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Summer 2010

Volume II Issue IV

Pulsing Creativity Through Menasha High School

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Another school year has passed, and another summer has come for us to enjoy. Let’s not forget all about school though. An anonymous author once said, “The bigger the summer vacation, the harder the fall.” If we simply enjoy our summer break and do not bother to brush up on the basics, we will be in for a rude awakening once school starts again. There are many fun ways to keep up the education over the summer such as library programs or summer school electives like theater and music. Make sure to have a good time this summer, but don’t forget about the more important things in life. As we close this volume of The Beat, we want to thank everyone who submitted work. This year’s magazine was excellent, and we couldn’t have done it without everyone involved. We look forward to next year and seeing what other kinds of creativity we can “pulse” through the hearts of Menasha High School students. Briana Godin -Editor

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The Beat


Samantha Goldben

John Connair was a normal fourteen year old boy attending school in Shuladum, Utah until he decided to walk into Horror Manor, a few blocks from his home. He found a book of magic, read from it, even though he was told not to, and now it’s a race against the clock. The curse he read said that those closest to him would fall victim to a killer on Halloween, where the one who read the curse would die. John and his friends battle this unknown killer for days, until finally someone wins. Who is it?

... Continued from the Spring Edition Bobby Coltrane’s Point of View I wandered into John’s house quietly, listening for the sounds of anyone’s footsteps. When I got to his room, I nearly screamed. His pet hamster, Dude, was laying on the floor of his room, half of his body on one side and the other lay feet away. I stepped forward to take a closer look. Dude’s guts squished from his body and I shuddered. What could do this much damage to a big, fat hamster? I shrugged and shuddered again and stood. Three things seemed to happen simultaneously just then: One: The roar of a chainsaw echoed in John’s room just then. It sounded awfully close to me. I turned around and nearly passed out from terror. John was right, and I was going to pay for not believing him. Two: I started to scream when I turned around. It wasn’t girly, like Kevin’s. It was more “boyish”, I guess would be the right word. Kevin’s was like John’s sister’s laugh. The last time I heard it, we were at a haunted house last year. I laughed until I was crying. It was so funny. Three: John, Jessica, and Kevin burst into the room. They were too late. I knew it; I was going to die. My eyes made contact with Johns’ and, for once, I was glad Kevin was there. Jessica screamed, and John and Kevin yelled my name. John Connair’s Point of View Seconds after Bobby’s last scream, he was cut in half at the waist. The killer, feet from us in my room, lifted the chainsaw he used to kill Bobby. His guts, all red and slimy, splattered my walls and my floor. My eyes dropped to the ground, and I caught sight of Dude, my hamster. “Dude,” I whispered. Then my eyes shot to Bobby’s body. The killer ran his saw through Bobby’s chest, then his head, scattering guts and blood all over us and my room. We all blinked and the killer was gone. “This is ending. Now!” I stormed. Another person was dead, and it was one of my best friends. “We’re going

back to Horror Manor and looking for a reversal spell or something. There’s magic in us. I know it. We can do it.” Jessica looked at me, “Are you sure it’s magic and not some freak out to kill people?” I shook my head, the only thing I was moving was my own consent. “No. It’s magic. I know it. Let’s go.” He murdered, and it was only six thirty. We were in front of Jessica’s, only a block from Horror Manor. I started walking faster, and they followed. We finally jumped up the stairs to the Manor. I led the way, going as loudly as possible. Moments later, we were bursting into the attic. “Look everywhere,” I instructed. They nodded, and we searched in the boxes and trunks. Jessica was the one to find a book on good magic. “Yes!” I shouted. We each eased down on the floor, and I took the book. Again, it was in Old English. I flipped through it and found a spell-type thing titled, “Reversal Spell For Accidental Magic.” I started to read from it after I took Kevin’s and Jessica’s hands. “Accidental Magic, now erase, take our magic and embrace, the Killer we released from your grasp. Free from him, let us be. As we will, so mote it be.” I finished reading, and the wind kicked up. I smiled and knew it was working. When the wind died, we stood, and our hands dropped. That was when we started to celebrate. “We’re free!” we yelled and jumped up and down. And that had to be the worst Halloween ever in the history of Shuladum, Utah, where the people are cheerful and party until they’re purple.

The End

Pulsing Creativity Through MHS


The Coming of Dawn By Samantha Bradley

help from the oncoming dawn.

