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our cover Silver City, like most communities, has its cadre of outstanding cooks, and Silver City Life will continue dragging them out into the limelight where they belong. This issue’s mouth-watering cover was produced (and shared) by Simon and Sandra Ortiz.


36 14 29 feat u res 14 Gourmet and International Groceries. Find your specialty foods, cookware and “how to” classes right in Silver City at Curious Kumquat. 16 Chinese Influence. Chinese families and businesses formed an important pillar for community development back in the late 1800s and their contributions continue today. 28 Southwestern Linguini and Clam Sauce. Simon and Sandra Ortiz add a southwestern twist to an old Italian favorite by including green chile…hey, it’s New Mexico. 29 Local Meat Cutters. If you are serious about including meat in your diet, you should get to know your local butchers. They harbor no secrets and enthusiastically contribute to your dining success. 33 Spicy Pumpkin Pie. Spicy, of course, refers to green chile, but don’t turn away until you’ve tried it. Norean Bassler baked an intriguing pastry that will spice up any conversation. 34 Spicy Garlic Shrimp with Cherry Tomatoes. The MRAC Cuisine Team shares a spicy pasta favorite.


d e p a r t me nt s 37 Ma Po Bean Curd . Mason one of the cooking class instructors for Curious Kumquat shares his recipe for this flavorful Chinese favorite. 44 Kitchen Gadgets and Accessories. Check this collection of kitchen items from Silver City retailers that may or may not be necessities, but clever and colorful for sure. 46 Winter’s Best. A diverse array of selections presented by area restaurants that will make your mouth water. 49 Grass Fed Organic Beef. If your beef is healthy living, Joe Hollister in Cliff has some alternatives that may enhance your diet.

12 Editor’s Note. Greetings from Lynn Janes. 18 Investing. James Edd Hughs and Kevin Thompson share tips from Edward Jones. 20 Out & About. Snapshots of recent local events. 26 Winter Birding. With resident experts Gene Lewis and Dr. Dale Zimmerman. 27 Remembering. Ben Altamirano and Manny Herrera. 38 Medical. Gila Regional Cancer Center Opens. Local Red Cross. Expands Silver City facility. 42 Outdoors. Fishing for Catfish with Dutch Salmon. 43 Advertisers Index.

th e s o urce S3 S4 S22 S31 S39 S44 S46 S48

Area Attractions Map Galleries & Shopping Dining Out At Your Service Quick Facts Salons & Spas Area Events. The schedule from January through June.

50 Health & Wellness. Meal Replacements and more. 52 Food or Feed. Keeping your best friend healthy. 54 Happy Endings. Happy endings for dogs and cats. Pet Memorial Wall. Dedicated to Linda Keith honoring her many years of service.

1310 S I LV E R H E I G H TS B LV D . • S I LV E R C I T Y, NM 88 0 61 • 575-538 -5328 W W W.S E A R S D E A L E R S . C O M / 3329 • Monday-Saturday 9-6 • Sunday 12-5 Locally Owned and Operated by Charles Kelly Manager, Melissa Kelly

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The winter issue of Silver City Life is all about food. Silver City is developing a wide range of choices typically found only in the larger communities, with influences materializing from around the globe. The “food world” of Silver City is definitely coming of age. The Curious Kumquat took a bold plunge by offering some unique cooking classes. I had such a good time photographing one of the classes that I am looking forward to taking some myself. And what a great store for broadening your food experiences – you won’t even have to travel to the big city for needed ingredients. I hope you will enjoy all the stories and perhaps learn about new places and information…I did. There are so many stories about food that we want to tell, but most will just have to wait for future issues. I know the photographs of meals from our area restaurants will entice your palate; you’ll want to try them all. We highlighted three local cookbooks, but to my delight, I found there were a number of others. The proceeds from these cookbooks go to great local charities that help our community. I have already tried the Southwestern style linguini recipe offered by Simon and Sandra Ortiz. I really liked it. As for the Pumpkin Pie recipe, that one is my grandmother’s and she makes it for me. I can’t wait to try the others that are featured. Silver City Life is made possible by advertising from great local businesses. As you plan your shopping, check first with the businesses tastefully presented on the pages of this magazine. You will be amazed at the products and services available in our growing community and you will be pleased with the personal service and friendliness here that you don’t often experience out of town. And of course, our advertisers spend their profits and pay their taxes right here. We also have a number of new businesses that I encourage you to visit.


Lynn Janes Lynn Janes Managing Editor


contributors Judy DouBrava is a locally well-known cosmetologist and annual culinary contributor to Chocolate Fantasia. Other interests include writing, photography and the ethical treatment of animals. She lives in Silver City with her husband Jesse and their dogs Spot and Jack. Sarah Gibson A Boston native an avid Red Sox fan, Sarah Gibson is new to Silver City. She is a graduate of The George Washington University in Washington DC with a BA in English and Journalism. She is currently teaching English at Cobre High School in Bayard, NM. Eugene Lewis began serious birding in eastern Kansas in the 1950s, eventually roaming the entire state in his pursuit of the avian species. Upon retirement in 1991 he moved to Silver City, where he has continued his lifelong quest. Dutch Salmon is a former correspondent for the Albuquerque Journal and the author of seven books, including Gila Rising and the recently published Country Sports. He lives near the Gila Wilderness with his wife Cherie and son Bud.

Hometown Community Spirit Hometown Community Pride Silver City Office

1609 N. Swan Street • Silver City, NM 88061


Hurley Branch

Bayard Branch

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Pat Young lives with her husband Jeff in the mountains above the Mimbres Valley where they hand-built their log home. The retired journalist has written for numerous publications. She currently handles public relations and advertising for Smith Real Estate. Dr. Dale A. Zimmerman is an ornithologist, botanist, naturalist and Professor Emeritus of Biology at WNMU, where he taught for 31 years. He is also a recognized bird illustrator, nature photographer and author with field experience on every continent.

and for those living further away... 1.800.440.8751



photo by Rob Connoley


AND INTERNATIONAL GROCERIES AND KITCHEN ACCESSORIES ARE NOW FOUND IN SILVER CITY WRITTEN BY PAT YOUNG I PHOTOGRAPHY BY JOE BURGESS AND LYNN JANES Where Bullard Street ends, a unique shopping experience begins for anyone seeking international and gourmet groceries and quality cookware. The curious Kumquat is located at 111 E. College Ave. in a charming building painted, well, the color of kumquat, a small citrus fruit that originated in China. First-time shoppers know immediately that this is a new experience when they open the door. The sunny entry has stacks of woven shopping baskets produced by a women’s cooperative in Ghana, and fresh flowers promoting the building’s former owner, Lusk flowers. These are just two examples of the way owners Rob and 14 – SILVER CITYLIFE

Tyler Connoley partner with and give back to the community and beyond. They also offer locally made products and partner with Silver High School’s culinary program. Rob and Tyler opened their store three years ago after hearing people say they wanted gourmet and international foods. They moved from their previous location on Bullard to their current building a year ago. From day one, they both wanted “to create something the town could be proud of.” The name “Curious” came from their desire to learn new things, Tyler says, and “Kumquat” because it was a fun word. It also means good luck in Chinese.

top row, l to r: Tyler Connoley serves a chocolate treat for the annual MRAC “Chocolate Fantasia” fundraiser, Mason demonstrates how to prepare Fish Flavored Chicken for one of the Chinese cooking classes, Curious Kumquat interior showing the many products and cookware available, Rob Connoley serves flowering tea to the participants of the Chinese cooking class, Rob Connoley serving flower blossom hot tea to the participants of one of the classes during a break. Mason (Instructor) and Mary Hotredt (student) prepare one of the recipes demonstrated in the class. middle row, l to r: Cuisinart food processor with various imported grocery items, Cuisinart rechargeable hand blender and soda siphon, Bodum Pavina double -walled glassware that is insulated yet elegant, Le Creuset porcelain on iron cookware, four of the many pieces available. bottom: Some of the many imported oils and vinegars available.

“Everything we order comes from customer requests,” Rob says, adding that “most gourmet and international foods are not expensive. We eat around the globe every night.” Looking for something unusual? They have everything from a rare Turkish oil and 25-year-old balsamic vinegar to Portuguese smoked trout and bacon chocolate bars. They also carry less exotic items, including an impressive range of pastas, sauces and cheeses. People come in frequently asking for ideas when preparing meals. Tyler answers questions about appetizers and main courses. Rob is the “sweets” guy. They offer cooking classes about twice a month. In September, there were classes on sushi and Chinese. Classes, usually on Saturdays, last a couple of hours. They keep enrollment down to eight. The fee, around $35, covers materials as well as a gift bag of ingredients so participants can try it at home. Call the store at 534-0337, or stop by for class information and schedules. “We sell memories, too,” Tyler adds. No matter where you’ve been in the world, something at The Curious Kumquat will bring back memories. Their business card says “life’s a banquet.” So is their store.

Holiday Inn Express Silver City Let Holiday Inn Express in beautiful Silver City be your home away from home. Enjoy our fully equipped cardio work-out room, spa facilities, complimentary Express Start breakfast and FREE high-speed Internet access in every room. And, our friendly and professional staff is always at your service.

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above: M. F. Lime and Sue Lime with Jimmy and Jackie. They ran the Manhattan Cafe on Bullard Street and later ran the Chef’s Grill next to the Murray Hotel on Texas Street. top, right: Y. D. Toy, owner of the Toy Grocery and Market, which closed about 1986, delivered groceries and meat directly to homes and put them in the ice boxes because the house doors were left open! right: Walter Toy takes family photos in front of the store that was built in 1936. Dick Tatsch built the store with bricks, they cost one cent each, from the original railroad station in Tyrone.

Chinese influence and cuisine arrived in Silver City in the late 1800’s WRITTEN BY LUIS PÉREZ l PHOTOGRAPHY COURTESY OF THE TOY FAMILY Silver City and area residents enjoy Chinese cuisine and currently have a choice of at least four restaurants that offer this type of food. But it was not until 1874 that the first Chinese resident, Charlie Sung, came to Silver City from Morenci, Arizona to establish a wash house and, three years later, opened a restaurant at the corner of Bullard and Broadway streets. More Chinese people followed and established such businesses as hotels, restaurants and raising vegetables at the southern end of town known as the Chinese Gardens. Helen Toy, Mrs. James Graff, who now lives in Tucson, said her family came to Silver City from Morenci in 1932. Her parents were Yee Do Toy and Rose Toy. They are 16 – SILVER CITYLIFE

remembered for their grocery store which was located at the corner of Market and Arizona streets. Her brothers, Herbert and Walter still live in Silver City. Among restaurants that flourished in Silver City were the Manhattan, owned by M. F. Lime and Barker’s, owned by Fred Mar. The Rainbow was owned by the Sherman Wong family and Bow’s Market, which was in the Murray Hotel and owned by Bow Yee. The present Buffalo Bar occupies the building that at one time was the Grant Restaurant. Also in the food business was Hing Lee, who had a grocery store on Broadway adjacent to the Big Ditch. Although not all were food businesses, there were at least 30 Chinese stores in Silver City. This was reported by Terry

No One Knows The Country Like We Do!

above: Members of young Chinese families in Silver City. Front row, left to right, are Eddie Fong, Mary Mammon (holding Helen Toy) and sister Ethel Mammon. Back Row, left to right, are Johhn Mammon, Otho “Oats” Mammon, rose Toy, Skue Lime and Grace Fong. left: Memorabelia from Y. Toy Store owned by Laura and Anthony Howell, current owners of the building. “We hear so many wonderful stories of Yee and Rose Toy from people who stop by... it is Yee's laughter that is most often mentioned,” said Laura.

photo courtesy Laura Howell

Koenig, who wrote a research paper on Chinese history in Silver City. While some opium dens were owned by Chinese, and wholeheartedly patronized by some town citizens, the Asian residents were seen as honest, hard working persons. However, there was prejudice against them and at one time, the “good citizens of Silver City” met and attempted to run them out of town because of their “sly ways” and for resisting total immersion into “good American life styles.” There were years, in the early 1980’s when the closest Chinese restaurant was in Lordsburg but, a few years later, Silver Citians began to patronize new Chinese restaurants that opened in Silver City. Today these restaurants are the China Gate, Golden Star, the Golden Dragon and the Chinese Palace. According to Eric Wong, owner of the Golden Dragon, Chinese dishes are named for northern or southern areas of China. Popular names include Cantonese, Mandarin and Szechuan. Look for more on this story in the Silver City Daily Press.

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6. Don’t be blinded by tax considerations. Investment decisions based on peculiarities in tax laws are seldom sound. Tax laws change frequently, sometimes with disastrous results. An exception is tax-exempt bonds.

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9. Know yourself. When asked why he avoids technology stocks, Warren Buffet responds that technology is beyond his circle of competence. Knowing one’s limits is important. 10. Review your strategy annually. Your investment strategy should be reviewed once every 12 months or after a life-changing event. * Past performance is no indication of future results.

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1st New Mexico Bank held their annual Customer Appreciation Celebration September 14, 2007. They served over 800 hamburgers and hot dogs in the bank parking lot. "Mariachi Flores Mexicanas" Group out of El Paso played music.





Denim & Pearls Copper Cowbells Oct 20, 2007 The Copper Cowbells put on quite a party to raise money for their charitable projects. The Delk Band that has been a constant favorite of our community for many years played and people danced all night. The members of the Copper Cowbells had a great spread of delectable finger foods that they made themselves. They also had a huge silent auction with many different items from our local merchants.

Mike Montoux During the Summer Jackie at the KOA campground has a BBQ on Satruday nights. This particular night she had local singer and cowboy poet Mike Montoux thrilling his audience with good country songs, stories, and poetry. SILVER CITYLIFE – 21


We’re Your Hometown Independent Full Service Bank! Checking and Saving, CDs, IRAs, ATM and Visa Check Card Free On-Line Banking * We are here for all your loan needs! We offer loans for: *Construction/Permanent Financing *Mortgage/Fixed or Adjustable Rate *Commercial *Personal *Auto *Installments ATMs: Wal-Mart, Gila Regional Medical Center/ER, The Hub and the Main Branch drive up or walk up.


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Viola Smith celebrated her 90th Bithday September the 8th this year with many family and friends. All of her three children were there also to celebarate including brand new great grandchild Bella Mia Thayer.



