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Pitser Garrison Convention Center | March 1-2, 2014 Saturday,10 a.m. - 6 p.m. & Sunday, 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

$1 off ticket price with donation of non-perishable food item

Let us build your dream home. Dream Homes & Drafting is excited to welcome you, your family and friends to the 2014 Home Products Show! Mike Hineman is a custom home-builder and construction consultant in Lufkin, Texas, with over 20 years of home building experience. With his background in 3-D drafting, he can take your dreams and ideas and draw them into a full 3-D model of your home. Computerized 3-D models give you the opportunity to see a virtual tour of your home before the building process begins. This will save you time and money and highly reduces the need for many changes during the construction process. As a premier residential home builder, Mike brings an extremely high level of personal commitment to his clients and their projects. Being personally involved in every aspect of the building process, his goal to make sure your dream home becomes a reality.

Conveniently located at 1026 S. John Redditt Dr., Lufkin, TX 75904 Office: (936) 634-3400 Cell: (936) 414-6453

With a solid and respected reputation, Mike dedicates time to each of his clients resulting in total satisfaction with their custom home. He delivers outstanding quality, service and resources. This results in a great custom building experience, a fine top-quality home reflecting attention to the smallest details, and absolute customer satisfaction. Dream Homes & Drafting takes pride in the fact that honesty and integrity are the foundation that the company is built upon, and we look forward to working with you in the near future.



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The Builder and Associate Members of the Deep East Texas Association of Builders (DETAB) are honored to welcome you to our 2014 Home Product Show. This event is one of two premier events that we provide to the communities that we serve. Our desire is to provide you with an opportunity to meet with the building industry professionals in your area, in a face to face setting, so that you can get the assistance you want to upgrade your current home or build the home of your dreams. You will find helpful professionals that are able to assist you from the designing of your project to the financing and everything in between. DETAB is more than your local Home Builders Association. We are your neighbors. Our members support your local community and provide valuable services and jobs. Most are small business owners who are actively involved in the local church, school district and government. Our members support many local non-profit organizations with their time, talents and finances. Our goal is to maintain affordable housing for you and your family at the local, state and national level. We are your advocates. We appreciate your support of this event and hope that you find your time well spent as you visit each booth. If you have any recommendations that will help us make this event more informative and exciting in the future please let me know. I’ll see you at the show. Thank you.

Rick Renfro 2014 DETAB President

Cathleen Milsap | Executive Officer (936) 875-3000

1026 S. John Redditt Dr., Lufkin, TX 75904 PO Box 153337, Lufkin, TX 75915 2014 HOME PRODUCTS



Need a home builder or remodeling expert Let DETAB help you find the right professional for your needs. We can provide you a list of construction pros who are members of DETAB. Call Cathleen at (936) 875-3000 or visit our website for a list of our members at


Deep East Texas Association of Builders

Managing Moisture in Your Home By Rick Renfro, President DETAB Managing moisture in and around your home is one of the most important things you can do to ensure its longevity, make it comfortable to live in, and prevent damage to its contents. The National Association of Home Builders’ MyHome Press has published a handbook for home owners, “Home Maintenance Made Easy,” and the excerpt below contains helpful advice on how to control your home’s moisture. HIGH PERFORMANCE HOME BENEFITS New high performance homes incorporate the latest building science principles to control temperature and humidity, maintain indoor air quality and increase energy efficiency. Although your home may not include all of the latest air-sealing, ventilation, and moisture-management technology, you will be more comfortable in your home and it will last longer it you do everything possible to manage moisture. This includes replacing filters, controlling humidity, and— when outside air is cool and dry—allowing fresh air into your home. HUMIDITY Keeping indoor humidity in the recommended range of 30%-60%, as well as introducing fresh air into the home, can improve indoor environmental quality. When relative humidity is too low, your eyes and skin get dry, asthma and allergies flare up, and wood furniture and floors shrink and crack. Excess humidity can breed mold, pests, and rot. Too-humid air is more likely to cause heatstroke, heat exhaustion, headaches, and dehydration. Your kitchen, bathrooms and laundry room—all areas that generate excessive moisture—may have exhaust fans. Use these fans to eliminate excess moisture and odors. Clean them at least every 5 years for those that don’t need lubrication, and every year for those that do. Check for dust and lint buildup around the dampers, blades, and intake grill. BASEMENTS As with all other parts of your house, basement walls are not waterproof, and a perfectly dry basement

