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markathon|may 2013

Zeeshan hassan IIM KOZHIKODE With the emergence of new technologies comes a whole new avenue of supplementary and complementary products which try to create and snatch a space in the market for themselves. One such recent trend has been the development of smartphones with platforms such as the Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry etc. No sooner did this technology came into being, the techies around the world channeled all their thoughts to find out ways to reach to the newly created market. This was how the inception of the mobile app took place. The penetration of smartphones in the world market has been increasing at phenomenal rate thus it makes sense for the app developers to cater to the needs of this fast and dynamic group of people and lure them into embracing their apps. Quite recently there has been an explosion in the IM (instant messaging) apps due to the entry of WhatsApp and the likes. A possibility to attain huge profitability lies ahead and so is the kind of effort required that goes into it. Making the app fulfilling one’s need is one thing but marketing it in this nascent market is the most crucial aspect. A lot of new tactics have been used in both online and offline space resulting into success or the marketing liability for the companies.

Any day, the purpose of a texting app is to make people using it to “stay connected”. This is why people download it so that they can get in touch with others in as easy a way as possible. This is a Win-Win situation for both the company and the subscribers. The company will attain more popularity if it can expand the boundaries of its market and at the same time the users will have bigger social circle and people to talk to if they connect to more people. The company also will be able to provide the users better facilities and functionalities if the user base raise fast and accepting and appreciating the company’s offerings.


IIM Shillong Markathon May 2013  

IIM Shillong Markathon May 2013