... Continued from the Spring Edition The sheen of moonlight on frost enticed Jack Owens out of his camp that night. It was a beautiful night to pick and plunder the unfortunate comings and goings of stuck-up government officials. He had been walking for what seemed like hours along the leafy carpet of forest floor when he came across thick furrows in the ground. It was made by no farmer’s plow; for who would sow their seeds in the late fall, let alone in the middle of the forest? Bending to examine the strange mounds, he found that these tracks were perfectly straight, but it must have been a heavy load because they were deep. For a man of the seas Jack had unusually never been superstitious; therefore, he had always given into his curiosity. The young man straightened, bright blue English eyes surveyed the scene before him.  Jack Owens was captain of a ship full of pirates, although his loosely fitting linen shirt and Spanish accent spoke otherwise.  He had a slightly muscled build and tan that showed he was a sailor. To sail the world and explore its mysteries was his one joy; it kept his mind off the family he didn’t have. It just so happened his crew was on a month long holiday before they had to set sail in a week. It was on those holidays he would trek and explore by himself with Thunder, who at this moment was patiently waiting for his breakfast of two apples followed by a nice run. Shaking his blond shoulder length hair he was back to reality and more curious than ever. Thunder could wait awhile. Without realizing it, he had been following the trail immersed in self pity. What could’ve made such long furrows in the ground? A pair of twin moles?  They seemed to go on forever.  Jack was about to turn and hike back to his cozy camp when rounding a corner, he dove backwards for a moss-covered boulder. Slightly peeking over his hiding spot, he gazed after the tracks that led to an enormous, wooden sled surrounded by the figments of stories told to children to get them to behave. Zombies are surely not real, and hundreds upon hundreds do not exist.  Peeping back over the boulder, a shape was hanging by the trees opposite his side of the cove.  It was a distraught looking young English lady by the looks of it. And goodness she was a sight, with her long auburn hair blowing in the salty air and her fine dress hanging in shreds.  Something pulled at his heart when looking at the forlorn young woman caged like bird.  Call him a knight, for he decided in that moment that he could not leave without this fine lady and crept around the out- skirting foliage towards the scared little bird with a little

“How long has it been?” thought Evelyn. What seemed like a span of years happened in mere hours. She had been caught and was now being held captive; Mr. Lorry had died shortly after they had placed her in her cage. Oh, and let’s not forget that her father held her captive-- not to mention he is the king of the zombies. All she was waiting for was a chance to escape. Blackness mixed to gray, and the torches that had been taken up around the crowd of undead had long since lost their luster. The promise of dawn was along the wind.  A shrill whistle sounded through the air, and all zombies snapped to attention forming ranks, Alexander Beck at their head. With another whistle, they marched without a backward glance into a cave within the cove wall. When all had fallen silent and all that was left was an empty giant sled and torches burnt to a crisp, the rays of the rising sun skimmed over the horizon in a rosy pink display. Standing, Evelyn started to pace around her rusty cage like a tigress fallen in a hunter’s snare. “Let’s see, how to escape,” she mumbled under her breath. “Even if I got out of this god-forsaken cage there’s no way I could get away unscathed or without the zombies chasing me down and eating me alive.”  Glancing down at the wolves her dear father had placed to guard and watch her every movement, she came across a more immediate problem. “And how do I get past them?” The three wolves were her dreaded father’s haunting pets; they followed his every whim as if he had some sort of control over them.  They lazily stared up at her swinging in the air as she glared down at them, “You know I can’t get out so what’s the use of staring at me as if I could melt through these bars?”  Suddenly their ears pricked and heads turned towards the clearing; a doe wandered into the center of it as if welcoming them for a lively hunt, but their masters will was branded into their minds. A piercing crack sounded through the air which was followed by the doe lying motionless.  Evelyn, scared out of her wits, was glancing around wild-eyed, but she dared not make a sound for the temptation of an easy meal had become too much, and the wolves had slowly scampered to the animal glancing back every so often.  A low chuckle sounded from behind her, and whirling around, Evelyn was struck with wonder, for she met the bright blue eyes of a young man a little over her years. “Kind sir, the next time you decide to scare me to death please give warning,” exclaimed Evelyn in a loud whisper. “Oh, so I decided to save a girl full of fire. You do want me to save you, am I right?” Jack questioned her with laughing eyes.


The Beat

“Well, that would be great, Mr….?” “Let’s save the greetings for later. We only have a little time to get you down from there.  I have to figure out how I’m going to pick the lock 16 feet above my head by your feet,” explained Jack fishing in his bag for lock picks. An idea arose in Evelyn’s mind when her supposed hero started talking about the lock. Without thinking she unholstered her forgotten pistol from its place within her corset. The thick skulled zombies didn’t expect a woman to be armed and hadn’t thought to check her for weapons.  The young man started to protest when he saw the pistol in her hand.

“Who are you, and where do you think you’re taking me?” she yelled forward through ragged breath. Knowing that they didn’t have much time before the rest of the wolves pursued them, he decided to be straight forward with this woman. She didn’t strike him as the type who would let a man take charge; maybe that’s what he felt was so compelling about her. Better not to get eaten by wolves than stopping to be all evasive with her. “My name’s Jack Owens, and I am the captain of a pirate ship. I am taking you back to my camp to ride to Spain before we get eaten by wolves or zombies.” He explained hurriedly, dodging trees.

“Stop your utterings, foolish boy!” and without another word she aimed down and shot the only bullet her gun possessed.

“Yes, and I’m the Queen of England; how do you do?” she responded sarcastically.

This woman was near insane, not near as prim and proper as he thought every one of that gender to be. Here she had pulled out a loaded pistol from somewhere within her ruined clothes and expected him to be quiet while she aimed down from her perch at him. Speechless, he raised his hands up like a bloody fool, helpless, and she shot. The rusty lock at the bottom of the cage came clear off, and she gave a triumphant smile.

“Lady, I wasn’t joking, so you might as well start trusting the man who’s saving you, or you can fend off a whole army of undead on your own,” Jack yelled over his shoulder. “What’s a Spanish pirate doing in the middle of France?” she asked. “Holiday,” was Jack’s reply.

