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Discover this metropolis in just one day


Chalkidiki Holiday with sandy beaches and excellent cuisine

Rhodes Rich culture on the Island of Roses



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The world is once again at your fingertips – starting with direct flights from Innsbruck.


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GREECE The fourth-largest Greek island has a lot to offer

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In this new issue of destINNation, you’ll find some tips on a few places that are well worth a trip in winter. We wish you happy holidays and hope you enjoy perusing our pages. Sincerely, The team at Innsbruck Airport.





What’s new at the airport in the coming months

This peninsula is a paradise on the Aegean Sea

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PA R I S I N 2 4 H O U R S

A whirlwind tour through the City of Love

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How to fit everything in your suitcase

Fascinating Namibia Experience the captivating charm of this environmental pioneer

Sweet temptations in Belgium’s capital

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Airport open house in 1985

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Sandwich Harbour


In this beautiful bay, gigantic sand dunes march endlessly into the Atlantic Ocean. This impressive natural display is located in Naukluft National Park and is only accessible by boat or all-terrain vehicle. P assengers can fly from Innsbruck to Frankfurt on Air Dolomiti and then get an onward flight to Namibia

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Winter Season is City Trip Season IN GOOD HANDS



Tip: We recommend making your bookings directly with the airline or through your travel agent. Enjoy the carefree comfort of having an expert help plan your travel.

City trips are a year-round favourite, but many a metropolis has a special flair in winter. Start enjoying it sooner by hopping a direct flight from Innsbruck.


ew additions to our roster include the City of Love, Paris, on Air France, and Berlin on Austrian Airlines. From December 10, 2022, to March 5, 2023, Air France will be offering two direct flights per week (on Saturday and Sunday) to the French capital. Air France is a member of SkyTeam, the second-largest air alliance. The direct flight to Paris, an important international travel hub, opens up virtually endless possibilities to business and pleasure travellers alike, allowing them to connect to onward flights to various destinations in Europe and around the globe. Say hello to the neighbours From January 28, 2023, to February 25, 2023, Austrian Airlines is offering

a weekly flight (Saturday) to the hip German metropolis of Berlin. If you’re looking to stay in Berlin for less than a week, you can fly back to Innsbruck via Vienna. Winter holiday in Tyrol Wintertime is also the season of tourist flights bringing international guests to North and South Tyrol. The incoming flights are the ideal way for winter guests to start their winter holiday. Direct flights to Innsbruck are offered from England, Ireland, Scotland, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Luxembourg or Israel. Things are looking up After some difficult times, the travel sector overall is on the path to recovery, and even long-distance trips are once again possible. North and South America as well as Africa are currently trendy destinations. Back in Europe, cities like Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London and Vienna are year-round favourites for city trips, and their airports can also serve as convenient travel hubs to connect to onward flights. 7 IT’S ALL IN THE T I M I NG

On peak travel weekends, make sure to plan extra time at the airport.



Change of scenery – starting direct from Innsbruck


Gems of the Netherlands and Belgium

Enjoy a stroll through the world-famous Van Gogh Museum.



Now available: Rotterdam, Eindhoven and Antwerp.

Charming destinations in Great Britain

Birmingham, Bristol, Dublin, Edinburgh, Manchester and Newcastle are easily accessible.


Take in the magic of a musical.

Best-kept secret

Frankfurt, Stockholm und Luxembourg are just a short flight away. LONDON

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Get to know authentic London on a (guided) pub crawl.


Discover the European comic book capital.


Before take-off, take time to visit our “Tyrol” Business Lounge. This space perfectly blends elements of Alpine and urban style for a unique ambiance and offers a magnificent panoramic view of the Nordkette mountains – the perfect place to relax and feel truly grounded before take-off.


Taste your way through the many specialties at Naschmarkt.



