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Southwest New Mexico and El Paso Texas











United by the intrigue of old west lore, the communities of Old West Traveler have preserved their colorful past while developing their individual attractions and paths to the future. Enjoy the arts, shopping and cuisine of the Southwest.

A historic melding of international cultures provides a colorful flair to the visual and performing arts, architecture and cuisines of the region. OW30 EL PASO, TX



A renowned wildlife refuge, the center for deep-space eavesdropping and early Spanish missions are the area’s international magnets. OW8 SOCORRO

The convergence of three national forests provides a rugged mountain setting for pack trips, trout fishing and ghost town photography. OW20 RESERVE & GLENWOOD


SIERRA COUNTY New Mexico’s premier water sports destination and the healing attributes of nature’s hot springs now compete for attention with Spaceport America. OW10 TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES OW13 ELEPHANT BUTTE

GRANT COUNT Y Vast tracts of wilderness forest, a mature arts community and historic mining operations are the forces that divert travelers away from the interstates. OW14 SILVER CITY OW16 HISTORIC DOWNTOWN OW17 TRAIL OF THE MOUNTAIN SPIRITS NATIONAL SCENIC BYWAY OW18 MINING DISTRICT

Old West

HIDALGO COUNTY Stagecoach dramas and mining town bad boys are well represented in a mix that includes remote mountain birding and visual arts. OW22 LORDSBURG OW24 BOOTHEEL COMMUNITIES

OW1 OW2 OW4 OW6 OW20 OW29 OW32 OW33


Heroes, Villians & Outlaws Southwest New Mexico Regional Attractions Great Outdoors Historic Mining Towns Relics & Realism. Forts, Ghost Towns and Famous Buildings Birding Locations Old West Country Map

LUNA COUNTY Plentiful sunshine attracts the state’s largest wineries and renewable energy developers, but geodes and Pancho Villa draw the visitors. OW24 DEMING

DOÑA ANA COUNTY A center for business and technology development, the area also embraces its vibrant history, the arts, river enhancement and mountain recreation. OW28 LAS CRUCES & MESILLA

OUR COVER Stunning sunsets are a signature occurrence of the Southwest. This one emerged during a light drizzle on San Agustine Pass east of Las Cruces. A camera flash highlighted the state flower – the yucca. Photo by Joe Burgess

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photo by LeAnne Knudsen

Southwest New Mexico and El Paso Texas

photo by LeAnne Knudsen


Facets of History &


Photo by Debra Sutton


The names of Old West Country’s most famous 19th century historical figures are practically household words – Billy the Kid, Elfego Baca and Butch Cassidy are numbered among them. Billy grew up and was first jailed in Silver City. Butch Cassidy sometimes worked as a ranch hand near Glenwood under an assumed name. Elfego Baca shot it out with 80 Texas cowboys in what is now Reserve. Famous Native Americans of that era included Geronimo, Victorio, Mangas Coloradas and Cochise, all acknowledged for their military prowess. Pancho Villa, whose career began in Mexico in the late 1800s, invaded the United States at Columbus in 1916. Considering the tremendous scope of the region’s history, these figures might be viewed as people from modern times. Centuries before European explorers first reached the area, prehistoric Native American people lived in stone cities nestled in a place that would later become our nation’s first congressionally designated wilderness area. After the Spaniards arrived, mining activity increased and El Camino Real – the Royal Road – stretched north from Mexico City through Old West Country. Later, when Mexico gained autonomy, it retained Spain’s former interests in Southwest New Mexico. Eventually, a new sort of people began to appear here: trappers, prospectors and other explorers from the east. They were the forerunners of the westward expansion movement of the United States, which continues to this day. Such diverse echoes of the past are bound to resonate something of interest for every member of the family. Today the history of Old West Country is as nearby as a pleasant day trip to one of our many old forts, ghost towns and museums. above, from top: Present-day Catron County was a refuge to Butch Cassidy (upper inset) who occasionally worked as a ranch hand near Glenwood under an assumed name. Self-appointed lawman Elfego Baca (lower inset) survived a 33-hour gun battle with 80 opponents in Reserve. enlargement: A photo of Billy the Kid and a replica of his boyhood home in Silver City. right, from top: Billy the Kid was tried and sentenced to hang in Mesilla, today’s home of the William Bonney Gallery, but later escaped. The Buffalo Soldiers of Fort Craig in today’s Socorro County were never able to capture Victorio and his band of Warm Springs Apaches. Geronimo traversed the Black Range in what is now Sierra County, home of the Geronimo Springs Museum in Truth or Consequences. Mangas Coloradas was chief of the Mimbreno Chiricahuas when an influx of miners arrived in the Pinos Altos area of present-day Grant County in the 1850s. Luna County became internationally famous in 1916 after forces under Mexican revolutionary general Pancho Villa attacked Columbus and Camp Furlong, a nearby military base. Today, Pancho Villa State Park commemorates the event. right, Son-in-law of Mangas Coloradas, Cochise was a chief of the Chokoken Chiricahuas, who ranged through the rugged mountains and canyons of eastern Arizona and present-day Hidalgo County. SOUTHWEST NEW MEXICO COMMUNITY



this page: Clean, dry air in the Southwest region and elevations ranging from 3700 feet above sea level to just under 11,000 contribute to brilliant “painter’s” sunlight and spectacular sunsets.


The Southwest, as defined in Old West Traveler, is a rugged region packed full of history, beauty, wildlife, renewable energy and space age industry. From border cities and meandering rivers to pine covered wilderness peaks, the diverse area is crisscrossed with visitor opportunities that attract people from every segment of the population. Encompassing Southwest New Mexico and far west Texas, the region includes the mountain communities of Silver City, Glenwood and Reserve, the Interstate-25 communities of Socorro, Truth or Consequences and Elephant Butte, and the Interstate-10 communities of Lordsburg, Deming, Las Cruces and El Paso. Any of these locations can serve as your base for exploration – it’s just a matter of pinpointing the niche that best serves your vacation priorities. The articles that follow will help you make that determination. Or you can simply drive a loop that covers the entire region – that will be the most memorable trip of all.



photo by LeAnne Knudsen




BOSQUE DEL APACHE NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE Year-round birding. Visitor center, auto tour and hiking. 16 miles south of Socorro. 575-838-2120.



A city of giant monoliths protruding unexpectedly from the desert floor is located halfway between Silver City and Deming, 5 miles east of US180. The park has a visitor center, hiking trails, and a night sky observatory. Call for the observatory schedule. 575-536-2800.

ELEPHANT BUTTE LAKE STATE PARK New Mexico’s largest lake offers opportunities for boating, fishing, and swimming. Landlovers can find hiking trails, birding, and year-round events. History buffs will love the views of the 1916 dam and historic district at Dam Site Recreation Area. 575-744-5421.

FORT SELDEN An 1800s cavalry fort that was utilized by the Buffalo Soldiers. A year-round visitor center and living history demonstrations on weekends May through September. Nineteenth century military encampments second Saturdays monthly year-round. 575-526-8911

GILA CLIFF DWELLINGS NAT’L MON. Follow the “Trail of the Mountain Spirits National Scenic Byway” north from Silver City along NM15 or NM35 to the national monument visitor center. Printed matter and a movie provide information about the 13th century inhabitants of this pristine area. The Cliff Dwellings are accessible by a short, well-maintained trail. 575-536-9344.

NM FARM & RANCH HERITAGE MUSEUM A large and intriguing display of farm and ranch implements from the early Anasazi to modern times. See live milking demonstrations and special presentations. 575-522-4100.

OLD MESILLA A picturesque and historic Mexican/Old West plaza is surrounded by a stately church and 1800s buildings filled with fabulous shopping and dining opportunities. Additional shopping plazas with a charm all their own are continuing to expand along Avenida de Mesilla. 575-524-3262

THE RIO GRANDE New Mexico’s lifeline flows through the Old West communities of Socorro, T or C and Las Cruces. It contributed water and food for early traders along El Camino Real and now supports industry, agriculture, recreation and individual needs for New Mexico’s central corridor. Visit the El Camino Real International Heritage Center off I-25 at exit 115.

