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La Cienega Relocation and Visitor


Silver City, New Mexico “San Vicente de la Cienega”

Silver City

One of the Nation’s BEST Small Towns

Manufactured Home Subdivision

5 Acre Lots with Roads and Power

Highway 180 East off XYZ Ranch Road • Silver City, New Mexico • 575-388-1951

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n Quick Facts

Grant County is a remarkably diverse landscape, ranging from high desert in the south to high mountains across much of the north of the county. At an elevation of 6000 ft. the Semi-arid climate offers mild temperatures, giving us four gentle seasons to enjoy. Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun



24 26 30 37 45 55

51 55 59 68 77 87


1.08" Jul 1.13" Aug 0.95" Sep 0.58" Oct 0.39" Nov 0.68" Dec



60 58 52 42 30 24

88 85 81 72 59 52


3.02" 3.06" 1.97" 1.26" 0.71" 1.24"

H - High L - Low P - Average Precipitation (Inches)

Average annual temperature: 70° Average annual moisture: 15.69 inches Total Snowfall: Mean 11.8"; High 27.0"

LOCATION Silver City is located in Grant County in southwest New Mexico. It is on the Continental Divide and in the foothills of the Pinos Altos Range, an extension of the Mogollon Mountains. Silver City is centrally located at the junction of US 180 and NM 90 almost equidistant from both El Paso and Tucson and from Denver, Dallas and Los Angeles.

DIRECTIONS TO SILVER CITY On US 180, travel 62 miles southeast from Glenwood or 52 miles northwest from Deming. On NM 90 travel 44 miles northeast from Lordsburg.

ELEVATION Elevations in Grant County range from 4,000 above sea level in the high desert at the southern end of the county to mountains touching 10,000 feet in the north. Silver City, Bayard, Hurley and the central part of the county are just under 6,000 feet above sea level. Pinos Altos and other nearby communities to the north and east are at 6,000 to 7,000 feet.

VISITOR INFORMATION Silver City Grant County Chamber of Commerce 500 E. 18th St. • P.O. Box 1028 Silver City, NM 88062-1028 • 575-538-3785 800-538-9378 • Murray Ryan Visitor Center 201 N. Hudson St. • Silver City, NM 88061 M-S 9am-5pm, Sun 10am-2pm MST 575-538-5555 • SWNM Green Chamber of Commerce P.O. Box 2020 • Silver City, NM 88061 575-538-4332 • 575-538-1337 4 –



One of the




Silver City is a great place to visit and a wonderful place to live! We continue to be recognized as one of the “Best Small Towns” in the country for our Historic Main Street, locally-grown organic foods, fine independent restaurants, vibrant arts scene, special events, gentle climate and downright friendly people. The rich mining and ranching history, blend of Hispanic and Anglo cultures, blue skies (with 360 days of sunshine), vast landscapes, natural wonderlands, and small town atmosphere, create a genuine “Americana”. Embraced by the Continental Divide, and one of the safest places to avoid natural disasters, the four gentle seasons and low humidity create “the perfect climate”. Silver City is the oldest incorporated town in New Mexico (and the only one still operating under a Territorial Charter). The multi-cultural frontier location continues to be the area’s center for commerce with pet-friendly locally-owned businesses that will order what you need and provide personal customer service. It’s unique, with 90 miles to the nearest mall and 45 to the closest chain restaurants, you’ll feel a special “sense of place” that sets Silver City and Grant County apart from the rest of the world. The Town’s commitment to building a sustainable economy includes curbside recycling, water conservation and solar energy projects that provide a special quality of life. Honesty and common courtesies prevail. The relaxed pace is a custom newcomers are often challenged to adapt. Sundays are spent with family and friends, and shops are often closed…so plan to visit the museums and cultural sites, enjoy a scenic drive or just plain relax! Horns are tooted to say “hi” to friends (not rush traffic), and locals find another route if two vehicles (or grocery carts) are side by side blocking a thoroughfare… as we know that folks are taking the time to talk and catch up with one another. We stop on the side of the road and wait for funeral processions to pass, and also pull over for faster motorists if we are moseying along back roads. It’s all part of the mutual respect, part of enjoying the moment, part of our way of life. Plan a visit and experience our warm hospitality. Consider becoming an active member of our community. If you do…you’ll probably find that “this is the place you’ve been looking for all along”.

La Cienega Relocation and Visitor


Silver City, New Mexico “San Vicente de la Cienega”

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La Cienega Relocation and Visitor Guide– 5

n Quick Facts

MILEAGE TO SILVER CITY Lake Roberts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31 miles Lordsburg . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44 miles Deming . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 52 miles Glenwood . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62 miles Palomas, Mexico . . . . . . . . . . . 88 miles Truth or Consequences . . . . . . 90 miles Las Cruces . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 112 miles White Sands . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 137 miles El Paso . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 154 miles Socorro . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 161 miles Alamogordo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 180 miles Tucson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 200 miles Ruidoso . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 228 miles Albuquerque . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 236 miles Gallup . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 256 miles Roswell . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 297 miles Santa Fe . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 297 miles Phoenix . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 313 miles Carlsbad . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 320 miles Taos . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 367 miles Grand Canyon . . . . . . . . . . . . 415 miles San Diego . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 606 miles Denver . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 682 miles Los Angeles . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 684 miles Dallas . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 787 miles Houston . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 901 miles Salt Lake City . . . . . . . . . . . . . 999 miles San Francisco . . . . . . . . . . . 1069 miles St. Louis . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1279 miles Mexico City . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1284 miles Chicago . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1695 miles Seattle . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1837 miles Miami . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2120 miles Washington DC . . . . . . . . . . 2188 miles New York City . . . . . . . . . . . 2254 miles Montreal . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2409 miles Boston . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2469 miles MILEAGE FROM SILVER CITY TO SCENIC DESTINATIONS Catwalk of Whitewater Canyon 68 miles. Travel time one way: 1 hr. 15 min. Estimated time to hike the Catwalk: 2 hrs. Gila River Bird Habitat Mgmt. Unit 68 miles. Travel time one way: 1 hr. Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument 48 miles to Cliff Dwellings via NM 15. 64 miles to Cliff Dwellings via NM 152 & 35. Travel time either way: 1 hr. 45 min. to 2 hrs. Estimated time to see the Dwellings: 1 hr. Fort Bayard National Historic Landmark 15 miles. Travel time one way: 15 min. City of Rocks State Park 35 miles. Travel time one way: 40 min.

LODGING Hotels & Motels 13 Bed & Breakfasts 5 Cabins & Cottages 29 RV Parks & Private Campgrounds 12 Public Camping 5

DINING Whether you prefer quick fast food, healthy choices, deli service or independent coffee houses; family style or gourmet; saloon or bar and grill; Mexican, Chinese or American; Silver City has abundant dining choices.

NEW MEXICO FACTS Statehood: January 6, 1912 Capital: Santa Fe Flag: Red Zia on field of gold Ballad: Land of Enchantment Songs: Oh, Fair New Mexico and Asi Es Nuevo Mexico Motto:CrescitEundo(It Grows As It Goes) Poem: A Nuevo Mexico Cookie: Biscochito Gem: Turquoise Bird: Roadrunner (Chaparral) Flower: Yucca Tree: Piñon Animal: Black Bear Fish: Rio Grande Cutthroat Trout 6 –

30 COMMUNITIES Fabulous Grant County

WRITTEN BY JOE BURGESS I PHOTO BY ROBERT “JAIME” RAMIREZ Silver City and Grant County are recognized as the Best in numerous quality of life issues, all of which are packaged in the warmth of a small-town atmosphere. Great weather, incredible opportunities for outdoor experiences, an intriguing history, a mature and exciting arts community, the full gamut of educational offerings and strong business and industrial opportunities have contributed to the lifestyles of area natives and attracted a diverse array of newcomers from other parts of the nation. The historic areas of the county include tastefully renovated homes from previous eras and lots of opportunities for those willing to make the effort to bring older structures up to current living expectations. Silver City has an inviting collection of Victorian homes from the late 1800s and early 1900s, many of which have been restored to their previous state of elegance and stature. There remain homesteads and sprawling ranch-style homes throughout the county that deliver spacious country living opportunities. Well-cared for homes and small clusters of new construction can be found in Hurley, Bayard, Santa Clara, Mimbres and the Cliff/Gila area. Upscale developments have been carefully laid out in the mountains and foothills surrounding Silver City. Mediterranean and Southwestern-style homes are prevalent in some subdivisions and quite varied in others. Curbside recycling in-town and the 360 days of sunshine has fostered more solar and renewable designs, making Silver City a mecca for sustainable living. Bargains are plentiful on existing homes, developed properties and raw acreage. Many of the major and small independent realty companies are available throughout the county.