In this region, Mediterranean forests give way to wide sandy beaches and secluded coves. 9

Paradise on the Aegean Sea


mere two-hour flight from Innsbruck, Chalkidiki has everything a perfect holiday destination needs. This region in the north of Greece – known for its three finger-shaped peninsulas Kassandra, Sithonia and Athos – offers a variety of landscapes: one beautiful beach after the other is dotted along the characteristic coastline, which totals some 500 km (310 miles). In the north, the region is bordered by Lakes Volví and Koroneia, and the high mountain ranges rising in the region’s interior beckon walkers and hikers. Relaxation and adventure The captivating countryside is a blend of Mediterranean forests leading down to wide sandy beaches and


The magical Greek peninsula of Chalkidiki features beautiful beaches and breath-taking natural landscapes and has lots of things for families and active travellers to do.

Travel to Chalkidiki st arting in May with Idealtours


secluded coves. That’s why Chalkidiki is not just popular with beachgoers – nature enthusiasts and active travellers are also sure to get their money’s worth and more. Mountain biking is a great way to explore the impressive backcountry and idyllic Greek scenery, and the hidden mountain villages are the perfect place for a break on rambles and hikes. Those who prefer to spend their holidays on, in or

In Greek mythology, Chalkidiki is mentioned as the battleground in the war between the Olympian gods and the Titans – an epic struggle during which the peninsulas of Kassandra and Athos were formed. In reference to these legends, the three peninsulas or “fingers” of Chalkidiki are sometimes referred as “Poseidon’s trident”.


KASSANDRA The first of Chalkidiki’s three fingers has the most sand and also has the best-developed tourism infrastructure. Travellers love it for its lush vegetation and crystal-clear turquoise waters. It is the ideal place for a fun-filled and versatile family vacation. SITHONIA The second finger is a must for fans of Greece, nature enthusiasts and hopeless romantics. Sithonia is mountainous, and the natural splendour of its backcountry is best explored on a jeep safari. You will also encounter warm hospitality and delicious food wherever you go. The coast is a beautiful blend of picturesque fishing villages, snug ports and secluded coves. The monastic community of Mouth Athos is home to impressive buildings like Simonopetra Monastery

AT H O S The monastic community of Mount Athos – an autonomous region and quasi-state within Greece – is not open to visitors but can be viewed from the water. Putter along the peninsula’s eastern coast on a boat tour and admire the impressive range of monasteries and hermitages from a mere 250 m (820 ft) away.

under the water can enjoy the region’s beauty from a sailboat or go diving in the bay of Porto Valitsa.

Honey plays an important role in Chalkidiki and is part of many traditional desserts.

Regional delights Agriculture and traditional cuisine play an important role in this region: Chalkidiki’s topography and Mediterranean climate create the perfect conditions to grow not only wine but also olives, pistachios, almonds, quinces and more. Truffles and other wild mushrooms including boletus (porcini) and morels grow in the rugged, mountainous backcountry, and coastal cuisine features freshly caught fish and other seafood. In

Chalkidiki is considered the centre of apiculture and the “mother of beekeeping” Greece, the region of Chalkidiki is also considered the centre of apiculture and the “mother of beekeeping”: It is home to literally thousands of honey farms and produces more than 30% of all the honey made in Greece.



Approx. inhabitants

522 km

(324 miles) of coastline


is the capital of Chalkidiki

Popular attractions include Petralona cave , the Potidea canal , and Stagira (the birthplace of Aristotle)


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Paris Express

Air France off ers 2 flights per week to Paris

The French capital may be big, but many of its best attractions are actually fairly close together, meaning you can visit quite a few of them in just one day.

Invigorating If you’re arriving in Paris in the morning, then why not combine breakfast with a stroll around Montmartre? Great artists like Picasso and van Gogh once chose to settle in this former village turned artistic quarter, and its streets retain some of their rustic charm to this day. Food and art still flourish in this area, which is (in)famous for two diametrically opposed landmarks: the white, monumental Sacré-Coeur Basilica and the legendary cabaret Moulin Rouge.

Say cheese! Just down the hill is the mostvisited museum in the world: the Louvre. You could probably spend days wandering its many exhibits, but on a 24-hour trip, a shorter visit will have to do. Tip: Book your tickets in advance, make your own way around the museum and head for some of the less visited areas, like the Egyptian collection. After quick hello to the Mona Lisa and a selfie in front of the great glass pyramid, it’s onward we go!

