Fuzz for a fiver

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SCHEMATIC the values arent critical. play around with vlues of the 100nf capacitor or 100k resistor.


Please note that in this image the Transistor is facing flatside down! and the Diodes black stripe is on the right side. Also the polarity of the 1uf electrolytic capacitor. The negative side of the capacitor has a negat grey stripe and a negative sign. In and Out go straight to the jack sockets

LOVELY Now if it doesnt work, dont panic. not all is lost. There are some things to check. -Are the jacks soldered right, the Tip of the jack to the IN/OUT, and the Sleeve of the Jacks to GROUND. -Is the transistor the right way round. -is the diode/resistor/electrolytic capacitor. -The 9v batter has it got juice? -is the OUT going to the amp?

REMEMBER If you have any questions message us on facebook. send us a pic of what youve done, try and be as descriptive as possible. Please check the facebook page for updates on how you can add a switch to it, or put it in a case. the below all the parts have just been glued to a board for a super interesting look!


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