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cover story cover story | | Brand Rajini frenzy, non-stop work, new found wealth and other such circumstances - Brand Rajini was going through a rough patch. Rajinikanth was declared by media to be in a critical mental health situation. There were

reports of non-cooperation that disturbed directors. There were reports of violent incidents too. Brand Rajini was in the news for the wrong reasons. With Dharma Yuddam (War for Dharma), Brand Rajini bounced back; Rajini proved that he was not a snuff box and scripted a spectacular recovery.

markathon|may 2013 markathon|month 2013 from the number of movies he has been doing off late or the kind of roles he has been choosing. But why is the brand on the decline? In an era where commercials and endorsements makes or breaks a celebrity’s popularity, Rajini has consciously made the decision not to endorse any product or brand. This literally means that he has not told his audience which car to drive or which energy drink is the secret behind his success. But on the other hand, it also means that there is a decline in the Brand Rajini and eventually audience cannot recall the brand. Ten years down the lane, Sachin can still be in touch with the audience by endorsing brands but the way ahead for Rajini is not going to be smooth. Neither can he act in more movies nor does his personal policy of not endorsing brands is going to help him. So is Rajini bothered about all this? Well we don’t think so. All that he would say is “Aandavan nallavangala sodhippaan, aana kai vidamaatan! (God will test the endurance of good hearted, but will never let them down) “ Will Brand Rajini still survive the test of time? We’ll have to wait and watch.

The second instance of signs of decline of Brand Rajini was around the time of release of Baba (2002). A local political party spread the propaganda that Rajini set a bad example for the youth in the movie; theatre screens were burnt; film reels were snatched. Brand Rajini had failed with Baba. But the brand made an unprecedented move by personally repaying the producers and distributors for their losses. By accepting the truth of failure, Rajini won the hearts of many. But predictions that Baba was Rajini’s last, spread like wildfire. Three years later, Rajini would launch his film Chandramukhi in 2005, which would run for 800 days. Brand Rajini was resurrected, yet again. Last but not the least, Rajini turned 62 on 12.12.12 (Yes, his fans went berserk that day, needless to say). But the age signifies only one thing. In spite of being treated as God by his fans, this man will also age and will have to retire one day. It is also clear

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IIM Shillong Markathon May 2013  

IIM Shillong Markathon May 2013