may have wet walls during the summer because of condensation that forms when warm moist air hits a cold surface. Before making expensive structural repairs to correct wet wall conditions, thoroughly check your drainage system. Repairing or adjusting downspouts or gutters will help to carry surface water away from foundation walls. Ideally, the downspout will end 6’10’ from the house. If the ground outside your basement slopes toward the wall, pack and bank up soil so water will drain away. Avoid planting shrubbery within 3’ of the foundation. Never water your plants towards the foundation. MILDEW Even in climate-controlled homes, mildew (another name for mold) can appear in areas of high humidity, such as bathrooms and laundry rooms. You can take positive steps to reduce or eliminate mold growth by lowering humidity. Vent clothes dryers to the outdoors. Ventilate rooms, particularly kitchens and bathrooms, by opening the windows, using exhaust fans, or running the air conditioner or a dehumidifier to remove excess moisture in the air. Promptly clean up spills, condensation, and other sources of moisture. Thoroughly dry any wet surfaces or material. Do not let piles of wet towels or clothing stand in the home. Regular vacuuming and cleaning will also help reduce spore levels. If you notice mold or mildew developing, depending on the surface, you can scrub the affected area with a commercial mixture of trisodium phosphate or a commercial cleaner like Jomax and bleach. For more home maintenance advice, contact DETAB at (936) 875-3000 or go to for publications on current topics including social media, home design and more. 2014 HOME PRODUCTS



F looring YouWill


Mark Ferden (936) 824-2178 (936) 824-2931 4100 S. US Hwy 69 • Lufkin

Laminate Wood Ceramic Famous Brand Flooring

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We Take Pride in Delivering Accurate Surveys on Time Our services include: • • • • • • • • • • •

ALTA / ACSM Surveys Land Title Surveys As-Built Surveys Boundary Surveys Topographic Surveys Route Surveys Right-of-Way Mapping Monitor Well Locations Exhibit Maps Lot Survey Site Plans FEMA Elevation Certs.

• • • • • • • • • • •

Builder Surveys Lot Staking Form Surveys Final Surveys Land Planning Subdivision Plat Recordation Subterranean Modeling Construction Staking Pipeline Surveys Oil / Gas Well Location FEMA Letter of Map Revision

Firm Reg. #10193704


Deep East Texas Association of Builders

Building Your Home: Custom, Semi-Custom or Production? By Rick Renfro, President, DETAB When you start thinking about buying a brand-new home, it can sometimes be confusing knowing what kind of home builder you need to hire in order to get the home that best fits your family’s needs and budget. Here’s a brief explanation of the types of home builders, and some of the differences in working with each. CUSTOM HOME BUILDERS Custom homes are generally single-family homes that are built to the buyer’s specifications on land the buyer owns. A custom home is one-of-a-kind, and won’t look like any other home in the neighborhood. The buyer works closely with the builder and architect to design and construct a home with all the features and elements that they want. Because of this personalization, custom homes are generally higher-end and take longer to build. Alterations can be made at any point in the building process, which could cause the total cost to build the home to increase dramatically. Custom home builders typically build 25 or fewer homes a year. SEMI-CUSTOM HOME BUILDERS Semi-custom home builders build homes based on existing blueprints, but the home buyer is typically able to change the plans prior to construction to conform to their personal preferences. Once construction has begun, however, there is less flexibility to make changes. The home can be built on land the builder or the buyer owns. Because the home is not being designed from scratch, it often costs less and is completed in a faster timeframe than a full custom home. PRODUCTION HOME BUILDERS Production home builders build a large volume of homes, generally more than 25 and up to hundreds a year. The homes are built in developments, on land the builder owns. Many different types of homes are available, including single-family, condominiums and town houses. Production builders use standard plans, but often offer a variety of plan choices and options, such as different floor plans and elevations. There will likely be multiple homes in the neighborhood that look similar to each other. A range of decoration and feature options including flooring, appliances, cabinets, countertops and trim is also often offered. These options may or may not increase the base home price, but they enable the buyer to pick items that they desire. However, the builder may or may not offer a selection of options that conform exactly to what the buyer wants. Production homes are built in a range of price points, so production homes can be found in entry level, move up and luxury price ranges. The home is generally built in a fast timeframe, since the builder has already obtained the necessary permits for the plans. However, making alterations to structural elements, such as the foundation walls, will require reengineering the plans and resubmitting them for new permits which could lengthen the completion date. For more information on types of builders in Deep East Texas, contact (936) 875-3000. 2014 HOME PRODUCTS




