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markathon|may 2013

simultaneously with another random user, WeChat was initially branded as Weixin in China in January 2011 was re-branded in April 2012 with globally acceptable name of WeChat. Today it caters to more than 100 million users. The strategy for WeChat is to get the coverage of the existing product/service and bringing out additional features on a regular basis with upgraded version of the application. Approached by Starbucks, they collaborated with it, putting question to fans: “How are you feeling today?" the response was in the form of an emoticon and then Starbucks replied with a song to match their mood. Campaign added to Starbucks 270,000 WeChat friends in 4 weeks. WeChat on social media has created country specific pages on Facebook like WeChat India, WeChat Australia, WeChat Malaysia, WeChat Thailand etc. among the first were the Indian and Australian pages. In general it gave the WeChat updates of launches, asking users what they enjoy most about WeChat, and WeChatApp tip of the day to better the customer experience. WeChat India contains India specific promotions like use of mythological characters, Hinglish expressions, cricket players, political parties and their members, Rajnikanth jokes, movie clips and photos, Indian festivals etc. They keep reminding people to send voice messages. They also providing updates about several contests conducted by them using their QR code on Facebook. It showed the WeChat snapshots where people are talking to each other about WeChat services, thus giving more credibility to the customers about the cool services provided by the app. Another contest where a question was put “What do you think has been India’s proudest moment since independence?” and prizes were distributed to touch the heart strings of the Indian’s. A near similar thing happens on WeChat Thailand but in the local vernacular i.e. Thai and on the WeChat Malaysia page with a mix of English and Malaysian language. In Malaysia, they tied up with dominos so the

Simultaneous promotion of movie and WeChat

users get 1 Regular Pizza when they purchase it at Standard Menu price. Indonesia is a country with lowest internet penetration rate so WeChat aired TV ads and it claims to have started adding 90,000 new users per day after this.

MessageME The additional features/strategies here are contextrelated, such as photos, locations and doodles. Users can also easily share songs and music/videos with each other straight off iTunes or YouTube. It is one of the apps that have had the quickest growth to reach 1 million users. A great insight drawn is that people love a sharing media for instance in the US alone, more than 10 million doodles were shared, which the company is trying to make its competitive advantage as. They are not willing to put ads on their app but instead thinking of raising money by using stickers which are popular among the Asians and used heavily by LINE and Kakao Talk. Social Media: It started with social media in 2012 launching its beta version of the app. It gave latest updates and functionality of smartphones and the apps in general. Then it moved to more MessageMe specific updates like “MessageMe is faster and easier than traditional text; you've got to try it to get it so check it out now:” twitter links are also given. It shares the links of other tech tracking websites and blogs where MessageMe was covered like Mashable,


IIM Shillong Markathon May 2013  

IIM Shillong Markathon May 2013