Island in the stream The Île de la Cité, an island in the river Seine, is always worth a visit, not least for its many famous landmarks. The Hôtel Dieu is the oldest hospital in the city and famous for its picturesque courtyard. The world-renowned Notre-Dame cathedral was partially destroyed by a fire in 2019 and is currently not accessible, but it is still an imposing sight and well worth seeing. 13

® / SergiyN / Anastasia Petrova / Alessandro Colle

On the Seine One of the best ways to see many of Paris’ sights is to take a boat ride on the river Seine. Several companies offer river cruises – some including food and drink – and stops are dotted along the riverbanks, though most cruises start near the Eiffel Tower. From the water, you can see iconic landmarks like the Pont Neuf, the Grand Palais, Notre-Dame, the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower.

Monument to Triumph No day in Paris would be complete without a stroll along the Champs-Élysées. This monumental tree-lined avenue is closed to cars every first Sunday of the month and is also one of the best places for luxury shopping and Michelin-starlevel dining. Its most famous landmark is, without a doubt, the Arc de Triomphe. If you pre-book your tickets, you can view the entire city from the roof of this giant arch.

Students in their natural habitat The Latin Quarter is home to several universities, including the Sorbonne, and therefore teeming with students. Between affordable bars and restaurants, you will find numerous museums and the Pantheon. The bookshop Shakespeare and Company is a real institution among bookworms, both for its eccentric charm and its colourful history.

Old town Once a swamp, the aptly named Marais quarter is one of the best-preserved old neighbourhoods of Paris. Admire the stately homes and palaces once owned by nobility that managed to survive the sweeping modernisations of the 19th century. Over the years, various communities have claimed this quarter as their home. Historically the centre of Jewish life in Paris, le Marais later became the centre of the LGBTQIA+ culture and is also a vibrant shopping and nightlife district.

Sunset on the Eiffel Tower Nothing screams Paris like this iron giant, built in 1889. This monument is well worth visiting at any time day (or night), but admiring it at sunset from the terraces of the Trocadéro has a particular charm. If you want to get up close and personal with Paris’ colossal emblem, you can buy a ticket for the elevators or to climb its stairs.

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All My Bags Are Packed... … Are you ready to go? Here are five ways to make packing easier and avoid wasting valuable space in your suitcase.

1. Reduce Start by laying out everything you want to pack on your bed or on another large, flat surface. Then take away at least one third of what you’ve laid out. No one actually needs to pack all the stuff we think we do – it’s just that we usually only realize it in hindsight.

3. Stuff We tend to overlook all the hollow spaces we could be taking advantage of. What a waste of space! Remedy this by, for instance, stuffing your socks inside your shoes. This will not only keep your shoes from getting squashed but will also save you the trouble of rooting through your bag in search of socks once you’ve arrived. Rolled-up underwear is perfect for filling the gaps between your shoes.

2. Sort First, find space for all the large things you plan take, such as your shoes or toiletries bag. Then continue with the smaller items and save the smallest things for last.

4. Get clever There’s a simple trick for getting dresses, blazers, thick sweaters, and suit jackets into your suitcase: Lay each of these items in your suitcase so that half of it is still hanging over the edge, alternating between sides. Once you’ve stacked everything, begin folding the overhanging bits inward one by one so that the garments interlock. Top it all off with a towel to create a flat surface. This will make closing your suitcase easy – or at least easier.

5. But be sensible… Sort, stuff, and get clever, but don’t overdo it, or you’ll end up wrinkling, rumpling, or ruining all the things you want to wear and use. Containers for toiletries and cosmetics are particularly prone to breaking. Packing them in a (well-sealed) plastic bag is a good first step, but even better is taking Rule #1 (above) to heart.



A Multifaceted Gem Rhodes is famous for its scenic beaches, striking natural landscapes and delectable cuisine, but perhaps most of all for its cultural heritage. The island in the eastern Aegean Sea is definitely worth a visit.



