elsewhere and . . . How should one deal with this situation where there might even be language barriers between the two drivers and the forms they have to fill in? Thanks in advance What is an average g2 driver's insurance worth? I Have: -G2 Lisence -2012 camaro ss -primary (only) driver of vehicle -driver's ed training. looking for average monthly insurance. im in ontario, canada." Do porches have the most insurance rate? Do porches have the most insurance rate? How much will a Toyota Spyder increase my insurance? I'm looking to buy a 2000 Toyota Spyder. But i'm only 20 years old, so i'm questioning whether or not it is a good idea! Its will cost me about $10,000 after tax + the insurance. I'm not so worried about the actually cost of the car, because I can make about a 60% downpayment, and take out a small loan for the rest... But the insurance is the big issue..." How much would car insurance be for an 18 year old for a citreon saxo 1.6 car roughly? How much would car insurance be for an 18 year old for a citreon saxo 1.6 car roughly? Is this a good world to bring a child into? I sometimes worry about having kids due to the world going down hill, theres so many bullies and bad people out there,i dont think I can handle my children getting hurt by someone or bullied,also how much will car insurance be in 18 years, a 19 year old at work keeps getting 5000 quotes for 1.1 cars,id like some opinions on this as me and my wife are planning to have kids soon,am I worrying about nothing or does anyone else feel like this?,i want my kids to have a nice life." Do any car insurance companies do insurance for one month? Hi So I only want car insurance for one month cause I want to use my car for work purposes (usually it's off road). I have 5 years no claims but for some reason companies are charging like 250 for the month when it'd usually only cost me 700 for the year!? Does anyone recommend any companies that don't charge as much? Thanks in advance

Do you think i could get a used car and insurance with under $3k? i really need a car to get around, i have full time job, n part-time student. It's getting to my nerves that whenever i need to go somewhere, i have to ask my brother or sister to take me. Yes i am a student 18 yo, i don't have much money, and my parents refuse to buy me a car, reason because my mom said insurance is too expensive, and she doesn't give a shitt about me. Do you think i could get it anywhere? i was thinking about buying the car 1st then insurance later on because i can't afford it. idk what should i do?" What is the best Insurance company for car quotes ??? (Cheapest)? Im looking for a cheap reliable insurance company i can get a qoute for a 2003 Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 How much does car insurance cost for 21yr old, is it monthly or yearly? I am new to US. I stay in Los Angeles, CA. I have never driven before. And I am talking about a pre-owned car probably a 90s or 2000 model of toyota. Would appreciate if you'd answer with an estimate. Need advice on getting speeding ticket reduced? I got a ticket for 50 mph in a 35 mph. The officer reduced the ticket from 55 mph to 50 mph and advised me to plead not guilty and show up in court. He said he would be there and more Is there any way a 16 year old minor can get car insurance in his own name in SC? From what I have read it seems like all I have to do is get my parents permission to get my own plan in my name and that's it. And if you can please give me some car insurance agencies that will give minors car insurance. thank you Car insurance. the diffrence in price? i am looking for car insurance, and when i type in the address i am at the moment and the address i want to move in to, only thing is the house i living at seems to lower the more" Is there a car insurance company which specialises in please answer? stupid question at this moment in time i think with car insurance company's not insuring young drivers but is there a company which specialises in insuring young drivers on nice cars or just specialises in insuring nice cars thanks ?? Cheapest car insurance companies??? help? Me and my bf r trying to move in but his insurance rate is up the roof, he had a terrible car accident in nov. 2 speeding, 2 reckless, 1 failure to stop a light. I know its a lot but more"