n A lifestyle for EVERYONE SILVER CITY The county seat and largest of area communities, Silver City also serves as the business and medical hub for the region. It is home to Western New Mexico University. Silver City is known for its historic brick Victorian homes, but offers the full gamut of construction and development. THE VALLEYS The Mimbres and Gila River valleys, as well as the Mangas Spring area have experienced a surge in construction in recent years. The Mimbres River, home of the ancient Mimbres Culture, has supported the largest expansion, including a school, restaurants and convenience store. THE MOUNTAINS Properties are available in Pinos Altos (tall pines) and the surrounding area east and just above Silver City. Oak and juniper covered foothills to the north, west and southwest of Silver City exist in several major developments. All are within easy commuting distance to Silver City. HISTORIC DISTRICT The downtown and university districts provide access to well-preserved and carefully restored Victorian homes. In close proximity to galleries, restaurants, shopping, and a wide variety of activities, the area is perfect for those interested in antique décor and the local farmer’s market. TRI-CITY MINING DISTRICT The communities of Bayard, Hurley and Santa Clara make up the county’s historic mining district. In recent years, they have initiated a focus on tourism and local festivals, based primarily on over 200 years of mining activity and historic Fort Bayard. Individual housing is scattered throughout the communities with a small development in Hurley. CLIFF/GILA Located on the Gila River after exiting the vast Gila Wilderness, the rich farming valley is home to the annual Cliff/Gila Grant County Fair. Properties are available with both river and mountain vistas.


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501 Silver Heights Blvd. • Silver City, NM 88061 575.538.2931 | 800.456.3132 | Fax 575.636.2050

REAL ESTATE COMPANIES Action Realty 535-2286 (Cliff) Better Homes & Gardens 538-0404 Enchantment Realty 538-2931 Grant County Realty 388-2595 La Paloma Real Estate 536-3865 One Stop Realty 388-2595 Hacienda Realty 388-1921 My Real Estate 388-1449 Re/Max Silver Advantage 538-3847 Smith Real Estate 538-5373 Smith RE Mimbres Branch 536-3870 Stinar Realty 574-5451 Thompson Realty 538-0021 United Country Mimbres Realty 538-3789 Wagon Wheel Realty 388-2692




La Cienega Relocation and Visitor Guide– 7

Unless otherwise indicated, prices shown are the low and high prices for properties sold based on the most recently available data for the respective areas. Some data may be more than one year old. Numbers in brackets indicate the number of sales reported for each area in the most recent one-year period at press time.


Catwalk/Mogollon Trip


Cliff Dwellings Trip

 ■ ◆


Lower Mimbres Trip

City or Town

Offered by United Country Mimbres Realty, Inc.

HISTORIC DISTRICT Downtown Area Elegant older homes, some Victorian style. Close to galleries, shops and restaurants. Homesites: N/A Res: $112-$350k [6]

Point of Interest


Sight-seeing Destinations

Miles accumulated City to City.


Miles accumulated City to junction, junction to junction.

Mimbres Culture Heritage Site

Gila Regional Medical Center

Grant County Airport

Offered by Better Homes & Gardens Silver City

UNIVERSITY DISTRICT University Area Well-built older homes surrounding WNMU, often of brick or adobe with mature yards. Homesites: N/A Res: $62-$300k [11]

Offered by Hacienda Realty

LA GILA ENCANTADA Northwest Foothills Spacious homes with spectacular Mountain Views off Little Walnut Rd. Homesites: N/A [0] Res: $235-320k [3]

Offered by Better Homes & Gardens Silver City

COTTAGE SAN Northwest Older homes near St. Mary’s Academy, newer custom-built homes above Bear Mountain Lodge. Homesites: $24-62k [3] Res: $41.3-310k [9]

Offered by United Country Mimbres Realty, Inc.

INDIAN HILLS North Large subdivision in the juniper and oak-covered hills on the north side. Homesites: $24-53k [2] Residences: $173-$325k.

Offered by United Country Mimbres Realty, Inc.

PANORAMA DRIVE North Mountain & valley views, homes in the vicinity of hospital and schools. Homesites: N/A[0] Residences: $215-250k SILVER HEIGHTS North An earlier subdivision just north of the schools. Moderate and higher priced homes. Homesites: N/A Residences: $55-$190k

BRANDING IRON Northwest Foothills Great wooded views. 1/2 acre lots. All City utilities. Paved roads and protective covenants. Homesites: N/A Residences: $330k [1]

Offered by Hacienda Realty

SILVER HILLS North An earlier subdivision just north of the schools. Moderate and higher priced homes. Homesites: N/A Residences: $55-$190k

8 –

PINOS ALTOS Northern Mountains Homes scattered through the ponderosa forest surrounding a quaint historic village. Homesites: $50k Residences: N/A [0]

Offered by Enchantment Realty

ARENAS VALLEY East, Highway 180 Older and custom-built homes in grasslands bordering an elk preserve to the north. Homesites: N/A [0] Res: $78-$277 [8]

Offered by Re/Max Silver Advantage

BAYARD East, Mining District Moderately-priced homes in a progressive community with its own school district. Homesites: $9-12k [2] Res: $8.5-$150k [12]

Offered by Hacienda Realty Offered by XYZ Ranch Estates Offered by Re/Max Silver Advantage Offered by Better Homes & Gardens Silver City

Offered by Re/Max Silver Advantage

Offered by My Real Estate Company

DOS GRIEGOS Northern Mountains Custom-built homes on wooded lots with views overlooking Silver City. Homesites: $91.4 [2] Res: $307-450k[2] SANCTUARY ROAD Northern Mountains Custom designed homes on forested lots. Some with vistas, others secluded. Homesites: $70k Residences: $160

SUNRISE ESTATES East Moderately-priced homes in lightly wooded rolling foothills. Homesites: $35k [0] Residences: $210k [0] CANYON COUNTRY ESTATES East 10-acre lots just minutes from town. Wells, electric and phone on property. Homesites: $60k [0] Residence: N/A [0]

XYZ RANCH ESTATES Northeast 5-acre lots, 3 miles from Silver City. Rolling hills, wooded lots, site built homes or new manufactured housing-subject to covenants. Homesites: $75k [1] Residences: $440 [1] SANTA CLARA East, Mining District Homes and building sites in Manhattan Park and on Old Race Track Road. Homesites: $30-113 [7] Res: $20-$118k [6]

HURLEY East, Mining District Originally a company town; new development in progress. Near Grant County Airport. Homesites: N/A [0] Residences: $12-$82k

Santa Clara, Offered by Better Homes & Gardens Silver City

BUCKHORN Northwest Rolling grasslands, cottonwood trees and views of the Mogollon Mountains. Homesites: $31.5k [1] Residences: $184k [1] Offered by United Country Mimbres Realty, Inc. Offered by Enchantment Realty

MOGOLLON VISTA Northwest A development near Cliff. Views of the Mogollon mountain range. Homesites: $40k [0] Residences: N/A [0]

MIMBRES VALLEY Northeast Homes, building sites and an airstrip. Farming valley becomes forested near the Continental Divide. Homesites: $8-$74k [7] Res: $45-328.2k [15]

WIND CANYON ESTATES West A spacious development with wooded areas. Westward views of the Burro Mountains. Homesites: $48 [1] Residences: $649k [1]

Hanover, Offered by My Real Estate Company

Offered by Hacienda Realty

Offered by United Country Mimbres Realty, Inc.

Offered by Better Homes & Gardens Silver City

SAN LORENZO Northeast A rustic village with a historic mission church in the Mimbres Valley farming region. Homesites: $50k [1] Residences: $300k [1]

OAKWOOD ESTATES West Affordable housing in a grassland development five minutes from downtown. Homesites: N/A [0] Residences: $79k [1]

CLIFF, GILA Northwest Homes and sites along the Gila River and Turkey Creek. Schools and a county fair. Homesites: $15-47k [2] Res: $95-144k [4]

SILVER ACRES South Higher-end homes near the country club and golf course, affordable housing along the ridges. Homesites: $3.5-47k [2] Res: $40-385k [6]

Offered by Better Homes & Gardens Silver City

LAKE ROBERTS Northeast Homes and forested sites below the lake and broad, open vistas above. Homesites: N/A [0] Res: $82-103k [2]

Offered by United Country Mimbres Realty, Inc.