She then glanced at him with a smirk and spoke to him. But he was so in shock that he heard no sound at all. He shook his head of all recent fears or unexpected shocks; if he was going to save this lady he was just going to have to not think. “Excuse me, what did you say?” questioned Jack in slightly apologetic tones. “I said that I need you to catch me unless you have some rope in your pack,” explained the woman in an exasperated tone. “Uh, sure thing; just let me set aside my pack….. All right now slowly lower yourself down, and I’ll catch you,” offered Jack. The lass slowly knelt and put her legs over the cage’s mouth; carefully she lowered herself over the edge and clung dangling by her hands. “I’m going to let go on the count of three,” she called down. “Just let go,” he beckoned impatiently. At that exact moment a huff came from behind Jack, and whirling around, he saw one of the wolves had circled back. Grabbing for his holstered pistol, the woman chose to let go and landed on top of him, leaving them in a sprawling heap. Quickly rolling, he clutched his gun and scrambled up, standing over her; he shot at the sprinting wolf and missed. Cursing, he shot again and hit dead on. Scooping up his bag and pulling the disheveled lady up, he began running, dragging her the way he had come.

“Well Mr. Owens, I’m Evelyn Beck…” Just then a duet of howls broke the air. They were just fifty paces away from Jack’s camp. If he could just get there, they’d be fine, because little did Miss Beck know that he was out of bullets. Suddenly, Jack was pulled down as Evelyn stumbled and fell. Jack bent to pull her up when one of the wolves shot out from a nearby bush, clamping onto his leg. Roaring in agony, Jack grasped a log in his hand and hurled it at the horrid creature’s head. Yelping in pain, the wolf stumbled back into a tree, and it was Evelyn’s turn to grab his hand and pull his limping form along towards the camp. They had just come up to Thunder when the remaining wolf came sprinting around the bend and towards them.  Jack hurriedly hoisted Evelyn up into the saddle and turned to defend them, but Evelyn had other plans. Clutching his arm in her hands, she hauled Jack up into the saddle behind her just as the wolf came into kicking range of Thunder. Jack quickly grasped Evelyn around the waist as Thunder reared up and hurtled through the air, leaving wolf and camp behind.  Racing the sun along the horizon, Jack and Evelyn were silently focusing on their new destination of Spain.   Both had come to the silent conclusion that as soon as they set foot in Spain, Jack’s ship would be leaving early. The fear of what the night would bring loomed darkly over their heads.  

Pulsing Creativity Through MHS

Positive Side of Coffee By Julie Atenhofen


Tanning: The Truth Behind It By Bobbi Bedat-Smith

Many myths have been created about coffee to make it sound terrible for your health. There’s the ever-so-famous one stating that it “stunts your growth” and the claim that it can cause heart disease and cancer. Recent studies have proved that these are MYTHS and there was no connection found between coffee and an increase risk of heart disease and cancer. There are newer studies out there that show that coffee may have some positive benefits for your health, such as protection from Parkinson’s disease, type 2 diabetes and liver cancer. At least six studies have indicated that people who drink coffee on a regular day to day basis are up to 80% less likely to develop Parkinson’s. Other researchers have shown that compared to a person who doesn’t drink coffee, someone who does drink at least two cups daily can have a 25% reduced risk of colon cancer and an 80% drop in the risk for liver cirrhosis. There’s also evidence out there that says coffee may help manage asthma, stop a headache, boost your mood and even prevent cavities. In my opinion, I say go ahead and drink your cup or two daily. It’s still important though to remember the saying “everything in moderation.” Coffee may not be bad for you, but you still need to drink other drinks such as milk, water and orange juice that contain important nutrients that coffee does not. It’s also important to remember that adding a lot of sugar and cream to your coffee adds a lot of calories to your diet. For more information see:

Tanning is great for a nice all over look for a special occasion. However, there are some major side effects to tanning. You could get cancer, dry skin (which causes break outs), and it can cause eye injury. Being in the sun too long can cause skin cancer. It doesn’t matter if you are sitting outside or lying in a tanning bed. You always need to wear sunscreen to avoid getting skin cancer. Yes, skin cancers are curable, but if you can avoid it, why risk yourself? Now everyone seems to think that tanning will clear up acne and make it better. It’s really just covering it up at that moment in time. Really the bed is drying up your skin and can cause you to break out even more. Also if you have picked at your acne in the past, being tan accents those scars. Just tanning alone dries out your skin, so when you put on makeup it looks weird because of all dead skin cells on your face. When you go to a tanning place, they have a bowl of goggles for you to take into the room with you. When you wear them though, your eye lids are white. Yes, it looks weird, but it’s worth it knowing the damage the UV bulbs can do to your eyes. Even if your eyes are closed, you can still do major damage. When you’re outside and it’s sunny, you wear sunglasses. So there is no difference between tanning inside and outside when it comes to wearing eye protection. After reading this article my hope for you is that you will think twice about using a tanning bed just to get tan quicker, or going outside without wearing sunscreen. Always wear goggles or sunglasses!


