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ISSUE 07 february 2018

Songs Taylor is Totally Loving Right Now! BTS with





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ZINE THIRTEEN ISSUE 07 februarY 2018


CONTENTS Social Media ......................................... 4-5 Women’s March.........................................6 Spotify........................................................7 Behind The Scenes.....................................8 We Are Swifties................................... 9-12 Swift Extras..............................................13 Reputation Tour.................................. 14-15 Blank Space..............................................16

magazine... editor I can read you like a


It’s February! It honestly felt like January went on forever, didn’t it? Anyway, hope you are all doing well and have had a great start to your new year. Taylor has been laying low for quite a bit since the last issue, not a whole lot going on there, but a few moments that are of course documented. Taylor posted a few times on social media to let us know that reputation tour rehearsals are well underway and I couldn’t be more excited! A Taylor concert is like no other. She always tries to outdo herself from the previous tour with all kinds of fun visuals, dances, vocal changes, etc. She really puts a lot of thought and effort into designing her concerts, where they pretty much turn into

a Broadway musical by time they are done. Which, they are always fantastic! She is always thinking of us fans and for that, we are grateful! Thank you, Taylor for always keeping us in mind and for all the hard work you put forth. It doesn’t go unnoticed and we very much appreciate everything you do for us. You are amazing! We also were able to get a glimpse into the making of the End Game music video this past month. Behind the scenes are always a fun video to watch because we get to see Taylor just being Taylor. She is always so goofy and playful when she is being herself. It’s a true blessing to have such a genuine person in our lives. She makes us smile with all the small thing she does

and it overall brightens our day. Like, her relationship with Ed is the cutest friendship EVER. They joke around and can 100% be themselves around each other, which shows they are true to each other. I am very thankful that they have each other to rely on and hang out with. In such a crazy world they live in being in the entertainment industry, I can only imagine how difficult it must be to be able to truly trust someone. But, you can tell so easily that they trust one another and that they have a strong friendship. I’m so happy that they worked together again on a song. I missed them! It’s awesome! The reputation tour list has grown a little bit since the last issue. Thank you to those who

gave me their tour dates to add! If you or anyone you know would like to be added to the list, please be sure to comment, message or email me! Also, be sure to check out the wonderful reputation project that is taking place. We need to get as many swifties involved as possible! Thank you! :)

Stay Beautiful, Tanya

@tanyaxoh ZINE THIRTEEN ISSUE 07 february 2018


SOCIAL MEDIA Solet’shey, be friends! wonderful SWIFTIES

Twitter: @tsholyground @iknowplacesmp3 @readyforswiftt @sincerelyhazel @SuperSwifties13 @polaroid_of_us @mrtaylorjswift @jaureguiswiftt @graciousswift13 @HolySwiftly @bottleswithyou @itisfearless @IcanBeaPhantom1 @beyourswift Instagram: @lastforeverswift @vvvictoriaex @jaylor_1989 @aaswiftie13 @idratherswift @paperplan1389 @tswiftstan13 @aarin_ts @dontyouletitgo_swift @silentscreamswift @swiftimus_prime13 @chriss_13swift @broswiftie @alltoowellswifttt @electirfied.swift @swiftthisway @umarlovestaylor @swiftsaturday @downinflames.forever

Taylor’s Instagram Story

On February 5th, Taylor made a video letting us know about her new playlist of songs that she is loving right now on Spotify. She also let us know that she and her crew have been rehearsing for the REPUTATION TOUR AHHHHHH!!! :) :) :)

*If usernames have changed since this post, I apologize. The ones listed are the ones given at the time. Thanks!

Taylor’s bassist, Amos, posted this on Instagram talking about tour rehearsals!

ZINE THIRTEEN ISSUE 07 februarY 2018

Taylor posted this funny & adorable photo of Olivia on Instagram. Olivia seems to be showing everyone how important it is to stretch before practing a new dance routine! ;)


social media

Taylor posting about rehearsals again. With her goofy side showing in her caption. She’s the cutest! :)

Taylor gave us a sneak preview of the Behind the Scenes video for “End Game” with this short clip on her Instagram page. It shows a brief look at Taylor & Ed having a fun time on set.

some events of

Tay-lurking photo credits: @taylornoticed via Instagram


You can check out all the different posts Taylor has “liked” on tumblr here: ZINE THIRTEEN ISSUE 07 february 2018


Women’s march Not Only Swifties, But Powerful Women Who Support One Another tanya ohnmeiss


