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Zichen Liu - VIRGINIA TECH CAUS European Study Abroad Trip 2017




WOOD 5 -6

METAL 7-10


BRICK 15-16

STONE 17-20

Space Shaping

1. Moabit Prison Historical Park, Berlin


+ Space Shaping

1. Moabit Prison Historical Park, Berlin 2. Platz der Einheit, Potsdam 3. Cimitero Di San Michele, Venice


Shaping the star-shaped layout of the original prison building footprint by sunken lawn utilizing concrete boundary, the whole park works as a piece of sculpture art providing a sense of ceremony to create a language communicating between the history and the present. The separated concrete art works in the park intensify the site form.

Project Background The prison in Moabit was constructed 18421849. In Worldwar II political prisoners and resistance fighters have been captured in it. In 1958 the buildings were demolished. The city of Berlin rediscovered the historical value of the reminiscent rests in 1990 and commissioned a redesign.

+ Self-compacting concrete


The Platz der Einheit is a square in the city center of Potsdam. The square is a large-scaled popular place as a busy transit hub, an event gathering space and a public place surrounded by the Old Market, the Dutch Quarter, the Bassinplatz with the St. Peter and Paul Church and the French Church.

Space Shaping Shaping the X-shaped crossroad running through the lawn rectangle by utilizing concrete stairs both help meet the huge transportation need and create sculptured sitting areas along the crossroad with highly aesthetic and social value.


3. Cimitero Di San Michele, Venice

2. Platz der Einheit, Potsdam

Project Background

+ Self-compacting concrete

Space Shaping The self-compacting concrete pillars in the Cimitero Di San Michele create and define the spacial sequence for each individual cemetery space. The fine texture of self-compacting concrete and cut-stone (wall) is in stark contrast to the rough shrubs in the atrium, which provides a visual impact for visitors.


WOOD + Wood Panel Interior Installation Swarovski Kristallwelten + Wood Panel Bridge Venice

+ Wood Panel From Deck to Bridge

+ Wood Panel Path / Playground Kalvebod Waves

+ Wood Panel Deck Louisiana Museum of Modern Art


+ Wood Panel Path BUGA 05 Playground

+ Wood Panel Playground Swarovski Kristallwelten


Iron Arch

Space Shaping


+ Sculpture / Installation


Iron Sculpture Window

1. Sanssouci Palace and Park, Potsdam

+ Sculpture / Installation + Nature Conservation / Reinventing the Old 2. Natur-Park Sßdgelände, Berlin


1. Sanssouci Palace and Park, Potsdam

+ Space Shaping 1





Little Janey-Waney, Painted Iron


Crystal Cloud, Stainless-Steel Masts


Courtyard Sculpture, Iron


Logo, Iron


Nature Conservation / Reinventing the Old

2. Natur-Park Südgelände, Berlin

Schöneberger Südgelände Park is originally as a typical derelict railway site and was repaired as an educational / recreational nature park. It is in the heart of the major city with a diverse type of vegetations and species. The project utilized the existing ramps and underpasses that once served for crossing the tracks to create a new path system. To protect the vegetations and species on site, the design of metal walkway raised 50 cm above the vegetation while following the old tracks, which was the identification of conservation area. The maintenance of the old railway and the collection of iron art works represent the respect to the railroad industrial heritage of it history.

+ Iron Boundary

+ Iron Sculptures

+ Stainless Steel Surface



1. Great Fürstenberk Garden, Prague Project Background


+ Soften the Form 1. Great Fürstenberk Garden, Prague

The Great Fürstenberg Garden spans out around the Fürstenberg Palace, which consists of two parts – the lower plain and the terraced back garden. A stairway passes through the Garden and leads up to a triaxial and the lower part of the Garden is a French fountain.







+ Material Contrast 2. BUGA 05 Playground, Munich

+ Space Shaping 3. Riemer Park, Munich

Soften the Form Since the garden is the easternmost of the palace gardens on the southern slope of Prague Castle, the steep slope and the geometrically shaped stairway provide a strong sense of form. The plantings of flowers, trees and roses in the terrace garden soften the form, bringing pleasant fragrance and scenery for visitors to relax and enjoy.



2. BUGA 05 Playground, Munich

3. Riemer Park, Munich

+ Material Contrast

Space Shaping

Project Background Munich-Riem was where airplanes took off and landed. After moving the airport to Erdinger Moos, the city council decided to build a suburb including a large landscape park to link the new city district to the surrounding municipalities and held an international competition in 1995.

Based on what I experienced and understood in the Riemer Park, the vegetation takes significant role in land distribution and space organization. This project presents the woodlands of the southeast of Munich and the open fields of the north-east in the park by shaping the land into different categories, utilizing the different properties of vegetation as a material, such as space shaping capacity and texture contrast. Meadows, forest masses, tree clusters, strips of trees and individual trees are some examples.



Chilehaus, Hamburg


+ Brick Expressionism Chilehaus, Hamburg

Brick Expressionism Chilehaus is a typical example representing the Brick Expressionism. There are variant types of expression of brick using in Chilehaus including the material of bricks, tiles and clinker bricks.




Space Shaping

Project Background

The monument consists of three spaces, defined by granite-covered walls with build-in lighting. One wall displays the “One time – One place – One human”. One is for the currently deployed personnel. The last one is a space of commemoration for the fallen Danish soldiers. The granite-covered walls shape the space with a sense of ceremony and movement to invite people walk

The monument is in the Citadel of Copenhagen. It expresses the acknowledgement of the contributions made by thousands of deployed Danes in international missions since 1948.

through the monument and stop for a moment.

+ Space Shaping The Monument for Denmark’s International Effort

+ Soften the Form + Enrich the Form

+ granite-covered walls

17 15

The Monument for Denmark’s International Effort 18

Soften the Form

Enrich the Form

The natural looking stones on the pedestrian street corner soften the form of straight stair lines on the pavement. They also bring the quality of nature back

The sculptured rolling stone art piece in this urban courtyard enrich the original form of the place spatially and provide a

to the urban life by detail design.


sense of movement.


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CODA The 35 Days Europe Trip is such a graven experience for me to think, to ask, to draw and to learn as a landscape architecture student. Not limited to this, during the trip, I was more impressed by experiencing how nature grew, how city formed, how people lived and how design multi-developed. I am so grateful for our Landscape Architecture Program, our faculties and my classmates. They shaped this special opportunity for me to see the design world from another view and formed my precious memories in Europe.

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Material Utilization through Design


Material Utilization through Design