The Beat

Saving the Earth One Student’s Opinion “Newspapers that are never recycled take over 500,000 trees every week and over the course of a year almost 900,000,000 trees are cut down for everyone, in the United States, to produce weekly newspapers” (Recycling Facts and Statistics). Even though recycling has become better in recent years, far too often people are still throwing things away that should be recycled. The impact that recycling can have on everyone’s future is unbelievable. Every person, every household, and every business needs to start recycling every item that can be recycled to save resources, the environment, and essentially the earth. To save resources and the environment everyone needs to recycle more. According to Recycling Facts and Statistics,“By recycling one ton of paper someone saves 17 trees, 6,953 gallons of water, 463 gallons of oil, 587 pounds of air pollution, and 3.06 cubic yards of landfill space.” People waste so many resources that can be recycled and used again, like paper, aluminum, glass, plastic, and many more. “When people recycle one ton of aluminum it saves 2,350 gallons of gasoline and the amount of electricity used from a typical Wisconsin home for over ten years” (Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources). “Over the past twenty years people have trashed more than eleven million tons of aluminum cans that are worth over twelve billion dollars in today’s market” (Recycling Facts and Statistics). “Americans throw away enough glass bottles and jars every two weeks that could fill the 1,350-foot tower of the World Trade Center” (Recycling Facts and Statistics). According to Recycling Facts and Statistics, “Glass never wears out, it can be recycled forever.” Even though it can be recycled forever people are still throwing tons of glass in the garbage instead of recycling it. “Rain Forests are being cut down 100 acres per minute and the U.S. uses so much office paper in one year that they could build a 10-foot high wall two and a half times the distance from New York to Los Angeles,” according to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. The highest point in Ohio is Mount Rumpke. “Mount Rumpke is over 1,000 feet high and is a mountain

of trash” (Recycling Facts and Statistics). Landfills are getting so big that a lot more space is needed, but there isn’t enough land for more landfills. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources says, “There are 1,967 municipal landfills in the United States and 39 in Wisconsin.” Recycling is affecting everybody in so many ways every day. If people don’t recycle, it can even affect everyone and anyone’s health. “Cell phones are considered hazardous waste and have toxins in them that can affect humans and animals nervous system, give them reproductive and development problems, and even lead to cancer and genetic impacts” (Priesnitz). According to Priesnitz, “Less than two percent of the five hundred million used cell phones are recycled in the U.S.” This is also a growing problem worldwide because developing countries are now becoming able to use cell phones too. Not only does recycling save resources and save the landfills from filling up, it has a huge impact on the air, water, and soil quality. “Recycling paper produces 73 percent less air pollution than using new materials” (Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources). Air pollution and the continuation of global warming is a huge threat to our planet because of the air pollution. According to Recycling Facts and Statistics, “Just one quart of motor oil that is disposed of improperly can contaminate up to 2,000,000 gallons of fresh water.” Fresh water worldwide is in danger of becoming depleted. Clean water is so important to all life on earth, no species can survive without it. Participation in recycling has been growing as people have become more aware of the benefits, as countries and cities have made it mandatory, and as it has been made simpler and easier to comply with. According to Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, “In the state of Wisconsin 94 percent of households are recycling, in fact 37 percent of Wisconsin households are recycling more than they did two years ago.” This is a good trend and hopefully it will continue. Winnebago County, including Menasha, started a new recycling program on January 1, 2010. “It

is called single stream recycling and makes recycling much easier and more convenient for people,” Winnebago County tells us. “Basically all recyclable materials, including paper, glass, plastic, aluminum, tin, and cardboard can be placed in one container and picked up all at once” (Winnebago County). This new method is not only more efficient, but it should save tons more of resources because more people will participate. It is so important that every person takes on this responsibility and realizes that their contributions can make a huge difference in the world. To save our resources, our environment, and most importantly our earth, every person, every household, and every business needs to start recycling everything that is able to be recycled. Too many people are not recycling properly or not recycling at all and it is hurting the earth and everything on it. “The United States is the world’s largest trash producing country and the total rate of recycling in the United States is only at about 28 percent,” (Recycling Facts and Statistics). There is a huge need for improvement and everyone must do their part to save the earth. Works Cited Priesnitz, Wendy. “Ask Natural Life.” Natural Life (2010): 2. Recycling Facts and Statistics. 28 March 2007. 14 January 2010 < documents/Recyclingfactswebsite3-2807final.pdf> .

Winnebago County. Winnebago County Single Stream Recycling Guide. 2010. Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Recycling Facts and Figures. 22 April 2009. 14 January 2010 < facts-figures.htm>.

Pulsing Creativity Through MHS


How To Build A Car Stereo By Tyler Peterson The Easy Way The first step to your build would be to get a CD player. You can hook your speakers up to the deck. If you plan on hooking up subwoofers, get a deck that has sub outs. Next you can either keep the factory speakers, or you can upgrade them to a pair of aftermarket speakers (recommended for better sound). The last step in your build is the optional addition of adding a subwoofer for picking up the low frequencies and delivering some thunder to your car. The Advanced Way For all you builders looking to make a stereo that is a little more impressive, you have many options. It is recommended that you use a large diameter power and ground, and also a good set of plated RCA wires. Thick speaker wire is also recommended. Next, get a deck. Make sure the deck has a set of pre-outs for you’re mids and for the subwoofers. Higher rated brands are recommended for optimum performance. The next step is to upgrade your mids and highs. Component speaker sets will deliver the best performance. I would recommend that you run a separate amplifier to power the mids, as it will deliver much better performance, but hooking them up to your deck is fine. Finally you should purchase a subwoofer and an amplifier to power the subwoofer. Subwoofer systems are your preference; it all depends how far you want to go and how you want it to sound. You are now ready to hook up your new stereo.