The Art Fair at the Silco was filled with many different Artists from here and out of town. There were also a number of artist’s booths outside. There was artwork of many different kinds to interest anyone’s taste. 22 – SILVER CITYLIFE


Silver City Properties 120 E. 11th Street Toll-free (866) 538-0404


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Weekend At the Galleries 2007 Silver City’s premier arts weekend included the annual Wine Gala held this year at the Seedboat Gallery Courtyard on Yankie Street, the amazing Phantom Studio and Auction, Robert Shaw and the Lonely Street Band at the Buffalo, Ward Rudick and Jazz Orgy at WNMU Fine Arts and Gallery Art Walks all weekend.

Dawn Holladay 575-590-0689

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“Simply the best building material you can use for the exterior walls of your next residential or commercial project.” PHANTOM ARTISTS FRANCES DONDELINGER, ZOE WOLFE AND FRED BARRAZA

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Custom homes by Sunup Design/Build incorporate simple, elegant design, use natural materials, and integrate indoor and outdoor spaces with patios and gardens. The design philosophy at Sunup Design/Build emphasizes smaller, more energy- and resource-efficient dwellings. Homes feature open floor plans that take advantage of the Southwestern landscape and bring in natural light, while maintaining the intimacy and warmth that make a home feel welcoming and comfortable.


Sunup’s building principles are in keeping with the Japanese practice of merging indoor and outdoor space by incorporating the garden design into the home design. The garden makes the home complete.

Visit our website | Contact us to visit our homes 575-388-9281 JEALYN CLEAVLAND

Tapestry of Talent Common Tread had it’s 1st Annual Fashion Show this past September. It was held at the Silco Theatre to a sold out house. It was a great success and everyone it looking forward to next year.

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Ten Pin Room August 31, 2007 the Ten Pin Room at the Silver Bowling Center had a beer tasting party with many beers to try. It was sponsored by Budweiser & National Distributing



Mon., Wed.-Sat. 9:00am to 5:30pm Sunday 10:00am to 4:00pm

2115 Pinos Altos Road Silver City, NM 88061




Farmers Market Farmers Market happens every Saturday during the late spring to the fall. There is always a great diverse choice of organic food, homemade jellies & Jams, live music, plants, herbal remedies, flowers, and great information. This year it was held in the parking lot of the county offices behind In & Out Lube.



We who live in this part of the country have an opportunity during the winter months to see Bald Eagles rather easily. The news of the de-listing this year of the Bald Eagle from the endangered species list is especially noteworthy since there was a concerted effort for many years to bring back our national emblem to a healthy population. We who live in this part of the country have an opportunity during the winter months to see Bald Eagles rather easily. There have been at least two adults inhabiting the Lake Roberts area for the past several winters. If at first you don’t find them just be patient and one could fly overhead at any moment. Or, look across the lake at a tall tree where they often perch. Besides Lake Roberts, Bear Canyon Lake can host some Bald Eagles as well. After coming up the rise to the first view of the lake there are two dead trees directly across the water. It was in these trees that I saw as many as ten eagles resting one winter, only two of them being in full adult plumage. For many years immature Bald Eagles were very hard to find, and having that many at one place made me Western feel they had made a strong turnaround in their Tanager The Summer 07 breeding success. issue of Silver While at the two lakes, take time to look at the City Life that variety of ducks. At Lake Roberts one should find identified the above photo of Canvasback, Bufflehead, Common Merganser and the Western Ruddy Duck in good numbers. Look also for PiedTanager as a billed Grebe, Eared Grebe, Western Grebe, Summer Tanager. Redhead, Ring-necked Duck and Lesser Scaup. 26 – SILVER CITYLIFE

Bear Canyon Lake often has a different variety, in addition to the ones already cited, to include Greenwinged Teal, Gadwall, American Wigeon and Hooded Merganser. Lake Roberts sometimes hosts Red-breasted Mergansers and Common Goldeneyes. The other North American eagle to be found in our general area in the winter months is the Golden and I find them from mid-November and on through the winter along US180 between Hurley and Deming. They can be seen on the tall power poles, the ones with cross bars. I have seen as many as six along that stretch of highway but most of the time only two or three. Binoculars are a requirement, and a spotting scope would help in identifying the eagles and the many other raptors along the way, the most abundant being Red-tailed Hawk. Once in a while a Ferruginous Hawk will be there as well as Prairie Falcon, Merlin or American Kestrel. It is always exciting to anticipate what other northern birds will come down to our area. Red Crossbills, Cassin’s Finches, Pinyon Jays and Townsend’s Solitaires show up in good numbers in some winters. Maybe this will be the winter for Evening Grosbeaks coming to your feeders. Whatever the case, get out and look. Winter is an especially inviting time to explore and enjoy; and offers a great escape from the summer heat.



October 17, 1930–December 27, 2007 Born in Silver City State Senator President Pro-Tem Longest serving member

December 3, 1936–October 21, 2007 Born in Santa Rita State Representative Vice chair-House Labor /Human Resources

Southwest New Mexico lost two of its staunchest supporters in the fourth quarter of 2007. State Senator Ben Altamirano and State Representative Manuel Herrera spent the better part of their adult lives fighting for their communities and their beloved State of New Mexico. “2007 will be remembered, sadly, as the year Grant County lost two exceptional legislators,” lamented State Representative Dianne Hamilton. “In October, my dear friend and colleague, Representative Manuel Herrera, passed away. Shortly after Christmas, we were all staggered by the death of Senator Ben Altamirano, the President Pro Tem of the Senate and the longest serving legislator in the history of New Mexico. They both were loved by all whom they touched. Our Legislature has been richer because of their contributions and they both will be sorely missed. Like the rest of the community, I am still in shock at the profundity of our loss.” “Ben’s approach to business, life and politics,” states former representative Murray Ryan, “was to help others and he made friends at every turn. He was a champion for Western New Mexico University and his willingness to listen and evaluate allowed him to do a marvelous job of securing funds for area public works. His tenacity, his rather

unique political instinct for gaining the confidence of fellow legislators and his seniority created a tremendous advantage for the area.” Murray continued, “Representative Herrera was gaining confidence and experience during his term in the State House and was somewhat of a symbol for his legislative district. His constituents virtually idolized him as their spokesman in the legislature and it is sad that he was not able to continue serving on into the future. He and his wife Kathleen as a team were greatly respected and appreciated.” Zia Publishing wishes to thank the families of these two community pillars for their unyielding support and understanding through many years of both trying challenges and celebrations for jobs well done. Senator Altamirano is survived by his wife, Nina Melendez Altamirano; two sons, Ben, Jr. and Paul; and daughter Yolanda Manzano. Representative Herrera is survived by his wife Kathleen Herrera, sons Maurice and Nick and daughters Christine and Julie. SILVER CITYLIFE – 27


SOUTHWESTERN LINGUINI AND CLAM SAUCE Experience an Italian favorite linguini and clam sauce with a touch of southwestern New Mexico’s delight, green chili. Serves 4 Two 10 oz. cans baby clams, drained ⁄2 lb shrimp (peeled, deveined) or scallops


7-8 large roasted and peeled green chilis, diced (mild, medium or hot to taste) 3-4 large garlic cloves, thinly sliced or pressed

2-3 tbsp. olive oil (use 1⁄2 stick of real butter if arterial clogging is not a concern) 1 ⁄2 pint carton whipping cream 1 ⁄4 cup chopped fresh parsley 1 tbsp. oregano salt and pepper to taste Parmesan or Romano cheese, grated.

Sauté garlic, clams, shrimp or scallops, green chili in olive oil (or butter) for 3-4 minutes, sprinkling in parsley and oregano. Let stand 2-3 minutes for flavors to blend. Mix in whipping cream, bring to simmer and pour in clam juice. Add salt and pepper to taste. Simmer at low heat for 10-12 minutes. Serve over linguini and top with Parmesan or Romano (or both) cheese. Garlic bread and a stout red wine are a must. Tossed green salad with a tart vinegarette dressing add to the enjoyment.





Yello on Yankie

Creations & Adornments

Art & Conversation

Elemental Arts

Blue Dome Gallery

Leyba Ingalls ARTS

JW Art Gallery

Seedboat Gallery

Lois Duffy Art

Tatiana Maria Gallery

Joe Burgess






YELLO ON YANKIE Contemporary fiber art studio and gallery.



Contemporary Fine Art & Craft, Sculpture, Art Glass, Ceramics, Folk Art, Jewelry and Mixed Media.

104 W. Yankie St. 53 8-8 081 www.eklektik

108 W. Yankie St. 53 4-4 968

108 N. Bullard St. 53 4-426 9




Fine Arts & Crafts; Gourds, Pottery, Textiles, Paintings and Furniture. Mon. - Sat. 10-4 • Sunday 10-1

Contemporary Fine Craft, Art and fine decor. Open Wed.-Mon. 11am-5pm (Sun. until 3pm)

106 W. Yankie St. 59 0-7554

An eclectic collection of handcrafted custom jewelry, ceramics, sculpture and paintings.

307 N. Texas St. 53 4-8 671


Presenting Fine Art in the Historic Yankie Texas Gallery District.

214 W. Yankie St. 53 4-113 6

Studio and Gallery showing Imaginative Portraits, Surreal Places and Realistic Scenes of Life

211 C N. Texas St. 313-9 63 1

614 N. Bullard St. • 53 4-4 881



Contemporary Art ranging from Realism to Abstraction in a variety of media. Call for a class schedule.


315 N. Bullard St. 388-5725


Contemporary craft gallery featuring Janey Katz’s Critters from the “Hood” cut from old trucks & Suzi Calhoun’s colorful pottery. 11-5, closed on Tues.


Fine Art, Bronze & Wooden Sculpture, Custom Framing, Gift Shop, Historic Hurley Museum, Monotype Workshops. W.-F. 9-5 • S-Sun. 10-6

99 Cortez Ave., Hurley 537-03 00 • JOE BURGESS

Jewelry, Native American Folk Art, Textiles, Pottery & Antique Country Furniture.

Fine art photography on display at JW Art Gallery in Hurley.

305 N. Bullard Street 388-4 426

99 Cortez Ave., Hurley 537-03 00 •



Manzanita Ridge

Yada Yada Yarn

Silver City Floral Co./Fine Things & Gifts

Western & Mexican Emporium

Pots Pans & More

Gila Hike & Bike

Toy Town

Hester House

Morning Star









“For portraits you’ll love.” Also a full service photo and digital lab. Look for our new location soon at 1008 Pope St.

Your party supply headquarters for: Birthdays, Baby Showers, Holidays, Weddings, Anniversaries. Open: M-F 9:30-5:30,Sat. 11:30-4.

High end furniture and accessories from America’s finest resorts and hotels.

215 W. College Ave. 534-4432 • 538-8658

316 E. 14th St. • 534-0098

107 N. Bullard St. 388-1158

Everything for knitters new and old! Wool, cotton and fun yarns. Open 11-5 daily, closed on Tuesdays. Open knitting Sun.12-3



Specializing in “Timeless Bouquets that Meet Your Budget". Weddings, Funerals, and Special Events. Nation Wide Delivery.


Silver Portrait Studio

Party Zone

Datura Theraputic Day Spa

As seen on TV. Available exclusively in Silver City at Datura. i.d. bare Essentials Base Minerals in a great range of completion & eye products. All over face colors, treatments, & tools.

352 W. 12th • 534-0033 GILA HIKE & BIKE

the Fun e r is! e Wh

204 E. Eleventh St. 388-1206 • Cell: 313-5085 TOY TOWN

Serving the cycling & hiking needs of southwest New Mexico for the past 20 years.

Everything Your Child Needs to Learn–Laugh–Grow! We assure the best quality toys. Hard to find items you will treasure for years.

103 E. College Ave. • 388-3222

113 W. Broadway • 388-1677

Specializing in decor and gifts and much more from Mexico and the Southwest. A must see! Mon.-Sat. 11-5.

308 S. Bullard St. • 534-0218

614 N. Bullard St. • 388.3350 POTS PANS & MORE Offering teapots, glassware, pots, pans, cooking utensils, gadgets, restaurant supplies, and more.

314 N. Bullard St. • 534-1121 MORNING STAR

Best homemade fudge in town. Unique gifts and cards for all occasions. Free gift wrapping.

Outdoor apparel and footwear for casual, work and play! Quality sporting goods, sportswear and footwear for team and individual sports. New Mexico Ts and caps.

316 N. Bullard St. 388-1360

809 N. Bullard St. 388.3191 • Fax: 388.3192




Legacy Home & Gifts

Conner Fine Jewelers

Hamilton Furniture

Candy Bouquet

Thundercreek Quilt/Fabric Shop

The Workshops of Carneros

T-World Urban Apparel

A & L Feed

A Bead or Two

Broadway Boutique

Lowry’s R.V. Center

Pinos Altos Orchards & Gift Shop



H I G H WAY 1 8 0

H I G H WAY 1 8 0





Looking for a unique gift? Come see the array of choices we have to offer. Mon-Fri 10-6 • Sat. 10-2.

Southwest New Mexico’s leading jewelry store, since 1946, featuring diamond expertise and membership in the American Gem Society.

“From Ordinary to Extraordinary” M-Sat. 10-6

Beautiful Candy Bouquets for all Occasions! Now Specializing in Antler Metal Art and Chandeliers!

910 N. Hudson • 388-1226 THUNDERCREEK & QUILT/FABRIC SHOP New & used household furniture matress outlet, quality cotton fabrics, notions, books, patterns, gifts.

1330 N. Hudson • 538-2284 PINON PLAZA

2706 32nd St. By Pass North 388-0700 • fax 388-0701 T-WORLD URBAN APPAREL


Complete line of licensed sportswear, Hip Hop clothing & accessories. Corona, Mudd, Echo Red, G-Unit, Sean John, Lowrider, Phat Farm.

Real wood furniture.

405 N. Bullard St. 538-8889

1445 Hwy. 180 E., Ste. C (Across from Burger King) • 534-3406


A & L FEED Arizona Feed, Nutro, Natural Choice Western Ranch, Hank the Cattle Dog books, cards, tack, metal art, jewelry.

182 Truck Bypass • 534-9200 LOWRY’S R.V. CENTER

Fine handmade jewelry, thousands of high quality beads and a full line of jewelry making supplies. Restringing.