ROCKHOUND STATE PARK Rock specimens scattered across the slopes of the Florida (Flor-eeda) Mountains simply offer a great excuse to explore the area. Rockhounds meet regularly in the area southeast of Deming for demonstrations, sales and trading. 575-546-6782.

THE CIBOLA NATIONAL FOREST Magdalena Dist. made up of the largest collection of historic ranchlands in New Mexico. 575-854-2281.

THE PLAINS OF SAN AGUSTIN The largest and highest grassland in North America, and watch for grazing antelope. 866-854-3217.

VERY LARGE ARRAY RADIO TELESCOPE Twenty-seven dish-shaped antennas are spread across three 13-mile tracks, one of which crosses US60 between Socorro and Reserve. A visitor center explains the mission of the project sponsored by the National Radio Astronomy Observatory. 575-388-8201.

VETERANS MEMORIAL A permanent Vietnam Memorial Wall has been erected in Truth or Consequences to honor those who gave their lives for their country. 575-894-6600.



A new experience awaits at every turn – forts, ghost towns and missions, ancient cultures, scenic vistas, rocks and lakes, migratory birds, a whole valley filled with radio telescopes and the first purpose built spaceport. Take your pick, you can’t go wrong with any of the numerous attractions in the Southwest region. The stark beauty of the region can be enjoyed along a 200-mile stretch of the Rio Grande that includes the state’s largest recreational lake, and up into the surrounding mountains covered by national forests, large tracts of pristine wilderness and hundreds of miles of trails and campgrounds. For those who appreciate nature’s spectacles, the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge is one of the premier inland locations for observing a flood of migratory birds in the late fall. It is the winter home for thousands of sand hill cranes, snow geese, Ross geese, ducks and hosts of birds from great blue herons to bald eagles. The Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument offers year-round exploration of an ancient culture with artifacts from numerous cultures housed in regional museums. There are four forts in the region offering educational opportunities and reenactments, as well as ghost towns with scheduled events. Veterans’ memorials and a national cemetery honor those who have given their lives for this country. The National Radio Astronomy Observatory operates the Very Large Array of radio antennas west of Socorro that maps the universe and listens for the sounds of intelligent life. Spaceport America, nearing completion between Truth or Consequences and Las Cruces, has already hosted 12 space flight tests and will soon be the launch site for space tourism. Both locations host visitor opportunities.


Realism RELICS


DOÑA ANA COUNTY Fort Selden. A State Monument.

GRANT COUNTY Fort Bayard. On the National Register of Historic Places. Santa Rita del Cobre Fort. A replica of Fort Webster.

LUNA COUNTY Fort Cummings Ruins. Maintained by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

SOCORRO COUNTY Fort Craig. A BLM Special Management area on the National Register of Historic Places.

EL PASO COUNTY Fort Bliss. Replica and Museum on post.

Ghost Towns Historic Buildings CATRON COUNTY


Clairmont. Mogollon. Lightly populated.

San Albino Church.


Silver City Museum.

Dripping Springs.



Custom House. Luna County Courthouse. On the National Register of Historic Places.

Shakespeare. 575-542-9034



The Pioneer Store. On the State List of Historic Buildings.


opposite, top: Massive boulders at City of Rocks State Park north of Deming. inset: A sandhill crane at Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge near Socorro. above: Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument north of Silver City, Shakespeare Ghost Town near Lordsburg. left: Elephant Butte State Park near Truth or Consequences and a radio telescope at the Very Large Array west of Socorro. below: Fort Seldon north of Las Cruces.

Chloride. Population 10. Cuchillo. Hillsboro. Lightly populated. Kingston. Lightly populated. Lake Valley. Operated by BLM. Winston. Lightly populated.



SOCORRO COUNTY Old San Miguel Mission. The Capitol Bar.

EL PASO COUNTY Ysleta and Socorro Missions. San Elizario Chapel.

Kelly. Obtain visitor’s pass at the rock shop. San Antonio. The Hilton section is south of the present town. SOUTHWEST NEW MEXICO COMMUNITY


BIRDING Late fall migratory birds provide spectacular bird watching and photo opportunities at Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge near Socorro. The Rio Grande and Gila River systems and all mountain regions are host to year-round birding. Hummingbirds provide a real treat in warmer months in the Lake Roberts and Gila Cliff Dwelling areas. 575-388-8201


HIKING Apache, Cibola and Gila National Forest personnel maintain trail networks throughout the vast mountain region of Old West Country. Specific hiking areas include Aguirre Springs National Recreation Area at Las Cruces and segments of the Continental Divide Trail around Silver City. 575-388-8201 Mountain biking roads and trails are scattered throughout Old West Country, while the sanctioned Tour of the Gila 5-day bicycle stage race is held annually in Silver City. Check with local visitors centers for recommendations.

ROCKHOUNDING Gem and mineral activity is found throughout southwest New Mexico. Specific points of interest include the Mineral Museum at the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology in Socorro, Rockhound State Park near Deming and the Chino open pit copper mine near Silver City. 575-388-8201.

photo by Larry Lamsa @


FISHING Among the state’s major fishing waters are Elephant Butte and Caballo Lakes on the Rio Grande. Mountain lakes and streams are scattered through-out the Gila and Apache National Forests, including Lake Roberts, Bear Canyon Lake, Bill Evans Lake, Snow Lake and Quemado Lake. or 575-476-8000.

BOATING & WATER SPORTS Water skiing, scuba diving, jet skiing, sailing, parasailing and much more are typical activities at Elephant Butte Lake State Park. At most of the smaller mountain lakes, only electric powered motorboats are allowed.



In the Southwest, the opportunity for a rewarding experience is simply a matter breaking away from your comfort zone and pointing your vehicle (or your horse) toward the land where adventure has always been part of the landscape. Herds of grazing elk and clouds of migrating waterfowl can alter the horizon and power up your production of adrenaline. Battling a trophy striped bass on New Mexico’s largest warm-water lake or a feisty rainbow trout in a cold mountain stream will certainly enhance your vision of the Desert Southwest. Elephant Butte is host to a full range of water sports including water skiing, kayaking, sailing, scuba diving, jet skiing and parasailing. Hiking trails and biking trails traverse the entire region. Rock climbers and mountain cyclists are drawn by rugged terrain, sparse populations and a near-perfect climate. Guides are ready to provide wilderness horseback trips for riders of all experience levels. Those who prefer touring by car can enjoy the old mining towns and mountain vistas of the area’s scenic byways. The Southwest offers abundant opportunities for birding throughout the region and rockhounding… well, there are big rocks at City of Rocks State Park and there are beautiful rocks at Rockhound State Park – what’s your preference? Hikers enjoy the solitude of three national forests and two major wilderness areas in the higher elevations and State Park and Bureau of Land Management trails showcase the beauty and challenges of the lower desert regions.

opposite, top: Migrating water fowl crowd Socorro’s Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge in late fall. inset: Colorful geodes abound in the Rockhound State Park area near Deming. Sidebar photo is the Rockhound visitor center. top, right: a scene from the Gila Wilderness north of Silver City. middle, right: rock climbing South of Lordsburg. lower, right: Mountain biking is popular throughout the region. above: Elephant Butte Lake State Park by Truth or Consequences. right: Packing into the Gila Wilderness.

photo by Judy Wuthrich

photo by Becky O’Connor







above: San Miguel parish church was originally built by Piro Indians and Spanish colonizers in 1615. right: Migrating water fowl recuperate at Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge. inset: A radio telescope, one of 27 at the Very Large Array, maps deep space and searches for life. opposite: Socorro’s plaza and bandstand are surrounded by shops and historic buildings.

photo by C. G. “Colin” Grey @

Socorro continues to gain international prominence with its Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge, the center for the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) and San Miguel Parish built on El Camino Real National Historic Trail in 1615. A notable destination for golfers, rockhounds, nature photographers, campers and hikers, the town offers unique experiences found within an hour’s drive in any direction. At the center of town, the plaza offers a relaxing venue for shoppers. The historic San Miguel church is only a block away and a few blocks further on the campus of New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, a museum houses an impressive mineral collection dubbed Coronado’s Treasure Chest. From Socorro, visitors travel west through historic Magdalena to the high Plains of San Augustin and the Very Large Array that coordinates large dish antennas to form a radio telescope 22 miles in diameter. Traveling south from Socorro, visitors cross the 57,000-acre Bosque del Apache refuge, where thousands of migrating birds pause daily for food and rest during late fall. Continuing south, the ruins of Fort Craig can be explored and El Camino Real International Heritage Center can be toured. The Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument lies to the northeast of Socorro – impressive remnants of Spanish colonization.

photo by Larry Lamsa @



Very Large Array Guided Tours. 575-835-7243 Socorro Open Golf Tournament. 575-835-5335 Socorro Fest. Historic Plaza 575-835-8927 Enchanted Skies Star Party. 575-835-8927 Very Large Array Guided Tours. 575-835-7243 Nov Festival of the Cranes at Bosque del Apache Refuge. 575-835-2007 For more information on any of the above events please call the Socorro Visitor Center at 575-8358927 or visit


A MUST stop along the trail...