Discover fascinating historical sites such as the Acropolis of Lindos on Rhodes. 17


® / Jaroslav Moravcik

hodes, sometimes also called “the Island of Roses” is the fourth-largest of the Greek islands. Some 1,400 km2 (540 mi2) in size, it offers a variety of landscape and culture that few other regions in Europe can rival. Historical buildings dating from various eras will take you on a journey through time. Stunning sandy beaches beckon sunbathers and swimmers. The island’s mountainous interior is traversed by valleys that are home to nearly untouched natural landscapes. Historical towns Over the centuries, Rhodes was governed by various Greek rulers, became part of the Roman Empire, was occupied by the Knights Hospitaller and was conquered by the Ottoman Empire. Rhodes city in particular developed into an architectural

hodgepodge of various eras and styles. It became one of the most fascinating and best-preserved medieval cities in the world and was made UNESCO World Cultural Heritage in 1988. Highlights include the bombastic Palace of the Grand Master. The small village of Lindos is made up of traditional quaint white houses nestled below the Acropolis. The ruins of the


18 destINNation

Faliraki Bay is known for its crystal-clear turquoise water.

When Zeus, the father of the gods, was sharing out the lands among the Olympians, the sun god Helios asked that he be given a verdant island he had seen on his travels across the sky. He named this “Island of the Sun” after a charming sea nymph he fell in love with and later married.

Hellenistic sanctuary and the surrounding medieval fortress enshrine a 4000-year history and offer breath-taking panoramic views of the town and coastline. Amazing beaches At 270 days of sun per year, Rhodes’ gorgeous beaches are the ideal place to bathe and soak up the sun. Tsambika Beach, with its soft, fine sand, is considered one of the most beautiful. Enthroned on the cliffs high above the cove is the mythical Tsambika monastery, from where you have incomparable views of the island’s east coast. Prasonisi cape is popular with kiteboarders and windsurfers. In the winter, when water levels are high, it is an island some 3 km in length; in the summer it is a peninsula connected to Rhodes by a sandbar. Magical nature Rhodes is also a true treasure trove for botanists. Numerous herbs grow in the mountains, while the valleys are home to cypresses, pines, date palms, cacti and oleander shrubs. In the springtime, daisies, poppies and numerous types of orchids transform the island into a veritable sea of blossoms. Petaloudes, a 5 km

(3 mile)-long valley with several waterfalls, is home to a particularly stunning natural spectacle. Attracted by the scent of the oriental sweetgum trees, thousands of day-flying moths flutter through the air of this Valley of Butterflies. Culinary delights If you love good food, you’ve come to the right place. Mediterranean cuisine has made a comeback, with young Greek chefs returning to their roots while still managing to add modern twists to traditional dishes. On any visit to Rhodes, make sure to enjoy an authentic Greek dinner in a small, taverna-style restaurant in Rhodes city. First-class relaxation TUI Hotels on Rhodes offer the ideal accommodation for every type of traveller. No matter whether you are young or old, seeking calm or looking for adventure – you’ll find just what you’re looking for here. The brands TUI KIDS CLUB and TUI MAGIC LIFE are particularly popular with families and those looking to enjoy an all-inclusive stay with a laid-back atmosphere.

® / Jaroslav Moravcik

Especially in the springtime, daisies, poppies, and various types of orchids turn this island into a variable sea of blossoms.


Sonnige Aussichten. Jetzt TOP Angebote für den Sommer sichern. Ab Innsbruck mit TUI direkt auf die griechischen Inseln Kreta, Rhodos oder Kos. Zusätzlich bietet TUI ab Innsbruck Direktverbindungen nach Mallorca und Kalabrien. Buchung und Details auf und in Ihrem Reisebüro.

