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Kobe City’s “Tetsujin-28 Go” zichi Lorentz 2009

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Kobe City’s “Tetsujin-28 Go” Kobe City's new 60 foot (18m) manga statue of the famous character, Tetsujin-28 go, or Ironman, originally created by the late Mitsuteru Yokoyama who was born in Nagata. The project cost ¥135 million ($1.4 million) which was mostly raised from private funding. It's located in Wakamatsu Park, Shin Nagata which can be reached from the central station of Sannomiya. Shin Nagata is 2 stops after Kobe Station. Come out on the seaside exit, turn right and walk until you see the park on the left. It is intended as a symbol of the city's revival after the 1995 Kobe Earthquake.

Kobe City’s “Tetsujin-28 Go” zichi lorentz 2009

Kobe City's "Tetsujin-28 Go"  
Kobe City's "Tetsujin-28 Go"  

Kobe City's new manga statue of the famous charcter Tetsujin-28 Go.