ATTRACTIONS Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge. Visitor center, auto tour, hiking and year-round birding. 16 miles south of Socorro. 575-838-2120. Cibola National Forest–Magdalena Dist. Made up of the largest collection of historic ranchlands in New Mexico. 575-854-2281 El Camino Real International Heritage Center. 575-854-3600 Mineralogical Museum. More than 9,500 mineral specimens. Fossils. 575-835-5420. NM Institute of Mining and Technology. 801 Leroy Pl., on campus, 1-800-428-8324 N.M. Performing Arts Series. Call for schedule. 575-835-5688.

EXPERIENCE Birding Events & Wildlife Refuges Extensive Hiking, Biking & Riding Trails Historic Re-enactments & Walking Tours Outdoor Recreation Areas & Hunting Opportunities


Plains of San Agustin. The largest and highest grasslands in North America. 866-854-3217

Forts & Ghost Towns Gem & Mineral Museum Observatories & Star Parties Ancient Ruins & Historic Sites

Old Kelly Mine. Mine ruins and many wonderful specimens for rockhounds. 3 miles south of Magdalena. 866-854-3217 Trinity Site. Site of world’s first atomic bomb explosion. Open twice a year; the first Saturday in April and Oct.. 575-479-6124 The Box Car Museum. Local history, artifacts of Wild West, mining, cattle drives, circa 1885-1930. Located next to AT&SF Railroad Depot. 108 N. Main St. Magdalena 575-854-2261 Very Large Array National Radio Astronomy Observatory. Visitor center, self-guided tours, world’s largest radio-telescope array on the Plains of San Agustin. 575-835-7000. www.nrao.ed

ENJOY The BEST Green Chile Southwest Gifts & Shopping Green Chile Cheeseburger Trail New Mexico Tech Public Golf Course Performance Arts & Fine Art Galleries

LOCATION Socorro is located at the junction of I-25 and US60, the rest stop for historic travelers and migratory birds. Magdalena is located on US60 between Socorro and the Very Large Array.


photo by LeAnne Knudsen

Socorro Heritage and Visitor Center (575) 835-8927



Tres Amigos Enterprises Inc.

New Construction • Adobe Homes • Metal Roofing

Reserve & Glenwood CATRON COUNTY

Kenny Sutton, Licensed Contractor

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Whitewater Motel

Relax and enjoy vacationing in the heart of Glenwood. Surrounded by rugged mountains and forests. • Dish Network • Air Conditioning • Fantastic Views • Spacious Backyard

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Coordinated Care LLC. & Angelwings Home Care Serving Catron and Grant Counties. Homemaker Services.

Glenwood Office: 575.539.2227 Silver City Office: 575.534.0311

Catron County Chamber of Commerce 575.533.6968



Three national forests share borders within this sparsely populated land of mountain lakes, hiking trails and campsites. Snow Lake on the north edge of the Gila Wilderness and ATTRACTIONS Clairmont. Ghost town Quemado Lake just south of US60 are 19 miles northeast of Glenwood. 575-533-6922 excellent trout waters where only electric Cooney’s Tomb. Alma, 7 miles north of Glenwood. boat motors are allowed. Burial of soldiers killed in a In the county seat of Reserve, a bronze conflict with Apaches. Mogollon. Ghost town 13 miles northstatue commemorates lawman Elfego Baca, east of Glenwood. Snow Lake. In the Gila National Forest. who endured a 33-hour shootout in 1884 Camping and fishing. 47 miles northeast of Glenwood. against incredible odds. The lawman Quemado Lake. Camping, fishing 11 miles emerged unscathed, earning himself a repusouth of Quemado. Whitewater Canyon. 5 miles east of tation as a force of reckoning. Disney Glenwood. 575-539-2711 released a miniseries in 1957 entitled The EVENTS Nine Lives of Elfego Baca and later it was Mar Dutch Oven Cook Off in Glenwood Park. 575-539-2321 edited into a movie called Elfego Baca: Six Jul July 4th Celebration in Glenwood. 575-539-2711 Gun Law. July 4th Celebration in Quemado and Reserve. 575-533-6968 The nearby ghost town of Mogollon is a Jul Frisco CowBelles’ Ann. Western Art Auction. Dance and Barbeque in Glenwood. picturesque turn-of-the-last-century mining 575-539-2711 camp with a transient population of three to Luna Pioneer Days & Rodeo. 575-5336968 six thousand miners. Due to its isolation, it Aug Catron County Fair and Rodeo in Reserve. 575-533-6968 had a reputation as one of the wildest minSep Pie Town Pie Festival. 575-772-2525 ing towns in the west. A few buildings LOCATION remain with a beautiful mountain setting. Reserve is located at the junction of NM 12 My Name is Nobody, starring Henry Fonda, and the San Francisco River. Glenwood is located on US180 37 miles south of Reserve was filmed there. and 60 miles northwest of Silver City.

top: Picturesque buildings and mine relics highlight the high mountain ghost town of Mogollon. inset: A bronze statue of lawman Elfego Baca stands in the county seat of Reserve.

MORE INFORMATION Catron County Chamber (575) 533-6968

Elephant Butte Inn & Spa “An Enchanting Retreat from the Ordinary”


estled in the midst of the pristine desert of New Mexico, the Elephant Butte Inn and Spa overlooks picturesque Elephant Butte Lake, New Mexico's largest lake. We offer AAA, AARP, and have government, military and corporate rates. After a busy day, relax in our outdoor heated swimming pool. We are a pick-up point for Spaceport America tours. Contact us for current tour schedules. Whether for a retreat, banquet, reunion, wedding, reception, or a business meeting, let us cater to your every need. Elephant Butte: “A Diamond in the Desert”. THE IVORY SPA The Ivory Spa provides services in an intimate two room setting with an emphasis on your personal attention. Our staff consists of highly qualified individuals including an in-house esthetician, and massage therapist. Our organic facial and body skin care lines used in treatments can be purchased in our Gift Store. Spa packages available.

LOCATION 401 Highway 195 • Elephant Butte, NM Pick-Up Point for Spaceport America Tours

MORE INFORMATION 575.744.5431 • Golf packages available.

Elephant Butte Lake State Park Elephant Butte Lake with nearly 200 miles of shoreline is the state’s premier water sports destination, attracting almost a million visitors annually. The clean, sandy beaches are ideal for swimming and camping and the lake offers all manner of boating, water skiing, scuba diving, jet skiing and parasailing. For anglers, the waters are stocked with many species of game fish including largemouth and smallmouth black bass, white bass, striper, crappie, perch, walleye, catfish, sunfish and bluegill. Other activities around the lake include hiking, birding and special events, such as a balloon regatta for hot air balloons, skydivers and drag boats. Resort facilities, restaurants and the City of Elephant Butte, spread across a hillside overlooking this desert phenomenon. Guide services, marinas and watercraft rentals are offered year round.