ALPENZOO INNSBRUCK-TIROL 2 000 Alpentiere von 150 Arten

täglich ab 9 Uhr © F. Schmidt

Weiherburggasse 37 / A-6020 Innsbruck Tel: +43/512-29 23 23 / Kombiticket: günstiges Parken + Hungerburgbahn + Eintritt Alpenzoo 21

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A Different Kind of Zoo The Innsbruck Alpine Zoo is celebrating its 60 th anniversary in the service of Alpine wildlife


he Alpine Zoo’s founder, Prof. Hans Psenner, had considered creating a zoo that would focus solely on Alpine wildlife as early as the 1950s. Back then, however, no one could imagine that a zoo without exotic animals like lions or elephants would have any chance of succeeding. Even so, Psenner and his vision eventually prevailed: Sixty years ago, on September 22, 1962, the Alpenzoo Innsbruck opened its gates right here in the heart of the Alps. Alpine wildlife up close Today the Alpine Zoo welcomes some 290,000 to 300,000 visitors a year, making it one of the largest cultural institutions in Tyrol. Psenner’s vision of limiting its inhabitants to Alpine animals would prove ground-breaking: As the first so-called “themed zoo”, it soon made a name for itself, particularly in the international zookeeping community. It is currently home to 150 different species of Alpine animals, some of whom are record holders. Weighing in at 1,000 kg (2,200 lb), the wisent or European bison is the largest land animal in Europe. At just 2.5 g (less than onetenth of an ounce), the Etruscan pygmy shrew is the smallest mammal in the world. Over the years, enclosures have been enlarged and adapted to more closely resemble their occupants’ natural habitats. Some of them are even accessible to humans: Visitors can

With a wingspan of up to 2.9 m (9.5 ft), the bearded vulture is one of the world’s largest birds capable of flight.

The curved horns of the Alpine ibex can grow up to a metre (three feet) long.

walk through the impressive vulture aviary, the ibex enclosure, or the alluvial forest aviary – this last type of enclosure is unique to the Alpine Zoo. Our model farm is home to several breeds of farm animals from the region, many of whom will even let visitors pet them. Lasting contribution In the six decades since it was founded, the Alpine Zoo has celebrated numerous milestones. One of these was the successful reintroduction of the bearded vulture – the bird that graces our logo – throughout the entire Alpine region. The Alpine Zoo not only contributed greatly to research on this remarkable species of vulture but was also instrumental in breeding and returning young vultures to the wild. The reintroduction of the Alpine ibex (steinbock) in Tyrol would also not have been possible without animals from the Alpine Zoo. But resting on our laurels and looking back is not enough – the Alpine Zoo is constantly charting a course into an exciting future. This summer, we will break ground on a new living space for badgers and foxes above the ibex enclosure.

C O N TA C T Alpenzoo Innsbruck Tirol Weiherburggasse 37a 6020 Innsbruck

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Fascinating Namibia

FAC TS A N D F I GU R E S Namibia is situated on the Atlantic coast of southern Africa and has a coastline of 1,575 km (979 miles). It is approximately twice as large as Germany, but at just over 2.5 million inhabitants, its population is smaller than that of Berlin, meaning Namibia has one of the lowest population densities in the world. Eighty percent of its surface are desert, and at 43 million years of age, the country’s namesake, the Namib, is the oldest desert in the world. Namibia gained independence in 1990 and is widely considered a pioneer of environmental protection and conservation, becoming one of the first countries in the world to enshrine them in the constitution. Today, 44 % of the country’s surface is protected or under sustainable management. It is these breath-taking landscapes and the rich fauna that are particular attractions for tourists. Air Dolomiti offers 4 flights per day from Innsbruck to Frankfurt.