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The showroom will have all of your lighting needs labeled and delivered for FREE! Chandeliers | Doorbells | Recessed Lighting | Landscape Lighting Fluorescents | Ceiling Fans | Pendants Elliott Electric Lighting SHOWROOM & Supply 3804 South Street | Nacogdoches | 936.569.7941 Elliott Electric Supply 2001 Atkinson Dr. | Lufkin | 936.632.9733 2014 HOME PRODUCTS




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Checklist for Keeping Your Home Healthy By Rick Renfro, President DETAB A home is often the biggest investment you will make in your lifetime. It is also the place where families will raise children and you will spend many hours making lifelong memories. So it’s important to maintain your home in good condition and make sure it offers a clean, comfortable and safe environment for many years to come. This checklist contains tasks you should complete at least on an annual basis to keep your home operating efficiently and to protect your investment. Anytime during the year: • Check all connections to your electrical system for possible hazards. Check cords and plugs of all electrical appliances for fraying or signs of wear. Repair or replace as necessary. Do not overload extension cords. • Test your smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detector and radon detector for proper operation. Clean the units with a vacuum or cotton swab and replace batteries and light bulbs if needed. • Have your heating and air conditioning system(s) inspected and cleaned. If your system(s) has a filter, replace it every three months to keep your unit working efficiently. • Inspect all doors and windows for proper operation and a tight fit. Clean the window tracks, clean and adjust the door thresholds and check that the weatherstripping hasn’t cracked or torn. Preventing unwanted outside air from leaking into your home will reduce your energy bills. • Check interior paint and touch up or repaint as needed. • Inspect the attic insulation. Make sure the entire ceiling area is covered. Check that the insulation has not blocked vents in the eaves to prevent buildup of condensation and to allow proper air circulation. Insulation should also not be touching the underside of the roof sheathing. • Oil motors of appliances as directed in instruction manuals. • Periodically check storage areas, closets, and the basement to make sure no oily rags, gas cans,

painting supplies or flammable cleaning materials have been stored and forgotten. These items could be a fire hazard and should be discarded. • Check that the alarm and circuits of your security system are in working order, inspect the sensors one by one, and check primary and backup batteries monthly. • Inspect your stairs, steps and ladders for damage or broken pieces that could cause someone to fall. Make sure handrails and railings are sturdy and securely attached. In the spring: • Check the condition of glazing compound, caulking and exterior paint. Replace or paint as needed. • Exchange glass and screens in storm doors and/ or windows (also in autumn). • Inspect the roof for snow damage. • Check for evidence of termites such as sagging floors and ceilings or dry, brown tunnels in the ground near the home’s foundation. • Seed and feed the lawn and plant annuals, cut back perennials that need pre-growth pruning. In the autumn: • Mulch perennials that need protection from winter weather and prune those that should be cut back in the fall. • Rake and compost leaves. • Remove hose connections and store hoses to avoid freezing. There are many more tasks that you can complete throughout the year to keep your home in good working order. For more home building and home care tips, go to This checklist is adapted from information in the NAHB publication “Your New Home and How to Take Care of It,” available from NAHB members. To find a new home builder in Deep East Texas, contact DETAB at (936) 875-3000. 2014 HOME PRODUCTS