ELEPHANT BUTTE EVENTS Mar Chamber Golf Tournament 575-744-4708 May Fly Freedom’s Flag Parade 575-269-0469 Jun Elephant Butte Chili Challenge Cook Off 575-495-1311 Independence Day Fireworks Display 575-744-4381 (this year June 30)

Sep “Elephant Days” 575-744-4892 Sep Elephant Man Triathlon 575-744-0055 Balloon Regatta 505-307-4142 Oct Desert Diamond Casino Night 575-744-4708 Dec Luminaria Beach Walk and Floating Light Parade 575-744-4708

Background photo courtesy Susan LaFont

"New Mexico's premiere boating destination"




Silver City consists of an intriguing collection of Victorian homes and a historic business district that includes restaurants and coffee shops, galleries, day spas, specialty shops and two highly informative museums. Silver City is a bicycle haven hosting a five-day stage race sanctioned by Union Cycliste Internationale. Photo enthusiasts can enjoy hiking a trail system within the city limits and driving the Trail of the Mountain Spirits National Scenic Byway that begins and ends in Silver City. There are three million acres of forest and wilderness covering the city’s back yard, crisscrossed by 1500 miles of trails. Three hundred ten species of birds have been identified in the region. Thirty art galleries are bursting with a friendly, small town atmosphere and you won’t find better year-round weather…anywhere. The Mogollon culture was enjoying this climate some 800 years ago and the Mimbres people were painting creative images on pottery. Today, you can drive to the Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument or simply visit area museums to learn about this ancient artistic culture. Centuries later, the Apache chief Geronimo was born near the headwaters of the Gila River and is recognized by a monument erected at the cliff dwellings visitor center.

LOCATION Silver City is located at the junction of US180 and NM90, on the Continental Divide and the southern edge of the Gila National Forest.

MORE INFORMATION Murray Ryan Visitor Center (575) 538-5555 • Mimbres Region Arts Council (575) 538-2505 1(888) 758-7289 Grant County Business and Conference Center (575) 574-0070 •



above: Silver City’s historic downtown. right: The Silver City Museum. opposite, top to bottom: Silver City Blues Festival, Tour of the Gila 5-day stage race and Lake Roberts in the Gila National Forest. insets include: a bronze Buffalo Soldier sculpture at Fort Bayard National Historic Landmark and a log cabin replica depicting the childhood home of Billy the Kid at the visitor center.

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Silver City is known for its arts and cultural district, birding and wildlife habitats, diverse cultural heritage, local cuisine, star-gazing, terrific year-round weather, casual lifestyle and proximity to 3.3 million-acre Gila National Forest. We call it home!

575.538.5555 • Murray Ryan Visitor Center • 201 N. Hudson Street • Silver City, NM

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Located in the downtown historic district. • Affordable Rates • 18 Rooms & Suites • Continental Breakfast • Free Wi-Fi • New Special Meeting & Event Room 106 W. Broadway • Silver City, NM 88061 Reminiscent of a small hotel in the European Tradition.

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Visit Ol West Gallery & Mercantile next door.

Visit our Office and Visitor Center in Historic Downtown Silver City and learn all that Scenic Southwest New Mexico has to offer.

414 North Bullard Street 575-538-3789 • 800-827-9198 Property Management: 575-313-3208

With the charm of a well-preserved business district built during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Silver City’s historic downtown showcases the detailed architectures of those intriguing eras. The streets are lighted with antique poles and rings for tying off your trusty steed can still be spotted. Brickwork was used in much of the downtown construction and tile from local ovens graces an occasional storefront. Bullard and Broadway Streets form the axis for shopping, with Yankie, Texas and Market contributing numerous galleries, eateries and coffee shops. Two renovated historic hotels, Victorian lodging and spa facilities complete the downtown scene…well, almost. There is also a park downtown – just ask for directions. There is also a park downtown and, as you might imagine, a story accompanies its name. Big Ditch Park was once the city’s main street, but floods in the early 20th century left a sixty-foot deep crevice in its place. Old photos hang in coffee shops and museums. Today, the park and the downtown streets are venues for frequent outdoor art and performance functions. MORE INFORMATION Murray Ryan Visitor Center (575) 538-5555 Silver City MainStreet Project (575) 534-1700

M-F 9 to 5 • Sat.-Sun. 10 to 4 • Open 7 Days A Week! Georgia Bearup, Qualifying Broker

this page: The Broadway Street entrance identifies the Historic Downtown shopping, dining and entertainment district of Silver City.


Mining District BAYARD & HURLEY

Underground and open pit copper, lead and zinc mining operations were the mainstay of New Mexico’s largest mining district. Underground mining has ceased, but the old head frames can be seen as one travels north on NM356 from Bayard, the community that serviced the workforce. Turning east on NM152, visitors can overlook the massive open pit mining operation at Santa Rita, where copper has been mined since the 1800s. Hurley served as the management center for the largest of the area mines, as well as the location for copper smelting activities. The smelter is gone, but community activities have surged. The just-established railroad museum, the old company store, now a distinguished art gallery, and Infant Jesus Catholic Church are among the prominent sights of Hurley. Another historic jewel of the area is Fort Bayard National Historic Landmark, National Cemetery and state game reserve. Well-preserved officer’s quarters and the statue of a Buffalo Soldier on the parade grounds are the backdrops for annual reenactments of the 1800s cavalry era.

Robin L. Thomas REALTOR ®

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Silver City welcomes you to our Mining District! Cruise the Trail of the Mountain Spirits Nat'l Scenic Byway to visit Hurley, Bayard and Santa Clara!

Bayard and Hurley are located on US180 in the heart of New Mexico’s largest and most historic mining district. 2991 Hwy 35 Mimbres, NM 88049

MORE INFORMATION Murray Ryan Visitor Center (575) 538-5555 • City of Bayard (575) 537-3327 this page: The mammoth Santa Rita open-pit copper mine replaced underground mines dating back to the early 1800s.

Mimbres Office

575.538.5555 Murray Ryan Visitor Center 201 N. Hudson St. • Silver City, NM




A Day Trip to


CHLORIDE Mineral: Silver. The Pioneer Store has been turned into a world-class museum, and the Monte Cristo Saloon is now an upscale gallery. FIERRO Mineral: Copper, Iron and Zinc. The first copper mine was established by a German immigrant in 1841. A small population remains today. HILLSBORO Mineral: Gold. Post office opened in 1879 and has never closed. Served as county seat for 54 years. Over 200 residents remain in the village. KINGSTON Mineral: Silver. Founded in 1882, the population peaked at 7000. Remaining buildings include assay office, Percha Bank and Victorio Hotel. LAKE VALLEY Mineral: Silver. Managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). The Bridal Chamber, a legendary large deposit of almost pure silver, was discovered here. KELLY Mineral: Lead, Copper, Zinc and Silver. A small church, several ruins and foundations and remnants of the mine works remain as testimony to the oncebustling town located just south of Magdalena.

top: Street scene at Mogollon Ghost Town and wooden Indian in Pinos Altos saloon. left, from top: School house museum at Lake Valley, Kelly Mine works near Magdalena, old ore car at Chloride and assay office in Kingston. above: Fort Cobre in Pinos Altos, underground mining operation near Hanover and old courthouse in Hillsboro.



MOGOLLON Mineral: Gold and Silver. Located on the northern edge of the Gila Wilderness near Glenwood, its precious metal bullion was once hauled to Silver City by mule teams. PINOS ALTOS Mineral: Gold. Named for the tall trees in the area. Village merchants accepted gold dust in trade well into the 20th century. WINSTON Mineral: Silver. Originally called Fairview, it was home to about 200 people who preferred the quieter town over nearby rambunctious Chloride.