Custom Floral Arrangements Home Decor • Fine Gifts Custom Gift Baskets Fresh Flowers for All Occasions

Dealers for Arctic Fox, Nash, Desert Fox, Northwind, & Sunnybrook, Travel Trailers, 5th-Wheels & SURV’s. We specialize in towables. Serving Silver City Since 1967.

1607 Silver Heights Blvd. Pinon Plaza • 388-8973

116 N. Bullard St. 534.1114

3510 Hwy. 180 E. 538-5411 or 888-538-5411


2065 Memory Lane (Across from Bowling Alley) • 534.4224

401 N. Bullard St. 538-2012 • 388-2025


PINOS ALTOS ORCHARDS & GIFT SHOP Large variety of homemade jellies Mexican imports, local artists, yard art, gift baskets, stained glass classes.

13 Placer St. • 538-1270


Azurite Gallery

Gallery 400 - Gila House Hotel

The Common Thread


STATE PARKS Pancho Villa State Park

Ol’ West Gallery and Mercantile

Amanda Yaryan





Designer Jewelry by Linda Boatwright, Paintings by Holt, Gendron & Urban. Wed.-Sat. 10-5.

110 W. Broadway 53 8-9 048

Specializing in large fine art pieces. Mon.-Fri. 4-6 or by appointment. Painting “Between Earth and Sky” by George Mendoza

400 N. Arizona • 313.7015



A Fiber Art Gallery - over 70 Artists. Nonprofit. Features Cloths, Rugs, Baskets, Cards, Home Décor, and Jewelry. Classes offered all year.

Contemporary Ceramics and Mixed Media. Call for an appointment.

107 W. Broadway 53 8-5733

OL’ WEST GALLERY AND MERCANTILE A traditional western gallery of fine art, furnishings, fixtures and beyond.

104 W. Broadway 388-1 811

ON MARCH 9, 1917, THE SMALL BORDER TOWN AND MILITARY CAMP AT Columbus, New Mexico, woke to an armed invasion by soldiers of revolutionary General Francisco “Pancho” Villa. A punitive force led by American General “Black Jack” Pershing pursued the rebels 400 miles into Mexico without success. Pancho Villa State Park is located on the site of Camp Furlong that served as the base of operations for General Pershing. The park includes the first site of an operational military airstrip, represents the first time an aircraft had been used in a military operation, the first use of mechanized trucks by United States troops, and the last true cavalry operation by American troops. The new museum and interpretive center includes era military vehicles and a replica of the Jenny airplane that was utilized. There are 61 modern and spacious RV and campsites, a botanical garden and an interpretive walking tour.

602 W. Market 53 4-3 147 AMANDA YARYAN Contemporary & abstract mixed media paintings & fine art photography on display at Gallery 400.

400 N. Arizona

Representing Dos Griegos Subdivision

Silver City Properties Top Agents, Top Service. Let us be your Realtor ! ®

120 E. 11th St.

New Phases Open Now!


(866)538-0404 Office (575) 538-0404 Email:

Branding Iron Properties


HATCH Hatch CLAIMING TO BE THE CHILE CAPITAL OF THE WORLD, THERE IS AT LEAST NO doubt that Hatch sets the standard for green chile. From Taos to El Paso, roadside vendors advertise only Hatch chile, and the hotter, the better. Hatch certainly comes to life Labor Day weekend with its renowned Chile Festival. Vendors, music and other entertainment, art, cook offs, and lots of fresh and roasted chile set the stage for a weekend of excitement and sizzling tongues. Roasted corn on the cob is another favorite, but nothing rivals the chile. Chile ristras hang from every porch and drying chile covers the roofs of markets. Located at the crossroads of state highways 26, 185, 187, interstate 25 and the Rio Grande, there is no lack of visitors. Year-round chile shops, antique and unusual gift shops as well as restaurants and a small museum keep pace with the traffic.


GALLERIES Galleries & Shopping THE GROWTH OF SILVER CITY’S ARTS COMMUNITY IS A RESULT OF THE cultural and natural appeal of the area and a concerted effort to diversify the regional economy. The establishment of an art market unique to Silver City is indeed contributing to the economic base. Regular openings, tours, galas, and other special events have dramatically increased local involvement and developed Silver City as an arts destination. The arts play a role in almost every celebration and there are major festivals dedicated specifically to the arts. There is no doubt that art is an integral and key segment of Silver City’s lifestyle. Silver City’s recognition for its cultural depth results from the dedication and organizational expertise of numerous local groups, and the overwhelming volunteer efforts and financial support of the entire community. The city is proud of its achievements and is anxious to share them with its visitors from around the world.


photos by JaNeil Anderson



Park WHEN SILVER CITY’S FOUNDING FATHERS CREATED THE TOWN SITE IN THE latter 1800s, they laid out the grid like those of many eastern cities – with the streets running due north, south, east and west. They did not realize that the new town’s proximity to a north/south running slope would encourage a natural disaster to occur. In 1895 and again in 1903, flash floodwaters roared down Silver City’s Main Street, gouging out a huge ditch with a bottom some 55 feet below the original street level. As rains continued to feed the creek in the years that followed, cottonwood trees grew, providing shade. The town’s Main Street was gone, but every adversity carries with it the seed of an opportunity. Working together, local businesses, residents and civic organizations created a beautiful and unique downtown park. Big Ditch Park can be accessed via the footbridge at the Silver City Visitor Center parking lot.

YOU CAN STILL MAIL A LETTER FROM RED ROCK, NM, IF YOU SCHEDULE your visit for a Monday, Wednesday or Friday. The 25-mile drive north from Lordsburg and Interstate 10 offers a meditative panorama of the Gila River as it wanders toward the Gila Lower Box Wilderness Study Area. Fishing, camping and birding are allowed in the study area, but river property in Red Rock itself is totally private.In addition to the post office/store, a fine art studio and a custom cabinet shop are the only other businesses in Red Rock. The acclaimed Western Figurative art found there, however, will warm your heart and certainly deserves your attention. Solitude isn’t for everyone, but if you have an appreciation for wide-open spaces and the occasional howl of a coyote, you may want to explore the ranch-house retreat that shares miles of foothills and grassland with an operating ranch. Call ahead for information, 575-542-9752, or visit

Thompson Realty

1-800-358-0021 607 N. Hudson Street Silver City, NM 575-538-0021 • Each Office Independently Owned & Operated S30


Dining Out


GHOST TOWNS Steins & Shakespeare SHAKESPEARE, THE 1880s GHOST TOWN JUST SOUTH OF LORDSBURG IS THE authentically preserved remains of a rough and tumble mining era on the Butterfield Trail. Justice was swift in the community of 3000 inhabitants, although questionably just. Privately owned, call ahead for tour dates and reenactments. (575) 542-9034 or visit The railroad ghost town of Steins, west of Lordsburg, was home to about 3000 hearty residents servicing the old steam locomotives. Today, the ghost town offers a glimpse of the wooden structures, utensils and furniture of the period. Steins is located on Interstate 10 at the Arizona border and is usually open Friday through Monday. Call ahead at (575) 542-9791.

-Steaks and Seafood - Dine-In Or Carry Out — Children’s Menu (575) 388-2060 103 S. Bullard St. • Silver City, N.M. 88061

Lunch & Dinner Specials • $2.99 - $4.99

Hwy.180 East (next to Super 8) Silver City,NM 88061 • 538-9300 S18


Same Great Quality & Service as Diane’s Restaurant , Serving Cakes, Bread, Pastries, Pies, Brownies, Etc. All the delectable delights from the Restaurant you have always wanted for home and more. Boars Head deli products & Sandwiches To Go. Catering for all Occasions • Espresso • Mon- Sat 7am-6pm • Sun 8am-4pm

601 Bullard, Suite A, Silver City, NM • 575.534.9229


The Catwalk Recreation Trail THE CATWALK NATIONAL RECREATION TRAIL IS SITUATED IN WHITEWATER Canyon near Glenwood. The Catwalk is a metal bridge secured into the canyon walls that leads through some of the most beautiful parts of the canyon. This 250 foot metal causeway clings to the sides of the boulder-choked Whitewater Canyon, which in some places is only 20 feet wide and 250 feet deep. There are many spots where a hiker can leave the steel causeway and relax on the grassy banks of the sycamore shaded stream.The original catwalk was a gravity fed waterline for a local mill. The mines above the canyon were worked from their discovery in 1889 until 1942 (Billy the Kid's stepfather, William Antrim, was a blacksmith at the town called Graham). The Civilian Conservation Corps. was assigned the task of rebuilding The Catwalk as a recreation attraction for the Gila National Forest in 1935. The present metal catwalk was rebuilt by the Forest Service in 2004.



GHOST TOWN Mogollon Ghost Town LOCATED ON THE EDGE OF TODAY’S GILA WILDERNESS, THE TOWN OF Mogollon (pronounced Muggy-own) began in 1876 following the discovery of gold and silver in nearby creeks. It took its name from the surrounding mountains, themselves named for a Spanish territorial governor in the early 1700s. With the opening of the Little Fannie mine, the town boomed until 1942, then suddenly became a ghost town when the mine closed. After a brief resurgence as an artist colony in the 1960s it was deserted again. Modern-day Mogollon is home to 18 year-round residents, a volunteer fire department, and several seasonal businesses including dining and lodging establishments. It has a private museum, an historic theater and a church undergoing renovation. To visit this picturesque village, turn east off US 180 onto NM Highway 159 about three miles north of Glenwood. The scenic mountain road rises about 3,000 feet in 8.5 miles to reach Mogollon.

LunchTues. through Fri.: 11am to 2pm. BrunchSat. & Sun.: 9am to 2pm. Dinner - Tues. through Sat.: 5pm to 9pm. Closed on Monday.

501 North Bullard, Silver City, NM • 575.538.8722

We Specialize in American and Mexican Food Daily Specials Monday thru Friday 5:30 am to 7:30 pm We Also Cater •

Alex & Rebecca Brown, Owners

1101 North Central Bayard, NM 88023 • 575-537-2251 S16


La Cocina Fiesta Combination Plates All served with Rice, Beans, Salad and Tortilla

#1 Combination ~ Chile Relleno, Taco, Enchilada & Tamale #2 Red Chili Combo ~ Chile Con Carne, Enchilada & Tamale #3 Green Chili Combo ~ Chile Verde, Enchilada & Relleno #4 Combination ~ Chile Relleno, Taco & Enchilada #5 Combination ~ Taco & Enchilada #6 Combination ~ Taco & Relleno

$8.25 $8.25 $8.25 $7.50 $7.00 $7.00

Tacos de Carne As ada & Pollo As ado $7.75

photo by Arlyn Cooley

Chimichanga Plates REGULAR ~ $7.75 • ENCHILADA STYLE ~ $8.25

Gordita Plate s REGULAR ~ $7.50 • ENCHILADA STYLE ~ $8.00

Flauta Plate s REGULAR ~ $7.75 • ENCHILADA STYLE ~ $7.75

Taco Plate s REGULAR ~ $7.25 • SOFT TACO ~ $7.25

Enchilada Plates CHEESE ~ $7.00 • GROUND BEEF, CHICKEN OR ROAST BEEF ~ $7.75

Burritos 1 VEGGIE (up to 4 items) ~ $4.00 • 1 MEAT (up to 3 items) ~ $4.50 BURRITO PLATE ~ $5.50 (Enchilada Style 50¢ Extra)

La Cocina Favorites NACHOS (with or without Jalapenos) ~ $4.50 TACO NACHOS ~ $6.75 • CHILI CHEESE FRIES ~ $4.50 Call or Come by for our Full Menu!

201 W. College Ave.



Bill Evans Lake BILL EVANS LAKE, 35 MILES NORTHWEST OF SILVER CITY ON US180 IS UNUSUAL IN its location 300 feet above the river that supplies it. Water pumped from the Gila River is impounded by the 62 acre manmade lake. There are picnic tables, fishing for crappie, catfish, bass and trout and an impressive view from the dam across the canyons of the upper Burro Mountains. A record 15-pound largemouth bass was caught in 1995. Bird watching is also prominent along the Gila River and at the lake itself, especially during the Spring and Fall migratory seasons. Travel south along the river past the lake turn-off and bring your binoculars to enjoy the Gila Bird Habitat. Open to the public and stocked by the NM Department of Game and Fish, Bill Evans Lake was made by the Phelps-Dodge Corporation.

Ethnic Beads, Antiques & Jewelry



311 Bullard Silver City, NM 575.956.8397 THE SOURCE S15

Fine Food, Cocktails, Beer & Wine Brunch Saturday & Sunday Entertainment & Dancing Saturday Nights




A Few of Our Menu Items

MINING Santa Rita Overlook THE SANTA RITA OPEN PIT COPPER MINE IS AN ENORMOUS EXCAVATION NEXT TO NM152 between Silver City and the Mimbres Valley. The mine overlook is a major attraction along the Trail of the Mountain Spirits National Scenic Byway. Prior to the nineteenth century, Indians in the area utilized native copper findings to fashion ornaments and arrow points. In the early 1800s, underground mining operations were initiated to supply the Mexican mint with copper. Open pit operations began around 1910 as large earthmoving capabilities became feasible. Today, large equipment can be seen maneuvering across the stepped benches of the mine. The haulage trucks appear as mere toys on the far side of the pit, but keep in mind that a standing man stares straight at the hub of the huge wheels. The load carried by each truck is approximately 15 times heavier than the contents of 18-wheelers traveling along the interstate.


Sandwiches & Salads “M H ” R ~ $8.95 ILE






Delicious House Made Desserts Come in and Pick Up Our Full Menu!

Located on Bullard at Broadway


NOT JUST ANY HOME WILL DO... SAME GOES FOR INSURANCE. WE LIVE WHERE YOU LIVE.™ When it comes to your homeowners insurance, no one understands your needs like a State Farm agent. That’s why State Farm insures more homes than anyone else. You can enjoy the perfect home knowing it’s insured with State Farm. Call me for details.

