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The lost and the found

Missing AJ

Chapter 1 The Vacation

Were going to find AJ, right Dwayne.

Yes. But I still don’t know who kidnapped her.

Yes. The only way we can find her is by you getting started your marine skills and my CIA skills. We better call the MI5.

This might be it. We must track down these footsteps.

Tomorrow night we get out of this old train and find AJ.

Dwayne and John were looking for AJ and just then they saw this creepy weird looking footsteps. What could this lead to‌. Wait! What are these footsteps down here John?

I’m getting freaked out.

This is sure scary John. I don’t know. But the only way for us to find AJ and to solve this mystery, we need to go inside this old mansion.

Why in the blue hell did the footsteps lead to this huge mansion. Dwayne and John were following the tracks and they ended up here. To this spooky and mysterious mansion. Dwayne and his partner John are wondering, why would the footsteps lead to this huge mansion. What the hell. This doesn’t make any sense.

Were in the basement now. We went up the stairs and now were in the basement.

The partners were confused, because normally the basements are down. In this case its up. Were they being tricked.

Chapter 2 The Hunt

Wait. Then that means the top floor is right at the bottom.

Lets go!

They were about to enter the room of death. They didn’t know what was coming their way. What the hell. What's wrong with this room. Its all messed up

Who is that. Oh my god. I better call John.

Who are you people.

Dwayne. Are you okay.

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Chapter 3 The Guy Who…….

AJ is not

He is scary


Who are you and what are you doing here.

Should I tell them.

Where is she. Where did you take her.

They have found this person. His name is Mark.

I shouldn’t tell you guys this but I will. He took her from here onwards.

Where exactly you dummy.

Where is she. Where is AJ. I don’t want her to die.

Calm down John. We will find her. But please don’t panic.

There is an extraordinary amount of smoke.

John are you okay.

We need to do something and we need to do it fast.

Yes! Yes! Yes! Lets do this.

The two of them were going to rest here for a day and leave tomorrow morning. Lucky for them they had all the equipment they needed. Lets go John. Faster. This is one of our most important missions.

Yes. Like my dad used to say. “ Lets go Triton, you can do it.

Both of them were motivated and if they would keep on going in this way they are sure to succeed.

Well like in my home town Miami Florida, they say Rocky, Rocky, Rocky!

They say that because they believe in you and me. We promise them we get it done and we do.

Chapter 4 The Bad Truth

Our time is NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!

Their time is up.

All of this hard work came down to this. Could they rescue their beloved friend AJ. The bad hours had started. The moment of truth was near. Can they do it.

These two were in shock when they ended up here in the sea. But they didn’t know what was behind them. There was a bad surprise waiting for them.

Wow!!! How in the world did we reach here.

I don’t know. But you'll be even be more surprised when you see the thing behind you.

AJ’s ought to be somewhere in this giant place.

This must be the gate of dooms!!! I just know it is.

Mark the weird guy who we met earlier tricked us. Wait. Don’t you get it.


Okay, okay. Now we need a bit of focus here.

OH! That weird looking man. I'm not even sure if he's a man. He sure was scary.

Chapter 5 The truth lies WITHIN

They couldn’t believe it. If the gates of doom have a fire dragon, that means they have conquered another soul. They were just hoping it was not their friend AJ.

No no no no. This cant be true.

I cant believe this . Its not possible.


Lets settle down all of this outside in the graveyard. Both of these souls are ours Mark.

We shouldn’t have trusted you Mark.

This is not just a fight both you brothers of destruction. Its an all out war.

You think we don’t have backup.

Lets go everybody. Lets beat those two up.

Its not over yet. We have another step to go John. We don’t know. Our master told us to defend him because he knew you two would come looking for her.

Where is she? Where is AJ?

Chapter 6 Rescue Time

Hey AJ! How did you get here. We missed you.

So. Can we go home after all of this torture.

First flight back tomorrow. We've had a bad vacation and all I want to do now is go home.

John and Dwayne both won prizes because of their absolute brilliance.

The key to my success is I never give up. I will keep on serving my country until my last breathe.

I love my job as being CIA. I promise you people that I get it done, and I do. I am really happy the way you people support me. I'm the peoples champ. Thank you.

Dwayne and John may have found AJ, but they haven't found the main master mind behind all this. Perhaps this unknown person can be a threat in the future.

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The Lost And The Found- Missing AJ  

John, Dwayne and AJ are on a vacation, but the next day they find out that their friend AJ is kidnapped. Luckily these two spies’ Dwayne and...