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Backgammon Strategy: Checker Placement Tips For Novice Players. Backgammon looks hard doesn’t it? It really is not as difficult as it looks to pick up the basics. Roll dice, move your pieces (checkers) around the board. The challenge comes to improve the strategic and tactical side of the game which can be very subtle. Play and you will learn. One of the most important skills to pick up for the newbie is how and where to place your checkers to your advantage. Let’s take a look at that in this article. It might just improve your game. For a free ebook all about backgammon, please visit After each dice roll you must decide how best to move your checkers accordingly so your checkers progress round the board so you can win though remember also that you are trying to stop your opponent from winning at the same time. Therefore how you position your checkers after each move is a key component of backgammon strategy. Perhaps at the start of the game it may be wise to leave a piece open and exposed to a hit as it is simpler to get it back on via your opponent’s home board early as they may not have many of their own checkers there to block you. Of course you will need some friendly rolls of the dice and that’s the chance element of the game on which your strategy and tactics depend. If the dice rolls and flow of the game allow it you might aim to arrange your checkers in to what is known as a defensive anchor – a five point play within your opponent’s home board. If you can pull this piece placement off it will prevent your opponent bearing off and make it harder for them to win. That said, setting up your defensive anchor is difficult however it is a key tactic to learn for checker placement strategy. By the same token and in a related manner another key checker placement tip is to think about arranging to have your own home board five point filled to help ward off your opponent from your home board. As with setting it up in your opponents home board you are reliant on friendly dice rolls when it is your turn. The only way to hone your checker placement skills is by experience. The more backgammon you play the better you will become as your experience increases. The level at which you play can also make a difference. If you are new to backgammon try to start by playing opponents of a similar skill level and experience and get your basics right. Then when you feel ready to step it up a notch seek out players who are better. Look and learn from them as you play, ask them questions and for feedback on how you played. That extra exposure to playing better opponents can help to enhance your own ability and be competitive at the higher level. Whether you decide to play your backgammon against friends, at a local club or online there will be people of a similar ability to yours so seek them out first and learn as you progress. Remember that checker placement is something you will have to master though is influenced by dice rolls and your opponent’s moves. I hope that the overview of some moves here in this article will help you with that.

To help advance your game you may like to download a free ebook all about backgammon strategy. It covers topics such as opening moves, strategy and tactics and even tournament play which is becoming popular especially online. For your free backgammon ebook please visit the link below.

Backgammon Strategy: Checker Placement Tips For Novice Players. - visit the web site for a free ebook on backgammon strategy. In this document we take a look at some ta...

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