Chuck Johnson, Agent #1 Ranch Club Road, Silver City, NM 88061 Bus: 575-538-5321 • 888-616-0884 LIKE A GOOD NEIGHBOR

STATE FARM IS THERE. State Farm Fire and Casualty Company • Home Office … Bloomington, Illinois


COCKTAILS, BEER, WINE & FINE FOOD • BRUNCH ON SATURDAY & SUNDAY • LIVE ENTERTAINMENT ON SATURDAYS Sports events & movies on the big screen. Southwestern flavor, décor & an outdoor courtyard. Private room available for meetings & parties

(575) 388-4090 • Located on Bullard at Broadway THE SOURCE S35


STATE City ofPARKS Rocks


State Park

THE WESTERN NEW MEXICO UNIVERSITY MUSEUM, LOCATED IN FLEMING HALL ON THE SCHOOL’S MAIN campus, houses the Eisele Collection of prehistoric southwestern pottery and artifacts. It includes one of the world’s most complete and comprehensive collections of Mimbres pottery, as well as basketry and other artifacts. Also housed at the museum are pottery from the Casas Grandes culture and other prehistoric southwestern cultures, pottery from Maria Martinez and New Mexico’s San Ildefonso and Santa Clara Pueblos, historic Navajo rugs, historic Silver City photos and, of course, a hundred years of university history. The recently renovated museum was originally designed by Trost and Trost with an unusual truss-beamed ceiling, and at one time served as the school’s library. It opened as a museum in 1974. It is open seven days a week except during university holidays.

LOCATED JUST 34 MILES SOUTH OF SILVER CITY, THE CITY OF ROCKS STATE Park is the perfect place for a fun-filled daytrip or picnic with the entire family. The park features giant monoliths that were formed from the eruption of an ancient volcano and eroded by the wind over an extended period of time. These huge, unusually shaped boulders are perfect for sightseeing or climbing. For some, the park resembles a medieval village; for others it is a collection of misshapen, albeit benign, giants. Essentially, it is a flat-lying sheet of reddish lava jointed along vertical rather than horizontal planes creating the likeness of a city with streets and buildings. There are formations which readily suggest giants’ chairs, prehistoric monsters, or creatures of imaginative myth. Complete with a desert garden, the park offers picnicking and camping spots. Adjacent to the formations rises Table Mountain, a perfect example of a mesa.



photo by Lynn Janes

OUTDOORS Birding &

MUSEUM Silver City



GOOD WEATHER, SPARSE POPULATIONS AND THE WIDE SPAN OF LIFE zones offer unique opportunities for birding in Southwest New Mexico. Birding can begin at Big Ditch Park in downtown Silver City. The Gila River and its tributaries north of Silver City offer a rich assortment of birds and Hummingbird banding demonstrations are given near Lake Roberts. Other locations include Whitewater Canyon and The Catwalk near Glenwood and the Guadalupe Canyon of New Mexico’s bootheel, harboring species found nowhere else in the US. Silver City lies at the center of a vast belt of mineralization that has produced billions of dollars worth of metals and a diversity of gems and minerals. Gem and mineral collections are displayed in area museums, shows are hosted throughout the region, huge copper mining operations continue and Rockhound State Park by Deming is dedicated to rock hound enthusiasts, encouraging collecting for personal use.

LOCATED IN THE HISTORIC 1881 MANSARD/ITALIANATE HOME OF H.B. Ailman, the Silver City Museum is one of 13 museums in New Mexico recognized by the American Assn. of Museums. Founded in 1967, the museum is focused on the regional history of Southwest New Mexico with over 20,000 related objects. Photo collections depict Silver City from the 1870s and include a significant collection from the 1930’s and 40’s. Native American artifacts from the Mimbres, Mogollon and Casas Grandes peoples number over 500 pieces and there are exhibits from more recent Navajo and Apache groups. Extensive mining exhibits and early Anglo and Hispanic settler clothing, furnishings and even firearms are displayed. There is also memorabilia from native son Harrison “Jack” Schmitt, former astronaut and U.S. Senator. It is open every day except Monday and is located at 312 West Broadway. The Museum Store features books and gifts depicting or influenced by local history and cultures.



photos by Judy dou Brava

Boston Hill Mining Area



BOSTON HILL HISTORIC MINING AREA AND OPEN SPACE IS LOCATED ON THE southwestern edge of Silver City, more common entrances are on Spring street, Cooper street and at the top of Market street. Miles of trails from easy to complex await your hiking or biking experience. This area has been known as Boston Hill since the 1800's because of the Massachusetts and New Mexico Mining Company owning the mining claim. By the 1970's, mining came to a halt in this area but the remnants of their existence remain. A bequeath by Lennie Merle Forward made the purchase of this area possible for the Town of Silver City. Many volunteers have spent hours of labor to make the trails accessible for our use. Dust the cobwebs off your mountain bike or put your hiking boots on and partake of these great trails with 360 degrees of mountainous views of the Silver City area. Maps are posted at all the entrance signs to guide you along the trails, and more historical information on this site.

THE HISTORIC AND SCENIC FARMING VALLEY OF THE MIMBRES RIVER IS accessed by NM35 and NM61 from City of Rocks State Park to the Continental Divide near Lake Roberts. The valley was inhabited by the ancient Mimbres Culture that produced the pottery on display at Western New Mexico University Museum. Today, the valley supports a growing population around the communities of Mimbres and San Lorenzo, while early farming families who first settled the area continue to tend their fields and orchards. Mission churches built in the late 1800’s at San Lorenzo, San Juan and Faywood contribute to the natural beauty of the region, and Bear Canyon Lake offers anglers an isolated fishing hole. The Trail of the Mountain Sprits National Scenic Byway makes a dramatic entry to the Mimbres Valley on NM152 and then cuts upward through the valley toward Lake Roberts and the Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument.



• Professional Designers

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• Gift & Home Decor

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• Custom Florals for Every Occasion

Silver Advantage


Marilyn Ransom Associate Broker Multi-Million Dollar Producer

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Office: 575.538.3847

Meeting Your Needs Exceeding Your Expectations

For Your Convenience - 2nd Location • Gila Regional Medical Center - Main Lobby S38



LAKES Lake Roberts SURROUNDED BY THE GILA NATIONAL FOREST, AND FED BY SAPILLO CREEK, Lake Roberts is a man-made 75-acre lake offering some of the finest mountain fishing, boating and camping in New Mexico. Lake Roberts features boat ramps, two campgrounds, picnic spots and a variety of nature trails leading into the forest. The lake beckons fisherman, hikers and birders to experience the natural beauty of the area. Overlooking the west end of the lake stand the “Vista Ruins,” an authentic Mimbres Indian pit house site. The area is home to hundreds of species of birds, and is a wintering spot for bald eagles. As many as ten species of hummingbirds may be observed in the summertime at feeding stations along NM Highway 35 and at nearby local inns. Late March to late May is the best time to fish for the lake’s 10- to 14-inch rainbow trout, but Lake Roberts also contains crappie, catfish and some bass.

What’s possible for your yard? Mike Davies,


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WINDOWS See me for Car and Home Insurance and save. Gabriel Ramos, Agent 502 Silver Heights • Silver City, NM 88061 Bus: 575.388.1969 • 877.650.8800 LIKE A GOOD NEIGHBOR, STATE FARM IS THERE. Providing Insurance and Financial Services State Farm • Home Offices: Bloomington, IL


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Business Telephone Sales & Service 1402 N. Bennett Street Silver City, NM 88061 575-388-2645 | 1591 E. Lohman Avenue, Suite 2 Las Cruces, NM 88001 | 575-541-8100

HISTORY Historic Pinos Altos WITHOUT THE ASPHALT ON ITS MAIN STREET, DOWNTOWN PINOS ALTOS looks much like it might have appeared nearly 150 years ago, when it was inhabited by the likes of Judge Roy Bean. The town’s amenities, however, have greatly improved in the last century or so. They include a museum, an ice cream parlor, dining establishments and an authentic western bar. The Pinos Altos Opera House is home to Old West melodramas, and local musicians perform regularly at the Buckhorn Saloon. Gold was first discovered in the area by Spanish and Mexican miners. Anglos rediscovered the metal in 1859/60, and for a while the town was called Birchville after the first man to find “color.” Nearly abandoned due to constant fights with the Apaches, it was re-established in 1866 under its original Spanish name. Pinos Altos is located along the Continental Divide, six miles north of Silver City on NM Highway 15.


Shipping ë Notary Services

ë Packaging Services ë Fax ë Freight


Services ë Office Supplies

ë Packaging ë Mailbox

and Moving Supplies


ë Copying, Finishing & Printing Services

M-F 8:30am-6pm • Sat. 10am-4pm Sun. closed 2340 HWY. 180 E.SILVER CITY, NM 88061 575.534.8487- TEL. • 575.534.8491- FAX. S40





of the

Trail Mountain Spirits National Scenic Byway THIS 93-MILE LOOP IS FILLED WITH HISTORY AND SCENIC BEAUTY. TO GET started, just head north on Piños Altos Road from US 180 East in Silver City to the old gold-mining town of Piños Altos. From there, NM 15 will take you through the Gila National Forest to the Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument. Leaving the monument, the byway backtracks along NM 35 to Sapillo Creek and Lake Roberts. Continuing across Continental Divide, the road descends into the Mimbres River Valley. The historic church at San Lorenzo was built in the 1800’s. Continuing west on NM 152, you will come to the mine overlook near Santa Rita, where you can view one of the world’s largest open pit copper mines. Rejoining US 180, you can turn north at Santa Clara to visit historic Fort Bayard, or continue on a short distance back to Silver City.

• Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy • Intravenous Compounding • FREE Delivery Within Silver City • Blood Pressure and Glucose Testing

CUP OF GRACE Christian Books & Gifts • Free Gift Wrapping 1308 SILVER HTS. BLVD. • SILVER CITY, NM 88061 • 538-2115


575.388.1951 WWW.LAWS-CO.COM


2815 Pinos Altos Road P.O. Box 656 Silver City, NM 88062 538-2611 • 538-2973 License # 18637 S8






Auto Glass • Residential • Commercial • Window Tinting

388.5252 • 388.1347 • 3100 Hwy. 180 E. • Silver City, NM

24 Hour Service After Hours (575)313.1602 • Toll Free 1.800.798.5252 License #353289

The Palace Hotel Celebrating 106 Years

Located in the downtown historic district. Reminiscent of a small hotel in the European Tradition. Affordable Rates 18 Rooms and Suites • Continental Breakfast • •

106 W. Broadway Silver City, NM 88061


Visit Ol West Gallery & Mercantile next door.

TOLL F R E E (8 88) 3 88-3274 OF FICE (575) 3 88-3274

317 East 1 6th Street Silver City, New Mexico 8 8061 COME SEE US FOR Great Deals Great Service Free Professional Installation

MONUMENT Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument ONE OF THE ATTRACTIONS ALONG THE TRAIL OF THE MOUNTAIN SPIRITS SCENIC Byway is the 533-acre Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument. Here you can see the homes and catch a glimpse into the lives of Native Americans who lived here between seven and eight hundred years ago. Along with the ancient ruins, the monument features a visitor center and museum. From Silver City there are two ways to travel to the monument. The first is to go north past Piños Altos on NM 15, a winding, mountain forest road. Here, trailers over twenty feet long must take an alternate route on NM 61/35. The other route is through the Mimbres Valley north from NM 152 off US 180 east of town. This route is 25 miles longer, but easier and takes the same amount of time – about two hours. Call ahead for hours and road conditions; (505)536-9461 or (505)536-9344.









301 West College Avenue, Suite #3 PO Box 1456 • Silver City, New Mexico 88062

(575) 388-2556 • (800) 554-2112 S42



Quality name brands such as: LA-Z-BOY; FLEXSTEEL; LA CROSSE; BEST CHAIR CO.; DOUGLAS; SEALY POSTUREPEDIC; SIMMONS BEAUTYREST; TEMPURPEDIC; THUNDERBIRD; & FOREST DESIGN. *12 months interest free acts. (oac.) *Extra discount for cash. (includes credit card) *Free Delivery In Grant, Luna & Hidalgo Counties

M-F 9 to 6, Sat. 9 to 5


1st New Mexico Bank can help make your dreams....REALITY Leslie Rodriguez VP/Mortgage Specialist


From Application to Closing... We’ll take every step to skillfully guide you through the process of purchasing or refinancing your home. We are all the help you’ll need! Just Give Us a Call @ 388-3121 or 1-888-388-3121

Monument IN OCTOBER 2004 ABOUT 120 PEOPLE GATHERED AT THE GILA CLIFF Dwellings National Monument Visitor Center to dedicate a monument to famous Chiricahua Apache Chief Geronimo, who was born in the area in 1829. The monument was a collaborative effort between the Forest Service, the Trail of the Mountain Spirits Scenic Byway Committee, the Silver City/Grant County Chamber of Commerce, and Geronimo’s own great grandson, Harlyn Geronimo and Harlyn’s wife Karen of Mescalero. Harlyn got the idea for the monument while visiting the area in the spring of 2004. Chief Geronimo had told biographers that he was born near the headwaters of the Gila River, which is the area where the National Monument stands today. Geronimo died in Oklahoma in 1909, after unsuccessfully pleading with federal authorities to be allowed to return to his homeland to die.

