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Discover the most complete flywheel resistance training system designed to mimic sport movements while enhancing athletic performance and reducing injuries. Eccentric Training with VersaPulley combines speed, power and functional mobility through any range of motion at any speed. • Build explosive athletes who are faster, stronger and ready to dominate and win the game. • Build resilient athletes, ready to react faster and resist longer. • Build athlete’s ability to brake and recover faster, limiting injuries.




E+C eccentric



VersaPulley builds athletes for optimal performance.

Study after study demonstrates that including eccentric overload training increases strength and power faster than concentric training alone. Training with VersaPulley improves the muscles’ ability to absorb and transmit forces, allowing for faster reactions and reduced injuries.

Training for reactive strength. In the course of the game, athletes have to speed up, stop and change direction in a split second. There is no time to think, only react. Training with VersaPulley provides a more realistic approach, mimicking the overload forces generated on the sport field safely, preparing the body to react and explode.

Training for resilience. Athletes frequently get injured due to power imbalances where the body cannot handle the deceleration load. VersaPulley provides training in both the concentric and eccentric (acceleration and deceleration) phases, matching the force applied and without pulling more than the body can handle. This is ideal for both prevention and for rehabilitation.


Pick the ideal challenge for each athlete, discipline or condition Because no two athletes are the same, VersaPulley combines strength and speed with its patented flywheel technology. Modify the acceleration, weight and recoil to create the ideal challenge. Unlike other systems, VersaPulley allows immediate changes in force-velocity so your athletes will be ready for anything the game throws at them!

Address weak points one by one The responsive resistance combined with the stretch-shortening cycle allows closed chain, multi-plane and multi-joint exercises as well as isolation or open-chain routines, which means you can design a specific program to address the specific weaknesses of every athlete in different stages and scenarios.




Rotational training in any range, movement and direction Horizontal and vertical exercises with one single piece of equipment. Select the ideal angle and displacement to add or remove challenges and keep the athlete ready for the unexpected.

As Unbreakable as your athletes Our unique design and premium materials provide low friction movements for optimal performance year after year. Our cone and rope design coils and recoils smoothly, making it a no brainer for the athlete, the coach and the budget.

Easy modifications without slowing down Changing load, speed and angle of pull is fast and simple. Unlike disc flywheel devices that need to be changed to modify load, our cone flywheel changes with the athlete. As they pull harder the VersaPulley increases load.


What do they say about us? “The deceleration and acceleration loading for multi-plane movements the VersaPulley provides is unmatched” Julio Tous

Performance Training and Conditioning Coach | FC Barcelona

“The Versapulley has tremendous versatility from beginner to elite performance training.” Mark Verstegen

Director of Performance for the NFL Players’ Association | Founder Exos

“Everyone spends so much time on the acceleration or the motor, but if you don’t spend time upgrading the brakes, then you are going to put yourself in a greater risk of getting injured – this is where the VersaPulley really shines.” Brandon Marcello

PhD, CSCS Movement Specialist

“I’ve been fortunate to work with lots of strong athletes. They move lots of weight, but the flywheel technology of the Versapulley takes them to a whole new level. Athletes learn how to produce and absorb force in a way you just don’t get from cables, weights or other resistance tools.” Corey Beasley

Fight Camp Conditioning




“The difference between winning and losing in sports usually comes down to the athlete’s ability to produce power over different periods of time and in different movement patterns. The body loads eccentrically and then explodes in the subsequent movement, so power is produced through the stretch-shortening cycle. VersaPulley allows me to create this plyometric loading in any plane of motion.” Jacques Devore

CSCS Founder of Sirens and Titans Fitness, Los Angeles | Author

“Being able to change, adapt, and adjust to different angles and exercises makes the VersaPulley a lot of fun to work with.” Rob Taylor, Jr.

Founder and Owner of SMARTER Team Training

“The Versapulley fills a gap and fits the need of nearly every athlete.” Brett Bartholomew

Ms.Ed., CSCS D, RSCC D Strength Coach

“I’m a huge fan of the Versapulley for its ability to overload the eccentric portion of movement. This innovative equipment allows us to challenge athletes in innovative ways that both optimize performance and reduce the risk of injuries. It’s become an integral part of our training system.” Eric Cressey

President, Cressey Sports Performance


free standing VersaPulley

It is the ideal system for the gym or club that needs unlimited amount of training variations. Athletes can perform both vertical and horizontal eccentric and concentric exercises with one single machine in one quick rope adjustment. You can easily modify the modify the angle of pull, load and range without disrupting the pace of the training session. Includes: VersaBeam Two (2) 3.5 lb (1.6 kg) weights Two (2) 5 lb (2.3 kg) weights 7 mm rope (192 inches/4.88 m) Rope adjuster Single hand grip Mounting straps Users guide Specs: Base: 68”x26” (173x66 cm) Height: 90” (228 cm) Weight: 250 lb (113 kg) Force: 4-400 lb (1.8-180 kg)





Inertial Power Unit

Optional upgrade The IPU represents the power exerted by the user on VersaPulley. It is automatically calculated and displayed using the rotational velocity of the flywheel and can be used to monitor the energy exerted stroke by stroke and to measure the increase in energy expenditure capability across workouts.


SmartCoach™ Compatibility Optional upgrade

SmartCoach™ is a professional quality measurement device and software that allows you to measure and track speed and power during the exercise. This real-time feedback is ideal for performing assessments and planning individual training schedules for athletes and even entire teams. The SmartCoach software comes pre-configured for VersaPulley exercises along with free weights and other devices, making it an all-in-one training monitoring environment.

If you purchase a VersaPulley with an IPU there is a plug-in port on the IPU to a SmartCoach device. If you purchase a VersaPulley without an IPU and want to use a SmartCoach device you will need to purchase the optional sensor from VersaPulley.


wall mounted VersaPulley

Provides the optimal balance of versatility and space efficiency. Transform any wall, pillar or squat rack into a flywheel resistance training station. Pair it with the squat deck for vertical exercises. Includes: VersaBeam 16 adjustable weights 1.5 lb/0.70 Kg 7 mm rope (192 inches/4.88 m) Rope adjuster Single hand grip Mounting straps Mounting plate Users guide Specs: Base: 19�x18� (48x45 cm) Height: 88 (224 cm) Weight: 80 lb (36 kg) Force: 4-400 lb (1.8-180 kg)


Optional Squat Deck can be added to any model. WWW.VERSAPULLEY.COM


portable VersaPulley

Weighing only 70 lb (32 Kg) it can be easily secured outdoors with the mounting straps and still produce the same explosive force resistance as the wall mounted VersaPulley. Bring it near the pitch and train your players right before the action. Includes: 16 adjustable weights 1.5 lb/0.70 Kg 7 mm rope (132 inches/3.35 m) Rope adjuster Single hand grip Mounting straps Mounting plate Users guide Specs: Base: 19”x18” (48x45 cm) Height: 23.5 (60 cm) Weight: 70 lb (32 kg) Force: 4-400 lb (1.8-180 kg)





LE Heart Rate Inc. the creator of VersaPulley and VersaClimber, has played an integral role in transforming the way people exercise with its long history of innovations. We are one of the few remaining cardio equipment manufacturers that continues to manufacture all of our products in the USA since 1981.

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