TYRONE South Affordable housing, picturesque townsite with parks. Homesites: $75-240 [2] Res: $50-$140k [11] OAK COUNTRY South 10-acre lots, 7 miles from Silver City. Rolling hills, many oak trees. Homesites: N/A [0] Residences: N/A [0] WHITE SIGNAL Southwest Homesites: $48 [1] Residences: $300k [1] BURRO MOUNTAINS Southwest Homes and sites also located in bear grass and lightly wooded foothills of the Burro Mountains. Homesites: $30-65k [2] Homes: $44-525k [3] Silver City, New Mexico ©2014. Stats provided by the Silver City Regional Multiple Listing Service.

RUTH D. SEAWOLF Associate Broker Residential, Commercial, and Land

I was born and raised in Silver City so I consider myself a true native of the area. I cannot imagine calling any other place "Home". I'm ready to help all those wanting to make Silver City their home as well!. Call me today for all your Real Estate needs. Whether it be buying or selling, I am the agent for you.

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Building Relationships One Home At A Time! Formando Relaciones Un Hogar A La Vez! (575) 388.1921 (575) 590.1324 • 1628 Silver Heights Blvd. • Silver City, NM 88061

La Cienega Relocation and Visitor Guide– 9


MEDIAN SALE PRICE Inside Silver City $120,000 Outside Silver City $240,000 Mimbres Valley $138,500 Burro Mountains $242,500


PARKS & MONUMENTS City of Rocks State Park Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument The Catwalk National Recreation Trail: 65 miles NE US180,Glenwood


Mogollon: 75 miles NE US180 Old Hachita: 81 miles SE at NM81 & NM9 Shakespeare: 46 miles SE NM90 Steins: 63 miles SE NM90/I-10


Nearby Lakes: 9 Bill Evans Lake, Lake Roberts, Ben Lilly, Elephant Butte, Quemado Lake, Caballo Lake, Bear Canyon Reservoir, Snow Lake US Forest Service & Park Campgrounds: 25 Juniper, Pinon, El Caso, Armijo Spring, Valle Tio Vences & Public Corrals, Head of the Ditch, Pueblo Park, Cottonwood, Whitewater Picnic Area and Catwalk Nat’l. Recreation Trail, Bighorn, Bursum, Ben Lilly, Willow Creek, Gilita, Dripping Vat, Scorpion, Upper Black Canyon, Lower Black Canyon, Rocky Canyon, Mesa, Upper End, Sapillo Group Area, McMillan, Cherry Creek, Iron Creek, Kingston FEDERAL & STATE DESIGNATIONS: Aldo Leopold Wilderness: 202,016 acres Gila Nat’l. Forest: 3.3 million acres Gila Wilderness Area: 557,873 acres Continental Divide Trail: 210 miles in Gila National Forest. Day hikes include Sapillo Group Campground from NM 35 south to FDR 154 at Signal Peak. Twin Sisters Segment from FDR 154 south to NM 15 at the Arrastra Interpretive Site. Rocky Point Segment from SR 150 to Aspen Mountain, and Bear Mountain Segment from Bear Mountain Road to FDR 506 at the end of Little Walnut. 10 –




TRANSPORTATION Interstate 10: 44 mi. So. of Silver City Interstate 25: 75 mi. East of Silver City US 180, State Roads 90, 52, 15 Air, Commercial: Boutique Air service to Albuquerque. Air, Charter: Whiskey Creek Airport City Transit: Corre Caminos Transit Shuttle Service: 2 To Deming, Las Cruces and El Paso Airport. Las Cruces Shuttle & Silver Stage Lines COMMUNICATION Telephone: CenturyLink, WNM Communications Cellular: Verizon, Sprint, AT&T Internet Access Providers: AZNEX, Comcast, Cyber Mesa, CenturyLink, Dish Exede, HughesNet, Satellite Kings, Satellite Solutions, WildBlue, WNM Communications Television: Community Access Television (CATS), Dish Network, DirectTV, Comcast, CenturyLink NEWSPAPERS Silver City Daily Press Daily The Independent Weekly Silver City Sun News Daily Desert Exposure Monthly MAGAZINES Silver City Life Semi-annual The Source Semi-annual La Cienega Relocation Guide Bi-Annual Silver City Visitor Guide Bi-Annual Scenic Tours Bi-Annual New Mexico Traveler Annual RADIO STATIONS: Top 40: KSCQ 92.9 FM, KNUW 95.1 FM Country: KNFT 950 AM, KNFT 102.9 FM



Grant County is an overlay of five life zones... creating the greatest diversity of habitats, flora, fauna, mammals and invertibrates (and building sites) in North America. Beginning with the Northern tip of the Sierra Madre Mountains and continuing north to the High Chihuahuan and Sonorian Desert Grasslands, Riparian Forests (cottonwood and willow), Woodlands (pinon and juniper), Lower Montane (ponderosa and gambel oak) and Upper Montane (evergreen/mixed conifer) of the Rockie Mountain Forest. You can choose from desert to mountain top and in-town to back country settings to build, buy or rent your dream home. Styles vary from the nineteenth century adobe, brick and Victorian residences located in Historic Districts to Craftsman bungalows, ranches, commercial, contemporary, and traditional Southwest designs. The Downtown area is also experiencing a building re-purposing and restoration as business owners are creating live/work spaces. Active and passive solar systems are cost effective and energy efficient building techniques, paired with the region's low utility rates and property taxes contribute to comfortable and affordable living. Property values range from under $100,000 to over a million dollars. It all depends on what you are looking for. Silver City is also known for its sustainability programs including curbside recycling of 1-7 plastics, tin, aluminum, steel and glass which is made into road base. Paper, newspaper, magazines, phone books and cardboard are converted into blown cellulose insulation. New Mexico is unique as there is still plenty of open space and uninterrupted panoramic

Chavez Construction “The road to success is always under construction” Personalized service making the experience of building a home an easy and exciting journey for our clients.

vistas, some over 100 miles. Local professionals can assist you with accessibility, infrastructure and water availability research and verification before purchasing any real estate. Regional lenders can provide personal service to help you through the funding process and, keep the money here at home. If you are searching for an active, friendly community that “feels right”, it is time to come visit Silver City/Grant County. We are sure you’ll find, “this is the right place”.

Nick Chavez General Contractor License #028833

1702 N. Corbin St. PO Box 5163 Silver City, NM 88062

Phone (575) 388-1886 / Fax (866) 542-8618 /

La Cienega Relocation and Visitor Guide– 11


RETIREMENT OPTIONS WRITTEN AND PHOTOGRAPHED BY JOE BURGESS Retirees from around the country have found a place in the sun in Silver City. It is no surprise — a mild climate, friendly people, good medical facilites and reasonable living costs are perfect complements to an active retirement lifestyle. Silver City’s historic district is home to coffee shops, restaurants, bookstores, galleries and antique shops. The nearby Gila National Forest offers birding, fishing, hiking and biking opportunities and the 18-hole Silver City Golf Course is open all year. Some local events like the annual Tour of the Gila, Silver City Blues Festival, Wild, Wild West Pro Rodeo and Silver City CLAY Festival are nationally famous. Silver City has a very active senior community that participates in a variety of activities, from exercise programs to knitting, beads and art classes. Volunteerism for seniors is a key ingredient of the local lifestyle and extremely important for art and performance openings and celebrations, operation of the hospital, museum and visitor center and programs for needy individuals, to mention only a few. The variety of housing options here will suit almost any retiree. Developments specifically for seniors and assisted living facilities are also available. Topping it all off are the beautiful sunsets, clear air, quiet forests, lakes and mountains which are included with every Silver City retirement package.

n Opportunities for Seniors

VOLUNTEER ORGANIZATIONS EF Foundation for Foreign Study Friends of the Library Gila Regional Medical Center Habitat for Humanity - Gila Region Homebound Library Program (Leamos) Silver City MainStreet Project Mimbres Region Arts Council Multiple Sclerosis Assn. of America Potential Tutor Training Session (Leamos) Silver City Museum Silver City Grant Co. Chamber of Commerce Silver City Green Chamber of Commerce Silver City Library The Volunteer Center of Grant County 12 –

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Did you know? is a non-profit organization. 100% of ReStore proceeds go towards building affordable homes in Grant County. ReStore runs strictly on donations given to us by the community. ReStore is a giant recycling center. Items donated to the ReStore are re-sold, re-purposed, and recycled. ReStore saves TONS of unwanted items from entering the landfill all year long. Please help us in our efforts to recycle. Bring your useable items to the ReStore first, not the landfill.

Shop! Donate! Volunteer! We Accept: Furniture, Hardware, Appliances, Household Items.