Aldo Leopold Vista. Picnic and wilderness interpretive site, 6 miles north of Buckhorn. Big Ditch Park. Formed when flood lowered Main St. 55 feet. Bill Evans Lake. Fishing & primitive camping, 12 mi. south of Cliff. Fort Cobre. A ¾ scale replica erected in Pinos Altos of an 1804 fort that protected the Santa Rita copper mine. Fort Bayard. U.S. Infantry post built in 1863. Housed Buffalo Soldiers. 10 miles east of Silver City. Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument. Cliff dwelling ruins from the 13th century. 44 miles north of Silver City. 575-536-9461 Gila National Forest/Silver City Ranger District. 3005 E. Camino del Bosque. 575-388-8201. Hearst Church. Seasonal museum and art gallery. Built in 1898 with Hearst newspaper empire money. In Pinos Altos, 6 miles north of Silver City. Kneeling Nun. Natural monolith resembling a praying nun. 15 mi. E. of Silver City at Santa Rita mine. Lake Roberts. Camping, trout fishing, hummingbird banding, birding and stargazing. 28 miles north of Silver City. 575-536-3206 Lightfeather Hot Spring. Near Gila Cliff Dwellings Visitor Center. 30 minute walk includes 2 river crossings. 575-536-9461 Mimbres Region Arts Council. Scheduled events held throughout the year. 575-758-7289. Old Hurley Company Store. One of the first buildings in Hurley - supplied miners and their families, housed the Chino Mine payroll office and later served as a department store. Pinos Altos Melodrama Theater. Adjacent to the Buckhorn Saloon in the Pinos Altos Opera House. Great fun! Original melodramas. Call for schedule. 575-3883848 Royal Scepter Mineral Museum. Rock shop, jewelry and gifts. 1805 Little Walnut. 575-538-9001. San Vicente Art Walks. Self-guided gallery and studio tour within walking distance in downtown Silver City. Call for map. 1-800-548-9378 Silver City Museum. Area history, Indian artifacts, mining exhibits and Victorian furnishings. 312 W. Broadway. 575-388-5721. Trail of the Mountain Spirits National Scenic Byway. Loops north on NM15 to Gila Cliff Dwellings Nat’l. Monument, southeast on NM35, and west on NM152 and US180. Turkey Creek. Primitive trout stream northeast of Gila, NM. Western New Mexico University Museum. Local and natural history including the Eisele Collection of Prehistoric Southwestern Pottery and Artifacts, the world’s largest permanent exhibit of Mimbres pottery. 1000 W. College. 575-538-6386. museum.html



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Red Paint PowWow & Indian Market 575-534-1379 MRAC Fold Series 575-538-2505 Chocolate Fantasia 575-538-2505 Celebration of Spring Expo. 575-534-1700 Historic Ft. Bayard Walking Tour. 575-956-3294 NM Southwest Food Fest 575-534-1700 SRAM Tour of the Gila 575-538-3785 Silver City Blues Festival 575-538-2505 Wild, Wild West Pro Rodeo. 575-538-3785 Santa Clara Fiesta. 575-485-7335 Independence Day Festivities. 575-538-3785 SC Museum Ice Cream Social. 575-538-5921 Big Ditch Day. 575-534-1700 The Silver City Clay Festival. 575-538-5560 Signal Peak Challenge Mountain Bike Race. 575-388-3222 San Vicente Artists Art Fair. 575-534-4269 Gem & MIneral Show. 575-538-3785 Cliff, Gila Grant County Fair. 575-538-3785 Taste Of Downtown. 575-534-1700 Picamania! 575-538-2505 Fort Bayard Days. 575-388-4477 Pinos Altos October Fiesta. 575-538-5560 Red Dot Studio & Gallery Walk. 575-3139631 Annual Lighted Christmas Parade. 575-534-1700 Hurley Christmas Bazaar. 575-537-2124 NM Tamale Fiesta. 575-538-1337 Victorian Christmas Evening. 575-538-2505

Trailof the Mountain Spirits

National Scenic By-Way Fabulous getaway nestled in the tall pines of Pinos Altos. • • • • • • • • •

The Trail of the Mountain Spirits National Scenic Byway provides a very full and diverse automobile day trip. From Silver City, drive north on NM15 into ponderosa pine country. Perched on the Continental Divide, the arts village of Pinos Altos remains reminiscent of the 1850s with its saloon, opera house, and a replica of Fort Cobre. NM15 winds on through the three million acre Gila National Forest and between two rugged wilderness areas to the Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument. A short hiking trail at the monument leads to dwellings of the Mogollon era. A visitor center provides details of this prehistoric culture. Backtrack on NM15 and turn east on NM35 past Lake Roberts to the Mimbres River Valley. The quaint farming valley ends near San Lorenzo with its1800s mission church. Heading west on NM152 will take you past the Santa Rita mine overlook and join US180 at Santa Clara. Before heading back to Silver City, check out old Fort Bayard and the national cemetery. LOCATION Starting and finishing in Silver City, the trail loop heads north on NM15, east and south on NM35, west on NM152 and north on US180.

MORE INFORMATION Murray Ryan Visitor Center (575) 538-5555 this page: The scenic mountain byway includes galleries and monuments (above), ancient dwellings, wilderness outlooks, forts and mining operations.

Crackling Fireplaces Secluded Balconies Relaxing Porches Telephone Satellite TV Barbeque Grill Hot Tub in Cabana Meeting Room Cabins with kitchens are available.

Conveniently located just 7 miles north of Silver City on NM Hwy. 15.

575.388.4501 888.388.4515 Make reservations & view availability online 88 Main Street • Pinos Altos, NM 88053

Faywood Hot Springs is a unique geothermal oasis well-known for its healing waters. Relax and rejuvenate in one of our outdoor public or private mineral soaking pools.

Fine Dinin Live Entertainment Fine Wine • Beer • Steaks • Seafood

Overnight accommodations include: • Tent sites for camping • Pull-through RV sites with full hook-ups • Private furnished cabins Located midway between Silver City and Deming near City of Rocks State Park.

Special Events: Asian Nights Special Wine Dinners Taste the Wines & Flavors of the World

Tues - Fri 11am-10pm Sat & Sun 10am -10pm

An ideal base for exploring southwesternNew Mexico. Visit our website for resort information 575.536.9663 165 Hwy 61 Faywood, NM


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Lordsburg and Hidalgo County offer a true glimpse of the old west. The Lordsburg Hidalgo County Museum captures the city’s beginnings as a railroad, agriculture and mining town, highlights the landing of Charles Lindbergh during his cross-county flight and displays a nationally-recognized collection of prisoner of war memorabilia – Lordsburg was the location of a World War II POW camp. A delightful county library houses works related to the area’s history. Just two miles south of town lies Shakespeare ghost town, a National Historic Site once roamed by the likes of Billy the Kid, Curly Bill Brocius and Russian Bill, John Ringo, Sandy King, Jim Hughes and the Clantons. The only deterrent to lawlessness was the unwritten law that “if you killed someone you had to dig the grave.” Originally a mining camp and Butterfield Trail stage stop, a few of the buildings have been privately maintained, such as the Butterfield Stage station/hanging room, the Stratford Hotel, the old mail station and a powder magazine. Tours and reenactments are offered. North of Lordsburg, the Lower Gila Box Wilderness Study Area provides access to petroglyphs and some 170 species of birds.

this page: Periodic tours, reenactments and blacksmith demonstrations are highlights of Shakespeare ghost town by Lordsburg.



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photo by LeAnne Knudsen


Annual Quilt Show. 575-542-9646 Cowboy Poetry Fiesta. 575-542-9258 Lordsburg July 4th Activities & 5K Run. 575-542-3421 Rodeo 4th of July Celebration. 575-557-2295 Hidalgo County Fair, Rancho De Hidalgo, Parade & Carnival. 575-542-9291 St Joseph's Church Bazaar. 575-542-3268 Discover Hidalgo. 575-542-9864 Hidalgo Library Festival & Book Sale. 575-542-9646 Rodeo Mixed Nuts Arts & Crafts Show. 575-557-2336 Lordsburg Light Parade 575-542-9864 Moonlight Madness 575-542-8844

photo by LeAnne Knudsen


Contact the Lordsburg - Hidalgo County Chamber to check on events and dates, as changes may occur throughout the year. 575-542-9864 • Fx: 575-542-9059 email: •

ATTRACTIONS Lordsburg Hidalgo Museum. This Old West museum documents the early history in which the nearby ghost towns took root. 710 E 2nd St. Open M-F 1-5 PM. 575-542-9086. Gila National Forest. Almost one fourth of the 3.3 million acre forest is in wilderness. Largest of these is the 438,360 acre Gila Wilderness, set aside in 1924 as the first such area in the United States. Rodeo. On the NM-AZ border in southern Hidalgo Co., Rodeo is a small art center with the Chiricahua Guild & Gallery located in an old Mission Church, the Studio-Gallery of internationally renowned artist and sculptor Roger McKasson, and the Chiricahua Desert Museum with live reptile displays, a gift shop and gallery. The area offers facilities for travelers. Portal and Cave Creek. This famous birding area is the only place in North America that you can see Olive Warblers, Red-faced Warblers, and Mexican Chickadees. Portal also has a wide variety of hummingbird species. Portal offers lodging and food. Redrock Wildlife Area. Located on the Gila River and is operated by the NM Game & Fish Dept. All animals are protected within the refuge even during hunting seasons. The main project at the reserve is the breeding and growth of the Desert Big-Horn Sheep. Shakespeare Ghost Town. 2.5 miles southwest of Lordsburg. Open monthly for guided tours. Call for schedule. 575-542-9034 Peloncillo Mountains Wilderness. Ragged and rugged, the historic Butterfield Stage Route forms the southern boundary.