Nobody sells more Real Estate than

A Full Service Independent Bank

COMPUTER SALES & SERVICE DELL Authorized Service Center • CyberMesa Internet Services • 2 Locations in Silver City

102 West 14th Street • 575-534-4681 1780 Highway 180 East, Next to Hilltop Snappy • 575-538-8777

We Pick Up Your Scrap Metals - Call for Pick Up Aluminum Cans Copper Brass Radiators


314 E. 14th Street • P.O. Box 1477 • Silver City, NM 88062

505.538.3847 • 800.716.3847

Silver Advantage Each Office Independently Owned & Operated


Batteries Scrap Refrigerators Washer

ling Dryer Rims c y A c All Types Wire l l e n s Re of Steel Stainless 411 Carasco Avenue • Hurley, NM 88043 575.537.2317 • 575.956.5569 Mon-Fri 9am-12pm 1pm-5pm • Sat 9am-3pm THE SOURCE S43

QUICKFACTS new mexico facts

area museums

Statehood: January 6, 1912 Capital: Santa Fe Flag: Red Zia on field of gold Ballad: Land of Enchantment Songs: Oh, Fair New Mexico and Asi Es Nuevo Mexico Motto: Crescit Eundo (It Grows As It Goes) Poem: A Nuevo Mexico Cookie: Biscochito Gem: Turquoise Bird: Roadrunner (Chaparral) Flower: Yucca Tree: Piñon Animal: Black Bear Fish: Rio Grande Cutthroat Trout

silver city and grant county

profile POPULATION: (2004) est. City: 12,500 County: 30,000 HOUSING: (2004) est. TOTAL HOUSEHOLDS City: 4,700 (500 unoccupied) COUNTY: 14,000 GOVERNMENT: Firefighters: 23 full time City Police: 30 State Police: 12 (10 officers, 2 sergeants) County Sheriff: 32 Officers TAXES: Gross Receipts: 7.25% (2007) City: $3,009,860 City Retail: $214,463,457 Per Capita Income: $17,409 Property: 17,397 Mills (Residential) 15,680 Mills (Non-Residential)

major events Red Paint PowWow Chocolate Fantasia Tour of the Gila Silver City Blues Festival Wild Wild West Pro Rodeo Fourth of July Celebration Weekend at the Galleries Lighted Christmas Parade

MUSEUMS: 3 Silver City Museum was founded in 1967. A restored Mansard/ Italianate home built by H.B. Ailman House with 20,000 objects relating to the peoples and history of southwest New Mexico. Admission is free. WNMU Museum celebrated its 30th Anniversary November 6, 2004. Home of Pottery and Artifacts of Prehistoric Southwestern Cultures. Available for viewing are historic photographs of Silver City and surrounding areas. Admission is free. Pinos Altos Historical Museum: Circa 1860’s-housed in a log cabin that once served as the 1st school house in Grant County. Houses a great collection of mining artifacts and historic memorabilia. Admission is free.


parks & monuments City of Rocks State Park Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument The Catwalk National Recreation Trail. (Glenwood)

ghost towns Mogollon: 75 miles NE US180 Shakespeare: 46 miles SE NM90 Steins: 63 miles SE NM90/I-10

health care Medical Gila Regional Medical Center: 68 Beds, 43 Physicians Optometrists: 2 Dentists: 12 Clinics: 5 Chiropractors: 9 Fort Bayard Medical Center: Long term care facility with 4 Physicians offering services in Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapies, Geriatric care and Chemical Dependency unit. Pharmacies: 4 Acupuncturists: 2

HISTORY Area History THE HISTORY OF SOUTHWEST NEW MEXICO SPANS THE ERAS FROM prehistoric times through Spanish, Mexican and Anglo activities to the harnessing of modern mining, ranching and building technologies. The region’s Mogollon cultures left behind a wealth of intriguing artifacts and endless questions as to the survival and disappearance of these hearty beings as presented in area museums. Agriculture has played a significant role in sustaining the area’s economy, but mining has no doubt had the greatest impact on local livelihoods. Mining operations began in the early 1800s and continue over 200 years later. Recovery has evolved from the hand picking of native copper to the solvent extraction and electrolytic processing of low-grade ores. The Trail of the Mountain Spirits National Scenic Byway spans the eras from historic Silver City to the Gila Cliff Dwellings, farmlands of the Mimbres Valley, historic and modern mining and an outpost of the Buffalo Soldiers.

Over 28 Years Mortgage Experience Licensed New Mexico Mortgage Broker 100% Locally Owned & Operated • Lending Statewide

Home Loans, VA, Conventional, Conforming & Non-Conforming Loans, Home Equity Loans Commercial Loans also available 212 E. 12th Street (corner of 12th & Hudson) Silver City, NM Toll Free • 888.830.6800 • 575.534.2945



To Gallup


36 To Grants


historic sites

36 To Springerville

180 u

60 u

180 u 32

12 159

Black Range

a Santa Clara

b Bayard

SILVER CITY HISTORIC BUSINESS DISTRICT H. B. Ailman House built in 1881 houses the Silver City Museum. Bell Block constructed in 1897 and 1906 originally housed a saloon where straight drinks were sold for 12.5 cents Meredith & Ailman Bank built in 1882 was renamed the Palace Hotel in 1900. Silver City National Bank built in 1923, presently used as City Hall. O.S. Warren house built in 1885, is the only building on Main Street to survive the floods at the turn of the century. Mrs. O.S. Warren building built in 1900 was the former Colby’s Sporting Goods. El Sol Theatre building was built in 1934 to show Spanishlanguage films. W. H. White house built in 1901 was built of brick in the Hipped Box style for one of Silver City’s first dentists. Dr. W. H. White dental office built in 1887. Isaac N. Cohen house built in 1882 has the only remaining example of double-hung pocket shutters. Big Ditch Park was Silver City’s Main Street before the turn of the century floods transformed it into an arroyo. Bennett Block on W. Yankie built in 1882 of adobe construction with brick facades. Max Schutz sample room on N. Texas was built to provide a meeting room for traveling salesmen. Goodell’s Feed Store on Yankie was built in 1905 and 1911 remained a farmer’s supply outlet until the late 1970s. Victorian Homes, this architectural era spans the period of roughly 1825-1900. There are 31 homes still existing in the Silver City area.





9 e1


Walking Tours (3) offered by the Silver City Museum: Gospel Hill, La Capilla and Business District. Billy the Kid Cabin is located near the origin of his real home, this 1800’s style cabin was donated by Ron Howard’s movie The Missing. La Capilla Chapel Replica, built on a hill on the south side of Silver City. The chapel was a local landmark and served as a gathering place for the residents of a neighborhood. PINOS ALTOS Fort Cobre Replica is 3/4 scale replica of the Santa Rita Del Cobre Fort (circa 1804) which originally was located at the Santa Rita open pit copper mine east of Silver City. Buckhorn Saloon & Opera House, circa 1860’s This fine restaurant and saloon is authentically decorated with 1800’s memorabilia and photographs. Hearst Church. (circa 1898) built by the Hearst newspaper family and is the current home to the Grant County Art Guild. The gold used in decorating the Hearst Castle in California came from the Hearst Mine in Pinos Altos. FORT BAYARD Buffalo Soldiers: In 1866 Congress authorized the organization of four black regiments to help the “pacification” of the West. The Indians christened these men with their short curly hair the Buffalo Soldiers, a name which the Tenth Calvary proudly bore on its military crest. Fort Bayard National Historic Landmark/ National Cemetery, established as a territorial post dating back to 1863, the fort has served as a military center of operations, army and VA hospital and continues today as a State Medical Center


c Hurley



505 W. College • Silver City, NM 88061 THE SOURCE S45

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Hair Creations

Cienega Spa & Salon

Full Service • Cuts • Perms • Color • Nails Joico • Quality Hair Products Tues-Sat 9-5 Earlier/Later By Appointment

Full Service Salon Facials • Massage • Mineral Makeup Manicures • Pedicures • Gift Certificates

575.534.1600 101 N. Cooper St. • Silver City, NM

Eva’s Hairstyles

Matiz Salon

Your Family Hair Care Center Owner: Eva Bustillos

Cuts, Color, Highlights, Foils, Perms, Waxing, Pedicures, Manicures, Gels and Acrylics. Hair and Body Care Products.

575.388.2741 313 1⁄2 East 13th St. • Silver City, NM

575.534.9221 3130C Hwy. 180 E. • Silver City, NM

Lucy’s Techniques Color, Highlights, Nails, Nail Art, Pedicures, Waxing, Piercing and Perms. Lucy, Gina and Genevieve

Mirror Mirage Family Oriented Full Service Salon Perms, Cuts, Colors, Nails, Wax, Manicures & Pedicures. Charlotte Bedavidez, Owner Fernando Castillo, Stylist



3030 Pinos Altos Rd. • Silver City, NM

857 Silver Heights Blvd. Silver City, NM

photo by Debra Sutton

575.537.6225 702 N. Central Ave. • Bayard, NM

ATTRACTIONS Area Attractions SILVER CITY BORDERS THE 3.3 MILLION ACRE GILA NATIONAL FOREST AND serves as the hub for a diverse and exciting array of area attractions. Driving the Trail of the Mountain Spirits Scenic Byway is an excellent introduction to the culture and rugged terrain of the region. The loop includes the old west gold mining village of Pinos Altos, the Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument, Lake Roberts, Bear Canyon Lake, San Lorenzo Mission (in the lush Mimbres Valley), the Santa Rita open pit copper mine, and the Ft. Bayard National Landmark. Highway 180 West through Cliff and Glenwood offers Bill Evans Lake, the Catwalk National Recreation Trail, and the scenic gold mining ghost town of Mogollon. Highway 180 East accesses the City of Rocks State Park, which will soon be developed as a night skies camping site for stargazing. Hot mineral baths are available near the Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument and City of Rocks State Park.

Deborah Cilento-Foran,

Rose’s Place

Grant Street

Nails & Spa

Hair & Nail Salon

Complete Nail Salon Not “JUST” Pedicures Waxing – Personal Friendly Service Reasonable Prices – enviromentally clean 10 + Years experience - Walk Ins Welcome

Formerly Off Broadway


1609 Silver Heights Blvd., Silver City, NM



1330 Grant Street, Silver City, NM

CEO/General Counsel

Bayard Branch

Main Office

607 Winifred

2290 Superior Street

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Silver City, NM 88061

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Fantastic Land Opportunities for Living, Retirement or Vacationing

treat yourself salons and spas product review

Located a handful of miles from historic Silver City, NM. Belleza

A subdivision of 10 acre lots located three miles from Silver City, NM. All lots will have City Water, Sewer, Power and Telephone available at the lot sites. These unique properties offer the combination of the country living experience with city amenities. Views from these properties are second to none. Financing is available for individuals wanting to acquire property now and hold it until retirement or relocation time comes along. Real estate values continue to increase in this high demand area of the southern Rocky Mountains.

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Experience elegance and sophistication with our professional, progressive stylists. Full Service Hair Salon - Pedicure Spa Chairs - Smoothie & Latte Bar - Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics - Pureology Hair Care

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Pureology, Belleza Salon & Tanning Pureology is specially formulated for color treated hair and gives it a radiance and vibrancy while protecting and maximizing color retention. Pureology dramatically improves the shine and condition of your hair using ground breaking scientifically advanced nano technology and ingredients. Although it is made for color treated hair it is a great product for anyone’s hair. Pureology comes in a number of different formulas for everyone’s hair needs. Pureology has a full line of hair care products for different needs.

product review Datura Therapeutic Day Spa INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION for TRUE RELAXATION

Facials – Pedicures – Reflexology Manicures – Body Treatments Bare Escentuals – Bare Mineral Makeup

575.534.0033 352 W. 12th Street,Silver City, NM

i.d. Bare Escentuals, bareMinerals Datura T herapeutic Spa

575.388.1951 W W W . O U T L AW H I D E AWA Y . C O M

Since 1976 Bare Escentuals has focused on using only the finest natural ingredients for their products. This was the invention of their revolutionary mineral makeup called bareMinerals. It is made with pure crushed minerals from the earth. It is free of preservatives, talc, oil, waxes, or fragrance that can cause potential skin problems. All ages and skin types can benefit from weightless, 100% pure bareMinerals. Try it and see why it's the #1 selling mineral makeup in the world! THE SOURCE S47

Presenting our

28th Season

area EVENTS events April



Terri Hendrix Folk Series. 7:30pm. Pinos Altos Opera House. 538-2505. 12 The Nutcracker Ballet. 2pm. WNMU Fine Arts Center. 538-5865 or 534-4324. 18-20 Red Paint PowWow & Indian Market. F-S, 9am-11pm; Sun. 9am-6pm. WNMU. 534-1379. Harry James Orchestra. 22 7:30pm. WNMU Fine Arts Theater. 388-2004 31 Greg Brown. 7:30pm. Pinos Altos Opera House. 538-2505.

February 1

Greg Brown Special Performance. 538-2505 9 Chocolate Fantasia. 575.538.2505. olate_fantasia.php 16 The A'Gusta Wind Jazz Orgy Follies. 3-6pm. Gallery Tours, music by Melanie Zipen & Jeff LeBlanc. Isaac's. 8pm. The "A'Gusta Wind Follies" WNMU FACT. "After Show" party at Isaac's Bar, music by Brandon Perrault Band. 17-18 Jennifer Moore Workshop. “Mathemagical Design: Symmetries, Tessellations and the Golden Proportion.” Jean Hill 575-538-5733 Ongoing Adobe Churches Exhibit. Silver City Museum. 575-538-5921

March 7


21 29

Cava in concert. 7:30 pm. WNMU Fine Arts Theater. vents.html Annual MainStreet Awards Dinner. 7:00 pm. Historic Silco Theater, 311 N. Bullard, Silver City. Phone: 534-1700. Diana Jones. TBA 538-2505. The Celtic Tenors. 7:30 pm. 388-2004. WNMU FACT.

5 15 19


20 Apr.

Slaid Cleaves.TBA 538-2505 Literacy Alive! Silco Theater 534-1021 Ten O'Clock Classics. 7:30pm. 388-2004. WNMU FACT. Shidara Taiko. WNMU Fine Arts Theater. 575.538.2505. vents.html 11th Ann. Celebration of Spring Fest. 9 am-9:30 pm. Historic Downtown Silver City. Phone: 534-1700. Great Race. WNMU 30-May 4 Tour of the Gila 388-3222

May Apr. 30-May 4 Tour of the Gila 388-3222 3 Santa Fe Opera. 7:30pm. WNMU Fine Arts Theater. vents.html 17 Finer Limitz Car Show. Hurley. 23-25 13th Ann. Blues Festival Gough Park. 538-2505. 28-31 Wild Wild West Rodeo. SW Horseman's Arena. Ongoing Art‚ Antiques & Flea Market. Saturdays 8am-3pm. 305 S. Texas St. 534-4881

June 8

The 24 Club Home Tour. 1-4pm. 575-534-0622 21 Millie & Billy Ball. Dinner & dance. Phone: 538-2505. Ongoing Art‚ Antiques & Flea Market. Saturdays. 8am-3pm. 305 S. Texas St. 534-4881 Copper Creek Ranch Chuckwagon Supper & Western Show. Fri. and Sat. eve. 575538-2971. 20 Flury Lane. “The Legend of Billy the Kid or...It’s Just a Little Gun Play.” Melodrama Theatre. Pinos Altos Opera House. Sat. 8pm. 575-388-3848. www. Farmers' Market. 8:30amnoon Saturdays. 536-9681. Grant County Administration Center parking lot, 1400 Hwy. 180 E. 575-536-9681.