Endless deserts, a wild Atlantic coast and fascinating fauna all make Namibia a multifaceted travel destination. With the international travel hub Frankfurt easily accessible from Innsbruck, this captivating country is within easy reach.


he Namib is considered one of the most barren and inhospitable places on the planet, yet at the same time it is one of the best-known attractions in Namibia. Visitors are especially drawn to the magnificent sand dunes of the Sossusvlei and Deadvlei in Namib-Naukluft National Park. At up to 300 m (985 ft) in height, they are among the largest dunes in the world. Their brilliant colours change with the humidity and the passage of the sun, creating a capti-

vating natural spectacle of luminescent yellows, glowing oranges and radiant reds. Fascinating fauna The animal kingdom of Namibia is considered one of the most species-rich in the world, and wildlife preservation is writ large here, though hunting and poaching have left their mark. There are over 20 reserves and conservation areas. Etosha National Park in the north is one of the most important and best-known in the country, and it is one of Namibia’s biggest tourist 23

Fish River Canyon is the second-largest canyon in the world.


attractions. The park is home to over 100 different mammals, including the African “big five” – elephants, rhinoceros, lions, buffalo and leopards – and is also home to over 340 different bird species. Watering holes – some natural, some human-made – offer ample opportunities for wildlife observation. Below the surface Fish River Canyon in the south of Namibia is the largest canyon in Africa and second in size only to the Grand Canyon in the USA. It is part of the |Ai-|Ais-Richtersveld Transfrontier Park and the two privately owned

nature reserves Canyon Nature Park and Vogelstrausskluft. The canyon was formed some 350 million years ago and is up to 550 m (1,800 ft) deep. From April to September fit tourists can descend into the canyon and hike an 86 km long trail (53 miles) accompanied by guides; guided hikes are offered for groups of three or more persons. It is important to book the hike well in advance, as there is a limit on the number of persons allowed into the canyon per day. How long the hike takes depends on the group’s physical fitness, but the average is around four to five days.

The best time to go will definitely depend on travellers’ individual wishes, but Namibia is generally considered worth visiting all year round thanks to its sunny weather and numerous attractions. The climate is mostly dry and hot but can vary strongly between regions. The winter months – note that these are the summer months in Europe and the northern hemisphere – are particularly popular with visitors. Between June and September, temperatures are generally above 20 °C (70 °F) during the day but can dip down quite far at night. Western Namibia gets hardly any rain during this time, but coastal areas can be windy and foggy. Temperatures in the Namib are above 25 °C (77 °F) nearly all year round, but during Namibian summer they often rise above 40 °C (100 °F). The north-east is tropical and humid, so protection against malaria is very important.

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Brussels for the Sweet Tooth As interesting as tourist attractions like Manneken Pis and the European Parliament may be, sometimes nothing can match a city’s edible cultural heritage. And in Brussels, it’s all about the sweet temptations. Get to Brussel s in just 90 min utes on Transavia

Invented in Brussels According to legend it was the pharmacist Jean Neuhaus who invented the chocolate praline in 1912 when he covered bittertasting medicine in chocolate. Later on, his descendants simply swapped out the medicine for tastier fillings, and today the principle remains the same: a soft or liquid core surrounded by hard chocolate. Neuhaus’ shop, opened in 1857, still exists today, vying for customers alongside the numerous chocolatiers, manufactories, or famous names like Leonidas, Godiva or Guylian.


Food of the gods Chocolate has defined and shaped the face of Brussels since the 17th century. Numerous specialty shops and manufactories like Mary or Pierre Marcolini continue to outdo themselves (and each other) with their sweet creations – and they allow their customers to watch them do it. Belgian chocolate is not a protected trademark, but the name stands for high-quality products handmade in Belgium with pure cocoa butter.

It can be hard to find sweets of any kind that are free of animal products. However, Brussels has become home to several places that cater to the sweet dreams of vegan clientele. Veganwaf specializes in waffles completely free of anything animal. Chocolate that no cow ever came near can be found at the small shop Vanessa Renard or at Laurent Gerbaut, and the latter also sells vegan ice cream.





Mixed bunch For true ‘sweet-teeth’, there is lots more to discover in Brussels beyond chocolates and waffles. There is the namesake Brussels cake, an elaborate concoction of two different cake bases paired with a berry-rich filling. You may also want to sample the coneshaped Cuberdons, a recognized Flemish specialty. Due to their short shelf life, these purple treats are not generally sold outside Belgium. And then there are the creations that bridge the gap between sweet confections and that other Belgian institution: beer. The cherry-flavoured Kriek, or beers with a heady chocolate aroma are a phenomenon that can be classed as ingenious or … interesting.