We have it all...

• Beautiful Landscapes

• Gorgeous Weather

• Historic Ghost Towns

• Art Communities

• Year-Round Activities

• Photo Opportunities

• Birding Habitats

For more information, contact: Lordsburg - Hidalgo County Chamber of Commerce 575-542-9864 • 206 Main Street • Lordsburg, NM 88045

LOCATION Lordsburg is located at the junction of I-10, US70 and NM90 near the Butterfield Trail stage stop of Shakespeare.

MORE INFORMATION Lordsburg Hidalgo County Chamber of Commerce (575) 542-9864 email:



Visit Rodeo, New Mexico


Bootheel Communities

Roger McKasson Artist & Sculptor Internationally recognized contemporary sculptor and artist specializing in the female form and landscapes of the Greek Isles and Southwest. STUDIO AND GALLERY OPEN FRIDAY & SATURDAY 10AM - 4PM

5 Custie Avenue

in downtown Rodeo

“Santorini Church”, 24" tall x 36" wide, oil on canvas FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION AND WEB GALLERY

Casa Adobe Guesthouse

PO BOX 395 • RODEO, NM 88056

email: or call


Rusty’s RV Ranch

for an appointment

Painted Pony Resort

photo by LeAnne Knudsen

Nestled at the foot of the Chiricahua Mountains.

Southwest of Lordsburg at the foot of Arizona’s Chiricahua mountain range is Rodeo, New Mexico, a community that has gained popularity in recent years as an arts village, birding area and star-gazing site. Presently, Rodeo is home to three galleries: The Chiricahua Guild and Art Gallery in the old mission church, the Rock Shop and the Roger McKasson Studio Gallery, a working studio owned by the noted painter and sculptor. The Rodeo area also offers restaurants, groceries, B & B’s, RV facilities and the Chiricahua Desert Museum featuring live reptile exhibits. Declared an “outstanding natural area for birding habitat,” Guadalupe Canyon in the Southwest corner of Hidalgo County and Cave Creek in the Chiricahua Mountains host species found no where else in the United States. Hiking, camping and stable night skies for stargazing are abundant. Cave Creek is also the location of the Southwestern Research Station of The American Museum of Natural History. A monument representing Geronimo’s surrender in Skeleton Canyon is located just west of town. LOCATION

The perfect remote getaway for writers, photographers, artists, birders, hikers, astronomers and honeymooners. Moderately priced bed and breakfast. PO Box 251, Rodeo, NM 88056 575-557-7777 Visit for reservation information


Wonderful setting combined with friendly hosts make this an ideal oasis. • Full Service Park• Big Rig Friendly • Birding Ponds • Reasonable Located on NM80 north of Rodeo PO Box 94, Rodeo, NM 88056 575-557-2526


Unplug at our “Black Hole Resort” and leave the mundane chores of everyday life. Plush, comfortable and economically priced for Family Reunions, Groups and Wedding Destinations 257 Painted Pony Road Rodeo, NM • 575-557-0230 An Escape to Tranquil Beauty

Rodeo is located on NM80 in New Mexico’s bootheel, southwest of Lordsburg at the base of Arizona’s Chiricahua Mountains.

MORE INFORMATION Lordsburg Hidalgo County Chamber of Commerce (575) 542-9864 email: this page: New Mexico’s “bootheel” area has become an arts Mecca and prominent birding region. It is the gateway to Arizona’s picturesque Chiricahua Mountains.

left: " Tell's Tail " - A 15 ft. long rattlesnake Tail Sculpture designed by renowned artist Tell Hicks and constructed by Charlie Painter, New Mexico State Herpetologist and blacksmith. below: The Chiricahua Mountains

Chiricahua Desert Museum Gift Shop & Gallery


photo by Sheri Ashley

ut in the New Mexico Bootheel lies something NEW and well worth the trip...the Chiricahua Desert Museum. This facility is home to a natural history museum, live snake and reptile collection, wildlife and botanical garden and one of southern New Mexico’s finest gift shops and gallery. State-of-the-art enclosures showcase the museum’s live reptile collection in realistic displays. While the outdoor wildlife and botanical garden provide an opportunity to observe and photograph native birds, lizards and turtles up close and personal in a natural environment. But wait, this new 8,000 square-foot facility is so much more than just a place where the rarest kinds of rattlesnakes are on display. Human visitors can wander through the gift shop and gallery while enjoying a cup of cofTOUR INFORMATION fee or tea, and browse amidst a vast collection of artThe museum is self-guided, but special tours are available. work and regional literature. Treasures such as Native Special rates offered to groups and schools. Call 575-557-5757 for information American jewelry, Tell Hicks wildlife prints, Mata EVENTS The museum is available for group functions. Ortiz pottery, ECO caps and reptile shirts, cookbooks Annual German Christmas Market in December with food and music. Call for dates. and field guides can be found. ADMISSIONS LOCATION The Chiricahua Desert Museum is located at the corner of Portal Road and NM80. Exit US10 west of Lordsburg at exit 5, and turn south at Road Forks. Travel 27 miles south on NM80 to Portal Road.

MORE INFORMATION 575-557-5757 email:

Adults $5.00 Military, Seniors & Youth 12 & Under $3.00 Children 5 & Under are FREE with any paid adult admission.


9am - 5pm Everyday Closed Thanksgivng and Christmas Day


Lodging is available at the Chiricahua Mountain Lodge. Brand new and fully furnished. Perfect for families, film and fire crews. Call 575-557-5757 for reservations




Holiday Inn - Deming Stretch-out and relax in the largest and nicest courtyard in town. • Cool off in our outdoor swimming pool • Suites with large jacuzzi tubs • High-speed Internet access • Exterior room entrances • Pets stay free • Completely renovated with all new Serta Perfect Beds • Kids 12 and under stay and eat free

Lazy Lizard

Bar & Grill

Serving a tasteful selection of great food in our comfortable dining room. Relax and watch the game on three TVs while enjoying your favorite cocktail in the bar.

Located off I-10 @ Exit 85 4600 E. Pine St. • Deming, NM 88030 575.546.2661 •



Deming and Luna County have bragging rights to mild weather and lots of sunshine. Outdoor enthusiasts enjoy a list of activities that includes golf, hiking, rock hounding, birding and the Great American Duck Race. As the region with the nation’s most abundant sunlight, the county has also become a showplace for renewable energy – solar, wind and an impressive algae farm for producing the next generation of fuel oil. Savvy gem and mineral collectors are well aware of Rockhound State Park, the local rock shops and related events. The park offers a visitor center and a wide range of amenities for campers, hikers and birders as well as a botanical and native pollinator garden. Spring Canyon, a secluded day use area where the birding is said to be especially good, is an extension of Rockhound. Two other popular state parks include historic Pancho Villa State Park near the Mexican border and City of Rocks, a short drive north. Visitors can tour New Mexico’s largest vineyards and premier wineries in Deming, and enjoy low-impact aerobic activity on a walking tour of the historic downtown district filled with galleries, antique shops, coffee shops, an impressive museum and friendly people.

this page: The Florida Mountains provide a backdrop for Deming’s golf course. The Visitor Center at Rockhound State Park views the mountains from the north, the inset is a local geode. above: The Luna County Courthouse was completed in time to try Pancho Villa’s captured raiders. inset: Villa statue in Palomas, Mexico.

