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Kyoto Autumn zichi Lorentz

Kyoto Autumn 2010 The autumn is a beautiful time to visit Kyoto, Japan. The city and the surrounding mountains become alive with the brilliant autumn palette of yellows, oranges, reds and golds. Thousands of visitors from all over Japan pour into the city to enjoy the season. We are fortunate to live in Kobe City, Kyoto is just one hour away on a fast train. We headed to the Arashiyama area, renown for the colors

Š2010 zichi Lorentz

I love the traditional gates. We have one at our house!

The red leafs against the dying lotus

Buddhist temple in the Arashiyama area

zen garden at the famous Tenryu-ji Temple

the last weekend in Nov was very busy with visitors

Tenryu-ji Temple is a World Heritage Site

The wonderful gardens date back to the 14th C

Beautiful autumn lake, zen gardens and Arashiyama mountains in the background

Perfect example of “Wabi Sabi”

zen and the art of motor bikes

the famous river in Arashiyama. People take boat trips

thousands pouring across the bridge into Arashiyama

Green Tea and dessert

Kyoto Fan Shop

Kyoto Gift Shop

the famous Gion area

looks it’s best after dark

the famous “Golden Pavilion Temple”

great place to enjoy the autumn colors

another World Heritage Site

the temple building is covered with real gold!

a zen moment

Maruyama Park

Kyoto Autumn  
Kyoto Autumn  

The autumn season is a beautiful time to enjoy Kyoto with many places to visit or just enjoying the colors of the surrounding mountains.