340 Parks Circle Lufkin, TX 75904


Deep East Texas Association of Builders

Easy Ways to GREEN Your Home By Rick Renfro, President, DETAB Green building, where new homes are built using materials that conserve energy and environmental resources, is one of the fastest-growing segments of the home building industry today. But for the owners of the millions of existing homes in the United States, remodeling is the only way to incorporate green. NAHB Remodelers offers the following suggestions to home owners who want to increase their home’s efficiency, decrease costs, and take advantage of the other benefits that green offers: 1. Install maximum insulation. Forty percent of the energy consumed in a typical house goes to heating and cooling. Adding insulation is an easy way to increase efficiency. Insulation is rated by its ability to resist heat flow, known as “R-value.” The higher the R-value, the more effectively the insulation resists heat flow. Adding insulation will help save energy costs, increase comfort by better controlling temperature, and improve indoor air quality by eliminating gaps through which dirt, dust, and other impurities can enter. 2. Install high-efficiency windows. Ordinary window glass transmits ultraviolet heat rays from the sun, which can increase your air conditioning bill dramatically. ENERGY STAR windows can help control this effect. These windows may have two or more panes of glass, warm-edge spacers between the panes, improved framing materials, and microscopically thin metal or metallic oxide layers deposited on windows to reduce radiative heat flow. 3. Seal exterior penetrations. You can reduce cold air drafts and heat loss by inspecting your home from the inside and outside and plugging cracks or openings. Be sure to check the areas where window frames meet the structure or siding of the house. Use caulking to seal small cracks on non-moving surfaces and install weather stripping on windows, doors and other movable parts of the home. 4. Purchase ENERGY STAR-rated appliances. ENERGY STAR -rated appliances, ranging from dishwashers and refrigerators to computers and televisions, meet strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the EPA and U.S. Department of Energy. Qualified refrigerators, dishwashers and vent fans incorporate advanced technologies that use 10 to 50 percent

less energy and water than standard models, more than making up for the slightly higher cost of these products. 5. Install low-flow water plumbing fixtures. In the average home, flushing toilets accounts for some 30 percent of water usage. By using low-flow plumbing fixtures such as toilets, faucet aerators and showerheads, you can save up to 25 percent of that water compared to conventional fixtures while providing the same utility. 6. Upgrade to an ENERGY STAR-rated or tankless water heater. Tankless water heaters provide hot water on demand at a preset temperature rather than storing it. Replacing an electric water heater with a solar model can reduce costs by up to 80 percent a year. Over its 20-year lifespan a solar heater will prevent more than 50 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. A low-cost option is to wrap insulation around your heater, which can reduce standby heat loss by 25 to 45 percent. 7. Purchase the highest efficiency HVAC system you can afford. Over a ten year period, the average home owner spends more than $10,000 for heating and cooling. Installing high efficiency HVAC equipment can reduce costs on average by 10 to 30 percent over minimum efficiency equipment. It also can improve home comfort with better heating and cooling and a quieter operation, and often features higher quality components that result in longer equipment life. For more information on green remodeling, visit nahb. org/remodel or 2014 HOME PRODUCTS






Everett Griffith, Jr. & Associates Inc.

408 North Third St. • Lufkin 936-634-5528

Michael G. Parker Registered Professional Land Surveyor No. 4527

Rick F. Freeman

Registered Professional Land Surveyor No. 4202 2014 HOME PRODUCTS




Deep East Texas Association of Builders






Deep East Texas Association of Builders


DETAB 2014 Board of Directors, from left, Joe Carlyle, President of Texas Association of Builders; Rick Renfro, President of DETAB; Melinda Brevard, Secretary/Treasurer DETAB; Mike Hineman, Vice President DETAB; Joe Havard (seated); Mark Moore; Cathleen Milsap, Executive Officer DETAB; and Bruce Bonner. Not pictured are: Bruce Whitaker, Tim Alvey, Sawyer Lewis, Michael G. Parker, Hal Hunt and Eric Griffith.

BOARD MEMBERS Rick Renfro, President Melinda Brevard, Secretary/Treasurer Eric Griffith, Royal Interiors


Hal Hunt, Hunt Stone & Fireplace

Jeb Stringer, Rite-Way Insualtion

Bruce Whitaker, Centerpoint Energy

Celia Alvarez, BC Custom Homes, LLC.