No proof of insurance ticket LOS ANGELES CA ? I got pulled over for speeding. Got a ticket for no proof of insurance. but now i have insurance .. i am 17 and i just wanna know whats gonna happen tomorrow in court ? and on the ticket it says (((People of the state or California Vs. me))) whats going to happened in the court?, are there going to be people watching me ? and ima take my grandma ? also if i cant pay the fine can do community service ? how many hrs ?" What Insurance company automatically covers anyone who drives your car? What is a cheap insurance company? I'm tryin 2 get insurance for the 04 stratus that i'm buying, but my rates are high because i'm 18. I heard about an insurance who covers anyone who drives your car, like that i coul mak my dad take it then i'd be able 2 drive it. If you know a cheap company for people my age i'd appreciate it. The company dosnt have to be popular." How to Get Cheap Car Insurance in NJ for Young Drivers? Last week I bought my first car.But one thing that I didn't do was to check my car insurance premiums.I did it yesterday and I was amazed how expensive is that.I'll have to pay more than $300mo.Is is normal?Why my car insurance is so expensive.First thing they told me was that I need to pay more, because I'm young driver.Yes I'm under 25 years old.I'm from NJ.Can you please tell me how to get cheap car insurance in NJ for young drivers?Also any tips to help me to reduce this price...I'm ok with my car but I feel it won't be possible for me to pay so much for car insurance.I need cheaper insurance plan." What happens when you pay your car insurance late? i have to wait til my next paycheck to pay my car insurance but the due date for the bill is march 16 and i dont get paid til the 21st. what happens? i have commerce insurance if that helps. How much do you pay for your car insurance? Toronto, ON" Fronting? - UK Car Insurance? Hi, Could anyone give a proper definition of fronting regarding car insurance in the UK? For example, who goes under the heading of a fronter? In which cases would it be illegal to go under a more experienced driver's insurance policy? I understand why a 17 year old who just got their driving licence wouldn't be allowed to hide behind their parents' 20 years of No Claims, but would a 25 year old be able to go on their parents' policy? I've tried looking at the insurers' websites but they'll happily give a quote for anything, even if it's illegal, without saying so, so I can never be sure if it's wrong or not Thanks :)" Which car insurance companies are cheapest for teen girls?

I am a girl going on 17 years old and I finally just got my license. Now my dad and I are looking for the cheapest plan in the cheapest insurance company to go on for my car insurance. Help? How much would my car insurance be?(State farm Insurance)? I'm a teen driver, and ill be 16 years old when i get my license. i'm a 3.0 + gpa or higher student and have had no issues with the law.i drive a 1997 mazda protege with a clean title (idk if that helps) I live in Portland,Oregon Car is 1997" Can I remove 17 yr old off my insurance policy if not driving my car at all? Long story short (hopefully)...My 17 yr old step-son got his license just after his b-day last yr and my husband stupidly bought him an undeserved car (we have had nonstop issues with him for over 2 yrs with his disrespectful and insulting/criticizing attitude, refusing to follow house rules, his very poor, negative and selfish behavior on top of his constant lies and his drug and alcohol use and continues to bring it around my 4 yr old son). Needless to say after receiving 4 tickets under 6 months for either having too many kids in car or driving past allowed hours to be driving because he refuses to follow our rules or the law and feel they do not apply to him. He completely trashed the car, it reeked of cigarettes and pot, we found empty beer cans and other cans used to smoke his pot. We took the car away and cleaned it the best we could and after a few months of him still continuing his behavior and habits we sold the car. He bullies his mom and sister (always has) and took his moms keys and her car from her and will not return it. I know we are legally responsible for him until he turns 18 which isn't too much longer BUT he is getting worse with everything, my husband has given up on him and just lets him come and go as he pleases and do what he wants (he claims he will kick him out on his bday but no one believes him b/c of many past threats not followed through and his kids know it so they continue to play him), I'm told to stay out of it because he isn't my son yet he is still on MY insurance and driving his mom's car while drinking and smoking pot and continuing not to follow the law with his restrictions either. I can't wait for this ungrateful punk to be out of my house. He constantly badmouths all of us with lies to everyone and blames us when things don't go his way. He has always been extremely lazy and does not want to work, he keeps forcing his mom to give him money which she does b/c she claims she is afraid of him, he has NEVER helped with anything around the house, he has already been in trouble a few times with the police as young as 12 when he wouldn't follow skateboarding rules. This kid needs a major attitude adjustment and a kick in the *** but no one will do it and I'm not allowed to say anything to him about anything but I'm so sick and tired of having to keep my mouth shut and watch everything he says and does to his family yet I am to provide insurance for this a@%hole. He's not supposed to be driving anyone's car but he took his mom's and won't give it back to her, he lives with us even though he is NEVER here (DYFS took the kids away from their mom about 4 yrs ago and placed them with us immediately) (oh, the issues have been going on a lot longer than these 4 yrs but not to this degree). By the time we file and the court allowed for emancipation he will be 18 so that is no use. He HAS to live with us until then but I don't want my insurance going up anymore than it has and want him off of it. He refuses to hand over his license too. I am at my wits end with this kid and don't know what else to do. Does anyone have any ideas on any loopholes on how to get him off my insurance? If we force him to stay here he gets violent toward everyone, constantly picks fights with all of us, storms around the house cursing and complaining, slamming everything, purposely makes messes and leaves it until he gets his way and I definitely do not want that behavior around my son. My husband has told him he is no longer a part of our family and it doesn't faze him at all and he just does not care about anyone but himself. Please no criticizing me. I have been his