Art Art

Promoting all the Arts in their richness to people of all ages.


Through June 2008

Weekend at the Galleries Columbus Day Weekend Special

Special Events Events

Silver City Blues Festival, Memorial Day Weekend

Chocolate Fantasia February

Millie & Billy Ball June 21, 2008

Performances Performances

Performance Series September - May

Mon., Wed.-Sat. 9:00am to 5:30pm Sun. 10:00am to 4:00pm 2115 Pinos Altos Road Silver City, NM 88061

Folk Series October - April

Mimbres Region

Arts council

575-388-2883 Corky Says “Come check out our awesome Wind Chimes.” S48

Gallery Exhibitions An Evening with the Artist

1201 Pope St. • Silver City, NM Paid in part by Town of Silver City Lodgers Tax.

575-538-2505 • 888-758-7289


MEAT CUTTERS WRITTEN AND PHOTOGRAPHED BY JOE BURGESS The thought of a T-bone sizzling over an open grill or a pot roast slowly simmering to perfection excites those who enjoy the challenges of a good, homecooked meal. Meat is an important staple for most diets and one that offers a wide spectrum of market options regarding cuts and packaging, tenderness and price range. The Silver City area is fortunate to have a handful of seasoned meat cutters. The four professionals interviewed

by Zia Publishing all have experience from butchering to packaging, and all are committed to giving their customers not only a good product, but the product they requested and one that is suited to their expectations. Get to know them. None of them are shy around people and all are well-versed in both quality and affordability. They cart around a bag of preparation tips and can certainly help improve your home dining and entertaining experience.

Silver City area meat cutters include (left to right) Lee Jackson and Sammie Johnson from Uncle Lee's Packing Plant in Arenas Valley, Anthony Alarcon from the Food Basket in Silver City, Art Reyes from the Food Basket in Bayard and Tom Gutierrez from Albertson's in Silver City.



Meet your Albertsons Meat Manager


Prime Rib Preparation Tip For a prime rib dinner, prepare the seasoning using a tbls. of lemon pepper, 11⁄2 tbls. garlic salt, 1⁄2 tsp. cayenne pepper and two cups boiling water. Combine the ingredients and add a pinch of rosemary. Rub the seasoning onto the backside that has a layer of fat. Cook with the fat on top. Preheat the oven to 325 F. for 25-30 minutes per pound. Don’t open the oven until it is ready to check the meat temperature. Using a thermometer, the center temperature should be 125 F. for rare, 145 F. for medium rare and 160 F. for medium well. For well done, the roast should cook 35 minutes per pound and the center temperature will be 170 F. Let it sit for 15 minutes and begin carving.

Fajita Preparation Tip A southwest fajita recipe from a staff member is easy and relatively inexpensive. I recommend chicken tenders or top sirloin for a tasty, tender result. The vegetables would include onion, bell pepper (red or green) and jalapeños (or green chiles). In a full ounce of oil, sauté the vegetables in the wok to soften them. Turn the flame to medium and add 2-3 pounds of meat (two pounds feeds 4-6 people) and season with garlic salt. Because of the vegetables, I recommend not using pepper. When the meat color begins to darken, turn the flame to high and stir for 4-6 minutes. When the vegetables begin to shrink and the meat browns, it’s done. 30 – SILVER CITYLIFE

“As a meat cutter in a community like Silver City, we know three fourths of our customers,” says Tom Gutierrez, Meat Manager for Albertson’s. We help them find the best cuts while also steering them toward the best values. If their budget calls for a chuck steak, we’ll share tips for making it tender.” “At the age of 16, I began working summers with an uncle who owned a restaurant in Bakersfield. In the kitchen, I was fascinated by the meat cuts and angles. I took a job working with carcass beef in 1974, boxing the meat shipped to supermarkets. Being an aggressive young man, I broke meat for a couple of hours each day before starting my 8-hour shift at the packing plant.” “I moved to Southwest New Mexico in 1987, working with my aunt and uncle who own Saucedo’s Market in Lordsburg. When I made the decision to work in Silver City I targeted Albertson’s. I had always taken pride in working fast, so a twohour free demonstration of my work landed the job. I have now been with Albertson’s for 18 years.” “Sure, I’ll claim the best meat in town, but mainly because of a great staff who share the responsibility. We pack our counters with fresh meat daily, and we’re user friendly. We’ll help you achieve your goals, suggest seasonings and make marinating tips. We’ll help you achieve the most out of a brisket or anything else.” In addition to beef, Albertson’s provides pork and lamb and has an excellent seafood counter. “We do some specialty work,” continues Tom, “such as cutting and tying a crown roast for the holidays. We sell offals (organs) and special order tripas. My goal is to order truck to shelf for maximum freshness and minimal shrink (loss).

Cook Books Is high altitude cooking causing you problems? The Copper CowBelles' Cookbook holds your solution. Aside from a variety of recipes, the cookbook features different cuts of beef, local rancher history and more. The cookbook can be purchased for $18 at Legacy Home Gift, Farm Bureau Insurance or the Silver City Museum. All profits fund the annual CowBelles' Scholarship. Copper Cowbelles has been promoting beef education since 1976. They also support youth and local 4-H organizations.

Personal Choice To impress my wife, I would give her a rose and prepare dinner. My choice is a boneless rib eye steak cooked on our indoor jet air grill. The trimmings would include fresh salad, some corn, broccoli or peas and maybe a baked potato. I would pour two glasses of wine and finish with a flan or rice pudding desert.

If you are searching for that illusive whale stew recipe, look no further than the Women's Club Cookbook. It is a collection of local tried and true recipes containing original family favorites like blueberry dumplings, champagne punch and more. The cookbooks sell for $10 each and can be purchased from any women's club member or by calling 538-3452. The Silver City Woman’s Club, a service organization open to all women in Grant County, is more than 98 years old.

Albertson’s - Silver City 538-2422 SILVER CITYLIFE – 31

T Alarcon

Meet your Silver City Food Basket Meat Cutter


“A meat cutter has to plan ahead,” states Anthony Alarcon, “to meet the request from an individual customer or simply to keep the display case full while minimizing waste. Do we need to wrap family packs, center cuts, thin cuts for the grill or New York strips? Are we out of stew meats, roasts or ribs? Should we grab the box of prime cuts, chucks and shoulders or rounds and bottoms? “At the Food Basket in Silver City, of course, it’s customer service that keeps them coming back. I try not to run out of anything and at the same time, work with the customer to insure that he gets what he wants. We cut our meat daily and keep the case fresh. I don’t allow anything in the meat case that I wouldn’t buy myself.” Anthony was born in Deming and is a graduate of Deming High School. “My Dad and his best friend butchered their own cattle and sheep when I was growing up, so I have been around the process all my life.” He began working at Furr’s in Deming starting with cleanup and wrapping and working into cutting and merchandising. Art Reyes at the Food Basket in Bayard was one of his teachers. as was Marcos Rincon in Silver City. Anthony worked in Bayard for four years and transferred to Silver City two years ago. “Specialty cuts are frequently requested by area ranchers who understand the options available to them. Like the Bayard store, the Silver City Food Basket makes carne adovada and prepares fajita cuts. We also marinate beef, pork and chicken. We package offal’s, the inside organs like tripe, marrow gut, liver and so on. We sell pig’s feet, shanks and bones.”


Personal Choice If my fiancé, Stephanie, and I were preparing a special dinner tonight, I would choose a boneless rib eye cooked on the grill medium rare. We would probably include a baked potato, corn on the cob and I have to have my chile on the side. A glass of iced tea and German chocolate cake would be great.

SPICY PUMPKIN PIE by Norean Bassler ⁄4 cup Sugar 1 Tbl. Flour 1 Tbl. Chili Powder (if hot use half) 1 ⁄2 tps. Ground Ginger 1 ⁄4 tps. Cloves 3

⁄8 tps. Nutmeg ⁄2 tps. Salt 2 Eggs 15 oz. Can of Pumpkin Puree 12 oz. Can of Evaporated Milk 1 1

Preheat oven to 425 degrees. In a small bowl mix all of the dry ingredients. In another large bowl mix all of the wet - mix well and then add in the dry and combine. Pour mixture in a 9 inch deep dish uncooked pie shell. Bake 15 minutes at 425 degrees. Reduce heat and bake at 350 degrees for 45-50 minutes (or until a knife inserted in the center comes out clean).

T-bone Steak Tip For a T-bone steak, my fiancé and I typically marinate the steak in beer and cook on the outdoor grill. Once the temperatures are right I would cook the steaks for 3 minutes on one side and flip for two minutes on the other side. I would finish with another minute on each side. Just thinking about it makes me hungry.

Food Basket – Silver City 538-2819

This recipe has been one I have used for many years of my 90 years. However the “Chili” ingredient was a recent development. I mistakenly used Chile one time instead of Cinnamon. A number of people really liked it so I decided to share it. For those of you that just want a good Pumpkin Pie recipe substitute the chili with a Tbl. of Cinnamon.

Meet your Bayard Food

SPICY GARLIC SHRIMP WITH C H E R RY T O M AT O E S by The MRAC Cuisine Team Serves 4 1 lb. dried pasta* 6 Tbsp. extra virgin olive oil 1 ⁄2 tsp. crushed red pepper flakes 3 garlic cloves, finely chopped

1 lb. raw medium shrimp in shells 8 oz. cherry tomatoes, halved 2 Tbsp. chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley (or basil, if preferred) Salt, black pepper

Cook pasta in a large pot of boiling, salted water, until just firm to the bite. Heat oil in a skillet. Add red pepper flakes and garlic and cook over high heat until pale gold, 1 minute. Add shrimp and cook, stirring constantly, until just turning pink, 1 minute. Add tomatoes and cook, stirring constantly, until tomatoes are hot and wilted and shrimp are firm, 2 to 3 minutes. Add salt and pepper to taste. Drain pasta. ** Add pasta with parsley or basil to hot sauce. Toss well to coat. Serve immediately. *Which pasta? Strands and thin ribbons – spaghetti, spaghettini, linguine **Pasta hint. Always remove 1⁄2 cup of the pasta cooking water when draining pasta. Add the water to the pasta dish if you think it is top, from left: Chloe Carlsen, Arlene Rezman, Renny Hutton, Bert Cramer and Alison Trombly, the “Cuisine Team” is a group of people affiliated with the Mimbres Region Arts Council. They offer their services for many of the events providing food and horsdevors. If you are interested in helping please call the MRAC at 538-2505. right: The Mimbres Region Arts Council (MRAC) Cookbook has over 170 mouthwatering recipes and is full of illustrations prepared by member artists. The cookbooks are $15 and can be purchased at the MRAC office as well as the Silver City Museum gift shop. The Mimbres Region Arts Council is a non-profit organization dedicated to enriching the cultural life of southwestern New Mexico with quality programs that nurture and inspire a love and understanding of the arts.


Brisket Preparation Tip “When choosing a brisket you should be able to fold the ends together. Otherwise there is too much fat. Slice it without trimming the fat and marinate over night. I use Claude’s Barbeque Brisket Marinade Sauce. To cook, I place it in a turkey bag with some fresh garlic, slices of onion, seasoning and a little watered-down sauce. Cook with the fat on top at 350 F. for 4-5 hours, depending on size. To check if it’s done, like a turkey, you can poke it with a knife and if the knife comes out smooth, it’s done.”


Basket Meat Cutter


“Customer service is what makes the difference,” states Art Reyes. “At the Food Basket in Bayard, we work hard to bring the customer back. We help them determine what they want…what’s tender, what our specials are or what works well on the grill. A quality product, every day freshness and a friendly smile are all important in the meat section.” Born and raised in Deming, Art is a ’75 grad of Deming High School. He worked for Safeway in Deming and later Furr’s for a total of 29 years. “I started as a carryout, then worked through the meat department as a meat wrapper, an apprentice meat cutter and finally a journeyman meat cutter.” Art moved to Bayard three years ago. “Safeway and Furr’s were very strict, but very good companies for employment. While an apprentice, my philosophy was you don't learn if you don't ask, and so I drove journeyman butchers crazy with my questions.” “In those days we worked with hanging beef, instead of the boxed beef that we have now. It’s hard to find many of the old-style butchers any more. We had to know just where to begin carving the half or quarter to keep from losing any choice meat. We learned where each cut came from and how to trim to provide the best slice of meat for the customer while minimizing waste.” “At the Bayard Food Basket, we provide fresh beef and pork and the various organs including liver, kidneys, heart, tripe, we can usually get whatever is requested. To insure freshness, we cut and grind our meats every day. Our fresh Carne Adovada consists of pork, roasted New Mexico chile pods, water, salt garlic, oregano and other spices.”

Personal Choices “For me,” Art relates, “a special meal would include my personal favorite, chuck eye…I love it. I would choose a 3⁄4 inch cut and cook to medium

rare. I enjoy a good salad and would include a baked potato and large glass of iced tea. A slice of apple pie would be the perfect finish for the meal.”

Food Basket – Bayard 537-3317 SILVER CITYLIFE – 35

T Jackson

Meet your Uncle Lee’s Packing Plant Meat Cutters


& Sammie Johnson “With the local meat packer,” states Lee Jackson of

Uncle Lee’s Packing Plant, “the consumer has more control

over the quality of the end product. How the beef is fed, the use of preservatives and proper draining and aging of the meat are all factors in the end product. We have local contacts that can provide grass-fed or grain-fed animals and various breeds, such as black baldeg, a Hereford/angus cross. “Beginning to end – we do it all. We slaughter, age and wrap. We custom cut for a region that includes New Mexico, Texas and Arizona. We primarily handle local domestic animals: beef, hogs, lamb and goats. Because of increased business in the fall resulting from local fairs, we just don’t have time for much wild game.” Uncle Lee’s packing plant

Meat Facts With the exotic beef breeds, the consumer is often paying for the larger bone size. With the small-boned breeds, the take-home meat per pound purchased is greater. When purchasing beef for the freezer, wrapping is very important for maintaining freshness and preventing freezer burns. 36 – SILVER CITYLIFE

The aging of meat breaks down the fibers that make meat tough and the length of time depends on the size and age of the animal. Younger beef typically hangs seven to ten days while larger, older beef requires 12-16 days. Pork and lamb normally hang for only four to five days.

will hand-rub a dry cure onto meat and it has a maple sugar cure for ham. Lee has been in the business off and on for 50 years. He spent nine years with Deming Packing Company learning the cutting trade. He gained slaughterhouse experience in Boise, Idaho, managing a custom meat shop for seven years. Partner and daughter, Sammie Johnson, learned the trade from her father and handles scheduling and bookkeeping, as well as wrapping and cleaning. She keeps everybody busy. “We hire local college students to help with the physical work,” continues Lee. “The motto that I preach to these young people is to care for customers like we want to be treated ourselves. We can’t get sloppy and still maintain our high standards for quality and safety.” “It is definitely a growing business. Sammie and I started our packing plant six years ago and created a monster. We can barely keep up with requests.”