Teen Pregnancy One Student’s Opinion Teenage pregnancy is a serious issue in our modern world. More than 800,000 girls under twenty years of age become pregnant in the United States, and 478,000 of them actually give birth. One in four teenage mothers has another child within two years. About one in three women become pregnant before they’re twenty. Only a third of teen mothers earn their high school diploma. Only one point five percent obtain a college degree by age thirty. Girls born to teen mothers are more likely to be teen mothers themselves. Boys born to teen mothers are more likely to end up in prison. According to Menasha statistics, we had fifteen pregnant teens last semester. Being a mom is a job, being a teen mom is a very hard job. Teens go to school for seven hours and some have jobs working for four or five hours a night, leaving little time for them to work on their studies or have a social life. When the baby arrives, they are expected to come back to school after two weeks. A teen mom sacrifices her freedom and the opportunity to go out and do teenage things. Teen parents must mature faster and learn more responsibilities quicker than everyone else has to. Teens must think about their actions and learn about ways to prevent teenage pregnancy.


The Beat

Diversity is Key By Taylor Lang and the Mosaic Club

The whole world is all about diversity, and it is very much encouraged. Why diversity is embraced throughout the world, but is something that is made fun of inside schools is something that I do not understand. Menasha is one of the most diverse schools in the Fox Valley, and all we receive for that is rude nicknames such as “Metrasha.” People and students that belong to other schools seem to have the idea that because Menasha is diverse it makes it a bad school. This is not the case. The diversity in our school makes us stand out more among the rest of the schools in this area. Diversity has become something that Menasha has become more proud of throughout the years. Menasha is full of students who do not speak English as a first language, and this gives Menasha an interesting outlook on school life. Although Menasha sometimes gets insulted because of its diversity, it is a great characteristic for our school and has helped the school become open to more opportunities to explore diversity. One opportunity is the principal exchange program. Recently an assistant principal of a high school in China came to visit Menasha High School to learn about our school and about the education programs in America compared to China. She had stated that it was a great experience to come and see the education in America, but education here differs greatly from education in China. For example, in China the students have to be in the top ten percent of their class to move onto middle school, high school, and college. This spring

Dr. Haase traveled to China to visit her school and learn about education there. Another opportunity to celebrate our diversity at MHS is Mosaic Club. This is a multicultural club that embraces and promotes diversity at our school, the community and world abroad through various activities.  This year, the club has participated in the International Folk Fair in Milwaukee, attended the Diversity Leadership Conference in Green Bay, and recently fundraised to benefit Bethel Lutheran Church’s adult literacy program.  Any Menasha High student may join the club, which usually meets on Fridays right after school. Jonathan Ascencio, a club member, says, “I am very glad that we have this club.  I like how we share our different cultures.  I would recommend anyone to join to have fun and share different ideas.”  Mai Nou Thao who has been with the club since the first meeting says, “We learn new things and it is fun helping people.  We get to help the community too.”  As you can see, Menasha differs in many ways from other schools and creates a place of great diversity. Being diverse sets our school apart from all others. Even though other people think that having a diverse student body is a bad thing, it isn’t. Diversity actually makes our school better than most. As students, we should be proud of the diversity that is seen every day throughout the halls of Menasha High.

Sunshine and Summertime : An Objective Perspective By Kyla Muñoz The bright-yellow sun beats down upon the town, warming the pavement and melting the ice cream and popsicle treats being devoured by the children down the road. The girl steps out into the warm air. She inhales deeply and takes in the summer air, and exhales the relief of being homework-free for the next three months. She strolls over to the purple bike propped up against the big, green tree in the front yard. As she mounts her bike, she immediately feels the heat on her bottom from the black seat that had been resting in the sun. She begins to peddle away, allowing the breeze to toss her shoulder-length brown hair every which way.

bikes to fall into the shade of the oak tree, and they walk over to the water fountain.

In the distance, she sees her two best friends making their way towards her, and she flashes a wide smile in their direction. They take a minute to stop in the vacant street, greet one another, and continue their journey. The adolescent girls travel through town, down Main Street, and over the bridge crossing the river. The scenery catches their eyes as they make their way to the park. Downtown, shops line the street with new electronics on full display in the glass windows, wicker stools, porcelain dolls in the antique shops, and signs propped up against the brick stones advertising the flavor of the day. The smell of warm, fresh coffee wafts out of the café and fills the entire block. A teenage boy in a blue shirt and khaki shorts perches on a wooden stool inside the music store, letting his fingers flow across the white and black keys, creating soft music that flows through the ears of anyone who passes by. The atmosphere of the neighborhood instantly causes grins across the faces of all passersby, including the girls as they roll down the wide sidewalks. Finally, they reach the arch that identifies the entrance of the park. They coast into the grass and hop off, allowing their

When the girls become uninterested in playing in the water, they skip over to the dock that runs along the side of the lake. They lay down on the wood boards, side by side on their tummies, gazing out at the water. They listen as the waves roll into the rocks below, looking at the line at which the two separate blues of the water and the sky meet. They close their eyes and allow the sun to kiss their exposed limbs, warming and tinting their skin. The warmth evaporates the droplets of water that had been resting on their feet. A breeze wisps through the strands of hair, tousling it across their faces and back again.