step-mom for almost 10 yrs now and have never been allowed to discipline my husband's kids at all and always told to not get involved in anything b/c they are not my kids yet they both walk all over their dad (and their mom), are spoiled rotten, no responsibilities or chores at all and never any consequences when they do something wrong. For those of you who actually read all of this thank you. Yes, I am venting but really need it and this still is not the whole story but it's too much to go into." Beware this Scam on Car Insurance.!!? A friend of mine was telling me about how his son was Scammed by a fake online Insurance Company. They are advertising car Insurance 50% cheaper, which of course is attracting young drivers. He paid 620 by his visa card for full cover, and was sent His Insurance documents. However, he was stoppd by the Police late at night for a Routine check, a few Months later, as It had come up on the NPR that he was driving without Insurance cover. He showed the Police his Documents and he was told that this company does not exist, and he is the 20th driver they have stopped and found that they have fake documents. However, the police did not press charges in this instance, but told him they have been trying to track these scammers for a whilr, but all they know is they are operating from Nigeria, and Latvia, but keep moving around. They advised the Lad in future to use a well known Insurance company or visit a good insurere in person to get Insurance. So God knows how many other drivers are on the road with useless Insurance cover." Do older cars have more expensive insurance? Such as a 1990 Mazda RX7 FC or a 1993 RX7 FD. I heard the older the car is the more expensive the insurance is. I live in California and thinking of getting one of those two cars for my first car. Appropriate and affordable health insurance for my autistic son? Here is the situation: My son is seven and severely autistic. He lives with his mom (we are divorced). As part of our agreement, I take care of his health insurance and medical bills, co-pays and things related to his medical care. I pay for insurance for him thru my employer, around $280 a month, just for him. However, although it is pretty good for office visits, it is really bad for hospital. Because he is autistic, he has to be knocked out for some procedures that he wouldn't normally be knocked out for. Recently he incurred a $9000 bill, which the insurance company wont pay because he already maxed out his hospital indemnity for the year. I feel that the time has come to provide him with some sort of hospital indemnity, but I can't find any that I can actually afford. I don't make very much, I make enough to pay his regular health insurance and his child support, and the occasional doctor bill. But I don't make enough to pay the huge premiums that a regular hospital indemnity plan has. To add another wrinkle, I live in New York, he lives with his mom in Connecticut, she is the one who brings him to the doctor/hospital, I'm just the one who pays for it, which I am happy to do. But the problem is, that anything available with NY, only covers providers in NY. CT wont work with me because i do not live there. Am I screwed (as in I have to pay 900 per month in hospital insurance), or is there something I can do? By the way, I make about $36000 per year, not a lot for New York. I just want to provide the best care for my son, but I need something I can actually afford" Car insurance?