MA PO BEAN CURD by Curious Kumquat-Mason

1 lb. Firm Bean Curd (Tofu) Note: Remove excess water from the bean curd by placing it between 3 layers of paper towel and weighing down with a plate. Then cut into 1 inch squares 1 ⁄4 lb. Lean Ground Pork 2 Cloves of Garlic Minced 2 Green Onions Finely Diced

1 tsp. Ginger Root (minced) 1 tsp. Hunan Chilies and Fermented Black Beans 2 Tbsp. Rice Wine 1 Cup Water 1 ⁄2 tsp. Salt 11⁄2 Tbsp. Soy Sauce 3 Green Onions cut into 3” sections & then sliced lengthwise 1 Tbsp. Tapioca Starch or Corn Starch 1 ⁄4 Cup Water

Heat 3 Tbsp. of peanut or vegetable oil in a Wok Add minced Garlic and Onion. Cook for about 20 seconds. Add Pork until Pink is gone. Add Chilies and Fermented Black Beans, Rice Wine, Salt and Soy Sauce. Simmer for 2 minutes, then add bean curd and larger pieces of green onion. Simmer for 4-5 minutes. Thicken with the Tapioca or Corn Starch and Water Mixture. Simmer for and additional 3 minutes or until thick. NOTE: This dish is best made ahead of time so the ingredients can blend.

Personal Choices For dinner, Lee would choose prime rib cooked medium well – pink in the middle. He would include a baked potato and ice cream for desert. Sammie would also choose prime rib, but it has to be cooked all the way through…no pink. She loves cornon-the-cob and German chocolate cake.

Uncle Lee’s Packing Plant 534-0809 email:

Linda Hutto, Mason and Renny Hutton prepare Ma Po Bean Curd during a cooking class.


The Gila Regional ••Power PowerLift LiftRecliners Recliners ••Orthopedic OrthopedicSupports Supports ••Bathroom BathroomSafety SafetyAids Aids ••Motorized Motorized33Wheelers Wheelers ••Diabetic DiabeticCare CareSupplies Supplies ••Hospital HospitalMattresses Mattresses&&Beds Beds ••Oxygen Oxygen&&Respiratory RespiratoryEquipment Equipment ••Personal PersonalHealthcare HealthcareDisposables Disposables

Medicare/Medicaid Certified Private Insurance Accepted FREE DELIVERY 24 Hour Emergency Service

575.534.4013 866.534.4013 910 E. 32nd Street Silver City, NM 38 – SILVER CITYLIFE

Cancer Center

“They make you feel comfortable and help the patients have such hope.” WRITTEN BY PAT YOUNG, PHOTOGRAPHY BY DAVID FURNAS Crisp, modern lines of the new Gila Regional Cancer Center belie the warmth within, where patients not only receive advanced treatment, but personalized care from qualified caregivers that offer something akin to “down home” friendliness. That is the key to how Silver City came to claim such an unusual asset as a hospital-based cancer center. It’s close to home. A grass roots movement for the center began with nurses, spearheaded by Karen deGenevieve, then a registered nurse in charge of the special care unit at Gila Regional Medical Center. “This whole process started many years ago, bringing chemo here so peo-

ple didn’t have to travel so far,” says deGenevieve, now a family nurse practitioner with the cancer center. Construction for Gila Regional Cancer Center began in 2006 on the north side of GRMC. The center opened in April of 2007. Before that, patients were treated in the Chemotherapy Infusion Clinic in Gila Regional Medical Center. Funding for the new center came from the State of New Mexico. A dedication plaque gives special recognition to Senator Ben Altamirano and Governor Bill Richardson as well as the Senate Finance Committee and New Mexico Finance Authority. A second plaque expresses gratitude to Representatives Dianne Hamilton and Manuel Herrera as

well as many people associated with the hospital and Silver City, including the GRMC Foundation, which raised and contributed just over $148,000 to the project. The first doctors, with New Mexico Oncology Hematology Consultants, Ltd. at New Mexico Cancer Center, started coming down in 1995. The same specialists still come today for 5 clinics, where they see up to 26 patients. “Regardless of the facility, it’s the people and staff that make this a special unit,” says Mike Torres, director of the cancer center. A graceful sculpture at the center’s entrance gives a sense of serenity, as does more New Mexico artwork in the lobby, purchased from New Mexico Arts Council through grants. Efficiently used space beyond the lobby includes four exam rooms, two extended care rooms, a chemo room and nurses station. Behind thick doors is a state-of-the-art radiation unit, scheduled to be running by early 2008. Backlit ceiling tiles in the windowless room will give patients a comforting outdoor scene. High-tech equipment will give specialists the ability to simulate exactly where a tumor is before radiation. “The radiation unit will change everything,” deGenevieve says. Patients will no longer have to travel great distances opposite: Group Treatment Room. above: The Linear Accelerator delivers radiation treatments.


for radiation treatments. Gila Regional Cancer Center does not do clinical trials (where experimental drugs are tried when standard treatment does not stop a cancerous growth) or inpatient chemotherapy (which requires a separate unit and staffing), but it performs all the other standard care for cancer patients. Both deGenevieve and Torres stress that it is the dedicated caregivers that make the center truly stand out. Patients agree. “It’s wonderful to have this center right here,” says Patty Smith, a Silver city resident and cancer patient. “Karen deGenevieve and the staff are incredible. They make you feel comfortable and help the patients have such hope.” That’s important, according to deGenevieve and Torres. “Being able to help cancer patients at this point in their lives is incredible,” deGenevieve says. “We get to know patients and their families,” Torres adds. “You just learn not to let things tear you apart.”

Sherman Dental Ben K. Sherman, DDS

3115 North Leslie Road, Silver City 575.388.2515

John B. Sherman, DDS

Implants Placed Root Canals Periodontics (gums) Low Level (safer) Digital X-Rays Cosmetic Dentistry Anti-Anxiety/Gentle Dentistry “On Call” for our Patients

“ of Southwest New Mexico’s most progressive dental offices.” Over 45 years combined experience!

Academy of General Destistry


The Red Cross is Expanding in Silver City WRITTEN BY SARAH GIBSON The American Red Cross office in Silver City, working entirely with volunteers, about two dozen of them, services the entire Grant County area. Despite its size and volunteer status, they respond to family fires, floods and other natural disasters…and they would like to do more. Supported by the Southwest New Mexico Chapter in Las Cruces, the Silver City office is seeking a stronger community presence and hopes to soon become a branch office and eventually a chapter. Key volunteers are developing a strategic long-term plan with the help of an advisory committee comprised of Grant County area community members. The current goal is to hire a full or part time paid employee and offer health and safety classes that will include First Aid and CPR, babysitting and AIDS and HIV awareness sessions. The group also hopes to strengthen and expand their emergency disaster plan by joining forces with local schools serving as emergency shelters. Currently located behind the Methodist Church at College and Santa Rita, the Red Cross office is open Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 10-2. top: Sharye Hardesty, Grant County Volunteer Coordinator for the Southwest New Mexico Chapter of the Red Cross.

AUTO ACCIDENTS • WORKERS COMP • SPORTS INJURIES Headaches & TMJ • Neck & Back Pain • Hip & Leg Pain • Shoulder & Arm Pain Disk, Muscle & Joint Pain • Sciatica & Chronic Arthritis Post Surgical Rehab • Carpal Tunnel

Medicare & Most Major Insurances Accepted

A “ sk your doctor to send you to

Desert Springs


Suzanne Thomas 310 West 11th Silver City, NM



Desert Springs

575.534.1187 SILVER CITYLIFE – 41


Bud with giant catfish.

“EATING SIZE” CATFISH, AVERAGING 12 TO 20 INCHES ARE MOST COMMON, BUT MONSTERS WEIGHING 10 TO 50 LBS. AND MORE ARE A REAL POSSIBILITY. WRITTEN AND PHOTOGRAPHED BY DUTCH SALMON “They peddle out such a fish as that by the pound in the market-house there; everybody buys some of him; his meat’s as white as snow and makes a good fry.” So wrote Huck Finn (Mark Twain) of a 200 lb. catfish he and Jim caught off the bank on their trip down the Big River. Without catfish, they would never have survived their long journey. The same fish, in somewhat smaller dimensions, is available to the angler in southwest New Mexico. And with a full kitchen at your disposal (Huck and Jim were camped out), the catfish can make an even better “fry.” Summing up, catfish angling in our region is available in the Rio Grande, and the warmer waters of the Gila and San Francisco Rivers. Also, Elephant Butte, Caballo, Bill Evans, Bear Canyon, and Lake Roberts reservoirs have cats. Species include the channel catfish (most common), flathead catfish (bigger and less common), and blue catfish (big as the flathead and found in Elephant Butte and the Rio Grande). “Eating size” catfish, averaging 12 to 20 inches are most common, but monsters weighing 10 to 50 lbs. and more are a real possibility. The catfish is attractive to both the pan fisherman, or, the trophy hunter. 42 – SILVER CITYLIFE

Both channel cats and blues are noted for eating most anything, dead or alive, while flatheads favor live bait. Buy some frozen shrimp, smelt, or squid at the grocery; it will thaw by the time you use it, makes great catfish bait, and will stay on the hook. Even flatheads will sometimes take these dead baits, provided you keep them fresh with an ice pack before using them as bait. For live bait, nightcrawlers are an old reliable. Package your worm container with, again, an ice pack. Nightcrawlers die quickly in summer heat and are much more attractive alive, even to a catfish. And I like to catch my own live bait for catfish. At Elephant Butte, use a throw-net to catch shad to use as live bait or cut bait. And along the Gila River my son Bud and I use a fine-mesh hand net. We turn over rocks in the stream and catch crawfish and hellgrammites – both dynamite catfish bait. Rod weight can be light, medium or heavy, depending on the size catfish you’re after. Casting rods, spinning rods, even fly rods can all be rigged for bait fishing cats, with 8 to 20 lb. test line, #6 to #2 hooks, and a sliding sinker so the fish doesn’t feel the weight when he picks up the bait. And

keep your hands clean handling bait; catfish are scent hunters and easily put off by the smell of gas, oil, sun-screen, anything human and artificial. One day this past summer Bud, age 12, out-fished his old man along the Gila River. While my best efforts left me skunked, he hooked into a 28” flathead. The fish ran his line for 10 minutes before tiring in the shallows. I grabbed his massive lower jaw and swung him ashore. Bud said, “He’s freaky; look at his mouth.” Well, he did look primitive, and had a mouth that could swallow a grapefruit. Ugly yes, but savory. Conserve the resource by keeping just enough for a meal or two. Here’s a can’t miss recipe from the old school of country cooking. Skin and filet the catfish (you can find instructions on line). Fry up one pound of cheap bacon in a no-stick fry pan, save the grease and keep it hot. Make a batter of buttermilk with an egg stirred in. Dip the filets in the batter, then coat with corn meal spiced with salt, pepper and seasonings of choice. Fry filets in hot grease till a fork slides easily through the meat (takes just a few minutes on a side). Drain on a paper towel and serve with cole slaw and hush puppies.

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CLEVER COOKING gadgets& accessories silver serving set FLOWERINGS LLC

Each piece is hand-made for the Beatriz Ball Collection. They come in a range of styles, can be custom engraved and go right from the oven to the freezer. 215 West Yankie Street • 534.4514

tea pot LEGACY HOME & GIFTSTING One of a kind, dishwasher safe, hand-painted ceramics by Saparne from Long Island, NY. 910 North Hudson • 388.1226

canisters HESTER HOUSE

Hand-painted sugar, flour and tea ceramic canisters with southwestern chili design by Clay Art from San Francisco. 316 North Bullard • 388.1360

pottery and more P I N O S A LT O S O R C H A R D S

Decorative pewter measuring spoons for baking and an assortment of beautifully handpainted Mexican bowls and vases for serving. 13 Placer Street, Pinos Altos • 538.1270


red enamel dish set W E S T E R N S TAT I O N E R S

Good quality, dishwasher safe enamelware that can be purchased as a 16-piece set or individually. Fun to mix and match. 703 North Bullard Street • 538.5324

salt& pepper set P O T S , PA N S & M O R E

Lovely wooden vessels for condiments decorated with an array of rainbow colored inlays. 314 North Bullard Street • 534.1121

le creuset cooking pans C U R I O U S K U M Q U AT

Made in France in a variety of colors, Le Creuset cookware is the world’s best-known brand of enamel coated cast iron cookware. 111 East College Avenue 534.0337

Eagle Mail Services A Mail & Parcel Center UPS • FedEx • US Mail • DHL Private Mailboxes • Remailing Fax • Copies • Notary Western Union

Lynne Schultz Ph. (575) 388-1967 Fax (575) 388-1623

2311 Ranch Club Road Silver City, NM 88061 SILVER CITYLIFE – 45

Best Winter’s

Presented by Silver City dining establishments.

Combination Plate Bring your appetite! Two tacos, two rolled cheese enchiladas, and a chile relleno served with rice and beans, homemade salsa and chips, and a sopapia.

Jalisco’s 103 South Bullard Street, Silver City, NM 575.388.2060

Ahi Tuna Steak with Berge Sauce Ahi tuna marinated with lemon, garlic and basil in a tomato and olive sauce on a bed of spinach and wild rice. Goes great with the house chardonnay but save room for the Midnight Craving Chocolate Cake.

Isaac’s 200 North Bullard Street Silver City, NM 575.388.4090

Chow Fun Rice Noodles Shrimp with snow peas and carrots, with a side of egg rolls and egg flower soup, topped off with a steaming cup of hot black tea.