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Silver City Grant County Chamber of Commerce 500 E. 18th Street • PO Box 1028 Silver City, NM 88062-1028 • 575-538-3785 800-538-9378 • Murray Ryan Visitor Center 201 N. Hudson St. • Silver City, NM 88061 M-S 9am-5pm, Sun 10am-2pm MST 575-538-5555 • SWNM Green Chamber of Commerce P.O. Box 2020 • Silver City, NM 88061 575-538-4332 • 575-538-1337 14 –



MRAC Indie/Folk Series 575-538-2505 Chocolate Fantasia 575-538-2505 WNMU Theatre Events 575-538-2505 MRAC Indie/Folk Series 575-538-2505 Bird Migrations May SRAM Tour of the Gila 575-538-3222 Hurley Pride Festival & Car Show 575-537-2124 Downtown Expo 575-534-1700 Silver City Blues Festival 575-538-2505 Jun Wild, Wild West Pro Rodeo 575-534-5030 Gila Classic Golf Tournament 575-538-5041 Jul Independence Day Parade & Activities 575-538-3785 Fire Cracker Golf Tourn. 575-538-5041 SC Museum Ice Cream Social 575-538-5921 Big Ditch Day 575-534-1700 Hummingbird Festival 575-536-9649 Aug Silver City CLAY Festival 575-538-5560 WNMU Bash on Broadway 575-534-1700 Signal Peak Fat Tire Fiesta 575-388-3222 Run to Copper Country Car Show 575-388-3468 Historic Fort Bayard Birthday 575-956-3294 WNMU Festivities 575-538-6011 Sep Rolling Stones Gem and Mineral Show 575-538-3785 Pickamania! 575-538-2505 Fort Bayard Days 575-538-4477 Grant County Fair 575-538-3785 Gila River Festival 575-538-8078 Oct Red Dot Studio Tour & Gallery Walk 575 313-9631 Gila Monster Gran Fondo Bicycling Event 575-388-3222 Pinos Altos October Fiesta 575-538-5560 Mimbres Harvest Festival 575-536-9935 Las Cruces Symphony Orchestra 575-538-2505 MRAC Indie/Folk Series Presents David Francey 575-538-2505 Southwest Festival of the Written Word 575-538-5555 Nov MRAC Indie/Folk Series 575-538-2505 Annual Lighted Christmas Parade 575-534-1700 Dec New Mexico Tamal Fiesta y Mas 575-538-1337 Victorian Frontier Christmas 575-538-5921 MRAC Black Tie Benefit Ball 575-538-2505 A Christmas Carol 575-538-2505


HISTORIC DISTRICT With the charm of a well-preserved business district built during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Silver City’s Historic Downtown showcases the detailed architecture of those intriguing eras. Victorian homes, the county courthouse, city hall and three theater buildings highlight the district that also includes renovated business, bank and hotel buildings. You will notice the high curbs that allow annual monsoon runoff to pass through without damaging structures. The streets are lighted with antique poles and rings for tying off a trusty steed can still be spotted in front of several businesses. A lot of brickwork was used in downtown construction and locally fired tile grace an occasional storefront as well as murals that are part of local arts programs. Bullard Street and Broadway form the primary axis for shopping, with Yankie, Texas and Market streets contributing numerous galleries and eateries. Cottonwood-lined Big Ditch Park was originally the city’s main street, but floods in the early 20th century left a sixty-foot deep crevice in its place.

ARTS & CULTURAL DISTRICT Arts and cultural functions take place throughout the community with the greatest concentration in the historic downtown area. Art galleries are interspersed with coffee shops and restaurants for resting tired shopper’s feet and catching up on local gossip. Art walks are common and outdoor art and performance functions occur frequently at Big Ditch and Gough Parks and occasionally on blockedoff streets. Other venues include the Silco Theater, Silver City Museum annex, Mimbres Region Arts Council Gallery, WNMU Francis McCray Gallery and WNMU Performing Arts Center Theater. Museums include the Silver City Museum and Western New Mexico University Museum.

FITNESS For those with energy to spare, the city maintains a trail system connecting its downtown parks with the surrounding foothills, from creek bottoms to scenic overviews. There are also well-equipped fitness centers, exercise studios and massage parlors.

Silver City Map

Fine Dinin Maps courtesy Jackie Blurton

Steaks - Seafood - Pastas Salads - Gluten Free Entrées Decadent Homemade Desserts Fine Wine - Beer Full Catering & Event Planning



PARLOR Light Fare & Live Entertainment Tues-Fri 11am – 10pm Sat & Sun 9am-10pm

510 N. BULLARD • 575.538.8722 find us on facebook

n Its the PRESENTATION! SILVER CITY MAINSTREET PROJECT The longest continuously operating MainStreet program in New Mexico was established in 1985 and has fostered downtown preservation and small business growth. It was the recipient of the 2011 Great American MainStreet Award, a national award for revitalization. Much of the historic downtown charm has resulted from efforts by the MainStreet Project in partnership with the community’s public and private sectors. SILVER CITY MUSEUM Located in the 1881 Mansard/Italianate home of H.B. Ailman, the museum presents an annual schedule of unique exhibits and programs. Over 30,000 historic photographs and artifacts tell the stories and celebrate the rich diverse history and cultural heritage of one of the most intriguing regions in the Southwest. The Museum Store features New Mexico arts and crafts, books and gifts. THE SILCO THEATER For the past two years MainStreet, celebrating a legacy of 30 years of enhancements and economic revitalization in the downtown historic district, has been coordinating the renovation of the Silco Theater, located at 311 N. Bullard Street. The reopening of the historic theater, built in 1923, will bring movies back to downtown. The opening of the theater will also create new jobs and contribute to the economic vitality of the already active downtown entertainment scene. MRAC MURAL PROJECT opposite, top: With both local and national funding, artists, local businesses and Grant County youth team up to plan, design and produce meaningful murals throughout the region. Over 30 projects have been completed using various media and a myriad of subject matter. YANKIE/TEXAS STREET JUNCTION The colorful cluster of galleries, studios and shops located at the downtown intersection of Yankie and Texas Streets is the hub of the arts and cultural district. The old red-brick buildings have been brought to life with brilliantly colored doors, window frames and signs. Inside are products of some of the area’s best artists and crafts people. Of course, there is also wonderful coffee, pastries and WiFi!


Silver City

SHOPPING • One-of-a-kind Shops ARTWORK • Regional Art in Galleries and Artists’ Studios

Award Winning Cafes & Brew Pub Historic, Bed & Breakfast, Guesthouses





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575. 534 .170 0 SI LVE R C IT Y MAI N STR E ET.C O M

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117 Market St. (575) 388-1350

Mexican Cuisine specializing in Carne Asada, flame grilled mesquite steaks, Molcajetes and Sonoran specialties, With 9 beers on tap, margaritas and brick oven pizza. Open Tue - Sat 4 to 9pm.

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2138 Hwy 180 East (575) 388-1367



Grant County never had it so good!. Open Daily 11am - 9pm Fri - Sat Bar open until 11pm 2005 Hwy 180 (575) 538-4387


EL GALLO PINTO GRILL AND RESTAURANT Serving authentic and delicious Mexican cuisine made with fresh ingredients. Open T-W, 8am-2pm, Thu-Sat, 8am-7pm, Sun, 8am-2pm.

901 N. Hudson St. (575) 597-4559

16 –

GRINDER MILL “The Brown Bag Place” Mexican plates, menudo, burritos, burgers, salads, sandwiches, orders to go. Open 7 days - 6am to 9pm.

403 W College Ave. (575) 538-3366

SILVER CITY FOOD CO-OP MARKET CAFE Organic deli, sandwiches, gifts, gourmet foods. Open Wed - Sun, 8:30am - 3:30pm 614 N. Bullard St. (575) 956-6487

Real antiques and elegant gifts at dealer prices.

218 N. Bullard St. (575) 388-1737

Upscale selection of eclectic antiques, collectibles & consignment merchandise. We also handle estate & moving sales. Tues - Sun 11ish - 6ish • Random Mondays

109 N. Bullard St. (575) 534-0074 VICTORIA WEST Colorful and richly layered watercolor still life settings with a Southwestern theme. Available at Gallery 400, Adobe Springs Café or Studio by appointment. (575) 388-4775

LEYBA & INGALLS ART STORE • Contemporary Art ranging from realism to abstraction in a variety of media. Open Mon - Sat 10am-6pm, Sunday 10am-2pm. 315 N. Bullard St. (575) 388-5725




Mattresses, furniture, futons, decor and now offering quality guitars & accessories. Open Tuesday - Saturday 9:30am to 5:30pm.