I ha gotten a speeding ticket like two years ago it was the first ever since I was 18 and now I'm 27.. Paid it.. Will it show on my record when I switch companies? It still hasn't made my current insurance go up but if I switch will it show? Does anyone have a Pontiac G6 GTP?? i need to know how much car insurance are on the them?? please let me know Does anyone have a Pontiac G6 GTP?? i need to know how much car insurance are on the them?? please let me know Does it matter if spouses use the same insurance company? My husband and I have health insurance through his job, and now my job is offering to pay for some of my life insurance. We are going to get life insurance from his company, but I just wondered if it was a bad idea to have life insurance through two companies." What are some cheap car insurance for first time drivers? What are some cheap car insurance for first time drivers? "Car title, insurance, different names?" Can the title of your car and the insurance be in different names, or do they have to be in the same name??" Does Auto insurance go down automatically after the age of 25? if I drive and small and cheap car... Car insurance question.? Basically, I am hoping to pass my test this October. I am 20, and am looking to be insured on my dads car. He has a 7 seater Mitsubishi Spacewagon. It is now worth about 9,000. I was wondering if anyone knew ROUGHLY how much insurance may cost? Would it be cheaper to get my own small car and insure it myself rather than being a second driver on a more expensive car? Thank you!!!!" Will a medical suspension raise car insurance rates? My wife has a medical suspension and is trying to get her license back. She has 0 points on her record. I know if you are suspended for stupidity (DUI, reckless driving, ect) then your car insurance rates go up, but do they go up for a medical suspension??" How much does car insurance cost for 21yr old, is it monthly or yearly? I am new to US. I stay in Los Angeles, CA. I have never driven before. And I am talking about a pre-owned car probably a 90s or 2000 model of toyota. Would

appreciate if you'd answer with an estimate. What is the best/cheapest young drivers insurance company? I am learning to drive and purely for future reference what insurance companies are the cheapest to go buy for first time drivers. At the moment im just looking on AutoTrader and eBay and copying and pasting them into various companies if you can speak from experince it would really help... Question about college health insurance? If my current health insurance is expiring this end of December, am I able to opt-out of the university health insurance for this fall and reapply for the university health insurance for the spring term--just to save money?" "Just bought a car and Just got permit, what is good insurance?" I need to practice driving and get my license so I dont have to rely on friends and family all of the time. I need advice on some good cheap insurance for me. I am male, 18, no driving violations yet, and new at driving. I'm also a poor college kid." How much will the insurance company give me for my car? i was crashed into by another driver who has accepted full responsibility, my car was a vw polo 1.2 e it had done 55,000 miles and was a 53 plate. does anyone know how much they will offer me? im really worried im going to get completely ripped off and i only brought it a few months ago and the crash wasn't my fault at all. thanx for any help :)" Ways to lower my insurance rate? Hey, Im in highschool at the moment and im not reaching my car dilemma Im a male at the age of 16 (not looked well upon by insurance companies I hear) and I am insured by Statefarm. I was wondering if someone could help me out by telling me how i could lower my monthly insurance rate. The car im getting has side airbags and good crash test ratings, and im going to be adding mods to it (either rsx type-s or volkswagon golf gti) and i would most likely be installing rollover bars. Would this help my insurance rate go down? What other steps could I take? Thank you!" "How much does it cost to insure a ferrari spider 360, 2005 redge in the UK? longer than writing a question and reading an answer smart *** :) Insurance question ? My husband pays $approximately $6.00 an hour for insurance that we dont use...? but when we use the insurance BC/BS charges no less then 400.00 for simple examinations....WHY? it takes nothing for a Doc to look in my ears an see i have an ear infection. Why do they charge my insurance hundreds of dollars and i should be grateful to have insurance ?

How much money will you be saving by going to driver's ed? I'm 16 and have my learner's permit in CT and I've heard that by going to driver's you save a bunch of money on your car insurance...I know that its ture but how much money can you really save? Can two insurance agents get different quotes? Two local agents both from State Farm, different agencies though...Can they get different quotes or will it all be the same since it's all State Farm? Thanks!" Does anyone know an insurance company that offers cheap/free SR-22's for license ? need it to keep my lic. valid. ASAP... help please! Should I buy earthquake insurance in california? I've lived in the Bay Area for 20 years and never purchased earthquake insurance for my home. I heard rates were going down, and AAA quoted me a rate of nearly $1200 for earthquake coverage- there is 75,000 deductible, and they will cover up to $525,000 to rebuild. What is the consensus on this issue?" What is cheap auto insurance? What is cheap auto insurance? Can you register car w/o insurance & 1967 Mustang Steering wheel..? I do not have my license or permit yet. I plan to have my permit by early September. I don't plan on insuring the car until September or Feburuary but can I REGISTER the car before I get insurance? (So it won't get towed.. does that ever really happen?) How much would a 1967 wheel cost and how much to have it installed? Where to get cheap full coverage car insurance in san mateo california? Where to get cheap full coverage car insurance in san mateo california? What is the cheapest classic car insure for 17 year olds? looking to insure my ford fiesta L 1981, but unsure on the best classic car insurer" Wrecked my moms car and another car with no insurance? I got in an accident eariler this week. I went to turn a corner and hit the brakes too hard and hit a Prius coming up to a 3 way stop. I admitted it was completely my fault but the thing is I dont have my lisence or insurance so I was fined a total of $1224 plus the damages to my moms car and the car I hit and aparently medical bills now too? I asked the lady after I hit her if she was okay and EMS was on scene and asked her if she was okay and she said she was fine but now Im getting a call from her insurance