Great American Duck Race August 23-26, 2012 1-888-345-1125 202 S. Diamond St. • Deming, NM 88030 •

ATTRACTIONS City of Rocks State Park. Rock formations formed over 34 million years ago during a volcanic eruption. Overnight campsites; visitor center; botanical garden; wildlife; hiking; and more. Located 30 miles NW of Deming on US 180 and NM 61. 575-536-2800 Deming Luna Mimbres Museum. Minerals, gems, frontier military history and Mimbres exhibits. 301 S. Silver. 575546-2382. Luna Rossa Winery. 575-544-1160. Rockhound State Park. Collect up to 15 lbs of rocks. The 250-acre park haspicnic facilities; over-night camping; hiking trails; wildlife; and exhibits on local history of Buffalo Soldiers, Apache Indians and more. 14 miles southeast of Deming. 575-546-6182 Spring Canyon State Park. Realize a serene beauty and complete sense of isolation. Picnicking facilities. Ibex, wild goats from Iran, may be encountered. 575-546-6182 St. Clair Winery & Visitor Center. 575-546-1179 Pancho Villa State Park. Located on the site of old Camp Furlong where Villa raided the U.S. This 61-acre park offers a massive desert botanical garden, camping and museum/visitor center. 575-531-2711 U.S. and Mexico Port of Entry. 24-hour crossing Columbus / Palomas. 3 miles south of Columbus. 575-531-2686 Publisher’s Note: Documents are required for returning to the United States. Check with U.S. Customs before leaving the U.S. All items purchased in Mexico must be declared when returning to the U.S. and Mexican law strictly forbids carrying guns or ammunition into Mexico.

LUNA COUNTY EVENTS Mar Camp Furlong Day at Pancho Villa State Park in Columbus. 575-531-2711 Rockhound Roundup. 575-543-8915 Aug Great American Duck Race. 888-345-1125 Oct St. Clair Wine Festival. 575-546-1179 Dec Christmas Light Parade in downtown Deming. 575-546-2674 Holiday Lights at Rockhound State Park. 575-546-6182

LOCATION Deming is located at the junction of Interstate 10, US180 and NM11, next to Rockhound State Park and 34 miles north of the U.S. border with Mexico.

MORE INFORMATION Deming Luna County Chamber of Commerce (575) 546-2674 or (800) 848-4955 SOUTHWEST NEW MEXICO COMMUNITY


ATTRACTIONS Branigan Cultural Center & Art Museum. History exhibits, art & culture. 500 N. Water St. 575-541-2155. Chihuahuan Desert Nature Park. Geological formations, desert flora, hiking trail and archaeology. 575-5243334. Fort Selden. An 1800s cavalry fort that was utilized by the Buffalo Soldiers. Visitor center and living history demonstrations. 575-526-8911 Leasburg Dam State Park. Fishing, campsites and swimming. 19 miles northwest of Las Cruces. 575-5244068 Mesilla Mercado. Local produce & crafts. Every Thurs. & Sun. on Mesilla Plaza. 524-3262 New Mexico Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum. 3000 years of New Mexico agricultural history. 4100 Dripping Springs Rd. 575-522-4100 San Albino Basilica. Mission church built 1907. Old Mesilla Plaza. 575-526-9349



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Annual Border Book Festival. 575-524-1499 Cinco de Mayo Fiesta in Mesilla. 575-524-3262 Southern New Mexico Wine Festival. 575-522-1232 Hatch Chile Festival. 575-267-5050 Hillsboro Apple Festival. 575-895-5686 Diez y Seis de Septiembre Fiesta in Mesilla. 575-524-3262 The Whole Enchilada Fiesta. 575-526-1938 So. New Mexico State Fair & Rodeo 575-524-8602 Dia de los Muertos at the Plaza 575-647-2369 Annual Renaissance Craftfaire. 575-523-6403 Int’l Mariachi Conference & Concert. 575-525-1735 Christmas Carols & Luminarias on the Plaza in Mesilla. 575-524-3262


Las Cruces is one of the nation’s top communities for business and retirement because of its infrastructure, climate, a business-oriented New Mexico State University and proximity to strategic military bases and the El Paso international border complex. Visitor opportunities include museums, galleries, new and restored performing arts venues, a revitalized downtown main street district, a river walk ending at Mesilla Valley Bosque State Park and scenic hiking trails on both sides of the rugged Organ Mountains. The New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum is an especially educational complex. Bordering Las Cruces, the Town of Mesilla offers an escape from daily stress with a traditional Mexican plaza surrounded by Spanish territorial architecture and the towers of San Albino Basilica. The village provides excellent dining and one-of-a-kind shops and galleries. There are weekly performances of mariachi and ballet folklorico groups in the plaza during summer months. Mesilla was the regional headquarters for the Butterfield Stage and the site where Billy the Kid was sentenced to hang. Area attractions include Fort Seldon State Monument and visitor center, White Sands National Monument, Aguirre Spring National Recreational Area, the White Sands Missile Park and Museum and Dripping Springs Natural Area.

LOCATION Las Cruces and Old Mesilla straddle the Rio Grande at the junction of I-10 and I-25, 46 miles north of El Paso.

MORE INFORMATION Las Cruces Convention and Visitors Bureau 800-343-7827 or 575-541-2444


this page: Las Cruces straddles the Rio Grande below the Organ Mountains. inset: Buffalo Soldier statue at Fort Seldon. above: The San Albino Basilica.



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Despite its high-intensity industrial status, the international metropolis of El Paso, Texas/Juárez, Chihuahua still cradles its heritage as the site where Spanish colonizers first entered the Southwest in 1598, the home of buffalo soldiers at old Fort Bliss, the keeper of tales and graves of the old west gunslingers that earned El Paso the reputation as the “Six Shooter Capital,” and the trail of active historic missions built by pueblo Indians who maintain their native beliefs and ceremonies to this day. El Paso protects its legends and pioneer spirit through its museums, reenactments and performances including the outdoor summer month’s spectacle, “Viva El Paso,” on stage at the McKelligon Canyon Amphitheatre. The revitalized downtown district offers an incredible array of international culture, shopping and entertainment. Horseracing and casino gaming at Sunland Park Race Track, Sunbowl football and a packed schedule of fiestas and concerts keep the city hopping year-round. Specialty shops, Mexican arts and crafts and western boot outlets are enticing and plentiful. Hiking trails and picnic sites are available in the Franklin Mountains State Park and there are arts and music performances throughout the year at Chamizal National Memorial, major downtown venues and on the intriguingly beautiful University of Texas El Paso campus. this page: El Paso’s historic border location has helped generate an international flair to the city’s architecture, from its shopping centers to a unique university campus. Sun Bowl stadium overlooks El Paso and Juárez, Mexico.



Annual El Paso Chamber Music Festival. 915-8339400 Annual Siglo de Oro Drama Festival 915-532-7273 Sunland Sunland Park Derby. 575-874-5200 El Paso Marathon. Franklin Mountain Poppies Celebration. 915-755-4332 KLAQ International Balloonfest. 915-544-9550 El Paso Summer Music Festival. 915-449-0619 Plaza Classic Film Festival. 915-533-4020 Fiesta de las Flores 915-533-3730 Chihuahuan Desert Fiesta. 915-521-1881 Amigo Airsho. 915-562-6446 Hueco Tanks Interpretive Fair. 915-857-1135 Nov Dia de los Muertos Celebration 915-373-1513 Season of Lights at the University of Texas 915-747-8600 Annual Sun Bowl. 800-915-BOWL May-Aug Alfresco! Fridays. 915-541-4481 Jun-Aug Music Under the Stars. Sundays 915-541-4481

ATTRACTIONS The Border Jumper. One Civic Center Plaza. El Paso-Juarez Trolley Company shuttles back and forth between these twin cities. 915-544-0062. El Paso Zoo. 5-acre zoo with more than 700 animals in nat-ural settings. 915-544-1928. Fort Bliss Museum. A reproduction of the 1854 fort houses the museum.Living history displays & Civil War artifacts. 915-568-4518. EI Paso Museum of Art. One Arts Festival Plaza. Galleries, educational exhibits, museum store. 915-532-1707. Wyler Aerial Tramway. Alabama to McKinley Ave. View two countries and three states from the southern end of the Franklin Mountains. 915566-6622.

LOCATION El Paso is located on I-10 at the international gateway to the Old West.