Seven spouts shoot water up from the ground. These spouts encircle three more holes in the ground that shoot higher than all the rest. The girls entertain themselves by running around the splash pad, attempting to remain as dry as possible. Occasionally they pause, place a foot over one of the holes, and giggle as the pressure from the water rises and tickles the soles of their feet.

For an untold amount of time, the girls lay there. They do not say much to one another, they just take in the sounds of nature around them, until they hear a growl coming from their stomachs, signaling emptiness. They pick themselves off the brown dock and walk across the park to their bikes, smiling and laughing. They continue to hold these smiles on their faces the entire ride home, conversing of nothing more than the adventures they plan to pursue together as the summer persists.

Pulsing Creativity Through MHS


All About Mr. Thomaschefsky By Lauren Picard, and Rebecca Thomspon Everyone knows Mr. Thomaschefsky, the funny guy who teachers woodworking, construction trades, and welding. But here is a little more about him. In 1998, he graduated from UW Stout with a degree in technology education. Later, he received his masters in 2004. Since Mr. Thomaschefsky is such an “interesting” individual, we have conducted an itnterview with this enticing dude. The interview is as follows:

Q: When did you first realize you looked like a dwarf? A: When I looked at my baby pictures. Q: What kind of co-curricular activities did you do in high school? A: None. Just played “dwarfdum” and baseball Q: Why did you want to be a Tech Ed teacher? A: It was the only thing I enjoyed in high school.

Q: What is your favorite part about your job? A: I like being able to see students in a different learning environment. Q: What are your favorite movie quotes?

Q: What classes do you teach? A: Welding, woodworking, and construction.

A: (Step Brothers) “No way, I just slowed down my heart rate using my ninja skills to make you think I was dead. Aw, I’m tired; I’m going to sleep good tonight.” “Pamm no Pam, Pamm with two M’s? No just Pam, Maybe I could help out, who are you?”

Q: Who is your idol? A: The freakin’ Dhali Llama.

(The Hangover) “We’re the three best friends a guy could ever have”

Q: What is your favorite color? A: Blue. But I don’t like long walks on the beach, I like long runs.

“Hey! How about that ride in? Guess that’s why they call it sin city. Most people believe I’m kind of a loner, a wolf pack of one.”

Q: What do you like to do on your free time? A: Iron man triathlons

-“Dude, I’m on your side! I hate Godzilla too!”

Q: Do you enjoy your job? A: LOVE IT! EVERYDAY!

Q: What did you think of this interview? A: I thought it was very intellectually stimulating.

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Top 10 War Movies of All Time By Gideon Hoekstra and Stephen Plekan

10.) Saving Private Ryan (1998) Saving Private Ryan starring Tom Hanks is a no-holds-barred movie that redefined the war genre. This movie was directed by Steven Spielberg and prides itself on being realistic. The movie is extremely gory but also has an emotionally driven storyline. That’s not to say the movie is without flaws; the movie climaxes in the first 20 minutes during the Normandy invasion. After that the rest of movie seems kind of slow. Even with a good storyline it’s still hard to feel for all but a few of the soldiers. Saving Private Ryan is a great movie, but it’s just a warm up for the rest of this list.

9.) Lost Battalion (2001) This inspiring story makes it on this list because of its World War I action. Most people think of WWII or Vietnam when they think of war movies, but this one shows that the first Great War can be a great subject for a war movie as well. The main character, Major Charles Whittlesey (Rick Shroder), is a very memorable character, but all the other soldiers in the movie don’t seem to have enough personality. A large amount of unsympathetic characters stop this movie from getting any farther than number 9 on this list.

8.) The Dirty Dozen (1967) A story about 12 American military prisoners sent on a suicide mission to kill Nazi officials. This movie delivers as an excellent action drama, but the cast itself is enough reason to see this movie. This movie stars Lee Marvin, Ernest Borganine, and Charles Bronson among other great actors. The dirty dozen’s plot and characters give the movie a charm no other war movie has.

7.) Troy (2004) Troy is a re-telling of the classic story The Iliad. Brad Pitt stars as Achilles, a legendary soldier who finds himself talked into fighting the Trojan War. Troy’s battles are large scale and have an epic feeling that no other movie has. The story is pretty good, and it keeps the fights moving. Troy is over 3 hours long, and you’ll enjoy every second of it.

6.) We were Soldiers (2002) We were Soldiers stars Mel Gibson and takes place during the battle of La Drang in the Vietnam War. The movie has great action and a great storyline. We were Soldiers puts a human face on soldiers from both sides of the Vietnam War. Ultimately, it is an anti-war movie, and the carnage in the battle scenes shows the true horror of war.

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5.) The Patriot (2000) The Patriot also stars Mel Gibson. He plays a veteran from the French-Indian war that finds himself in the middle of the American Revolution. The Patriot has great, gory battle scenes. This movie is extremely entertaining and has very well-developed characters. The Patriot is emotionally driven, and it will tug at your heartstrings.

4.) Zulu (1964) Zulu is the oldest movie on the list but still a must see for anyone, and it is based on actual events. It takes place in 1879 at the battle of Roarkeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Drift in South Africa. An army of 4,000 Zulu warriors attacks a military post occupying 97 British soldiers. The politics behind the battle are shady, but the movie tells a tale of bravery and heroes. Zulu is one of the best war movies around and a timeless classic.

