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MuZe Special Edition The Muse

Jennifer G. Hair, make up and styling

Jordyn Daniels Westman's Muze concept issue, art, design and photography

Don Westman

Three creative souls caught in the flow of synergy. The goal was not perfection. The goal was to play creatively and produce something beautiful with the resources available to us at that moment in time. The moment has passed and the images are all we have. I would like to introduce you to my muse.

Jordyn at work getting Jennifer camera ready.

I love being inspired. Jennifer is a wonderful muse. After hair makeup and wardrobe, creative seeds were planted and images were created. Friendly connections were developed and (hopefully) timeless imagery was created.

Golden Beginnings

Let's get started... Move over to your right.

Good.... A bit more to your right please.


A Beautiful Bird In A Blue Dress

Something eye catching in the making


.....Almost there

Lovely Capture!

Stairway Glamour

Sorry... I know that's a teaser. but this is just a concept issue. Beautiful things are born through inspiration. Good collaborations are

If you think that you have what it takes to collaborate with me, Just let me know. If I feel the same, we will make beautiful art... together and share it with the world!

W's Muze Creative Play Art Zine  

Thank you for your viewing support of MuZe. This concept issue has received 12,000+ views in the US, Canada, France, Korea, Malaysia, New Ze...

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