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beyond surfing baler Best Surfing Site: Baler written by: simplewoman While looking for best surfing site that's near Metro Manila, the most effective is Baler, in Aurora Province. It's the birthplace of Philippine surfing.There, tourists could choose surf sites for amateurs or newbies, for middle level surfers, as well as for pros who seek the adrenalin rush from riding the large sea waves. Baler is a second class municipality and capital of Aurora province, and also the birthplace of the late Philippines President Manuel L. Quezon. It can be located northeast of Metro Manila, and is reached by land travel, for about 5 to 6 hours from Manila, passing from the North Luzon Expressway then to Nueva Ecija, with the road along the Pantabangan Dam then for the mountain ranges of Sierra Madre. Riding on the bus by bus from Manila costs about US $10 or by tourist coaches, amounting to US $16 on the $1 to Php 44.00 exchange rate. Tourists could arrange with travel agencies to the transportation or they are able to use all terrain vehicles in going there, so they really could benefit from the scenic view across the mountainous roads. Baler has 328 kilometers of coastline with various kinds of waves that surfers could decide among. There are three man beaches or surfing points that tourists may. These are the basic Sabang Beach or even the Charlie's Point, the Cemento Beach, the Lindy's Point and the Digisit Beach together with the famous Digisit Falls the Dicasalarin Beach and Borlongan Beach which is famous diving site for individuals who be interested in mushroom-shaped corals. Tourists could choose what sort of sea waves they enjoy based on their surfing skills. Nevertheless the best surfing months are from October to March, nevertheless the biggest waves are seen from December to January. Sabang Beach or Charlie's Point This is best for surfing beginners as there are small waves in this beach. Neophytes could have surfing lessons from expert tutors for just US$ 8.00 per hour (exchange rate of $1 to Php 44.00). Sabang Beach is only a very close to Baler town proper. This became the "birthplace of surfing" in the event the production crew in the movie "Apocalypse Now" by Francis Ford Coppola, discovered it as being a nice surfing site in 1976. You are able to that waves here can break all over the place with respect to the swell. Cemento Beach For advanced surfers, here is the place they could choose, with there being large, top quality waves here. Local surfing competitions are generally done here. Lindy's Point This place is mandatory for advanced surfers because of the tall, long and sharp waves here. It is known this can be the best place for adventurous skilled surfers. It was declared Lindy's Point is made once the mouth in the bay was opened on the town river from the city for flood control measures. Other Pursuits in Baler

Tourists who get sick and tired of surfing can also do snorkeling, or ocean diving. They can also do sun bathing, and if they wish to stay near the beach, a tent or nipa hut beside the beach can be rented for as low as US $6.00 an evening, and parking fee of $.44 every night. At the approach at the area of Baler is the Asia's oldest Balete tree or Ficus stipulosa. It is known to 600 years old and takes about 60 men with arms stretch together to completely "embrace" the tree. This really is nice for tourists who choose "tree hugging" activities. And the good thing in Baler may be the cuisine, primarily the native longganisa or native sausage with a lot of garlic, along with white cheese along with other native delicacies.Read This

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While looking for best surfing site that is near Metro Manila, the most effective is Baler, in Aurora Province. It does not take birthplace...