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BOOKS Little Books, a bookstore for the adventurous, the curious and the wonderfully imaginative child. Little Books plays with comfort and whimsy in a way that excites children to lose themselves in the worlds of written word. Little Books prides itself on being an independent and family run bookstore in Nashville, Tennessee and features local writers and book artists and hosts story and adventure times regularly. Little Books brings the community together with a passion for books and childhood-wonder. With that in mind, the aesthetic of the brand hints toward the whimsical and nostalgic pull of childhood. The brand reflects the warmth and earthiness of the local landscape, as well as

honoring the stories with wild adventures on lush landscapes of greens and golds and browns, such as Peter Pan . While also playing with themes introduced with the Golden Books’ iconography of swirling filigree and little animals. All of this combining into the aesthetic branding of Little Books with its quest to invite children back to books and adventure. The following is a detailed record of the many elements creating the branding of Little Books, their uses, their acceptable substitutes and their unacceptable substitutes as established by Little Books and the designer, Zie Campbell.






There are three acceptable methods of displaying the logo: simple text, within a circle, within a rectangle.

BOOKS The smallest a logo can be within either the circle or rectangle is 1.5 inches from edge to edge.

BOOKS The smallest a logo can be in simple text, without shape is 1.25 inches from serif of the B to the tail of the vine.





There are only four variations on color displays for the logo: light green or gold on dark green, dark green on light green, or white on black.



21,31,100, 7 #8F9136

56, 43, 100, 26 #68692C 21, 31, 100, 1 #CDA82B

Primary colors, Used in logos, patterns and stationery.

19, 56, 100, 4 #C67C29 6, 10, 27, 0 #EDDEBD

Secondary colors, Used in signage and illustrations.


Kailey Regular used for base of logo, signatures on letters or business cards only. Never used for body copy and never used as bold or italics.

Bentham used for base of logo, body copy, business cards and tag lines. Never used as bold or italics.

There are two different patterns used throughout the entire branding including, but not limited to: letterhead, stationery, website, merchandise, wallpaper, tissue paper, wrapping paper, fabric for furniture or pillows, business cards. Acceptable use of color: dark green vines on light green background or off-white vines on gold background.

signs & groups

Signage in the store represents dividers based on age and skill level. The corresponding numbers of the section match the “height chart� located at the front of the store. 1. Mouse, 0-15 months 2. Squirrel, 15-24 months 3. Bunny, 2-4 years 4. Fox, 5+ years

5+ years There are four separate characters used throughout Little Books and vary in use from, but not limited to: signage, business cards, website icons, and merchandise. Characters are not meant to replace the logo, but may serve as representation for the different age groups. 1. Mouse, 0-15 months 2. Squirrel, 15-24 months 3. Bunny, 2-4 years 4. Fox, 5+ years

2-4 yr.

15-24 mo.

0-15 mo.

stationery suite

Stationery and letter head are always to be displayed in full color. The gold background with off-white vines is to be on the back, and the front will have either a light green rectangle with dark green logo, or dark green rectangle with light green logo. The envelope will always have a patterned lining, however, can be either of the two established patterns.

Business cards will either be gold logo over a dark green background or may use any of the four established characters on an off-white background.

The website must have all established characters representing the different age groups and the logo must be clearly displayed gold on a dark green background.



Both the exterior and interior spaces are similar in color and aesthetic to branding. The exterior has dark green molding with white logo and hours. The interior is comfortable and playful for children, with many places to sit and read.

BOOKS Little books for big adventures. MON-FRI: 8 AM - 8 PM || SAT-SUN: 11 AM-6 PM


Interior details include the same color scheme and aesthetic as branding of Little Books. A mix of dark and warm woods for floors, counters and book shelves. Well lit with soft, warm lights along the ceiling and large windows. Furniture should be within the color scheme. If patterned, must be one of the two established patterns.


A limited selection of toys will be for sale . Toys and decorations (including books) should fit within the established aesthetic when possible; should be whimsical and safe for all ages.

typical customer

you for shopping with us!

Typical customer is a child (or family of child) ranging from 0-15 years of age.

Shopping bags are gold with offwhite vines, with the light green rectangle with the dark green logo.

Little books for big adventures.

Little Books--a branding project  

Final branding for Little Books, a children's bookstore.