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Coming of Age Day 2010 In Japan every year in January, there's a National Holiday to celebrate "Coming of Age Day" or "Seijin no Hi". It's held to congratulate and encorage all those who have reached the age of majority or 20-years over the past year. There are many "Coming of Age Ceremonies" held by the Prefectures. They started in about 714 AD.

fountain at a shrine

The young people visit shrines to offer prayers

and buy good fortune tokens which are hung on trees or in this case in the shape of a rabbit

most of the young women wear beautiful furisodes, a form of kimono with long sleeves, and zori sandals

a shrine in Kobe City

Rabbit sign at the shrine

many other people visit the shrines to admire the beautiful furisodes worn by the young women

people lining up to buy good fortune tokens

I love the woodwork of the shrines and temples

the fuisodes can be very expensive to buy

costing between $5000 to $10,000

but they can also be rented for about $1,000

but there's also the cost of a visit to the hair salon and makeup salon

good fortune tree

a good day for shrine business

mod car with bouncy suspension owned by a teen I guess?

stopping for one of many photo's!

this young women was wearing her furisode in a new way, off the shoulder-very sexy!

and another

new adults-the future is theirs!

the men have a good day too!

meeting up with friends for an evening party

decorations for the day in an underground mall

new young adults returning from a ceremony at the Prefecture Office!

waterfall in subway

young men with tradional costume and western style

Š2011 zichi Lorentz

Coming of Age Japan  
Coming of Age Japan  

In January every year in Japan there is a National Holiday to celebrate the "Coming of Age" for all young people reaching the age of majorit...