Food street If you are eager to try new foods or find yourself hungry for more substantial fare, then the Rue de Bouchers is the place for you. This restaurant-lined historic street is a true taste trail in the best sense.




FRU 25

A square snack No visit to Brussels would be complete without authentic Belgian waffles. What many don’t know is that they come in two distinct styles: Liège waffles are made with a thicker, yeastleavened dough prepared with pearl sugar, while the lighter Brussels waffles are made with a liquid batter. Both are popular street food, and both are usually served warm with fruit, whipped cream or chocolate sauce, though Brussels waffles can also be savoury. Lighter fare Next to thick, hearty waffles, the more delicate crepes are also a popular street treat. You will find both savoury and sweet varieties, and the city’s crêperies such as Maison des Crêpes offer a wide variety of toppings and fillings to suit every taste. 27

Open House Day at Innsbruck Airport (October 26, 1985) TA N JA C H R AU S T

® Jakob Ringler, Richard Biendl, Gerhard Wilhelmer, Gerhard Hofer, Dr. Karl Hirsch


o celebrate its 60th anniversary in 1985, the Tiroler Flughafenbetriebsgesellschaft – under new leadership with director Hans Jilg and deputy director Reinhold Falch – decided to hold an open day on Austria’s national holiday, October 26. Though this event was not planned as a costly or environmentally damaging, large-scale spectacle, its programme was nonetheless impressive. The aircraft exhibition featured numerous commercial planes (Crossair – SaabFairchild SF 340A Cityliner, Dan-Air – Bae 146-100, Lufthansa – Airbus A310, RFG – Metroliner Metro II, and Tyrolean Airways – Dash7), some of which offered sightseeing flights. Other airplanes on show included a business jet (Falcon 20 F), an air ambulance (Citation II), and a sightseeing plane (Piper PA-32/300 Cherokee Six). Visitors could also marvel at the rescue helicopter Christophorus I, the search-and-rescue helicopter of the ministry of the interior (BMI), and various

gliders and sports aircraft. The Austrian military (Bundesheer) presented four Saab 105Ö jet fighters, a Short SC-73M-400 Skyvan short-haul freighter plane and five SA-3160 Alouette III helicopters. Other attractions of this festival included an air show with glider aerobatics, a hang-gliding demonstration (from the Seegrube to the airport), and a photo exhibit titled “60 Years at Innsbruck Airport”.

AIR SHOW The apron and ramp at Innsbruck Airport were teeming with aircraft on October 26, 1985.

TOUCHDOWN The landing of a Lufthansa jumbo jet (large-capacity aircraft) Airbus A310 was the absolute highlight on open house day.

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D E M O N S T R AT I O N F L I G H T S Show flights of a four-engine Dan-Air BAe 146-100 (G-BKHT) were also well received by spectators. FOR MATION F LY I NG An impressive display of formation flight by Alouette III choppers of the Austrian Armed Forces (Bundesheer).

S CE N IC F LIGHT A sightseeing flight on the Lufthansa Airbus A310 (D-AICH) was certainly the high point of the airport festival for aviation enthusiasts.

Visitors could also take a look behind the scenes on guided tours of the airport fire brigade, winter services, and the control tower. In the afternoon, live music was provided by the Militärmusik Tirol (an Austrian Armed Forces band). Airport management had been expecting some 15,000 visitors, but by the end of the day some 50,000 people had virtually stormed Innsbruck Airport. The provided parking (on the meadows south of the airport, on the grounds of the university’s sports facilities and in the Steinbockweg/Fischnalerstraße area) proved hopelessly inadequate, and the

festival’s unexpected popularity caused traffic havoc in the city. After this resounding success, the popular event was held again at intervals over the following years, and since 2005, the annual Airport Festival on Austria’s National Day has become a fixture and a yearly highlight. The only exceptions have been 2010 and 2016 (construction) and 2020-2022 (Covid pandemic). After this latest, unwelcome three-year hiatus, the airport hopes that it will finally be possible to hold this popular aviation attraction once again in 2023.