On January 20th, many people took to the streets in several cities in order to let their thoughts be known towards the rights for women. Not only do women take part in this march, there are men who support these ideas as well. We all need as much support as possible from one another. The more we are there for each other as human beings, the better our world will be. Do not be afraid to speak for what you feel is right. There are too many people who back down in this world, we need to find the strength to speak now for what we believe in. It might be scary, but there are thousands out there who feel the way you do. We are all here for each other. :) Many Swifties participated in the Women’s March as well. There are many awesome Taylor related posters that were created that I felt the need to share with everyone. They did an amazing job on these posters and concepts. Taylor would be so proud! Check them out to the right! All photos were found on Twitter reposts, so I was unable to track down exactly who each person was unfortunately. But, credit goes out to those who made these posters and took these photos! Thank you for sharing them on social media and letting your voice be heard! You are all a HUGE inspiration to us all. Keep being you!

ZINE THIRTEEN ISSUE 07 februarY 2018


spotify Songs Taylor Loves tanya ohnmeiss


On February 5th, Taylor made a short Instagram story telling us to check out her new playlist of songs that she is totally loving right now. There are a variety of artists on this 43 song playlist she released. Many of the artists took to Twitter thanking Taylor for enjoying their music and giving them such a great shout-out like that. She is so wonderful to let her fans know what kind of music she has been into lately as well as help promote the music that she loves and supports other artists. Check out her list below!

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21.

Mine - Bazzi Rhythm of Your Heart - Marianas Trench Loving Is Easy - Rex Orange County, Benny Sings Heartbeat - Haux Pick You Up - LANCO Win You Over - LANCO Tequila - Dan + Shay Belong - Dashboard Confessional, Cash Cash There Are Many Ways To Say I Love You Sylvan Esso Truly Madly Deeply - Yoke Lore I Don’t Want U Back - BØRNS Unlock It - Charli XCX, Kim Petras, Jay Park Your Favorite Song - Eighty Ninety Taxi - Exes Cologne - Haux Heart Break - Lady Antebellum Heaven - Julia Michaels Always Be My Baby - Anderson East Delicate - Taylor Swift Good Life - G-Easy, Kehlani Honey - Kehlani

22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43.

All The Stars - Kendrick Lamar, SZA Big Ole Boss - DeJ Loaf No Fear - DeJ Loaf Don’t Let Me Down - Joy Williams She’s Casual - The Hunna Her - Majid Jordan Real Friends - Camila Cabello One I Want - Majid Jordan, PARTYNEXTDOOR While We’re Young - Jhene Aiko End Game - Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Future Honey Told Me - Morningsiders Replica - Bootstraps Love Together - Holly Arrowsmith Come Home Safe - Trent Dabbs Back to My Ways - John Vincent III Mr. No Good - Bombargo Hurt Somebody - Noah Kahan, Julia Michaels Harvest Moon - Handsome Ghost Berenstein - The Band CAMINO More I See - S. Carey All On Me - Devin Dawson Asking For A Friend - Devin Dawson ZINE THIRTEEN ISSUE 07 february 2018


behind the scenes End Game Music Video tanya ohnmeiss


If you thought Taylor & Ed’s friendship couldn’t get any cuter...GUESS AGAIN! The behind the scenes video for End Game features a lot of Taylor and Ed talking about the video, song and just fun times together. They make cute jokes and laugh...I CAN’T EVEN. IT’S JUST SDLFKSJDLFKDK!! One of my favorite moments has to be where Ed brings up how they missed out on the joke of having “chips on both of my shoulders” by putting fries on each shoulder, which are called “chips” in England. They are too great. :) Also, Taylor playing Scrabble on her phone is such a Taylor thing to do. It is still a mystery who she was referring to when she said “he” in who she was playing against. Could it be Joe? Austin? Who knows! Either way, it is adorable because she was going to make whoever it was sweat on what the next play might be. Haha...Oh, Taylor. We also learned some other fun things while watching the behind the scenes video. The scene where everyone is dancing around in the club, only Taylor has ear pieces in to lip sync to the lyrics, while the rest of the extras have to dance to metronome clicks. That must be an awkward time to have to dance to a click like that, but it all looked so real as if they were truly dancing to the music, so...awesome job you guys! Ed also describes how he came about writing his part for the song. He mentioned that he wrote it rather quickly and dreamed of it ZINE THIRTEEN ISSUE 07 februarY 2018

then typed it up the next morning to send to Taylor, who really loved it. They also talk about the line “After the storm, something was born on the fourth of July,” where Taylor mimics Ed’s accent (which is hilarious). They get into the lyric where Ed says there is a Tom Cruise movie called “Born on the Fourth of July.” But, his relationship also started on the Fourth of July, which was at Taylor’s house party, Taylor seemed very excited about this in the video too, haha. Speaking of Ed’s relationship, Taylor also talks about the banner that she made for Ed and Cherry’s first anniversary. She was very proud of the words “Happy Ed-iverCherry” that she came up with. She is such a goofball! Ed jokes when Taylor mentions it took her a while to come up with that banner by saying, “Platinum lyricist right here.” HA! I love their relationship so much. They are too cute. As a throwback to the banner, there is a photo to the bottom that you can check out!

