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More than just a railway!

Tradition and reliability


A brief

• 1863 • 1868 • 1892 • 1895 • 1899 • 1900 • 1901 • 1902 • 1928


history 1863 - The horse-drawn omnibus service, which ran to Mayrhofen three times a day, could no longer handle the volume of traffic. The construction of a railway from Jenbach into the Zillertal valley was first discussed in the local press in 1868. On 25 November 1892, a railway committee was elected during a meeting of all the local council executives in the “Gasthof Bräu” hotel. The decision to build the railway was not finally concluded, however, until three years later, on 21 April 1895. The shareholders Kaspar Schneider, a government delegate and brewery owner from the village of Zell, the Fügen-based physician Dr. Raimund Rainer and the hotelier Franz Prantl from Jenbach were appointed railway licence applicants. On 2 December 1899, the applicants were granted the “Concession Certificate” by K&K Railway Minister Heinrich von Wittek. On 16 December 1899 the “Zillerthalbahn Actiengesellschaft” (Zillertal Railway Public Limited Company) was founded. 1900 - On 20 December 1900, one year after the founding of the Zillerthalbahn Actiengesellschaft, the first stretch of railway line to Fügen, 10.2 km in length, was completed. On 24 February 1901, the track reached as far as Kaltenbach and, on 21 July 1901, it was extended to Zell am Ziller. This, for a time however, was as far as it went. A financial commitment from the ministry enabled the railway line’s completion all the way to Mayrhofen on 31 July 1902. At this time the railway company owned 2 locomotives and 10 passenger wagons (seating for 310), 2 luggage wagons, 10 covered and 10 open goods wagons. The railway transported 118,000 passengers during its first year alone. 1928 - The mining of magnesite had begun in Tux and this provided the railway’s most important economic source right up

to the closure of the magnesite plant in 1976. 1935 - The Zillertalbahn introduced a public bus service between Mayrhofen and Innsbruck. 1965 - The decision of the Tauernkraftwerke AG, Salzburg to build the Zemm hydro-electric power station had a further positive impact on the Zillertalbahn, which carried out the transport of the building equipment and ensured the punctual delivery of 325,000 tons of cement and fly ash without causing any further impact on the already over-congested road. 1979 - The construction of the Zillergrund storage power station entailed the transportation of large quantities of cement, providing the Zillertalbahn with an additional economic boost. 1989 - New construction of the depot at Jenbach Station. 1991 - The regular interval service introduced on 2 June 1991 resulted in a 30% increase in passenger frequency. From this time on, 13 pairs of trains operated every hour. With the public bus service, this was increased to every half-hour. 1993 - The steam train is taken out of regular service and subsequently used only as a nostalgic excursion train with its own timetable. 2001 - Construction begins on the new Innbrücke bridge 2003 - Completion and inauguration of the Rotholzer Innbrücke bridge. Ceremonial opening and handing over of Uderns Railway Station to the “Lebenshilfe” charity organisation on 5 September. 2008 - Extension of the double-tracked sections from Kaltenbach to Aschau and from Zell am Ziller to Ramsau. The railway introduces its all-year-round every-half-hour service on 14 December. 2009 - Introduction of a new, improved passenger information system with digital timetable displays at the stops and stations.

• 1935 • 1965

• 1979 • 1989 • 1991 • 1993 • 2001 • 2003 • 2008 • 2009

The Zillertalbahn

a moving experience For your daily journeys | We like to move you The Zillertalbahn has brought mobility to the Zillertal valley since 1899. Today, the ZVB AG carries over 3.1 million satisfied passengers every year. Approx. 50% of these passengers are school children, students and commuters who use the narrow gauge Zillertal railway and the well-developed

network of bus services on a daily basis. This makes the Zillertalbahn the largest public transport provider in the Zillertal valley.

The comprehensive bus service network

Local service buses | Coaches | Vintage bus | Regional service buses

Local bus service In addition to the main line from Mayrhofen to Innsbruck (via Jenbach, Schwaz and Wattens), the ZVB AG also travels from Jenbach to Achensee (Regio Achensee) and from Mayrhofen to Hippach with the guest and village bus. Discover the region’s most beautiful spots easily and comfortably using the Alpine mountain line. In addition to taking you to Hochfügen and Schwendberg, it also provides the only means of transport up to the Zillertal Alps High Alpine Nature Reserve with the Zillergrund reservoir.