Joe Havard, A-1 Johnny Mike Hineman, Dream Homes & Drafting, LLC. Sawyer Lewis, Elliott Electric Tim Alvey, East Texas Professional Credit Union

Mike Hineman, Dream Homes & Drafting LLC John Bryan, JCB Builders Melvin Linton Jr., Melvin Linton Homes

Mark Moore, Bancorp South

Rick Renfro, Christian Home Builders

Michael G. Parker, Everett Griffith and Associates

Leon Stricklen, Stricklen Homes, LLC 2014 HOME PRODUCTS




BUILDER MEMBERS Bo Johnson Custom Woodworking Christian Home Builders Comfortbuilt Homes Daniel Barrera Construction Dixon Construction Dream Homes & Drafting Goodwyn Construction Home Design Construction James Wood Construction JCB Builders JTD Construction Melvin Linton Homes Norris Construction NP Enterprises Petty Construction S. Y. Distinctive Homes Temple Construction

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS A-1 Johnny Portable Toilets A-1 Party Rentals, Inc. A-1 Smith’s Portable Toilets AAA Gutter ACME Brick Adams Air Conditioning American Real Estate Angelina Glass Angelina Plumbing Angelina Savings Bank Angelina Title Bancorp South Carpets by Curiosity CenterPoint Energy Coburn’s Supply-Lufkin Coburn’s Supply-Huntsville Commercial Bank of Texas 28

Deep East Texas Association of Builders

Community Title Crown Pest Control Custom Designs by Melinda Deep East Texas A/C & Heat Durrett Ready Mix Inc. East Texas Brick Co. East Texas Professional Credit Union Edward Jones Elliott Electric Enviro-Tech Insulation Everett Griffith Jr. & Associates First Bank & Trust Floors n More Habitat for Humanity Nacogdoches Harry’s Building Materials Home Building Supply Hospice In The Pines Hunt Stone & Fireplace Integra Financial Group, LLC Lyon’s LP Gas Leal Landscape & Sprinklers Maddux Building Materials Mark Thompson General Services Mathews Fine Cabinetry McCoy’s Building Supply Mueller Inc. Nacogdoches Lighting Overhead Door Company of Greater Lufkin Panel Truss of Longview, Inc. Rite Way Insulation Royal Interiors Security Guaranty Abstract Co. Sherwin Williams Socia Septic Systems Tom Brown A/C & Electric Total Energy Solutions Tri-Tech Surveying Company, L. P. Truss & Son Plumbing United Security Services


Join DETAB Today! DETAB (Deep East Texas Association of Builders) are professionals dedicated to strengthening the home building industry by serving one another and the community through education, charitable partnerships and government involvement. DETAB represents the counties of Angelina, Houston, Trinity, Polk, Nacogdoches and San Jacinto. This association is comprised of members who deeply care about their community, maintain awareness of the latest changes to laws and legislation that effect their businesses and stay abreast of market trends. These members network with another, support one another, and keep each other informed. According to a national study, approximately 85 percent of all business failures occur in companies that are not members of their trade association. The cost of membership pays for itself when you take advantage of member programs on products and services that you use everyday. These are offered by all three associations that are included in a 3 in 1 membership. Once you become a member of DETAB, you are automatically a member of the Texas Association of Builders (TAB) and the National Association of Builders (NAHB).

Reasons to become a member of a Home Builders Association (HBA):

1. Strength in numbers.

2. Legislative and regulatory advocacy at all levels of government.

3. Project a positive image of your company to your customers.

4. Gain a competitive edge and broaden your knowledge.

5. Support your community.

6. Expand your professional network.

7. TAB’s Texas Residential Construction Contracts Package.

8. Model Construction Safety Program & Jobsite Safety Standards Package©.

9. Members only discounts.

“Every man owes a part of his time and money to the business or industry in which he is engaged. No man has the moral right to withhold his support from an organization that is striving to improve conditions within his sphere.”–Theodore Roosevelt

For more information contact Cathleen Milsap at (936) 875-3000 or email Visit our website at and LIKE us on Facebook at DETAB Lufkin.