Here is the banner that Taylor was talking about in the video, you can also see Ed & Cherry smooching in the background.

Ed sitting higher than Taylor on the couch because he is “peacocking” as Taylor says.

Fun times on set with Taylor & Ed.

Taylor showing us the ear pieces that she has in her ears while dancing and singing to the music during shooting.

A fan made a side by side comparison to Taylor as a child vs. now while she laughs and it’s ADORABLE!


we are swifties LA Secret Sessions Gift tanya ohnmeiss


A Swiftie on Instagram by the username of @swiftthisway brought me this beautiful story that she would like to share with everyone. She was one of the lucky fans who was chosen to attend the Secret Sessions in LA. She also created gorgeous gifts for Taylor, that she was able to give to her! She hand painted nesting dolls that resembled each of Taylor’s albums. The smallest being her self titled album, all the way up to 1989 She mentioned that this was her first ever painted project

and her first attempt at drawing/ painting a person. Taylor was her inspiration and it drove her creativity behind this project! She completed the nesting dolls paintings in June, with the intention of painting TS6 when we learned more about it. This Swiftie was absolutely thrilled when Taylor premiered her Look What You Made Me Do music video due to the fact that past Taylors were represented in the video, which related so well to her project. After the announcement

of reputation, she painted a box illustrating the album in order to place all the nesting dolls into. She completed the box in October. Included with the nesting dolls were adorable little Meredith and Olivia dolls that she created as well. Luckily, she was selected to attend the LA Secret Sessions where she then gave the gift to Taylor Nation, who then passed it along to Taylor! HOW AWESOME! A direct quote from the fan, @swiftthisway about her overall

experience is, “It was definitely a very surreal and unforgettable moment I will always treasure! I feel very fortunate to have been able to give her the nesting dolls, box and cats because the entire time I was working on them, I was making them for her.” What a magical story about a fan’s project as well as the chance of a lifetime to meet Taylor and give her the project she worked so hard on! Makes me so happy to hear things like this. Congrats! :)

ZINE THIRTEEN ISSUE 07 february 2018


we are swifties It’s a Love Story tanya ohnmeiss


Taylor is very well known for showing love towards her fans and sometimes she does very personal things for them that they can hold onto for the rest of their lives. Brittany and Lexi received white flowers and a very special note from Taylor on their wedding day that read, “You have no idea how honored I am that ‘Love Story’ has been such a big part of your beautiful love story. I’m absolutely thrilled that Lexi said YES! Have the most

magical wedding day and hopefully I can meet you both soon! Love, Taylor.” How cute is that?! Turns out, Brittany sent Taylor several messages online hoping to have her do something sweet for Lexi, who is a huge fan. Taylor certainly did something sweet that she will surely remember forever! Congratulations Lexi & Brittany! I wish you lots of love and happiness on your new adventure in life together. :)

Helping a Fan in Need tanya ohnmeiss


Here is a touching story about a fan who got help from Taylor. She shared this on The Swift Life, her username is @WawStephanie. “I’ve been contemplating posting this story for a while. I’ve finally decided to tell you all what Taylor did for me this night. What many of you don’t know is that for 8 months of my pregnancy, I was homeless. Long story short, our first flat was condemned for health and safety reasons and we lost everything. To ZINE THIRTEEN ISSUE 07 februarY 2018

add to the stress during this time, Matthew lost his job. My mum told Taylor and just asked her to make me feel special at her show I was attending in Manchester. After the show, Taylor took us back to her dressing room where she told me, “Stephanie, you’ve been in my life for a long time and you’ve never asked me for anything. You could have reached out and I would have helped you. But, you didn’t. Your mum told me...” She told me

she wanted to give me the money back for my ticket that night. What she actually did was help us buy a home and all I needed for my baby. She told me, “I want you to be able to enjoy your little girl, not to have to worry about all this stuff.” That night she gave me her hand and lifted me off the ground. The same way she’s done for 12 years. I love her forever. #SwiftStories #Taymoji #MySwiftStory”


we are swifties I Can Show You Incredible Things... Featured Taylor Swift fan art of the month *All usernames listed were found at the time art was collected. If usernames changed between now and then, I apologize. Thanks!