Ski bus During the winter months, the ski bus takes you quickly and comfortably to the Zillertal valley’s finest slopes, saving you the tiresome search for a parking space.

The Zillertalbahn fleet

of buses

Excursion coaches The journey is its own reward. Our comfortably appointed coaches afford you a safe, pleasant journey on Europe’s roads. Take advantage of our team’s years of experience and contact us for information and assistance.

Bus specials For all those vintage vehicle enthusiasts out there, we’ve got something very special for you – a classic, vintage bus. Built in 1966, the small Mercedes bus seats 14 and even has the original luggage roof rack and panoramic windows. Its skai leather interior lends it an unmistakable charm that takes you back to the flower-power era and transforms your excursion in a unique experience you’ll treasure forever.

More than just a railway!

• Jenbach • Rotholz • Strass • Schlitters-Bruck • Gagering • Fügen-Hart • Kapfing • Uderns • Ried • Kaltenbach-Stumm • Angererbach-Ahrnbach • Aschau • Erlach • Zell am Ziller • Ramsau-Hippach • Bichl • Mayrhofen

Full steam ahead! A journey back in time... Experience rail travel the good, old-fashioned way. Take a trip back in time to an era when the journey was an adventure in itself. Relive this long-forgotten sensation with the Zillertalbahn’s steam train.

Feel the charm and nostalgia of yesteryear and take in the breathtaking countryside of the Zillertal valley as you travel at the unhurried pace of days gone by.


track for adventure Specially for visitors

Private events Excursions

Crystal Wagon

Rent a Bike & bicycle transport Engine driver for a day

Fun and action Crystal Wagon With its 62,000 glittering Swarovski crystals, the crystal wagon offers passengers a dazzling experience never to be forgotten. Together with the sunlight, the crystals transform the wagon into a dancing myriad of spectral colours. The wagon offers a unique, fairy tale-like ambience in which to celebrate a special occasion.

Rent a Bike From Strass all the way to Mayrhofen, the Zillertal valley boasts delightful paths for cyclists of all abilities to enjoy an unfor-

guaranteed gettable cycle tour. You can even transport your bike free of charge with the Zillertalbahn. And if you don’t have your own bike with you, city bikes, children’s bikes, toddlers’ safety seats and helmets can be rented at the railway stations.

Engine driver for a day A dream come true. Nearly everyone has dreamed of being an engine driver at some time – and we can make this wish come true. We invite you to enjoy the experience of a lifetime – come and be an engine driver for a day on the Zillertal railway!

The best connection between

Jenbach and Mayrhofen

ZVB - Facts and Figures (as of 2009) • Total no. of passengers carried 3,190,000 passengers

General Information • Track gauge • Railway line length • Rolling Stock Traction units

760 mm 32 km Jenbach-Mayrhofen 9 diesel locomotives 6 railcars Passenger wagons 5 control cars 10 trailers Steam train 5 steam locomotives 27 passenger wagons • No. of stations/stops 10/7 • Employees Zillertalbahn AG 178 Today, the Zillertalbahn railway carries 1.9 million passengers


every year and the public bus services convey almost 1.29 million customers. The ZVB AG provides secure jobs for many employees and plays an important economic role in the Schwaz region.

Passenger Transport • Diesel train performance • Train kilometres travelled • Passengers carried diesel train

Goods train

• Goods train performance • Km travelled goods train • Transport volume

18,980 journeys 607,360 km 1,901,159 passengers

1,491 journeys 16.401 km 198,070 tons


ZVB - Facts and Figures Nostalgic steam train service

• Steam train performance 701 journeys • Km travelled steam train 22,432 km • Passengers carried steam train 66,196 passengers

Bus Service

• Fleet

• Bus routes • Km travelled bus service • Passengers carried bus service

37 public service buses and coaches 9 1,523,721 km 1,289,816 passengers

Further information and services • Member of the Tyrolean Transport Association (VVT) • Rent a Bike • Free bicycle transport • Zillertalbahn Railwaymen’s Brass Band

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Free of charge with special ski passes.

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