The Texas Association of Builders is dedicated to creating a positive business environment for the housing industry by addressing the housing issues of the people of Texas. As a member of TAB, you are entitled to receive the benefits of programs and services that are not available to the general public. Many of these programs are discounted or enhanced for TAB members, and they provide revenue back to the associations. Additionally, company representatives are members of TAB. These programs include but are not limited to:

Member Rebate Program

As a builder or remodeler member of TAB, you are eligible to receive money back from over 40 housing industry product manufacturers.

Residential Construction Contracts Package

Available only to builder members, TAB’s contracts package subscription is your blueprint for typical construction and remodeling transactions, and can save you thousands of dollars in legal fees. Model Construction Safety Program and Jobsite Safety Standards Package © TAB’s Model Safety Plan and training webinar will provide you with comprehensive guidelines to help you train your employees regarding their responsibilities and to help you establish good safety procedures and systems for record keeping required by OSHA.

Endorsed Insurance Program

Developed with the backing of the strongest insurance carriers serving the Texas building industry, the exclusive TAB endorsed insurance program offers new flexible options and rates that are more competitive than ever before. Products include General Liability, Builders’ Risk, Workers’ Compensation, Excess Liability and Commercial Umbrella.


TAB represents your interests at the Texas Capitol and before state regulatory agencies. Through its lobbying efforts and relationships with state officials, TAB is protecting your interests year-round. In addition, members are encouraged to participate in TAB’s Rally Day, held during each Texas Legislative Session, and to contribute to TAB’s political action committee, HOMEPAC.

For a complete listing of all member services and benefits, please visit our website at


Deep East Texas Association of Builders



YOU DESERVE THE BENEFITS Association - Just a fancy word for folds sharing a common interest Each person is part of one in some form or fashion like church memberships, gym memberships, school clubs, sports teams, non-profit groups... the list goes on. But what about one specifically designed to help you grow your business, to keep you informed of changes in legislation, to offer educational courses and updated safety videos and to provide you more opportunities to involve your company in local service projects? I know what you may be thinking, “I don’t have time to add one more thing to the proverbial plate,” but the benefits your business will receive will far outweigh the cost to your pocketbook and your busy schedule. If you are a local builder or part of the building industry, there are three associations your company should be part of. The first step is to join your local home builders association, The Deep East Texas Association of Builders (DETAB), which automatically makes you a member of your state association, Texas Association of Builders (TAB) and your national association, National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). Outlined below are a variety of benefits offered through membership of these associations. The greatest benefit may be, however, that members prefer to do business with other members. Members refer other members, network with other members, and develop camaraderie with other members. It not only benefits your business, but it also projects a positive image of your company to the community. Specific companies within the counties you serve offer special members-only discounts to one another and work together on professional and community projects. Association; a positive way to stay involved, informed and invested.

NAHB offers plenty of resources to help each member make the most of this investment and connect with the benefits they value most. Take a look at the great discounts offered as part of a NAHB membership:

• Lowe’s Home Improvement: Additional 2% off the Business Credit of 5% off

• GMC: $500 credit toward a purchase or lease

• FedEx: up to 29% off shipping

• FedEx Freight: up to 70% off on LTL (less-thantruckload) shipments over 150 lbs.

• Dell: 2% - 10% off a variety of products

• Hertz: save up to 20%

• Avis: free upgrades, $20 off weekend rental, $30 off weekly rentals

• Budget: up to 25%

• HP: a variety of discounts on computers and printers

• Office Depot: free delivery in local areas with an order of $50, 10% back in rewards on some products

• Endless Vacation Rentals: 25% off rental properties

• Wyndam: 20% off “Best Available Rate”

• FTD: 20% off all plant and flower orders

• Omaha Steaks: 10% off your entire order

For a complete listing of all member services and benefits, please visit our website at

Be part of an association that caters to your company’s needs and gives it a competitive edge. For you and your employees to reap the benefits, you must join today!

To register, visit our website at or contact Cathleen Milsap at (936) 875-3000 or by email at 2014 HOME PRODUCTS



Van Watson Lufkin Market President JImmy Mize Nacogdoches Market President


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