3.) Enemy at the Gates (2001) Enemy at the gates stars Jude Law and takes place during the battle of Stalingrad during WWII. Stalingrad was one of the most important battles ever, and this gives the movie a desperate feel. Enemy at the Gates tells a story about a farmer from the Urals who becomes a sniper for the Russian army. Despite being made in America, it still has a great Russian feel to it.

2.) Braveheart (1995) This movie is great. The action is gory and epic, the drama is powerful and memorable, and Mel Gibson plays his best role since The Road Warrior. This movie is about William Wallace, a hero who fights against England in the first war of Scottish independence. William Wallace is one of the most heroic characters in any movie ever. The ending of Braveheart is the most powerful and emotional scene in any movie youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll ever see.

1.) Apocalypse Now (1979) Apocalypse now stars Martin Sheen and takes place during the Vietnam War. A green beret colonel has gone insane and must be killed. The movie is long but a great adventure with visually powerful action scenes. The movie is full of unforgettable, deep, and one of a kind characters. The story is excellent, the action is excellent, the characters are excellent, the effects are excellent, the dialogue is excellent, Apocalypse Now is excellent.


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If Tupac is so-called “dead,” then why does he keep coming out with more and more albums? Since Tupac Shakur’s death in 1996, he has made several more albums including Me Against the World in1998, All Eyez on Me made in 2005, Until the End of Time created in 2001, Better Dayz made in 2002, R U Still Down? Created in 1997, and Resurrection in 2003, which stands for the rebirth of Christ. Many people believe Tupac will continue doing this in 2014, when he may return from the dead. One reason people are suspicious about Tupac being alive or not is because during his rapping career he randomly started calling himself “Makaveli,” which takes after a man who believed in faking your own death and wrote about it. The main reason why people believe Tupac Shakur is still alive is because of the “7 day theory” and how everything equals up to the number seven. There are many reasons to believe Tupac Shakur is alive and making more and more music every year. In the year 1990, a man named Tupac Shakur started becoming a worldwide phenomenon selling more and more albums every week. Many of his albums went Platinum and are still going platinum even though he is dead. Tupac supposedly “got shot” in 1996 after a Mike Tyson boxing match. Many people still wonder if he is dead. But if he is still dead, how can he keep making more sellout albums every year? Most of Tupac Shakur’s albums were created after his death in ’96. Family and friends of Tupac say its all unrecorded tracks that keep coming out every year. But if that’s what it is, why does he talk about coming back to life and being in Cuba? The answer to that is because he is in Cuba, where no American can enter without an important reason (or if they sneak in). One select album of Tupac’s came out in 2003 called Resurrection; this stands for the rebirth of Christ. Many fans of Tupac believe he will be doing the same thing, coming back to life, because of the album he put out called Makaveli, shortly after Resurrection. It shows Tupac Shakur hanging from a cross just like Jesus. Also in most of the songs that came out after his death he is talking about the future and saying things you would only know about if you were around at the time. For example, a song came out in late 2009 where Tupac is rapping about Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, and a rapper called T.I. If he died in 1996 how would he know about these three people and about Obama being president? On February of 1995, Tupac Shakur went to jail for a previous sexual assault charge. During his time in jail he started studying about a man named Niccolo Machiavelli, who lived in the 16th century. Tupac read many books on this man during his sentence. Niccolo Machiavelli believed in faking your own death to surprise your enemies. Suddenly, after Tupac was released from jail he started calling himself “Makaveli.” He rewrote it so it would be his own name. There are other suspicious reasons why he spelt it like this; the main reason is because it can be rearranged to spell “I am alive.” Also in one of Tupac Shakur’s songs he says, “The only way for me to come back is by Makaveli.” This line from his song basically means that he supposedly died, but he faked his death to surprise his enemies just like Niccolo Machiavelli did. There is no other reason as to why he would call himself Makaveli besides the faking-his-death act. Years after Tupac Shakur’s death people started talking about a reason called the “7 day theory. This theory is the main reason why people think Tupac is still living today. It is called this because after his death the number 7 started popping up everywhere. It is weird because seven is the number of God, and people believed he would do a resurrection just like him. This is one of number 7 theories, His name is Tupac Amaru Shakur; it has 16 letters. One plus six equals seven. He was also shot 115 days before the year ended; one plus one plus five equals seven. Finally, Tupac Shakur also died at age 25; if one adds two and five that also equals seven. Tupac must be alive, and he will return in 2014.

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History of the Beatles

By Ivy Williams The late 1950s and early 60s were exciting years for the citizens of Liverpool. They had just gone through some rough times because of the war. Money was scarce and the mood of the town was depressed, but four men changed that. This era was called Beatlemania because those four men were part of a band they called The Beatles. These four men, John Lennon, James Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Richard Starkey (also

known as Ringo Starr), changed music for the world. The story starts out with John and Paul first meeting each other through their separate bands. After hanging out for awhile, Paul introduced John to George. Those three started a band along with two others and played in German clubs. They were successful for awhile until one of the other members decided to leave the band for his other passion, art. The rest of the group, which they now called The Silver Beatles, went back to Liverpool. Also at that time, Ringo Starr had his own band which also played in German clubs. His band was called Rory Storm and the Hurricanes. It was quite shocking that these bands never met each other until later on. During their time in their hometown, they met Brian Epstein who thought that the Beatles were unique. He gave them advice, such as to clean up their image. Although they changed, they still weren’t very successful. After repeated attempts at fame, the Beatles decided to drop the drummer of their band and have

Ringo Starr instead. At first, the fans weren’t too happy about the switch. They wanted the old drummer back. Yet, within a short time, The Beatles became very popular in Europe.