Dedicated to supporting anti-hunger projects in Grant County, New Mexico. Tuesday - Saturday, 11am - 4pm. 910 N. Hudson St. (575) 388-5555 111 W College Avenue (575) 388-2488



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Full-service interior and exterior home staging, redesign, organization and color consultation. Open 8-4, Mon - Fri in the Grant County area. (575) 534-9415 THE HESTER HOUSE CANDY & GIFTS

Homemade fudge, truffles & gourmet candies, plush stuffed animals. SW gourmet & gifts, cards.

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Yoga • Movement • Meditation 211 W. Broadway (575) 388-4647


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2014 platinum performance retailer award. Open Mon - Sat 7am-7pm, Sun 8:30am-5:30pm.

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Suzanne J. Toupin, D.C. Chiropractor, Shamanic Healer.

A non-denominational church teaching verse-by-verse through the Bible. Worship: Thurs. 6:30pm, Sun. 8:30am & 10:30 am.



Open doors, Open hearts. Open Minds. Worship: Sunday 8:30am & 11:15am. 255 Valle de Uvas, Mimbres (575) 654-3416 3001 Hwy. 90 S. (575) 388-1031

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SILVER CITY RATINGS One of 20 Dream Towns... The New Best Places to Live & Play —Outside Magazine One of the 50 Healthiest Places to Live & Retire —Norman Ford One of the 50 Most Alive Places to Live —Modern Maturity One of the Hundred Best Small Towns in America —Norman Crampton One of the Best Small Towns in n America —Modern Maturity One of the Top 11 Retirement Spots —Kiplinger Report Making Your Move to One of America’s merica’s Best Small Towns —Norman Crampton ampton One of the Nation’s “Dozen Distinctive stinctive Destinations” —National Trust for Historic Preservation Outstanding Community —Searchers chers r rs One of the 8 Great Towns for Art & e Music Lovers —Where to Retire T wns in One of the 100 Best Small Art To Towns America —John Villani NS in One of the Best SMALL TOWNS America —Norman Crampton es Yo Y u’ve One of the Best American Cities You’ve d Indians Never Heard of —Cowboys and Best Mining Town —True West Magazine

GRANT COUNTY DEMOGRAPHIC PROFILE OFILE POPULATION 2012 City: 10,315 2012 County: 29,514 2011 Median Age: 44.9 2011 Median Household Income: e: $37,675 Median Household Income Growth: wth: 2000-2011 29% Percentage of 2011 Population Ages 25-44: 19.5% 2011 High School Graduation Rate: 75% County Size: 4,356 sq. miles

GRANT COUNTY ECONOMIC PROFILE 2011 Labor Force: 11,638 November 2012 Unemployment Rate: 6.4% 2001-2011 Job Growth: -0.6% 2001-2011 Business Growth: 18.9% 2011 Average Annual Wage: $32,918 Largest Non-Farm Industry: Education & Healthcare Largest Employer: Freeport-McMoran

TOP EMPLOYERS Freeport-McMoRan: 1,400 Western NM University: 722 Gila Regional Medical Center: 700 Silver Consolidated Schools: 418 Wal-Mart Super Center: 334 James Hamilton Construction: 294 W & N Enterprises: 225 Cobre Consolidated Schools: 219 Town of Silver City: 157 U.S. Forest Service: 115 Grant County’s top five employers account for 3,459 jobs – 40% of the county’s total employment base and only span three industries: mining, public education and healthcare.

WORKERS BY INDUSTRY Education & Healthcare: 2,873 Retail Trade: 1,108 Arts, Accommodation & Food Services: 996 Natural Resources & Mining: 654 Public Administration: 578 Construction: 485 Management & Professional: 276 Finance & Insurance: 249 Manufacturing: 208 Wholesale Trade: 152 Transportation & Warehousing: 119 Information: 112 Utilities: 100

18 –


relocators reloc

making a


For over two decades, Zia Publishing has been listing the reasons why people should consider moving to Silver City. Silver City Life is tracking down the people who actually relocated to Silver City in recent years and who are now among the contributors to its quality of life. They were asked why  they chose Silver City over every other community in the United States.  For those of us who were raised in Silver City, the reasons relocators have come are  not surprising. Silver City Life is  simply printing what local folks   have known since the day that silver was discovered above San Vicente de la Cienega. The following pages introduce the latest group of relocators who are “making a difference” and share how Silver City came to be their new home.

top: The relocators in this issue of Silver City Life have come to the area from across the country and Nepal for a variety of reasons. They have breathed fresh air into local organizations, business, the arts and even the economy.



 From: Priest River, Idaho Date: 1996

Photo by “Jaime” Ramirez

Gordon West is one green guy. He and his wife, Ellen Schweigert, moved to Silver City 19 years ago from Priest River, Idaho. He wanted to move to a sunnier climate, and Ellen got a job with Gila Regional Medical Center as a physical therapist. In Silver City, West immediately got involved in all things green—in the ecologically sound sense, that is. He is a true entrepreneur, he says, seeing opportunities where others see problems. He has become president of Santa Clara Woodworks (general contracting and woodworking); a partner in Restoration Technologies (forest products research and development); executive director of Gila WoodNet (a forest restoration nonprofit); an owner of Murray Hotel LLC; an owner in San Vicente Farms LLC, and a member of Southwest Energy Integrators. His business efforts range from turning out the vigas (beams) that characterize adobe abodes to producing a charcoal-like product for soil conservation. Gordon is the current president of the Southwest New Mexico Green Chamber of Commerce; a member of the Town of Silver City Recycling Advisory Committee; a board member of the Partnership for Responsible Business, and a member of the Local Investment Opportunity Network. Gordon and Ellen rented for a year and then bought what he describes as a fixer-upper. Like many Silver City residences, it is a house with some architectural history. “We live in a 1912 Craftsman Bungalow (a Sears package house) with a dark brick exterior and bell-cast hipped roof,” he says happily. What he enjoys most about his Silver City life is “participating in the great potential and energy in the community to make this a wonderful and sustainable place to live.” La Cienega Relocation and Visitor Guide– 19

TAXES Residential Property: (Levied % of Value) 1.83% Commercial Property: (Levied % of Value)2.54% Grant County Sales Tax Rate: 7.25%

HOUSING 2010 Median Home Value: $123,300 2010 Median Gross Rent: $593/mo.

CRIME RATE 2010 Recordings: 13 violent crimes and 149 property crimes. Grant County has a relatively low crime rate and the lowest rate for both violent crimes and property crimes per 10,000 residents among communities benchmarked.

COST OF LIVING Grant County Index: 85.2, which is nearly 15% lower than the U.S. average of 100.0.

UTILITIES Electric: PNM Natural Gas: PNM Gas Services Water: Town of Silver City (deep wells) Sewage: Town of Silver City Telephone: CenturyLink, Vonage WNM Communications

RECYCLING Town of Silver City Sanitation Division USA Can & Nonferrous

DRIVER’S LICENSES, PLATES REGISTRATION/TITLES New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division. $18.00/4 years/CDL, permits, provisional, ret. (Need proof of insurance.) 90 days to change to new Driver’s License and Plates. Once you are in the system you can renew by mail. Hours: M-F 8am-4pm.

INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS Full coverage insurance on vehicles with bank liens on them and liability insurance on vehicles that have no bank liens on them.

DRIVING LAWS S.E. Safety Belt Law. Primary Enforcement Child Restraint Law. (No Gaps) A state is considered not to have gaps in its child restraint laws if all occupants under the age of 16 are covered by either a child restraint law or a safety belt law. Open Container Law. Complies with the Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century (TEA-21): .08 BAC Per Se Law. Complies with federal .08 Blood Alcohol Content per se law. A: Learner Stage. Provision 1. Six month holding period. A novice driver must be supervised by an adult licensed driver at all times. If the learner remains conviction free for six months he or she progresses to the intermediate stage. In an optimal provision, there is not a reduction in this amount of time if the driver takes a driver's education course.

Dr. Tsering Y.



