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markathon | may 2013

Ad-dicted Swikruti panda | iim s

PRODUCT: Dove’s Real Sketches (part of the Real Beauty Campaign)

Sushree tripathy | IIM S

PRODUCT: Park Avenue POSITIONING: “Zara Soongh Ke Toh Dekho”

POSITIONING: “You are more beautiful than you think.” CREATIVE AGENCY: Ogilvy Brazil

CREATIVE AGENCY: Publicis Ambience, India

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The ad has been very beautifully conceived showing a former police sketch artist, who is capable of giving real face to someone’s description. To his villa, women come and try to describe themselves, their face’s appearance, as they perceive. Then in a while some strangers who had a short encounter wit/h these ladies are invited in and they try and describe them. So, two sketches culminate for the same woman and each of them come back and notice that their version of others’ description is more affable and congenial. This experience makes them realize that their self-perceptions are harsh. They should start appreciating themselves for the beauty they sprinkle in life every day and feel nice about it.

Every other brand in the men’s deodorant space today conveys, through its ad film, that you can just spray the product and sit back while women swoon over you. While consumers are finding it difficult to distinguish one deodorant ad from another, Park Avenue in its latest campaign attempts to break away from this parity. It shows a man taking the product instead of a woman, along with him as a romantic companion out to dinner, parties, vacations and much more. The ad urges the viewers to spray the new Park Avenue deodorants just once with the line ‘Zara soongh ke toh dekho’ and guarantees you would fall in love with it and carry the product with you wherever you go.



Catch/Miss- Catch

Catch/Miss- Miss

Women, generally perceive themselves as the more resilient ones. They tend to be the first one to love selflessly and sacrifice endlessly if need be. But in the process many tend to lose themselves. They tend to forget the beautiful aura that they are capable of creating with their real beauty. This beautiful ad by Dove has vividly brought out such emotional tumult by this unconventional mode of sketching only by hearing to descriptions. They have used the monotonous mode of description of beauty with a few repetitive adjectives, which defeats their own claim of standing for real beauty. But the message to millions of women to wheedle them to deeply introspect and recognize their wonderful self is extolled.

While the ad was a pleasant detour from the myriad of Axe-like ads, a number of flaws at the execution level made this ad miss the cut. The tagline ‘Zara Soongh Ke Toh Dekho’ aims to focus on the actual retail level behavior of consumers while deodorantshopping. It hopes to get consumers loyal to other brands to smell the product at the retail-level once and consequently change their brand preference. While the cast, humour and the look & feel of the ad is very ‘English’, the rustic Hindi line suddenly comes from nowhere and offers the ad a strange appeal. The puzzling combination of an "international English voiceover" and "a very Indian brand promise" may just be what brings this nice premise many notches down.


IIM Shillong Markathon May 2013  
IIM Shillong Markathon May 2013  

IIM Shillong Markathon May 2013