Their fame in Europe was no match to how famous they would become in America, however. Fans were madly in love with these four men, so much that they would faint at their performances. They actually had to quit their live performances because fans would scream so loud that people couldn’t hear the actual concert. The fans weren’t disappointed, however, because The Beatles created album after album. Every album was very popular, and The Beatles had really hit it big. They were widely known across the world and their music impacted the world. The Beatles were popular for quite a bit of time, but their fame ended in 1970 when Paul told the band that he was leaving. This forced everyone to go their separate ways and lead their own lives. The relationship between all of the group members became very strained and it never got much better. Fans hoped for a reunion of the band, but that never happened because of the death of John Lennon in 1980. Although the band never truly got back together, their music will always be loved by many. The Beatles truly changed music as we know it.


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Smith Park

Calder Stadium

By Lauren Vanderlinden

By Claudia Blair

If you are looking for an exceptional place to visit, you should consider one of our largest parks-Smith Park. It is located at the heart of Doty Island. It contains several playgrounds, a soccer field, a tennis court, a gazebo, and a multitude of flowers. It’s a wonderful place, very family-friendly with play-grounds for kids. It’s a very beautiful park, and something you definitely won’t want to miss.

I would suggest you visit our astounding stadium named Calder. Here, you can feel the comfort of being at home while experiencing an unforgettable football game. With lights all a-blaze, mouth-watering concessions, and the feeling of true sportsmanship in the air, you may never want to leave Menasha.

Wittmann’s Funland

Fox Cinema By Briana Godin

Do you enjoy putting? Even if you don’t, Wittmann’s Funland is still very entertaining. An eclectic collection of quirky decorations adorn the 18 hole course, so you just have fun looking at all the interesting statues and trinkets. As you pull in, a cheery clown greets you, waving from the roof of the club-house. Various animal and child-figures line the holes, innocent and nostalgic. When you finish, you’ll want to come back again and again, just so you can see the things you missed last time. Come to Wittmann’s Funland, an enchanting miniature golf course with loads of surprises in store!

If you are looking for some indoor fun in Menasha, be sure to check out Fox Cinema located behind Taco Bell. Fox Cinema is an intermediate run cinema meaning that films are shown soon after they leave first run cinemas such as Regal and Hollywood. Don’t let that fool you though, this theater is still top notch when it comes to fun. Fox Cinema has more to offer than a traditional movie theater. While they still offer the basics such as popcorn, candy, and soda, other foods such as pizza and sandwiches can be ordered and brought right to your table. The theater is also connected to a small restaurant and arcade. Fox Cinema is a great choice for a rainy or too hot summer day.

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Artful Horoscopes Aries: (March 21- April 19) Today will be a very creative day for you. Take advantage of your extra creativity and let your ideas flow.

Libra: (September 23- October 22) Cook your significant other and yourself a meal today. Make it with your own twist of creativity to it. Maybe add a new ingredient or place your creation in an artistic way on a plate.

Taurus: (April 20- May 20)

Scorpio: (October 23- November 21)

Go visit a museum of your choice today. You will find something that you are really interested in.

Take a break from the world today and listen to some music. Try to find the deeper meaning behind the lyrics. Maybe even write some of your own.

Gemini: (May 21-June 20)

Sagittarius: (November 22- December 21)

Take some time off for your artistic side today. Whether it’s painting a picture or even doodling, you will find that it helps relieve the stress in your life.

Reserve a time to have some professional pictures taken. You’ll be surprised by how happy you are with the results.

Cancer: (June 21- July 22) Go on the internet and look for a picture to color in. When you find one you like, print it off and color it in. Then give it to someone special.

Capricorn: (December 22- January 19) Paint a picture of something in your surroundings. When you’re done, hang up your artwork for everyone to see, even if you don’t like it.

Leo: (July 23- August 22)

Aquarius: (January 20- February 18)

Search through some of your old boxes and see if you find any drawings from your past. Try to remember your reasoning for the drawings.

Go out and buy that art set you’ve always wanted. Then use it to your best advantage. Maybe you’ll even come up with a masterpiece.

Virgo: (August 23-September 22) Use your creativity and invent something totally brand new. Even if it is just something silly for you to use around your house, use your creativity to its full extent.

Pisces: (February 19- March 20) Go on a scenic walk today and bring your camera. Take pictures of things you think are unique or interesting.


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A Rap

By Cam Schreiber

I got this one for the beat, sellin’ this out like a treat. I’ll make you think everything I do is neat. Now take a seat, and take notes; I’ll give you some inspirational quotes. Whatever floats you’re boat. I don’t stop like note to note, go for broke, gettin’ money. Make this sunny like Philadelphia. Clean the rap game up like a pedicure. I am the cure, not the sickness. I’ll be the next one to run the rap business. I’m the reason why the rap game’s still alive ‘cause I’m still out here makin’ strives. Savin’ lives, treat ya’ like a cat… Give ya’ nine lives.

Monster Mash

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Menasha High School

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