Artist Spotlight

@SebastianHex taytayspolaroids









Here is our first ever artist spotlight on Sebastian Hex! Sebastian is a talented electronic musician who does mash-ups of songs as well as his own original content. He is a fan of Taylor and did an amazing remix of several of Taylor’s songs throughout each era. He has the full song posted on his Instagram page as well as Twitter. Please be sure to check it out! He recently released an orginal song called “Dark Side of the Moon” on February 10th, which is also awesome! It’s available on Spotify. :)


artaystic anun_amonchomchupong

ZINE THIRTEEN ISSUE 07 february 2018


we are swifties Just Swift Things... tanya ohnmeiss


Every so often I might ask a Taylor related question on Instagram and fans will reply. It could be anything from what’s your favorite album, how you became a swiftie, or what song is your favorite as of right now...So, here is a compiled area for all of these questions that may have been answered. :)

Favorite Album “Well, my favorite album is Red totally. And the reason why is because it reminds me of my first and only love since high school.”

Song on reputation That Describes Your Mood Right Now


Becoming a Fan “I’ve been a fan since the Red era. Actually, me and a girl I’m close friends with met around the same time Red came out, way back in high school. I’ve been listening to Taylor ever since. anun_amonchomchupong

do you have a

Swiftie Story to share?

Tell us your story to be included in next month’s issue of ZINEthirteen! Submit your content on any of ZINEthirteen’s social media or email to! ZINE THIRTEEN ISSUE 07 februarY 2018

Looks like a lot of fans can relate to This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things the most right now!


Swift extras Grammy’s & LBT

Valentine’s Day

tanya ohnmeiss

tanya ohnmeiss


Taylor sent a cute bouqet and note card to Little Big Town at the Grammys which read, “Can you believe it? We’re at the GRAMMYs with “Better Man.” Although Little Big Town did not win all nominations, they won Best Country Duo/Group Performance for Better Man! Congrats guys!


Wishing you all a Happy Valentine’s Day from ZINEthirteen! Hope you all spend your days with friends, family and other loved ones that you care about. :) One of my traditions on Valentine’s Day every year is to watch the movie Valentine’s Day because of Taylor, of course! Do you have any traditions

or plans on Valentine’s Day? Be sure to post and tag @ zinethirteen on social media to share! I’d love to see and hear what everyone is up to! Enjoy your day and let it be filled with lots of love, laughter and caring hearts. You all deserve happiness in life and I hope you have a wonderful day.

Feb. 14th

Oh My Swift!

Happy Birthday! February Swiftie Birthdays 2nd - 4th - 8th - 9th - 9th - 9th - 11th - 13th - 13th -

@londonswiftie @febryna_tayswift_fan @swiftieryan @youhadstayed @notreadyforittaylor @swiftie_infinity_ @alltoowellswifttt @ifyoureanythingliketay

13th - 13th - 13th - 19th - 21st - 22nd - 22nd - 27th -

@colortheheart @artaystic @holdontothememories @swiftingmyheartout @in_my_dreams13 @laraheartstaylor @perfec.tcrime @taylors.charm

Do you have a birthday in March? Want to be featured next month? Contact @zinethirteen! ZINE THIRTEEN ISSUE 07 february 2018


