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logo design is a good representative of that brand. The German brand might not work so well in the United States for another reason: it is vaguely reminiscent of the 7-11 minimart logo that people are so familiar with on this side of the world and no one wants a cheap gas station flavoured soda! In addition, many European markets prefer a simpler, more business-like look. Logos marketing to this audience must be more minimalist and ‘adult’ than those that are so successful in the United States. Another example is an advertisement for an American fast food franchise, which showed a quintessential Anglo-Saxon American character, a colonel who had a goatee beard, and was pointing his right hand towards the audience while making a victory (v) sign with his fingers, that would have little resonance among a Saudi audience. All this arises from the fact that some countries are high context while some are low context. They may have different levels of individualism. So if a company wants to fine tune their communication they have to localize and keep these issues in mind. Localization due to regional differences For example, in many international alcohol advertisements, probably produced in the U.S., the drink is consumed out of a glass filled with nothing but ice. However, Trinidadians commonly choose from a host of mixers to add to their drink. Another example is international advertisements for confectionaries, which are often targeted to children. However, in Trinidad women are the main consumers of confectionaries, so

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they need locally produced advertisements that are targeted towards women. Degree of Localization Instead of choosing between complete standardisation and localisation, another option is to standardise strategically and incorporate local elements wherever required. Likewise, many multinational companies choose to create a single marketing idea-typically conceived by the American branch of its advertising agency, based in a city such as Los Angeles or New York that is then tailored for specific situations in the various countries where a brand might be doing business. For example Coca cola had a global campaign of bringing happiness. The theme of the ads were same just the setup was changed according to the countries. Or companies can have the same advertisement and just translate it to local languages. This is more feasible in today’s world because of bridging gaps between the countries. Today stars like Messi, Angelina Jolie, and David Beckham are known worldwide and people can relate to them. Also there are many firms which help brands fulfil their global potential by providing not only first class translation services, but by offering full localization packages that embrace local language, culture and brand. They not only just change the language but provide up-to-the-minute local market insights, as well as translation, subbing and proofreading skills. For Example: Story. So depending on the palette of the customer, either you can export an authentic Chinese dish for the Indian customer or you can serve him a Punjabi tadka Chinese version of the dish!


IIM Shillong Markathon May 2013  

IIM Shillong Markathon May 2013