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The Backgammon Doubling Cube: What Is It? One element of the backgammon set is called the doubling cube. It is not normally used other than mainly when the game is played for money or points. When brought in to play the doubling cube brings with it additional strategy considerations which each player must take in to account. Let’s take a look at what a backgammon doubling cube is and how it is used. It is not a dice which has to be rolled. It is a cube with sides numbered 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, and 64 with the number signifying the current stake. If it is to be used, it is s placed on the bar with the number 64 showing. This is known as being “centered on 1”. At this point the player about to take their turn and roll the dice may ask their opponent if they would like to play for double the current stakes. The opponent has the choice to accept (or take) the double or reject and resign (or drop) from the game. For a free ebook all about backgammon, please visit If the offer of the double is accepted then the doubling cube is moved to the opponent’s side of the board and that player now has the ability to re-double should they wish to. An example of use of the doubling cube would be that if it showed say a two and the offer was made to double up to four though that offer was rejected the payer making the rejection would lose twice the original stake. There is no limit to the number of redoubles. Even though the n umbers of the cube go up to 64 it can be raised above that should the players agree to it however redoubling rarely goes beyond 64 as to do so would mean considerable stakes being involved. With most backgammon played between two opponents mainly for the fun and challenge involved in a head to head game of strategy and tactics the doubling cube is not generally in use. It is normally for the brave who do want to play for money – an agreed amount per point perhaps – with the cube used for doubling and redoubling depending on the confidence of the player proposing the double. Given that doubling the stake means that the players could potentially be playing for a lot of money if say more than three or four doubles are made it can get scary and only for those with nerves of steel and deep pockets. Instead of money the doubling cube could be used to signify a number of imaginary points which are then used in a friendly tournament series between two players – for example the first one to reach 100 points over a series of games. Now you know a little about the doubling cube and how it is used when playing backgammon. If you have not used it before you can always introduce it in to your games though do be very careful indeed if you play for money. I do suggest playing for points instead for fun and an extra bit of a challenge rather than money.

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What is a backgammon doubling cube for - for a free ebook on backgammon strategy please visit the web site. In this short piece we take an over...

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