company stating I have to cover medical and vehical damages and I really have no idea what to do. I dont understand how this lady thinks she can possibly get any money out of me. My moms disabled and not working. She makes $400 a month and myself I can barely scrounge up enough money for gas to get to work. Its gonna be hell just to pay off the ticket let alone everything else so my question is what would you do in this situation? Take it to court? Get a lawyer? (which I cant afford either) How much does a teenage car insurance for a 1991 chevolet corvette convertible cost per month? my grades havent been good till this year i kinda have a bad record idk if that would effect it so ya i no i turn 16 on tuesday and im getting the car for my bday so i need to no quickly how much the insurence would cost thanks Health Insurance - suggestions? I'm a 30 year old married woman in relatively good health. I have no health insurance, and no preexisting conditions. I would like to look into a plan (probably HSA compatible) that is of low cost. It really burns me that an average plan would cost $500 a month for spouse and myself - when we just need to go and get checkups 2-3 times a year...which winds up being about $6k a year - to go less than a half of times between 2 people. Is there a happy medium at all?" Is Liberty National Life Insurance is a good company to work for? Ok, like a few days ago i've scheduled an interview with National Life Insurance company and was really excited 'bout workin' there until today, but tomorrow (8/05/09) i have my interview...anyways, while i was making some more researches about the company so that i could present my questions to the interviewer (u know when he/she will ask me if i have any questions...) and then i stumbled upon some acclaimed Liberty National Life Insurance scams ...u know how people can be HORRIBLE on the internet. so anyways people (customers or employees, especially EX employees) were saying really bad stuff about the company. Like, LNL insurance doesn't pay people fairly, and that if you just wanna buy a pair of shoes to wear then it's a fitted company to work for, and all the bad things u could fact, the ex employees were really crucial about the company. So now, i'm really nervous about working for them you know? I mean what if what those ppl are telling the truth and that i'm just heading toward god knows what?! What if i get the job and realize then that everything that was being said on the internet was true? What if they don't pay me fairly? or i don't know.... All of this has gotten me very if any of u guys can be any help with reliable sources, or just helpful suggestions would be more than great! Thankx and oh lol i didn't realized i wrote so much...sorry 'bout that though...." How much would it be for a 16 year old kid to buy a 2010 Chevy Camaro LT1 and get insurance? How much would it be for a 16 year old kid to buy a 2010 Chevy Camaro LT1 and get insurance? Do Cops get free car insurance? As part of one of their benefits? Just curious..

"I am international student , i need to apply health insurance(Texas)?" where should i go?(houston, Texas) what stuff should i prepare or anything i should biring" Is it wrong to TTC without having medical insurance? We've been married for more than 3 years now, I'm 27, we just bought a house and we both have decent jobs, we feel we're ready and is a good time in our lives (even though there's never a perfect time). The insurance issue is been stopping me from before, but I don't get it from my job and is very expensive to get it through his. Everyone says I automatically get medicaid, we don't make great money but we're not poor either, do we qualify? is it irresponsible from us to start without it? Also I'm a permanent resident, husband's american...I do pay taxes!" Cheapest insurance for vauxhall corsa? i brought one of those old cheap vauxhall corsa 1.2 L. for first car. anyone know where i can find cheap insurance? i tried all the comparisons sites, but there giving me stupid prices over 2500. the car is a old banger and its not gona cost no more then 300 to fix. am 24 years old." How Important is having Earthquake Insurance in California? With Gobal Warming and all! Do you think it's important that I have Earthquake Insurance on my house? Crazy things have been happening and I just want to know I'm covered if a Massive Earthquake HIT California and damaged my house. I'd like to know HOW many Homeowners living in California have Earthquake coverage and what you would pay? I just got a quote that seems pretty good. $184.00 a year for coverage. Sounds pretty good huh? That's only about $15.33 dollars a month. Let me know what you think. How much does car insurance cost for 21yr old, is it monthly or yearly? I am new to US. I stay in Los Angeles, CA. I have never driven before. And I am talking about a pre-owned car probably a 90s or 2000 model of toyota. Would appreciate if you'd answer with an estimate. Car insurance for dummies? i am trying to be an adult here. i graduate college in 8 days and am getting quotes for my own car insurance. I got one today from progressive for $83/mo, full coverage. It is 25,50,25 and $500 deductable. How do I know what is good? i need someone to tell me what coverage I should have-is 25/50/25 good? break it down. Thanks!" Quick question about car insurance? I've been with a car insurance company for 3 years now and have been lucky enough to not have to file any claims with them, I just had my policy renewed and the premium went up about $100 from the previous year. Prior to this it had always gone down and when I called to ask why it went up they said because of an increase in claims in my