Tsering Y. Sherpa, M.D. relocated to Silver City in 2013 to be able to spend more time with her family. The bonus was a friendly small town with mountainous echoes of her native Nepal. From: Nepal The move revitalized her love for her work as the Date Relocated: 2013 hospitalist medical director of Gila Regional Medical Center (GRMC) – so much so that this spring she received the Medical Director of the Year Award from Emergency Staffing Solutions, the organization for whom she works, and that provides staffing for GRMC and 55 other hospitals around the country. “What I think we enjoy the most here is the temperate climate,” Dr. Tsering says. “It’s not as HOT as other places we have lived. We really enjoy the weather here.” Dr. Tsering went to medical school in India. Then she did a residency at Harlem Medical Center in New York and a fellowship at NYU. From there she went to Hobbs, N.M. in 2005. In 2008 she began commuting to GRMC, a commute that continued when she moved to Las Cruces in 2011. “The commuting was getting quite tough on me,” she says. “I was never there for my family.” Her work is demanding, with long hours, but “very rewarding, very satisfying,” she says, “especially when someone I’ve helped leaves the hospital a lot better. “ In 2013, only months after her second child was born in Las Cruces, Dr. Tsering and her husband, Kishor Shrestha, gathered up their children – daughter Tara Shrestha, now 8 and son Kavi Shrestha, now 2 – and moved to Silver City. Kishor now works in the IT department at GRMC. The couple found a ‘70s-era ranch-style house in a nice neighborhood within a short distance to the hospital. “I really enjoy working at the hospital now,” she says. “And not commuting – I get to see my kids!”



From: Indianapolis, Indiana Date: 2002


Fishing (annual): $25.00, $56.00 non-resident Hunting: Non-Resident Elk $490, Mule Deer $270, Antelope $285, Bear $260, Turkey $100. Residents of New Mexico: Elk and Antelope. You must be drawn and up to 4 names per application. Mule Deer $39, Bear $47, Turkey $28, Quail and Dove $20. Adults: A valid Drivers License required. Children from the age of 9 to 17: Hunters Safety Course card required. Offered throughout the year, only $5 per person, one week or a two day (weekend) intensive training available. Social Security card required.


Regionally Owned: First American Bank, 1st New Mexico Bank, Western Bank National: Wells Fargo, Washington Federal, First Savings Bank Mortgage Companies: 7 Financial Planning: Edward Jones 2, Raymond James Financial Services Credit Unions: 2, Loan Companies: 8 20 –


Rob Connoley 47, moved to Silver City 13 years ago to be where the wild things are. Connoley, owner/chef at the nationally known restaurant Curious Kumquat, is a forager. He likes to forage food from the wild and serve it to his patrons in fabulous “tasting menus” that include delights like a Thai-spiced acorn croquette on amaranth porridge, or a citrusy cattail salad with fermented currant and monkey flower berries. Connoley, his spouse Tyler, and their two cats and rescue mutt Ruthanne moved to Silver City in 2002 from Indianapolis, where they had gone from Alamosa, Colo.

“I wanted to find a community like Alamosa that was remote, agriculturally based with a small college and plenty of wilderness. We found it.” They were sent listings by Patrick Conlin and found a perfect affordable house in Silver Heights. It’s a split-level ‘50s home that’s “modest on the outside but vibrant Southwest on the inside.” They struggle to keep the home guest-friendly because of their work hours. Working in the casual/fine dining Kumquat 12-16 hours a day, Connoley says he really values his early-morning foraging hikes in the nearby Gila Wilderness. “Calm, quiet and full of adventure,” he says. “There is no end to the number of hikes of any length you can do with just a short drive.” He’s been involved in the Film Society, the Cut the Cheese Club, SiteWatch and various tourism-related groups. “With my work schedule I’m much more focused on supporting the work of other groups. Since the Kumquat was founded we’ve gifted over $50,000 to various local charities,” he says. What gives him the most pleasure about living in Silver City? “I don’t know that I’ve met anyone in town that could possibly say anything other than the friendliness of the people.”


BUNDLE & SAVE I can help protect what matters most.

Allen K. Townsend

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La Cienega Relocation and Visitor Guide– 21

AREA MUSEUMS MUSEUMS: 3 Silver City Museum: Founded in 1967. A restored Mansard/Italianate home built by H.B. Ailman with 30,000 objects relating to the peoples and history of southwest New Mexico. Free Admission. WNMU Museum: Celebrated its 30th Anniversary November 6, 2004. Home of Pottery and Artifacts of Prehistoric Southwestern Cultures including the Nan Ranch Collection, the largest and most complete scientifically excavated collection of Mimbres material culture in existence. Available for viewing are historic photographs of Silver City and surrounding areas. Free Admission. Pinos Altos Historical Museum: Circa 1860s. Located in a log cabin that once served as the first school house in Grant County the museum houses a great collection of mining artifacts and historic memorabilia. Free Admission.


GALLERIES: 20+ Mimbres Region Arts Council 538-2505 Silver City Arts & Cultural Dist. 538-5560 San Vicente Artists 590-8633 Grant County Art Guild 574-2831 Grant Co. Community Concert Assen. 538-5862 Silver City Gallery Assn. 313-9631 WNMU Expressive Arts 538-6614 International Film Society

CLUBS & ORGANIZATIONS American Legion American Red Cross Audubon Society Back Country Horsemen Big Brothers Big Sisters Business & Professional Women Casa Mia Ranch Copper Country Cruizers Copper Cowbelles Elks Club Evergreen Garden Club Family Community Education Clubs Ft. Bayard Historic Preservation Society Friends of the Fire & Rescue Volunteers Friends of the Library Gila Conservation Education Center Gila Native Plant Society Gila Rangers Grant County Archaeological Society Grant County Art Guild Grant County Community Concert Assn. Habitat for Humanity High Desert Humane Society Hurley Pride Committee International Film Society Kennel Club Silver City Kiwanis Knights of Columbus Silver City Lions Club LULAC Silver City Masonic Lodge No. 8 Silver City Moose Lodge Newcomers Club Optimists Red Hat Society Rolling Stones Gem & Mineral Society Silver City Rotary Silver City Aglow Silver City Film Festival Silver City Grant County Home Builders Silver City MainStreet Project Silver City Women’s Club Southwest Horesman Assn. Southwestern NM Audubon Society Town and Country Garden Club VFW

22 –


Bea and Mack McKinney enjoy doing projects together and since relocating to Silver City in the summer of 2014, their joint project has been retirement. Happy retirement. They fill their days cleaning trails while hiking and attending events offered by the Silver City Museum and other organizations in their adopted hometown. The couple never tires of the numerous festivals and special events that go on in Silver City. “Seems there is always something going on,” the McKinneys commented in a joint interview. “There is no reason anyone should become bored in this town.” Melvin (Mack) McKinney, PhD, computer science, 77, and Belitha (Bea) McKinney, MS, art education, 70, came to Silver City by a circuitous route. They have lived in Corpus Christi, Texas; on a mountain overlooking Monterey Bay in Aptos, Calif.; on the Florida Gulf Coast near Sarasota and then Perry, Fla., and lastly a small cattle ranch in South Texas near Yorktown. In 1985, they founded Seaside Software, Inc. to market askSam, a free-form text-oriented database manager that Mack developed. Their company is no longer in operation, but the software is still in use. The McKinneys were attracted to Silver City for its mild summer and winter climate. They like that it is a small, progressive, university town with art, music and history scenes along with a focus on preservation, and has good medical facilities. Their small Southwestern-style house on the edge of town is just what they wanted: offering city utilities, immediate access to hiking and biking, and five-minute proximity to everything in town. They have been most impressed by the friendliness of the people. “This is an incredibly friendly town,” they say. After recovering from a second hip replacement this fall, Bea looks forward to attending classes offered by WILL (Western Institute of Lifelong Learning) and volunteering.