MORE INFORMATION El Paso Convention & Visitors Bureau (800) 351-6024 El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (915) 566-4066 The Greater El Paso Chamber of Commerce (915) 534-0500



1. Hatch to Deming: NM 26 Raptor Route (Private Property. Bird from road only) F4 2. Mount View Cemetery. F4 3. Deming Water Treatment Area. F4 4. Spring Canyon Unit of Rockhound State Park. F4 5. Pancho Villa State Park. G4 6. NM 9 between Hachita & Animas. G2 7. NM 338 South of Animas (Private Property. Bird from road only.) G1 8. Clanton Canyon. G1 9. State Line Road near Rodeo (Private Property. Bird from road only.) G1 10. Granite Gap. F1 11. Lordsburg Playa (Private Property. Bird from road only.) F1 12. Virden Bridge (Private Property. Bird from road only.) E1 13. Lower Gila Box. E1 14. Glenwood Fish Hatchery. C1 15. National Catwalk Recreation Area. C2 16. Mogollon (Private Property. Bird from road only.) C2 17. Willow Creek Campground. C2 18. Redrock Road (Private Property. Bird from road only.) E2 19. Burro Mountains: Forest Rd. 851. E2 20. Gila River Bird Habitat Area. E2 21. Gila River/Mogollon Creek Confluence. D2 22. Big Ditch Park. E3 23. Cherry Creek/McMillan Campgrounds. E3 24. Signal Peak Road. E3 25. Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument. D3 26. Lake Roberts Area. D3 27. TNC Mimbres Preserve. D3 28. Fort Bayard Historical District. E3 29. City of Rocks State Park. E3 30. Iron Creek Campground to Lower Gallinas Campground. E4 31. Emory Pass. E4 32. Kingston-Hillsboro Area (Private Property - Bird from road only). E4 33. Las Animas Creek (Private Property. Bird from road only.) D5 34. Percha Dam State Park. E5 35. Caballo Lake State Park & Caballo Dam.D5 36. Las Palomas Marsh. D5 37. Elephant Butte Lake State Park. D5 38. Springtime Campground. C5 39. Leasburg Dam State Park. E5 40. Dripping Springs Recreation Area. F6 41. Aguirre Springs National Recreation Area. F6 42. The Bosque del Apache. B6 43. Water Canyon. B5 44. Socorro Birding Site. B6 A


B 16


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C 21 D

20 18 13 19


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this page: A sandhill crane plops through a pond in search of food at Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge near Socorro.

H Map compiled by the State Audobon. 1





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photo by Larry Lamsa @

Southwest New Mexico and West Texas encompass a number of climate zones and therefore attract a wide variety of bird species. The Rio Grande valley and associated marshlands provide for huge numbers of migratory waterfowl and late fall spectacles, while the mountain regions witness smaller, more specific seasonal movements. Desert locales are more active for a variety of raptors and even burrowing species. Whatever your level of experience or the lengths of your lists, birding has become increasingly popular, and the Southwest region is an outstanding area in which to enjoy it. Old West Traveler has included a list of popular birding locations frequented by the numerous species known to visit the area. Some of the locations are also known for their scenic beauty; others may seem unlikely but are nonetheless areas preferred by a number of our feathered friends. Regional birding experts have verified all locations. In addition to locations on the New Mexico Audubon map, three noteworthy birding sites in the El Paso area include Hueco Tanks State Historical Park northeast of the city, Franklin Mountain State Park that splits the city in half and Keystone Heritage Park, a 52-acre city-owned archeological site, wetlands and botanical garden on the lower west side. By combining information contained in this feature with other resources found throughout the publication, you can plan a birding adventure that also includes hiking, camping, horseback riding and a wealth of other activities that await you in the Southwest.

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Reserve/Glenwood 1 Reserve (C2) 2 Quemado (A2) 3 Pie Town (A3) 4 Plains of San Agustin/Datil (B3-B4) 5 Glenwood (D1) 6 Glenwood Hatchery (D1) 7 The Catwalk (D1) 8 San Francisco Hot Springs (D1) 9 Mogollon (C1) 10 Snow Lake (C2) 11 Gila Wilderness (D2-D3) 12 Outer Loop (C1-D3) a Cooney’s Tomb (C1) b Clairmont (C1) c Frisco (C1)




Socorro 13 Very Large Array Telescopes (B4) 14 Magdalena/Kelly (B5) 15 Langmuir Lightning Res. Lab (B5) 16 Magdalena Ridge Observatory (B5) 17 Socorro Plaza Historic District (B6) 18 NM Tech/Mineral Museum (B6) 19 Quebradas Back Country Byway (A4) 20 Owl Cafe (B6) 21 Bosque del Apache Refuge (B6-C6 22 Sevilleta Nat’l. Wildlife Refuge (A5-6) 23 La Joya State Game Refuge (A6) d Ft. Craig National Historic Site (C5) e Riley (A5) f Rosedale (B4) g San Antonio (B5) h San Marcial (C5) i Historic Capitol Bar (B5)


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Silver City 24 Historic Downtown Silver City (E3) 25 Silver City Museum (E3) 26 WNMU Museum (E3) 27 Royal Scepter Mineral Museum (E3) 28 Pinos Altos (E3) 29 Santa Rita del Cobre Fort (E3) 30 Trail of Mtn. Spirits S. Byway (D3-E3) 31 Gila National Forest (C2-E4) 32 Gila Cliff Dwellings Nat’l. Mon. (D3) 33 Lake Roberts/Mimbres River (D3) 34 Mine Tours & Old Mines (E3) 35 Fort Bayard (E3) 36 City of Rocks State Park (E3) 37 Outer Loop Drive (C1-D3) j Fort Webster (E3) k Royal John (E4) l Fiero (E3) Truth or Consequences 38 T or C Hot Baths (D5) 39 Geronimo Springs Museum (D5) 40 Rio Grande (D5) 41 Elephant Butte Dam (D5) 42 Elephant Butte Lake St. Park (C5-D5) 43 Geronimo Trail Scenic Byway (C4-E4) 44 Monticello/Placita (C3) 45 Pecan & Candy Shop - Cuchillo (D4) 46 Cuchillo Bar & Museum (D5) 47 Winston (C4) 48 Chloride (C4) 49 Caballo Lake State Park (D5-E5) 50 Lake Valley Bk Ctry Byway (D4-E4) A Lake Valley (E4) 51 Hillsboro (E4) 52 Kingston (E4) m Gold Dust (D4) n Grafton (C4) o Pioneer Store Museum (D4) p Elephant Butte Dam q Percha Dam/Campground (E5) r Veterans Mem. Park/Museum (D5) s Engle (D5) Lordsburg 53 Steins Ghost Town (F1) 54 Shakespeare Ghost Town (F2) 55 Lordsburg Museum (F2) 56 Virden (E1) 57 Gila River (C3-E1) 58 Redrock State Wildlife Area (E1) 59 Gila National Forest (E2) 60 Cave Creek (G1) 61 Portal (G1) 62 Rodeo (G1) 63 Animas (G1) 64 Hatchita (G2) 65 Antelope Wells (H2) t Cloverdale (G1) u Granite Gap (G1)



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38 T or C hot baths 39 Geronimo Spr Museum 40 Rio Grande p Elephant Butte Dam r Veterans Memorial Park & Museum

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Visitors Center Mimbres Museum Historic Walking Tour Golf Course Historic Luna County Courthouse


78 Old Mesilla x San Albino Church


Deming 66 Deming Visitors Center (F4) 67 Mimbres Museum (F4) 68 Historic Walking Tour (F4) 69 Golf Course (F4) 70 Rockhound State Park (F4) 71 Spring Canyon State Park (F4)

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St. Clair Winery (F4) Geolapidary Museum (F4) Mimbres-Paquime Tour (E3-H2) Pancho Villa State Park (G4) Columbus/Museum (G4) Palomas (G4) Fort Cummings (F4)

w Historic Luna Co. Courthouse (F4) Las Cruces 78 Old Mesilla (F6) 79 NM Farm-Ranch Museum (F6) 80 Gadsden Museum (F6) 81 Branigan Cultural Center (F6)


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New Mexico State University (F6) Natural History Museum (F6) Bataan Death March Memorial (F6) Dripping Springs (F6) Stahmann Farms (F6) White Sands MIssile Range Museum (F6) White Sands Nat’l. Monument (E7)

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Ft. Selden State Monument (E5) Leasburg Dam State Park (E5) War Eagles Air Museum (G6) San Albino Church/Old Mesilla (F6) Aguirre Springs Nat. Recreation Area (F6) Chamberino (F6)

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