ZineArt - Westman Digital Media

ZineArt - Westman Digital Media

United States

Creating something with a positive vibe and sharing it with the world is a pleasure. I appreciate the people who enjoy the work that I create. You supporters are awesome. I am thankful for the well wishes. It is a pleasure to connect with you through my work. I hope that my journey, as an online indie publisher, is a fun journey indeed. I look forward to more beautiful collaborations in the future.

I love to create, embrace an idea, a mood, capture a look and even present some dreams. Then, weave all that imagery into something memorable and special. I just want to make good art and immerse myself in this wonderful technology that allows me to indie publish online. MuZe and The V79 Art Zine are art zines that are assembled and presented when inspiration and all of the collective elements come together. It's a collaborative journey that I am pleased to share with you.

ॐ Namaste ƸӜƷ