 From: Las Cruces, NM Date: 2014

Artist Carole Czujko moved to Silver City last fall because of its proximity to the Gila Wilderness. “I can be at home, and within minutes be walking into the forest, looking at a vast landscape of beauty,” she says. Czujko found an unexpected bonus: an inclusive and supportive arts community. “In Silver City, artists support one another, because they know that we’ll all do better if we work together,” she says with pleasure. “There are overlapping circles of community.” Carole, in her early sixties, has lived in many places. She moved to Silver City from Las Cruces, where she had lived for two years as a base to explore New Mexico. Before

Bea & Mack


From: Yorktown, Texas Date: 2014

Good night great savings


CABLE TV WITH HBO-ESPN COMPLIMENTARY BREAKFAST MICRO-FRIDGE • GUEST LAUNDRY 3420 Highway 180 East Silver City, NM 88061 Phone (575) 538-3711 Fax (575) 538-0696

that, she had lived in California, New York and Florida. Of all of them, Silver City is the favorite fit for her life now. She purchased two old buildings in the downtown district. At 400 N. Bullard, she is renovating a vintage storefront for her Soul River Gallery & Studio where she teaches intuitive painting and works on her own acrylics, and her Soul River retail shop, an “eclectic emporium.” Three blocks away, she is renovating the old Harry Benjamin home and studio, in an 1887 warehouse with a walled garden. “There aren’t many towns with the buildings that you have here, and I also value that the people here are committed to keeping that going,” she says. When she realized Las Cruces was not her El Dorado, Czujko looked at the rest of New Mexico. She explored Albuquerque and Santa Fe, but kept coming back to Silver City, she says. “The people here are friendly, with a variety of backgrounds. And people who are third, fourth, fifth-generation Silver Citians are just as welcoming. It’s just a place where I can thrive, really,” she says.

hat & w See r City nty e Silv nt Couto! Gra re up a

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La Cienega Relocation and Visitor Guide– 23

n Education

Primary & Secondary PUBLIC SCHOOLS

ELEMENTARY Cliff K-6, 117 Students G.W. Stout PK-5, 398 Students Harrison Schmitt PK-5, 535 Students Jose Barrios K-5, 274 Students Sixth Street K-5, 135 Students Bayard K-6, 232 Students Hurley K-6,131 Students San Lorenzo K-6, 74 Students Central PK-6, 379 Students MIDDLE La Plata 6-8, 643 Students Cliff High 7-12, 123 Students Homebound/Hospital 7-11, 6 Students C.C. Snell 6-8, 198 Students HIGH SCHOOL Silver High 9-12, 754 Students Cobre High School 9-12, 367 Students Cliff High 7-12, 123 Students Silver City Opportunity 9-12, 84 Students Homebound/Hospital 7-11, 6 Students Aldo Leopold Charter 9-12, 92 Students PRIVATE SCHOOLS Agape Academy: K-12, 35 Students Down to Earth: K-11, 24 Students Guadalupe Montessori: PK-6, 62 Students Calvary Christian Academy: PK-11, 47 Students


WESTERN NEW MEXICO UNIVERSITY Total Students 3200 Associate Degrees 27 Graduate Degrees10 Bachelor Degrees 41 Full time Child Care Centers 8 Specialized Programs 8 Family/Group Child Care Homes 7

YOUTH ORGANIZATIONS YWCA Children Program Before/After School Program Summer Baseball Summer Softball Soccer League Summer Free Lunch Program Swimming Lessons Camp Thunderbird Recreation Center Program Big Brothers/Big Sisters Pop Warner Baseball

AREA CHURCHES Anglican Episcopal: 1 Apostolic: 1 Assembly of God: 2 Independent Baptist: 2 Southern Baptist: 5 Buddhist: 1 Charismatic: 2 Christian: 2 Church of Christ: 2 Church of God: 2 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints: 4 Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd: 1 Foursquare Gospel: 1 Ginzan-Ji Temple: 1 Jehovah’s Witnesses: 2 Lutheran: 2 Church of the Nazarene: 1 Non-Denominational: 3 Presbyterian: 1 Quaker-Religious Society of Friends: 1 Roman Catholic: 7 Seventh Day Adventist: 1 United Church of Christ: 1 United Methodist: 1 24 –






WRITTEN BY ABE VILLARREAL AND JOE BURGESS I PHOTOGRAPHED BY JOE BURGESS From pre-school to adult continuing education and beyond, learning opportunities in the Silver City area are limited only by the desire of the student. Silver City garnered the first public school system in New Mexico and one of the state’s first institutions of higher learning. Silver City and Cliff schools became an independent system in 1960. Additional school options in Silver City now include Opportunity High School, governed by the Silver Consolidated School District, a charter school – Aldo Leopold High School and five private schools including Agape Academy, Calvary Christian Academy, Down to Earth School, Guadalupe Montessori School and Meadowhawk Erdkinder. Mining district schools are part of the Cobre Consolidated School District with offices in Bayard. WNMU offers more than 70 fields of study and provides 10 graduate degrees, 41 baccalaureate degrees, and 18 associate degree and certificate programs. Accounting, criminal justice, education, nursing, occupational therapy and zoology are the school’s fields of study. The 2012 enrollment included a total of 3,584 at the University's five campuses including Silver City, Lordsburg, Truth or Consequences, Deming and Gallup. Nearly 700 students attend the university exclusively online. Online students anywhere in the world can earn degrees, including Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies, Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and Bachelor of Arts in Rehabilitation Services. Over 100 courses are offered online each semester. Mustang athletics include football, basketball, volleyball, softball, tennis, golf and cross country. The school is a member of NCAA Division II and the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference.

n A full range of OPPORTUNITY SILVER SCHOOLS Providing quality educational opportunities is the goal and the achievement of the Silver Consolidated School District. Excellent mental and physical training facilities contribute to well-rounded development for area youth. The region’s focus on cultural and outdoor activities also provides growth potential. The Silver Consolidated School District provides educational opportunities for 3100 students and employees, 259 teachers and 224 support personnel. The district includes three high schools: Silver High School and Opportunity High School located in Silver City and Cliff High School serving the communities of Cliff and Gila; La Plata Middle School; and five elementary schools: G.W. Stout, Harrison Schmitt, Jose Barrios, Sixth Street and Cliff. The Cobre Consolidated School District includes Cobre High School in Bayard, C.C. Snell Middle School, also located in Bayard, and elementary schools in Bayard, Hurley, Santa Clara and San Lorenzo ALDO LEOPOLD CHARTER SCHOOL provides an engaging and challenging educational program emphasizing direct experience, inquiry learning, stimulation of the creative process, and stewardship of our community and natural environment. For every student, the school promotes a sense of belonging to a small group of peer learners and establishes healthy working relationships with faculty members. Each student will also have his or her own advisor. WESTERN NEW MEXICO UNIVERSITY Silver City is fortunate to have local options for higher education. Western New Mexico University provides full-degree programs that allow local youth to remain at home and students from other locations to study in a small-town, supportive atmosphere. Obvious benefits for the adult population include specialty classes and cultural and athletic activities. THE WESTERN INSTITUTE FOR LIFELONG LEARNING (WILL) offers over a hundred courses each year, including an artist lecture series and a “Lunch & Learn Program.” THE WNMU MUSEUM exhibit of Mimbres artifacts, including the recently acquired NAN Ranch collection, provides in-depth insight into an intriguing ancient culture. AREA LIBRARIES SILVER CITY PUBLIC LIBRARY Book and Serial Volumes: 43,963 Subscriptions: 99 Video Materials: 1,536 Audio Materials: 1,805 Total Circulation: 124,300 Childrens Mat. Circulation: 26,686 Library Visits: 62,000 Childrens Program Attendance: 7,704 Turnover Rate: 2.22 Access to Electronic Services: yes Access to Internet: yes WNMU LIBRARY Book Volumes: 112,860 Magazines: 900 Microforms: 44,000 Variety of audio-visual equipment and media

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La Cienega Relocation and Visitor Guide– 25

Photo by LeAnne Knudsen

n Diverse Attractions

GILA CLIFF DWELLINGS NATIONAL MONUMENT Surrounded by rugged wilderness, except for a narrow strip of land with a paved road to the monument, a visitor center, museum and short hike to the cliff dwellings reveal the living standards of an ancient culture. The dwellings were only occupied for about 20 years, but the inhabitants were protected from both animals and enemies. CITY OF ROCKS STATE PARK A collection of huge boulders scattered across a knoll provides hide-and-seek trails and rock-climbing thrills. Formed by the erosion of an old lava flow, the free-standing rocks provide a great setting for a family outing or picnic. The park includes a visitor center, desert garden and camping sites. CONTINENTAL DIVIDE NATIONAL SCENIC TRAIL The footpath stretching from Mexico to Canada winds along the mountain ridges of the Gila, passing through Pinos Altos and just beyond the outskirts of Silver City. The high country trail provides opportunities for locals and visitors to take day hikes above rugged canyons and through dense ponderosa forests. PINOS ALTOS Located on the Continental Divide just north of Silver City, Pinos Altos was the location of a mini-gold rush era and plenty of Apache skirmishes. At 7000 feet in elevation, the ponderosa pine grows tall and area artists keep their palettes handy. The hamlet hosts the Hearst Church gallery, a replica of Fort Cobre, an opera house, museum, restaurant and cabins. GILA NATIONAL FOREST & WILDERNESS AREAS Provide opportunities for numerous recreational activities. Paved roads provide scenic access to lakes, streams and the Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument. The region is crisscrossed by 1500 miles of hiking and horseback trails and includes the Gila and Aldo Leopold Wilderness areas. LAKE ROBERTS Bordering the Trail of the Mountain Spirits National Scenic Byway, the 75acre lake offers fishing for trout, crappie, catfish and even a few bass. There are two campgrounds, boat ramps and picnic spots, some good bird watching opportunities (as many as 10 species of hummingbirds), hiking trails and a small Indian pit house site. THE GERONIMO MONUMENT A monument dedicated to famous Chiricahua Apache chief Geronimo, who was born at the headwaters of the Gila River in 1829 is located at the Gila Cliff Dwellings Nat’l. Monument Visitor Center. SANTA RITA MINE A huge open pit copper operation has been the source of millions of pounds of copper. Originally mined for the Mexican mint in 1800 using underground methods, a transition to open pit mining took place in the early 1900s. The original town of Santa Rita was eventually consumed by the pit. FORT BAYARD A National Historic Landmark and National Cemetery includes well-maintained officers quarters and clubhouse and a parade ground with a bronze buffalo soldier statue. In the late 1800s, the fort was manned by the black cavalry group that reportedly included the only female black soldier serving with the buffalo soldiers. BIG DITCH PARK Paralleling Bullard Street, San Vicente creek under the shade of large cottonwood trees includes park benches, antique street lights and a wide section used for arts and crafts shows. Initially the main street of Silver City, floods in the 1890s and early 1900s gouged out a crevice 55 feet below the original street level. 26 –