reputation tour Date






August 18th Miami, FL @gorgeous.swifties May 8th Glendale, AZ @savvy.swiftie1989 @swiftingmyheartout August 25th Nashville, TN @begiinagaiiin @dancinqwithourhandstied May 11th Santa Clara, CA @shane_hammond_ May 12th Santa Clara, CA @taylor_in_general August 28th Detroit, MI May 18th Pasadena, CA @withyoutodayswift August 31st Minneapolis, MN May 19th Pasadena, CA @playingthevictimagain May 22nd Seattle, WA @swiftingmyheartout September 1st Minneapolish, MN @jacktandjill @delicatee.swiftie September 8th Kansas City, MO May 25th Denver, CO @taylor.swift.updates.13 September 15th Indianapolis, IN @swift_allthedamntime June 1st Chicago, IL September 18th St. Louis, MO June 2nd Chicago, IL @graceplustaylor @jacktandjill September 22nd New Orleans, LA September 29th Houston, TX @savvy.swiftie1989 June 8th Manchester, UK @taelerxo June 9th Manchester, UK @taelerxo @aaswiftie13 June 15th Dublin, IRL @_andraas_ @swiftingmyheartout June 16th Dublin, IRL @_andraas_ @sheknewyouweretrouble @longlivethemountainswemoved October 5th Arlington, TX June 22nd London, UK @swiftiebingo October 6th Arlington, TX @aaswiftie13 @swiftingmyheartout October 19th Perth, AU @alltoowellswifttt October 26th Melbourne, AU @tsforever22 @taelerxo @in_my_dreams13 November 2nd Sydney, AU @jemillalovestaylor @typingsaskia @swiftie_infinity_ June 23rd London, UK @longlivethemountainswemoved @swiftlygrace @taelerxo November 6th Brisbane, AU @swiftsnake13 @alltimeswift93 June 30th Louisville, KY @fearless4taylor13 November 9th Auckland, NZ July 7th Columbus, OH @swift_allthedamntime July 10th Washington, DC @oldswiftie July 11th Washington, DC @youhadstayed July 13th Philadelphia, PA July 14th Philadelphia, PA @swiftingmyheartout July 17th Cleveland, OH @tanyaxoh July 20th East Rutherford, NJ @sage.swift @thefirstoldfashioned July 21st East Rutherford, NJ @thefirstoldfashioned July 22nd East Rutherford, NJ @savvy.swiftie1989 @sage.swift @thefirstoldfashioned July 26th Foxborough, MA @tayswift_life13 July 27th Foxborough, MA @tayswift_life13 July 28th Foxborough, MA August 3rd Toronto, ON @skinnycarameltay August 4th Toronto, ON @tswiftfoxes @tanyaxoh August 7th Pittsburgh, PA @youreyeswhisper_havewemet August 10th Atlanta, GA @taylor_swift_1989_red August 11th Atlanta, GA August 14th Tampa, FL @professionalswifties @turtlethecat2015 ZINE THIRTEEN ISSUE 07 februarY 2018


reputation tour Gorgeous Reputation Project tanya ohnmeiss


A group of swifties have come together in order to unite the fandom in a project during the reputation tour! It would be awesome for everyone to participate and it’s very simple to get involved! Melanie (@narcissist_swiftie) started a reputation project along with Saskia (@typingsaskia) and Leena (@mybabyflylikeajetstream) on Instagram. This project has to do with trying to light the stadiums up pink during Gorgeous! Pretty much what needs to take place is, you print out the template that they have a link to on their Instagram page (@reputationproject). They have templates to either print on pink paper or white paper depending on what you have. During the performance of Gorgeous, you would then put the pink heart up to your phone’s flashlight to have the light glow pink. It would be so wonderful if we could all come together and get the project to grow bigger and bigger! A way to help out is to spread the word on this project on all social media platforms! Also, if you are able to print and cut out the hearts to pass them out at the venue, that would be great too! If you have more questions, be sure to speak with one of the swifties who are running the project or contact the Instagram page itself. :)

How to Participate Follow @reputationproject on Instagram Print & Cut Out the Heart Template from the Link on Their Profile During Gorgeous, Hold the Heart to Your Phone’s Flashlight to Glow Pink **Extra Help** Print & Cut Out Extra Hearts to Hand Out at the Venue Share This Information Around Social Media to Spread the Word

Join ! y a d o T

@iiolax getting ready for Taylor’s show in London. Photo via Instagram @reputationproject

This is what the hearts look like when they are cut out. :) Photo via Instagram @reputationproject

Girls from @reptourseattle showing off their hearts! @nicethingswift on the left & @isntitdelicateisntit on the right. Photo via Instagram @reputationproject

ZINE THIRTEEN ISSUE 07 february 2018

I’VE GOT A BLANK SPACE BABY... If you or someone you know would be interested in submitting content for ZINEthirteen, please let me know! There are multiple ways to submit items. Through social media (@zinethirteen) as well as email, The more fan content submitted, the better! Would love to make this into a fun project each month for fans all around the world to contribute to! Content to be Submitted: • Fan Art •Fan Stories (ex. Concert experiences, meeting Taylor, how you became a fan, etc.) • Fan Fiction • Social Media Accounts If you have any questions, feel free to contact Tanya through her personal social media, ZINEthirteen’s social media or email. Thanks!


To all who have contributed to ZINEthirteen, follow on social media and overall support this whole idea. You are all beyond wonderful and I am very thankful to have you in my life. Let’s keep this going and bring more and more fans together! :)

ARE YOU SEEING TAYLOR DURING THE REP TOUR? There is an ongoing list of fans who are attending various concert dates within ZINEthirteen! I will keep this list going up until each date. So, please feel free to let me know if you want to be added! Also, if anyone would like to make any sort of fan meet up announcement they would like to be featured in the ‘ sure to let me know and I would love to include it! :) Taylor will be performing at The Biggest Weekend!

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ZINEthirteen February 2018  


ZINEthirteen February 2018