area, now I know insurance has many factors such as the area you live in, and even if that is true I feel as if I should call and mention that I've had no claims in my three years with them, no tickets on my record and always pay my 6 month premium at once, would this be a useless attempt at getting them to lower my premium or could this possibly help me? I just don't want to seem like a fool on the phone." Which candidate do you agree with on Health insurance? A=Mandatory universal coverage in first term. Tax credits for working families to make insurance more affordable ensuring premiums do not exceed a percentage of income. Business would be required to offer insurance to employees or pay into a pool for people without it. Expand Medicare and federal employees' health insurance plan to cover those without adequate workplace insurance. Raise taxes on wealthier families to help pay estimated cost of $110 billion a year. Also, raise taxes on a portion of very generous plans covering people making more than $250,000. B=Mandatory coverage for children, no mandate for all. Aim for universal coverage by requiring employers to share costs of insuring workers and by offering coverage similar to that in plan for federal employees. Says package would cost up to $65 billion a year after unspecified savings from making system more efficient. Raise taxes on wealthier families to pay the cost." "I got pulled over, and failed to surrender insurance?" I was driving my friends home from a party one night, (being a DD), unfortunately I was caught going 123 in a 90 zone, and then I got pulled over. The police officer told me that not only I was speeding, but I was driving past midnight with a G2 class license. But the only thing I was charged with, was a 65$ fine for not surrending insurance, because I was driving my Dad's truck and could not find the insurance papers ANYWHERE. Since the police officer said there were no demerits to be added, does this mean my insurance rates will go up? I plan on pleading guilty and paying the ticket." Cheapest insurance companys in the uk? whats the cheapest insurance company in the uk Insurance differences based on Gender? I'm curious... If insurance companies made you pay a different amount of Insurance on your Car based on race, would that not be racist ? ie. How does this differ from Women and Men paying different Insurance rates ? How is that not Sexist ?" I was in a car accident so i been off work how will the insurance pay me? I been off work my accident my insurance said ill get paid after 14 days due since I'm not able to work How can I get some cheap/reasonable health insurance? How can I get some cheap/reasonable health insurance?