Chinese Palace 1010 Hwy 180 E, Silver City, NM • 575.538.9300

Boars Head’s Blazing Buffalo

Chicken Sandwich

A sumptuous combination of tangy and spicy with Boars Head roasted chicken and swiss cheese topped with lettuce, tomato and pickled cherry peppers, served hoagie style.

Diane’s Bakery & Deli The Hub, Suite A, Bullard Street, Silver City, NM 575.534.9229

Special Fish Combo Delicious hand battered shrimp and pollack, served with coleslaw, hush puppies and french fries.

M & A Bayard Cafe 1101 North Central, Bayard, NM • 575.537.2251

Cowboy Ribs


A mouth-watering rack of pork ribs served with their specialty sweet BBQ sauce, salad, ranch style beans and a refreshing piña colada.

Delightful, homemade cranberry and almond biscotti baked by chef Esther Scherf, served with freshly roasted and home-brewed A.I.R. coffee.

Wrangler’s Bar & Grill

208 Central Ave., Bayard, NM 537.3967

A.I.R Coffee Co.

#3 Rio De Arenas Road Arenas Valley, NM 575.538.4387

Blackened Chicken Salad One of the salads is a generous portion of greens, tomatoes, baby carrots, cucumber, and Jicama with a choice of homemade dressings. Served with a fresh loaf of bread, shrimp cocktail and finished off with a frozenmargarita.

The Buckhorn 7 miles N. of Silver City in historic Pinos Altos 575.538.9911

Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas The perfect New Mexico comfort food, enchiladas stuffed with chicken and topped with melted cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions and green chile, accompanied, by homemade beans and rice.

La Cocina

201 West College Street, Silver City, NM 575.388.8687

Hatch Benedict Turkey Avocado Melt Turkey, mozzarella and avocado on wheat bread with lettuce, tomato and mayo served with carrot sticks, tri-colored tortilla chips, and homemade salsa, accompanied by a scrumptious Big Berry Combo Smoothie.

A southwestern twist on an old favorite. Green chile cheddar bread topped with melted cheddar cheese, ham, green chile, poached eggs, pico de gallo and homemade hollandaise sauce.

Diane’s Restaurant 510 North Bullard Street, Silver City, NM 575.538.8722

Shrimp Stir Fry

Messiah’s Health Shoppe

An appetizing assortment of shrimp, green and red peppers, water chestnuts, baby corn, onions, carrots and mushrooms in garlic sauce. Hot and spicy!

303 East 13th Street, Silver City, NM • 538.9006

China Gate 1740 Hwy 180 E Silver City, NM 575.388.1191.

Grilled Ahi Tuna Elegantly presented and exquisitely prepared, this fennel and black pepperencrusted ahi tuna served with cucumber green cabbage orange slaw and asesame ginger drizzle tastes as good as it looks.

Large Combination Plate Chili Relleno, Tamale, Red Enchilada, Green Enchilada, Red Meat Chile, Green Meat Chili, 2 meat Tacos and a Sopapilla.

Adobe Springs

Little Nisha's

1617 Silver Heights Blvd., Silver City, NM 575.538.3665

106 Hurley Ave., Bayard NM 575.537.3526

Organic Beef GR ASS FED


Organic beef is what's for dinner in Cliff, NM. TuOrganic beef is what's for dinner in Cliff, NM. Tucked away in the Gila River Valley on 80 acres of land, Joe Hollister raises tull cattle. The catch? His cows are on a strictly grass-fed diet – no antibiotics, hormones or grain. In the winter, the cows are fed some hay but still receive an all-natural diet designation. Hollister strongly believes that this organic process is not only healthier for the animals, but for human consumers as well. "Cows were designed to eat grass," says Hollister. And Hollister has no shortage of grass. Leasing more than 7,000 acres for grazing his mother cows, Hollister is still seeking to gradually expand his business. At 20 months old, the cattle are sent to the University of Arizona for processing. Hollister sells his beef at the Silver City Farmers' Market and takes orders for animal quarters or halves. "Today it's hard for young farmers to get their

start in agriculture. The cost of land is high and it takes awhile to get established," commented Hollister. Luckily for Hollister, his grandfather, Doc Hollister after which his business is named, began farming and teaching agriculture in Minnesota post World War II. With breeding and livestock as a part of a long time family business, Hollister fell into farming more than 20 years ago. "It's kind of a passion," said Hollister. "I love the newness of farming," he continued, "there's always something new; every day there are new challenges." Local food is important to Hollister and he notes that, "there's not much available in Grant County compared to what is consumed here." Working mostly alone, Hollister also grows potatoes and corn for human consumption and raises pigs. "I love working with nature," says Hollister. Look for Doc Hollister's Grass Fed Beef at the Silver City Farmer's Market or call 535-4437 to place an order.



health & wellness

Convenient shakes and supplements you will want to try. WRITTEN BY SARAH GIBSON I PHOTO BY JOE BURGESS

Eighty percent of Americans are overweight, according to USA Today. There is also a growing concern that people are not getting proper nutrients. On-the-go stressful lifestyles and the lack of nutritional value in many of today's foods have established an unhealthy precedent. Additionally, most fruits and vegetables are covered in pesticides and meats are pumped with hormones and antibiotics. Many people are now replacing 1-2 meals per day with convenient shakes and supplements to meet nutritional requirements and control weight. It is important, however, to be aware of the ingredients and nutritional value of these meal alternatives. They are not all created equal. Healthy meal replacement shakes will contain a balance of protein, fat and carbohydrates to enhance metabolism and assist in weight management. Ideally, a product will include natural ingredients and should not be high in sugars like high fructose corn syrup. It should also include trace

ionic minerals that fuel cells and aid the digestive tract in absorption of nutrients. The idea is to nourish the body, not starve it. Meal replacement shakes can provide a lot of benefits in addition to nutritional value. Mia Woods, a local Isagenix representative, first tried this nutritional cleansing system following a suggestion from an International Pilates instructor (a mind and body conditioning program). "I was just looking for something that would support my body nutritionally," Woods commented. "But as a result of being on this system, my energy went through the roof, my digestion problems cleared up and the sugar and caffeine cravings went away.� Meal replacement shakes can be a healthy, convenient addition to your lifestyle. Not everyone has time to prepare three healthy meals a day. You can make your own shakes using high-grade nutrients and supplements purchased from your health food store or you can initiate a comprehensive nutritional program like Isagenix.

Luscious Chocolate Shakea nutritional meal in a glass, Citrus energy drink with nutrients and natural electrolytes, Luscious Vanilla shake with a complete serving of fruits (isaFruits), Tomato Soup-a complete nutritional meal in a bowl, Snacks (Tasty Slim Cakes-Chocolate and Oatmeal, Chocolate Honey Peanut, Chocolate Crunch, Peanut Crunch bars)


In 30 minutes, Peggy made her husband look twice. After going from a “lay down and zip my pants” size 16 to a comfortable size 4, Peggy Payne says one of her favorite things is the extra attention

she gets from her husband. The key to her success has been the support she gets at Curves.

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Cleanse and replenish the body Burn fat quickly and safely Build lean muscle Increase energy and stamina Strengthen the immune system 9-day and 30-day programs available! Free consultation and coaching included. All natural, high-grade organic nutrients. call Mia today:

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FOOD OR FEED? Environmental Development Group has career opportunities in the area of : Contract Management Administration General Construction Mechanics Good Wages, Good Benefits! Job Fair from 11am – 2pm last Friday of every month Located at 4007 Highway 90 South, Silver City, New Mexico 88061


Are you ready to own your own home here in beautiful Southwestern New Mexico? Environmental Development Group has lot/home packages offering premium view lots with high end built to suite homes starting at $250,000. Contact Environmental Development Group at 575-534-4239 for more information or to set up appointments for viewing Grant County Excavation, Inc. dba Environmental Development Group 4007 Hwy 90 South • Silver City, NM 88061 575-534-4239 Business • 575-534-9034 FAX

How to preserve his health and prolong his life. Several dog and cat food companies were recently forced to recall thousands of pounds of tainted food that led to the illnesses or deaths in some animals. This incident has led many people to find other food sources for their pets. The domesticated pet started their feeding habits by being fed table scraps or as in rural situations, they fed upon what was left by butchering livestock and keeping vermin at bay. Because of the recent commercial pet food scare, many pet owners are going back to the basics premise of feeding their pets a raw diet plan or cooking for them. Now, domesticated pets live mostly

in urban settings relying on commercial factory means as a food source. Doug Lacy, a local proprietor of pet food, has available good quality organic commercial products at his store. A lot of the population do not have time to prepare homemade meals for their pets so these products are another great alternative. Doug, however, makes the time to prepares meals for his dog, Bully. "I use burdock root, nettles, and a few other ingredients added to raw tripe to feed to Bully," says Doug. Tripe is known for it's excellent balance of minerals, vitamins, fats and proteins. Doug pointed out that the AFFCO (the American Association of Feed Control Officials) is the government regulator for the quality control for pet food. According to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) some of these commercial 'feed' materials going into pet food are "diverted unfit food for animal use". Researching what goes into our pets mouths to preserve their health and prolong their lives is a good idea. The FDA requires ingredients to be listed, but the origin of these ingredients is sometimes suspect. Martha Everett not only feeds her pet organically, but came up with the Three Dog Bite Barkery which offers her special concoction of pet treats. She has several different flavors of treats available at the Pet Health Shoppe and the Silver City Food Co-op. Martha started her biscuit business after getting her dog, Henry, and wanted him to have the very best nutrition available.

A healthy feline contributes an additional dimension to the Gallery 400 mural.



Vyf Paul & Gisela Spencer

Linda Keith

memorial wall

Paul and Gisela Spencer found Vyf (meaning #5 in Afrikaans) online. They planned on not taking him home immediately. That idea left when a child presented him dangling by a front paw. He needed out of this situation quickly. Overly long toenails snarled in the carpeting preventing walking. Ribs were broken and infection had set in. The lump on his head gave the appearance of having two heads. "He would have died, you know, had we not arrived today." Paul said on the way home. Gisela could only nod in agreement. After months of rehab and love from the Spencer's, Vyf recovered from broken bones and infections and has learned to walk.

WRITTEN AND PHOTOGRAPHED BY JUDY DOUBRAVA In September, the High Desert Humane Society dedicated their pet memorial wall to Linda Keith. She recently retired from her diligent services on the board of the society. Linda has donated her time and generosity to make the High Desert Humane Society what it is today. It seemed only fitting to name the wall in her honor. The Linda Keith Memorial Wall is a great way to pay tribute to your beloved pets; past and present. At the shelter, for a donation of $10, you are entitled to a brass plaque with an inscription of your phrasing. A contribution by an anonymous supporter of the High Desert Humane Society allowed this wall to transpire. Rex Nichols is credited with the metalwork construction for the sign on the wall. Dunn’s Nursery has strategically planted low-water foliage to beautify the area. High Desert Humane Society is located at 3050 S. Cougar Way, Silver City. For more information, call (575) 538-9261 or go to:

right: Photos that appeared in the Summer 07 issue of Silver City Life were by Kristen Petersen.


Hannah & Parker Lois Murphy Hannah, the English Springer spaniel, was at the shelter in Sedona; her human family's last child left home. They didn't need a dog anymore. She was just 3 years old. Having abandonment issues now, Hannah is never without a ball in her mouth. "She falls asleep with it in her mouth. Then it rolls out. Next morning, first thing, she gets her ball." Lois laughs. Then, there's Parker, the Dachsund, found abandoned with cigarette burns on his body. Lois' experience with behavioral problems in people helped her handle Parker when he chewed up carpeting and a loveseat.

Cards • Gifts • Hobbies Crafts • Souvenirs Office Supplies Furniture • Machines 703 N. Bullard Silver City, NM 88061

Callie & Bleu Nicole Robbins

Kitty Nancy & Tom Johnson

Feeling the emptiness after the loss of an elderly Airedale, Tad Van der Weele and Patrick Conlin, contacted an Airedale rescue group. They were led to 'George' in Georgetown, Texas. A year later, Max, also from Texas, came into their lives. Max had been abused and had some issues, but with love and understanding of the breed, both George and Max have a great home. "We take them to the dog park everyday", said Patrick. Plus, the dogs get walked around the neighborhood. Patrick and Tad also assist the Airedale rescue group on transporting newly rescued Airedales.

Hershey was with his mother and other littermates under a shed. The mother was scavenging road kill just to feed her babies. Someone noticed and decided to call Deirdre Wolf of a wolf rescue organization knowing that she would help. Deirdre crawled under the shed and rescued this unwanted family. The Hopwood's saw an article in a local newspaper, posted by Deirdre, trying to find homes for these discarded animals. Kim and Ethan adopted one of the puppies, now named 'Hershey'. Hershey goes to work every day at the Rose Valley RV Ranch.



Jenny, Mia, Biscuit, Buster Sweet Thing, and Zorro Tina Ely & Shawn Dubiskas

Tripp D. Rae

Tina was at a gas station and noticed a puppy was obviously not wanted by his current owners. “I gave them my phone number in case they decided to get rid of him.“ Tina said. Soon after, they called and said, “Come get him.” Six dogs now roam Tina and Shawn's acreage. Jenny, the boxer, was rescued from Tucson. Mia, the red dog was from Las Cruces. Biscuit and Sweet Thing (2 bigger dogs) were puppy giveaway’s from Santa Clara; products of an unspayed dog. Buster’s former owner passed away. Zorro, the heeler puppy, is the newest addition.

"We wanted a good backpacker and a hiker." D. said. So, she and her husband went to the local animal shelter with these needs in mind. That's where they found Tripp, the Australian Shepard mix. This breed is known for their energy and herding abilities. "He is such a great backpacker, he has his own set of packs." Tripp knows where home is and stays around the house with his cat companions. He even graduated from Obedience School. But it's out on the trails with his human companions that he is happiest.

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Land/Home Packages Available in the Dos Griegos and Pine Ridge Subdivisions.

Nationally Backed Home Owners Warranty is provided with each new home built with us.

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The Gold Standard in Silver City At CENTURY 21 Thompson Realty, find experienced CENTURY 21 professionals who are dedicated to making the process of buying or selling your home as easy and as successful as possible. Log onto today to find out more.

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