Area Map


GREAT Outdoors

A 3.3 MILLION ACRE BACK YARD WRITTEN AND PHOTOGRAPHED BY JOE BURGESS There is no place like your own back yard — and Silver City’s “Back Yard” contains 3.3 million acres of national forest and our nation’s first congressionally designated wilderness area. Fishing, hiking, biking and trail riding are all easily accessible. Another popular activity is birding with over 300 species identified locally. Located on the Trail of the Mountain Spirits Scenic Byway, Lake Roberts offers fishing, boating and camping and the nearby town of the same name has a lodge and restaurant, a bed and breakfast and rental cabins. A brief distance from Lake Roberts, the Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument and Visitor Center recall an era before European explorers set foot in the region. A short, well-maintained trail leads to the dwellings. Northwest of Silver City, Highway 180 winds past Bill Evans Lake and the Mogollon Mountains and leads to the Catwalk near Glenwood and the ghost town of Mogollon. South os Silver City, the natural stone fantasy land of City of Rocks State Park delights visitors of all ages. Of interest to cross-country hikers is the 3100-mile Continental Divide Trail running past our town and the area contains many historical sites and points of interest.

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n Sports and Recreation HIKING There are hiking opportunities with over 1,510 miles of trails. Elevations range from around 6,000 to over 11,000 feet. With numerous trailheads all around the perimeter of the forest you are never too far from a great hike. BIKING The mild climate makes it possible to enjoy year-round biking. For Road Bikes, good pavement offers good riding on all highways and scenic byways. For Mountain Bikes there are great mountain bike trails in the Gila National Forest. BIRDING Grant County offers outstanding birding, where each year approximately 339 (85 percent) of the bird species found in New Mexico can be spotted. The Gila River Bird Habitat offers great birding with easy access along the Gila River. STARGAZING The area’s high elevation, dry climate and rural communities creates some of the clearest and darkest night skies in the nation. Both amateur and professional astronomers appreciate the Milky Way, seasonal meteor showers and other cosmic events that can often be observed with the naked eye. City Parks: 11 Bowling Alley: 1 Golf Course: 1 Ball Fields: 6 Swimming Pools: 3 Tennis Courts: 5 City Intramural Sports Program: 1 Country Club: 1 Historic Walking Tours: 3 Adult Softball Mens & Womens: 2 Leagues

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A great climate for outdoor activities, low-stress lifestyles and impressive medical options are among the reasons that Norman Crampton includes Silver City and Grant County in the 50 Healthiest Places to Live and Retire in the United States. The 6000-foot elevation (7,000 in Pinos Altos) and the usually dry southwest air translate to plenty of sunshine and temperatures that are not too cold and not too hot – often touted as one of the best climates in the United States. With over three million acres of forest in Silver City’s backyard, crisscrossed by 1500 miles of hiking trails and 310 species of birds, the opportunity for outdoor activity is a major stress beater. Silver City even has its own set of trails and open spaces in case you don’t want to venture too far from a hot meal and soft bed. The Boston Hill views overlooking Silver City are nothing less than inspiring. For those preferring indoor routines, there are a host of gyms; classes for exercise, dance, yoga and water aerobics; health food stores and restaurant menus; and, of course, the healthy art of shopping in the historic district. Silver City’s attributes are also a major attraction for excellent medical professionals, both general practitioners and specialists. Cancer treatment, obstetrics and gynecology care, options for bariatric patients, delivery choices, elderly care and even the availability of trained hospice personnel exceed the opportunities usually reserved for much larger communities. Quality care for every age group in a four-county region is centrally located in Silver City. Should guidance be required, you’ll be equally impressed by the genuine concern expressed at every step along the way – a major benefit of small-town living. 28 –

n Excellent Medical Facilities GILA REGIONAL’S COMMITMENT Gila Regional is committed to building the best rural hospital to work, receive care and practice medicine in the country. This approach is built on high quality, high service, and patient-centered care. That translates into more home-like rooms, patient access to their electronic health records, a patient liaison – everything focused on providing a more positive healing environment. ELDERLY, INCAPACITATION & RECOVERY ASSISTANCE When the activities of daily living (ADLs), either for ourselves or a relative, require additional help, it is comforting to know that resources are readily available. Certified home health care providers, assisted living and nursing home facilities and hospice groups are located within the Silver City/Grant County area. Individuals in the various entities are qualified to guide you toward the best program for your needs and through available financial options including Medicare and Medicaid.

OPPORTUNITIES AND SERVICES FOR SENIORS In additional to the excellent medical and assistance services just described, Silver City has a very active senior community that participates in a variety of activities, from exercise programs to knitting, beads and art classes. Volunteerism for seniors is a key ingredient of the local lifestyle and extremely important for art and performance openings and celebrations, operation of the hospital, museum and visitor center and programs for needy individuals, to mention only a few.

Photo by Robert “Jaime” Ramirez



Photo by Robert “Jaime” Ramirez

Photo by Laura Howell

GILA REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER In 1884, a Silver City sewing club set their sights on establishing quality health care in a regional hospital. Ladies Hospital was born. From these humble roots grew today’s Grant Countyowned Gila Regional Medical Center (GRMC), a 68-bed, not-for-profit, acute care hospital accredited by The Joint Commission and is Medicare certified. GRMC provides a comprehensive range of emergency, medical, diagnostic and surgical services. As home to the Gila Regional Cancer Center and the Surgical Center, its patient-centered approach serves southwestern New Mexico and eastern Arizona. Care at GRMC includes a behavioral health unit, a preventative cardiologist, an interventional pain specialist and a fullyequipped wellness center.

Small Home, Millie’s Big Heart Assisted Living Community A small, family-owned and operated assisted living center serving Grant County since 2003. Extensive community involvement and daily activities. Small pets welcome.

600 N. Hudson St. • Silver City, NM 88061

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n Health Care MEDICAL

Gila Regional Medical Center: 68 Beds, 650 Staff, 100 Physicians Optometrists: 3 Dentists: 13 Clinics: 12 Chiropractors: 7 Fort Bayard Medical Center: A licensed and certified, 200-bed, long-term Intermediate and skilled care facility. FBMC also offers chemical dependency treatment at Yucca Lodge Chemical Dependency Treatment Center. Fort Bayard State Veterans Home: A licensed and certified, 40-bed neighborhood specific for honorably discharged veterans with 90 days or more of service and their spouses as well as Gold Star Parents, who have lost children in the service of their country. Pharmacies: 5 Acupuncturists: 2 EMERGENCY SERVICES Ambulance, Air Ambulance, Search and Rescue MEDICAL SUPPLIERS Arroyo Medical Supply Melinda’s Medical Supply Silver City Medical Supply Silver Rexall Drug SENIOR SERVICES Assisted Living Facilities: 4 Senior Programs: 2 Case Management: 1 Nursing Homes: 2 Home Health Services: 4 Hospice Services: 2

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La Cienega Relocation and Visitor Guide 2016  

30 Fabulous Grant County Communities • Design and Building, a lifestyle for everyone • Calendar of Events • Arts, Shopping and Entertainment...

La Cienega Relocation and Visitor Guide 2016  

30 Fabulous Grant County Communities • Design and Building, a lifestyle for everyone • Calendar of Events • Arts, Shopping and Entertainment...