Auto Insurance Question? When getting an insurance policy, what should I be looking for to get the best coverage? For example: Liability Limit - How much - 1 million or 2 million? Collision Coverage - How much deductible? Comprehensive Coverage - How much deductible? I'm just getting quotes on-line and filling in these categories, maybe you can all explain what they mean and what is the best coverage.Thx!" Diminished Value - Dealing with Car Insurance? I was in an accident where someone side swiped me ($5.5k worth of damage). Their insurance company paid and I just got my car back (2007 Lexus IS 250 - 29k miles). I had just purchased the car 4 weeks prior to the accident from CarMax for $27k. Out of curiosity I went back to see what CarMax would give me and they offered $18k. The car is now only 7 weeks old in my name and 3 weeks of it was in the repair shop! Does anyone have experience with dealing with car insurance companies and diminished value? I live in NC and know that it is one of the states that has diminished value. I want to recoup as much of the difference as possible and since the car is so new (to me), I am willing to get rid of it to show the loss so I don't deal with this years from now. Any advice is appreciated." Does getting car insurance quotes lower your credit score? I was wondering if getting multiple insurance quotes can significantly lower your FICO score due to inquiries..especially if you have a limited credit history.. How much would car insurance cost for a 19 year old with a v6 chrysler 300 2012? Please help me! How much would it up my car insurance if I started a weekend driving school business? I currently pay about $700 per car. How much would a 2002 impreza wrx cost to insure? Im 17( i know im about to get a bunch of your going to kill yourself! AHHHH!!!! i regularly drive my dads 05 mustang gt, i know how to responsibly control power) and me and my parents have found a great deal on a 2002 impreza sedan, it has 125k miles on it, and the last thing deciding factor before buying this vehicle is the insurance. We already have a mustang gt on the family plan, i live in VA, make all A's(supposed to give me a 30% discount), im male, the color is blue, with only a greddy bov aftermaket part installed. The car itself is blue, it is the turbod WRX version(not the sti), and has never been wrecked. We have state farm, im not sure as to what other information anyone would need to know, but im jusst looking for a rough estimate, thanks for any input." How much would car insurance be for an 18 year old in Ontario?

I am an 18 year old living in the Windsor area in Ontario, Canada. I was wondering approximately how much car insurance for me would be. I've been driving for 2 years, never had an accident, speeding ticket, etc. I've also taken drivers ed." Why do sompanies like State Farm require you to pass a credit check? What are they looking for because I do have a few things like a medical bill here and there but nothing more than 5,000 total" How would limiting expenses in the health care sector assist with making health care affordable? and increase accessibility to care, while reducing the need for insurance?" Taken out insurance? I am 63 years old own my house with a mortgage, I'm disabled and on benefits which I don't like. I can't get lower than that but I can afford insurance on my contents so why should the goverment bail out those people that haven't got contents insurance what do they want from the goverment new furniture what a cheek I say. If they do get that it is not fair for the people that pay for insurance's. After all they have to get it on there cars and when they travel abroad." No claim bonus on previous car insurance? HI I WOULD BE GRATEFUL IF YOU COULD ANSWER ABOUT CAR INSURANCE CLAIM BONUS DID 2 YEARS INSURE WITH FIRST CENTRAL INSURANCE FROM DECEMBER 2010 TO DECEMBER 2012 THEN STOP DRIVING AND NOT DRIVE FOR 13 MONTHS DO I STILL HAVE CLAIM BONUS I WAS TOLD YES IT EXPIRE AFTER 2 YEARS IS THIS TRUE? I TRY CONTACT MY PREVIOUS INSURANCE ABOUT THIS BUT NO REPLY YET THANK YOU Is car insurance higher if your car only has two doors? If your car has two doors, instead of four, is the price of car insurance higher?" Does anyone know an auto insurance agency that offers affordable insurance to drivers with a bad driving? Does anyone know an auto insurance agency that offers affordable insurance to drivers with a bad driving? Auto Insurance Question? When getting an insurance policy, what should I be looking for to get the best coverage? For example: Liability Limit - How much - 1 million or 2 million? Collision Coverage - How much deductible? Comprehensive Coverage - How much deductible? I'm just getting quotes on-line and filling in these categories, maybe you can all explain what they mean and what is the best coverage.Thx!"

Which is the best homeowners insurance? i live in california and im getting a home and now i need home insurance which is the best thanks Can car insurance be under my name if the title of my bfs car is in his name? My bf is getting his mothers car. Can he put the title and register it in his name but have the car insurance in my name? He wants the insurance in my name so that he has a better rate. He had a DWI 2 years ago. If that is possible what kind of issues could i possibly have if the insurance is in my name. How will the Affordable Care Act impact part-time and full-time employees? So I get that employees working 30+ hours, and where there are 50+ employees, have to be offered health insurance, lest the company get a fine, but I'm not sure how that will work more" How much does car insurance cost for 21yr old, is it monthly or yearly? I am new to US. I stay in Los Angeles, CA. I have never driven before. And I am talking about a pre-owned car probably a 90s or 2000 model of toyota. Would appreciate if you'd answer with an estimate.

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How much does car insurance cost for 21yr old, is it monthly or yearly?  

How much does car insurance cost for 21yr old, is it monthly or yearly?  

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