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ZACHARY October, 2010

No Way!!! Zach Dietrich the Legend killer

Zach scaling a Giant Glacier moving at speeds over 0.5 miles per century

YEAH!!!!!!!! One day while laying under the clouds Zach saw a night hawk flying. He said to himself I can do that. So he went to a cliff in his speedo and took a plunge. Turned out Zach was flying around for hours. At speeds more than 100 miles per hour, Zach took a fly around town stealing children’s kites and attacking small animals. Zach now spends his most of his time casting spells and playing dungeons and dragons. He often travels through time with his newly invented time traveling machine. His other hobbies are hunting werewolves with is Saint Bernard, Rocky. On his down time he just likes

Zach on his first flight

to hang with with his even more extreme brother Bryant a.k.a. Bryman.


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