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consistently appear during milestone moments in the movie.

retains the classic thud-thud sound in its engine as its part of the experience of driving a Bullet.

Consistency of Communication

What Rajini offers you is not just a movie, but rather a movie watching experience. The very fact that it is so hard getting a First Day First Show ticket makes it all the more exciting for everyone involved to try and get one. And it almost feels like a mini-victory when the ticket is in hand.

Excellent brands have a positioning in the market which they are always aware of. Coke ads have always been about 'Enjoying'. For years together now, Amul has been following a template of doing a parody on anything which is making news through its cartoon strip like ads and people love it. The Superstar has been the epitome of consistency and reinforcement. Most of his movies fall into a template of good-vs.-evil, with an introduction song, a

fun-filled first half, trouble and pain followed by a climax where the good finally triumphs. Right from the first instant, the audience knows that the hero is going to win, but they still stay glued on to see how. Even the trademark way, in which his name is displayed, right at the beginning of the movie is an example of this consistency. Delivering an experience People know that the coffee in Cafe Coffee Day is overpriced, but still go there because they cherish that experience. The silencer technology which mutes the engine sound in bikes is ages old, but still Royal Enfield

Brand Rajini’s Point of Difference (POD) was that it was desirable, it differentiated and it delivered.

What does Brand Rajini offer for different target

groups? BRAND RAJINI’S VALUE The latest Forbes India’s top 100 celebrity list was topped by Shahrukh Khan and even featured Sunny Leone at number 71 but did not have a place for THALAIVAR (that’s how his fans refer to him as, which means leader). So does it mean that Brand Rajini is not worth it? No! The simple reason can be explained by taking the example of Apple Inc. There is not much frenzy around Apple products throughout the year but before the release of any new Apple product, there is a big hullabaloo surrounding it and the brand speaks volumes for itself. But that does not mean that at other times of the year the brand recall is poor. There is always awe for the Apple products. Similar is the case with Brand Rajini. The craze amongst the media and audience before a movie launch is unparalleled, but during other times of the year too, there is always the admiration for this man. Even though Forbes India knows the value of this brand, it cannot quantify it, as one of the basic parameters - “Revenues from endorsements” is N/A for Rajinikanth. This makes one wonder more about how he

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IIM Shillong Markathon May 2013  

IIM Shillong Markathon May 2013

IIM Shillong Markathon May 2013  

IIM Shillong Markathon May 2013