N EWSPAPER AD A ticket for a scenic flight by Tyrolean Airways on a four-engine Dash 7 included a glass of bubbly, a tour of the plane and cockpit, and a tour of the Tyrolean dockyard (Tiroler Tageszeitung12/13 October 1985, p. 3)

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WIR HABEN ATTRAKTIVE JOBS IN DEN BEREICHEN Buchhaltung, Flugzeugabfertigung und Passenger Service zu besetzen. • Interessantes und herausforderndes Arbeitsumfeld sowie abwechslungsreicher Aufgabenbereich • Gute Work-Life-Balance (zusätzliche Urlaubswoche) • flexible Arbeitszeitmodelle (Gleitzeit, 4 Tage-Woche) • Attraktive Sozial- und Zusatzleistungen • Essenszuschuss von EUR 3,25 pro Tag und Mahlzeit, mehrere Verpflegungsmöglichkeiten am Flughafen, frischer Obst- und Gemüsekorb • Bereichsabhängig kostenlose Dienstbekleidung • Kostenloser Parkplatz sowie Unterstützung für die Nutzung der öffentlichen Verkehrsmittel

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Why do airplanes have oval val windows? o The rounded shape of the windows on airplanes has nothing to do with how they look. The higher up you go, the thinner the air gets, so at high altitudes you need to pump extra air into a plane so that people inside can still breathe normally. This means that the air pressure inside the plane is higher than on the outside (kind of like when you blow up a balloon), and the overpressure actually makes the hull stretch a little bit. This type of strain is biggest in places like corners – like the ones you would have on a square window – where constant pressure could cause cracks and tears.

Having oval windows means no corners, so the extra air pressure is more evenly distributed and can’t cause damage.

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Summer Outlook As the winter cold creeps in, look on the sunny side: Here are some of next summer’s travel destinations from Innsbruck.


2 fl ig h ts p e r w e e k to Pa lm a



Mallorca is the kind of place everyone should visit at least once – and those who do usually go back. Little wonder – the largest of the Balearic Islands has it all: rest and relaxation, amazing cuisine, and athletic challenges to delight even the most active of travellers. 33



Beaches, history, and amazing food are waiting to be discovered next summer on the island of Kos. If you want to discover Greece, you’ve come to the right place.


Leave all your cares behind you and soak up the sun on the Mediterranean.

® Pixabay,





Down in the toe of Italy’s “boot”, travellers looking to relax will find secluded beaches, sleepy little towns, and the incomparable cuisine of Southern Italy.












Lamezia Terme



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We’ve Got Things Well in Hand 5 useful apps for your text trip



If hand-written lists are a bit too old-school for you, try one of these handy apps the next time you’re packing your bags. Provide PackPoint or Packr with some basic information – such as where you’re going and what you plan on doing there – and the apps will assemble a list of all the essential (and less essential) things you’ll want to pack. Then simply check the items off the list one by one.

No matter where you’re headed, it never hurts to know at least a few phrases in the language spoken at your destination. If you want a fun and easy way to learn some basics, you should check out Duolingo. The app provides short, entertaining lessons to get you started or to hone more advanced skills in various languages.

Skip the line Fun in the (virtual) snow


Maybe you’re already prepping for your next ski trip, or maybe you prefer warmer climes but still want a bit of snowy-charged fun. Either way, Grand Mountain Adventure is a highly entertaining diversion for winter sports enthusiasts and couch potatoes alike. The game features a total of ten (fictional) mountain resorts to explore and various challenges to master.

All in one SKYSCANNER This one does exactly what it says on the label: It helps you research, find and book the best flights to your destination with ease. While the app scans and compares offers from various vendors, you can set different filters to find the best options for you. Further travel options include hotels and rental cars.

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So you’re craving culture, but you’re not keen on queueing? Then try Tiqets, an app that lets you buy tickets to famous museums and popular attractions all over the world comfortably from your smartphone. You can even download and save your bookings so things will still go smoothly even when you’re offline or out of range.

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